Apple Rejects iPhone Game Because Pepe

Via Breitbart:

Build The Wall: The Game, an iPhone game created by pro-Trump internet personality Baked Alaska, has been rejected from the Apple App Store for including a cameo by Pepe the Frog. “I had a free game coming out on iOS today for y’all, but Apple has banned it’s release due to a cartoon picture of Pepe The Frog #FreePepe,” announced Alaska (real name Timothy Treadstone) on Twitter along with a screenshot of the game and Apple’s response on Wednesday.

“Your app includes content that many users would find objectionable and offensive,” claimed Apple in their rejection letter of the game, which is currently available for free on the Google Play store. “Specifically, your app includes Pepe the Frog character.”

“It’s just a fun little game where you are building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, and as the illegal immigrants climb over the wall there’s a timer, and if you run out of time you’re out” explained Treadstone in an interview with Breitbart Tech. “Your quest is to build the highest wall.”

The game also allegedly includes Trump Steaks (which attract bald eagles to swoop down and carry the illegal immigrants away) and an array of Trump-supporting personalities such as Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, and Treadstone himself, as well as various different memes including Pepe the Frog and Harambe.

Last month the Anti-Defamation League added Pepe to its list of hate symbols. Already on the list: swastikas and burning crosses.

  • Oikos
    • marshlc

      Thanks, that is exactly what I came over to say.

    • kelven

      Aside from the fact that it is someone else’s image. Someone who objects to them using his image. The idiots are lucky they didn’t try to appropriate a Disney character.

  • Ernest Endevor

    OT. The New York Times site is down.

    • (((GeekJen)))

      No it isn’t. Must be your end of the pipe.

  • Todd20036

    Frankly I find the whole game offensive.

    But ironically it makes a legitimate point. You could spend a trillion on the wall , and someone will figure out a cheap way over it, under it, or around it

    • FAEN

      We need and have needed CIR which includes an overhaul of the legal immigration system. That will help more with undocumented immigration than that stupid wall IMHO.

  • Dramphooey

    It’s just a fun little game … with an infamous symbol of racism.

  • Gustav2

    The real problem is they wanted the game to be for ages 4 and up. /s

  • Sam_Handwich

    i’m having problems with twitter and disqus this AM

  • greenmanTN

    I do not support this game at all or the people behind it, but it does bring up one of my pet peeves with Apple.

    This is the commercial that first brought Apple into the consciousness of most Americans, a female athlete bringing down Big Brother.

    But who insists that everyone use their centralized website for every transactions – music, videos, and software? Who is it that judges any software before you are allowed to download it on your very expensive equipment that you are under the illusion you own and control? Who can delete apps from your devices remotely if they later decide the app is offensive or whatever?

    That sounds like Big Brother to me.

    • Reality.Bites


      There were assumptions early on that Macs would be significantly more expensive than PCs, but over the last year, IBM has found that it’s actually PCs that are more expensive. Over a four-year lifespan, Previn says IBM saves up to $543 per Mac compared to a PC.

      But isn’t it expensive, and doesn’t it overload IT? No. IBM found that not only do PCs drive twice the amount of support calls, they’re also three times more expensive. That’s right, depending on the model, IBM is saving anywhere from $273 – $543 per Mac compared to a PC, over a four-year lifespan. “And this reflects the best pricing we’ve ever gotten from Microsoft,” Previn said. Multiply that number by the 100,000+ Macs IBM expects to have deployed by the end of the year, and we’re talking some serious savings.

      That’s right. IBM uses Macs now. Kinda makes you wonder what the last 30 years have all been about.

      • greenmanTN

        Well, on that note I need to take my really expensive PC laptop in for repair. It will no longer connect to the internet. Thank god i have my iPad! 😉

        Hey, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”

        • Reality.Bites

          Sometimes, if it’s just a case of a bad internal wifi adaptor, it can be an easier solution to buy a USB Wifi adaptor for $20 or so than to have it opened up and repaired.

          • greenmanTN

            I’m pretty good with software, but a total luddite about hardware. I secretly think computers somehow involve elves, with the occasional gremlin.

