HYPOCRISY EXPLOSION II: Conway Slams “Dangerous Precedent” Of Hillary Fans Booing Comey [VIDEO]

Donald Trump leads his supporters in chants of “lock her up!” but Kellyanne Conway is upset that the mention of FBI Director James Comey drew boos at a Hillary rally. Via Raw Story:

According to Conway, Clinton was “encouraging” her supporters to boo FBI Director James Comey. “It’s a very dangerous precedent to have somebody that was secretary of state, first lady, U.S. senator, wants to be president of the United States and be commander-in-chief encouraging people to boo,” she opined. CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin pointed out that Trump had vowed to put Clinton in jail if his White House bid is successful.

“And where are we now?” Conway replied. “She is going to be in her second FBI investigation. One FBI investigation, let alone two, do we think this is normal? I think people have been asking the right questions about the wrong candidate. Who’s really unqualified? Who’s unfit to be president? Who has shown what they would do with their national security information? Who has shown it’s always about her and her petty peevish political self?”

Conway also laughed at Sorkin’s question about Trump’s upcoming child rape case, smirking, “Next you’ll ask me about his taxes!”