Obama Tells Samantha Bee: Hillary Clinton’s Ambition Might Be Questioned During Her Presidency [VIDEO]

CNN recaps:

President Barack Obama said Hillary Clinton’s ambition might be questioned if she becomes president, during a Halloween-themed interview aired Monday. “If and when Hillary is president, what do you think will be the female equivalent of ‘you weren’t born in this country?'” Samantha Bee, host of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” on TBS (a subsidiary of Time Warner, which also owns CNN), asked Obama.

“That’s an interesting question,” Obama said, later adding, “I think the equivalent will be, ‘She’s tired, she’s moody, she’s being emotional.'” “There’s just something about her?” Bee asked. “There’s something about her. When men are ambitious, it’s just taken for granted. Well of course they should be ambitious,” he said. “When women are ambitious, why? That theme, I think, will continue throughout her presidency and it’s contributed to this notion that somehow, she is hiding something.”

  • zhera


    Women can’t be ambitious without being called

    a) a bitch
    b) meddlesome
    c) ‘difficult’
    d) any negative thing you can think of

    • Michael White

      I have been a nurse for 40yrs and always worked with women. I have learned so much about leadership from the various women with whom I have worked.

      • Talisman

        I’ve always reported to women save 3 times. 2 of those 3 men were the worst managers I’ve ever dealt with.

        • Strepsi

          There are certain sub-worlds that are run entirely by women and gay men. Canada’s National Film Board and Hudson’s Bay stores come to mind….

          • Ray

            Band boosters at my daughter’s high school.

        • David Walker

          My experience was just the opposite, but in both cases it was the person, not that she was a woman. My last supervisor was a woman, and she was one reason I looked forward to going to work…just to be around her. As for men, one was even worse than the two women. And it was the same thing…he was simply a horrible person.

        • Patricialabbott4

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      • 2patricius2

        I had a number of bosses in my career. Maybe half were women and half were men. Only one of the women was a bad boss.

        One of the men was an angry liar. Another was a drunk. A third didn’t talk unless he had had a drink. Another had no sense of humor. Another one was a wimp. Two didn’t follow through with things they promised. A handful were decent people.

        But my best bosses were women. Two were mentors. A couple were advocates. A couple respected my abilities and gave great feedback and encouragement and solidarity.

      • Kevin-in-Honolulu

        Michael, I’ve worked pretty much exclusively with women in my 40 years as a communications worker, librarian, sign language interpreter, and musician, and I gotta say I’ve enjoyed the experience and have learned also how to get things done in a better way than having male bosses. Just my experience.

    • NancyP

      “Lesbian”! That’s the classic epithet for ambitious women who don’t act all flirty. And HRC is somehow a lesbian and having affairs with multiple men and sexless and … all at the same time, per RWNJ lore from 1990 onward. Curiously (not), the men who denigrate the ambitious women as “lesbian” are the men who get rejected by most heterosexual women with sense.

      • Ray

        Bulls eye. Almost every successful female athlete gets that and so goes it with business and politics.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      “Cheater”. Men/boys always screetch “you cheated” when they lose fair and square to a woman.

    • JCF

      C word.

  • greenmanTN

    Damn I’m going to miss him. Smart, funny, and thoughtful- everything Donald Trump isn’t. I only started watching Samantha Bee videos in the last two months or so, but I really like her show and she’s been doing some great stuff about the election and related issues.

    One thing that kind of confuses me though is that she’s on TBS and she curses quite a bit (‘fuck’ etc). far more than on Comedy Central, and it’s not bleeped out. On TBS. Did the rules change about that? I’m not offended, just surprised.

    • Talisman

      The FCC doesn’t regulate basic cable. There’s a threshold viewing percentage where the regs kick in, but so far, the audience hasn’t gotten there.

    • Uncle Mark

      Samantha Bee’s show has been one of my favorites from the get-go. You should try to catch her earlier episodes, if you can. She’s brilliant, topical, and has that awesome biting-edge that she probably gave the Daily Show, when she used to write for it. She should be well-aware of the sexism that Hillary faces. Just look at some of the nasty, sexist & harsh criticisms she gets from some men on her FB page

    • Reality.Bites

      There are no actual rules when it comes to non-broadcast channels. They can have internal rules, or agreements with carriers, but neither TBS nor Comedy Central has a broadcast license from the FCC.