            So if it has worked all along but suddenly won’t access the internet, a USB plug-in might fix it?

            I’m kind of miffed because the laptop isn’t even two years old, but i should have known better than buy a Dell, but it had all the features I wanted, so…

          • Reality.Bites

            If you run the network diagnostics and it points to a network adaptor problem, there’s a good chance that will take care of it, of course at the price of losing a USB port.

            I’d tell you more precisely how to run the diagnostics (it’s an end-user tool, not a support-tech tool) if Windows didn’t end for me with Windows 7.

          • djcoastermark

            You can get one for as little as $4.00 on Ebay. but I guess it doesn’t do much good to buy one online if you can’t get online.

          • greenmanTN

            My iPad works so that isn’t a problem.

      • I saw that same article a last year – it’s not surprising: Windows is just a nightmare, but MacOS – with its basterdized BSD backend isn’t much better, and Apple enterprise integration is a kludgey at best. I’ve been running Linux for the last 15 years, and if I had to go back to running either major OS, I would probably become Amish…

    • vorpal

      I have finally gotten sick of Apple after being a big fan for over 15 years now.

      My next computer will be Linux-based for certain, and my next phone will be Android-based. Apple used to offer quality products with high resale value that were easy to use. All of that has gone to hell over the last few years… sadly, since Tim Cook took over, it has really gotten worse. (That may be coincidence, but I doubt it.)

      Things that were once easy and pleasant to do have become laboriously tedious to figure out. Last week when it took me ages to figure out how to copy a photo album from Photos to my iPhone and the damned Apple store prompted me dozens of times for my password, which I entered repeatedly, I decided that I was done, done, done.

      • The_Wretched

        I use a Linux machine at home and am very happy to not have the endless windows issues we have on the other machines.

    • Box of Cotton Swabs

      But who insists that everyone use their centralized website for every transactions – music, videos, and software?

      Game consoles, my TV, my app-capable DSLR camera…

      And you can get music and videos from anywhere to put on an Apple device, it doesn’t have to be through Apple.

  • FAEN

    What’s next, a ‘fun little game’ where you lynch people?

    Searing, irrational hate is the primary mindset with the baggers.

  • medaka

    explained Treadstone in an interview with Breitbart Tech

    Breitbart Tech? IOW, Milo paid Treadstone to fuck his bleached asshole.

    • MonochromeMouse

      he also used to be milo’s tour manager, so that definitely happened a lot, though why anyone would want to is beyond me, if hes as much of a whore as he brags about being it’s gotta be like throwing a vienna sausage into a huge gaping meth-addicted cave that doesn’t understand basic personal hygene

  • Dee

    Frankly the game is really tasteless and little children are able to access it. Really deplorable to a new low.

    • IamM

      And imagine immigrant or minority children seeing their peers playing this game around them.

  • MonochromeMouse

    all of us using android need to get on the google play store and report this game, they have an option in store to report offensive apps

  • Ore Carmi

    This is real?

    Good on Apple!

  • kanehau

    Surprised at the reason Apple cited (though good on ’em). Pepe is copyrighted by the artist – so use of it in the game would be a violation of copyright law. That reason alone is good enough to have the app rejected.

    As an Apple Developer myself, this is very well known – so the developer here is fairly stupid to think he was going to get that in the store.

    • Tiger Quinn

      I guess I thought that WAS their reason – they said it was because the character was in it, not that it was racist per se.

      • kanehau

        The quoted answer from Apple, posted by the app author said this:

        “Your app includes content that many users would find objectionable and offensive,” claimed Apple in their rejection letter of the game, which is currently available for free on the Google Play store. “Specifically, your app includes Pepe the Frog character.”

        So it does not appear they used the copyright claim but rather, the ‘may offend’ claim.

        • CB

          But we don’t know if the Apple response is real. Or just something created to be all butthurt because he Apple won’t let him hate with impunity.

          • kanehau

            Well, having had apps rejected myself (for unrelated reasons) – the wording is exactly what Apple would release. I don’t doubt that it is real.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Apple doesn’t care about some pipsqueak cartoon artist. But they do care mightily about losing a penny to offended customers.

      • kanehau

        Actually, Apple does care about copyright infringement. But, you do have a point that usually they need to be contacted by the copyright owner before banning an app for that reason.

        So I guess that makes sense that they banned it on other grounds. I just figured that since Pepe had been in the news over the copyright issue, that would be included in their rejection.

  • James

    Twitter, on the other hand, is just fine with Pepe.

  • Hank

    “Your app includes content that many users would find objectionable and offensive,” claimed Apple in their rejection letter of the game,….. “Specifically, your app includes Pepe the Frog character.”

    • What’s to applaud? Again, why is Apple or Twitter supposed to be blocking content that they find objectionable? Who gets to define that? There are plenty of things others find objectionable that I don’t mind. I don’t want Amazon taking “Heather Has Two Mommies” off their site because the shrews at OMM complained.

      We should be consistent in our principles, otherwise we’re guilty of the same tribalistic nonsense that the far Right is guilty of.

      • Hank

        I am sorry, that you feel Apple’s not wanting to allow an App, that Celebrates, White Supremacy/Neo-Nazi beliefs. That is worlds apart from anything else, that might be “objectionable” in my book.
        I am not in favor of blocking views, that might just be “offensive” to read or see. However, that is not what the app would be, NOR is it what Pepe the Frog and the App, represents.

      • Snarky

        They’re a business. They get to decide on this and every app in the app store, based on their criteria.

        • Haven’t we just spent the last two years insisting that for-profit businesses have to serve everyone, regardless of whether they agree with the service they’re being asked to provide?

          These types of statememts matter because they’re ultimately going to be heard in courts.

          A lack of consistency is going to bite us in the ass.

          What I think you’re saying is that businesses are only legally obligated to do the things we want them to do, bevause we’re right and everyone else is either wrong or evil.

          Thats not going to fly.

          • IamM

            They’re not refusing to serve anyone, they’re refusing to carry a product that was specifically designed to offend & denigrate.

            The disneyfied aspect of the app stores’ walled gardens does have troubling implications that need to be addressed. But I don’t see excluding overtly racist games and publications from their stores as something to object to on free speech grounds.

          • Snarky

            >What I think you’re saying is that businesses are only legally obligated to do the things we want them to do, bevause we’re right and everyone else is either wrong or evil.

            Thanks for putting words in my mouth, but no. You obviously missed the point.

            Apple’s app store is not the modern day equivalent of a Woolworth’s lunch counter. They are not excluding an entire class of people. In effect, they said “here’s what we have a problem with – fix it and maybe we’ll accept your awful little game.” Woolworth’s never said “Black people can’t eat here because we don’t like their shoes.” They barred POC period.

            Stores are free to put a sign on their door that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service” and this is no different. They are NOT allowed to say “no Mexicans.” See the difference?

            What I’m saying is, Apple does get to decide which apps are available in their app store and which are not. They have all kinds of standards, including whether the app is really crappy and it’s likely to break your phone, if it’s intended to break laws or violate copyright, or if it’s got hate speech in it.

  • DH Esq

    In addition to Pepe, the entire premise of the game is offensive.

    • IamM

      Yes, and the whole point of the game was to be offensive. And encourage hate speech.

  • Tasteless, but offensive is in the eye of the beholder. Apple can do what it wants, but why not let consumers decide what they want to be exposed to, just like we do for other forms of media?

  • Crow on a Top Hat

    Wait… If I recall correctly, didn’t the eagle hate trump? Wouldn’t it be more accurate if they were attacking him?

  • Cylux

    I like how Pepe the Frog ended up as a hate symbol, despite being a largely blank canvas, whereas Moonman has gone completely unnoticed.

    Just shows the ADL for the know-nothing shills that they are.

  • Merv99

    How did we ever manage before big brother Apple was around to tell us what we can and can’t do?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Conservatives are inept when it comes to humour, as a rule; and it’s clear that the alt-right are completely inept at anything remotely funny or creative. For their “humour” to work, it has to involve putting others down, harming them and/or humiliating them. Quite pathetic when you really think about it.