      (While TBS was once a broadcast channel in Atlanta, that is now a separate entity called WPCH)

  • Talisman

    To make her administration illegitimate, they’ll claim Bill is”really” President, and therefore they can ignore het on the grounds of the Constitution

    • Gustav2

      Why not? They claimed Hillary was really VP.

      • Gerry Fisher

        “You get two for the price of one.” (Not this time, I hope.)

    • Sindigo

      Good call. I suspect you’ll be proved right on this one.

    • greenmanTN

      I have a feeling Hillary is going to make it very clear who is running the show. In fact it kind of worries me that Bill is going to be there because he has a tendency to speak first and think later.

      • Gerry Fisher

        Maybe he can spend a lot of time in his Manhattan office.

    • Strepsi

      I think you’re right, but more “on the grounds of he got a blowjob 23 years ago…” they already tried that this election cycle around the 2nd debate. Just a trial balloon for the blitz of misogyny to come…..

    • lymis

      They will absolutely claim that, along with the fact that he’s something like “the worst former president ever” while ignoring the fact that it’s pretty damn unlikely that Bill will have anything to do with the government. I just don’t see him chairing any major projects the way Hillary did.

      He’s retired. I suspect he’ll act that way.

      • KnownDonorDad

        But but but…don’t they already thing that Obama would be “the worst former president ever”?

  • Blake J Butler

    She’s been working for helping others her entire adult life when there was nothing in it for her to gain. She’s been told a lot growing up that certain doors were closed for people like her on the basis because she was a woman and not a man.

    Dealt with crap from republicans for years because she didn’t fit the mold of what a traditional first lady should have been like according to them, being one of the most active first ladies on the global stage addressing women’s rights in China which is known for its terrible human rights record.

    We are dealing with a decent presidential candidate that has a track record of being a human rights advocate since she was barely an adult, and was among the few that saw injustices when others couldn’t see anything amiss until years later.


  • Ernest Endevor

    What a terrific man. I miss him already. And will you look at the knot in that tie and the fit of the shirt collar! Exquisite. Not since Cary Grant, people.

    • nowaRINO

      You have to be carefully taught…

  • Mrs. Clinton has a long history of standing up for others (especially women and children) as well as herself in the face of a domineering male society. At her college graduation she rewrote her commencement address while on the dais to contradict what the male speaker was saying to her fellow graduates. She ended up being profiled in “Life” or “Time” for that and I suspect her determination to stand up for herself against oppression is why she will always be suspect and attacked by those who cannot countenance “uppity” women.


    We are already seen how they will play it. NASTY

    • lymis

      I agree. They managed to obstruct Obama on just about everything with nothing to go on but his skin color and an absolutely transparent lie about his birthplace.

      They’ll justify obstructing Clinton on everything because she’s “crooked.” And even if, after the election, every corrupt, shady, illegal, and morally disgusting thing Trump has ever done comes to light, they’ll still say, “Well, he’s not the one who got elected, so who cares? She’s still corrupt and must be stopped.”

      • Xuuths

        Sadly, that’s likely. So we’re hoping the down ticket people get voted out.

    • KnownDonorDad

      I mean, why stop if she gets elected? It’s been going on for decades.

  • goofy_joe

    My Mother was a school Principal for well over a decade, and even before that she led every parent group while I was in school. She is one of the BEST leaders I have ever seen, and that sentiment doesn’t just come from me.

  • Richard

    Best President EVER !!

  • Gianni

    Not only questioned, but she’ll be regularly and quite openly attacked for every little thing that the Trump Trash Train and associates can dig up and politicize. The first crazy voice I can hear is Rush Limbaugh. He has attacked the Clintons ever since Bill entered his first presidential race. No attempt at proper governing will get by w/o objection and insult. Good thing Hillary, despite what dumb Donald says, has the stamina, fortitude, and wherewithal to withstand what will be hurled at her.