Sexual Assault Reports Spike Due To Trump

ABC News reports:

With sexual assault accusations against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continuing to make headlines, the sexual assault hotline run by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) has seen a spike in calls.

Starting last Saturday, RAINN officials said their live chat helpline saw an increase in use of 33 percent, and in recent days, calls to the telephone hotline have also increased. Currently, call volume to the helpline is about 35 percent higher than it was last Thursday, according to RAINN President Scott Berkowitz.

RAINN said it started to receive more calls and visits to its online helpline after a recording emerged last Friday of Trump making lewd comments about women ahead of a taped “Access Hollywood” appearance in 2005. “A lot of people calling have specifically said that it was the Trump stuff that got them thinking [about calling],” Berkowitz told ABC News.

RAINN warns survivors of sexual assault that consuming media can be difficult if sexual assault is depicted. “Portrayals of sexual violence in movies, television shows, the news, and social media can prompt negative reactions, from flashbacks and anxiety to feelings of sadness or irritability,” the organization advises online.

  • lymis

    Well, perhaps the Trump campaign will have one good outcome.

    • Reality.Bites

      Two. The complete and utter ruination of the Trump family is nothing to sneeze at.

      • bzrd

        the end of the GOP

        • PLAINTOM

          Four. Discrediting the Religious Right

  • MB

    The caption for the photo should be:

    With these hands, I thee grab.

    • Hank


    • kanehau

      With these tiny hands, I thee grab.


  • Bill Post

    Reporting and talking to a therapist are good things. If anything good came out of this election then this might be it … that sexual assault and the language and attitudes that lead to it are all over the news right now.

    • Agreed…many victims are coming forward because we are now able to understand how small the assaults can be such as verbal or as visceral such as physical attacks…but nevertheless the damage has been done now needs healing needs happen…

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  • DaddyRay

    I hope they have enough volunteers – these calls should never go unanswered

  • Blake Jordan
  • CB

    Ironically, just as drumpf’s talk has unleashed a barrage of racism, hatred and misogyny in political “discourse;” his disgusting, sub-human predatory actions, and bragging about it (!), have liberated women to talk about abuse who had previously been cowed into silence…for whatever reason.

  • Salton

    O/T Does Trump use Boehner make-up base, or vice versa?

    • JCF

      I think Boehner’s is actually tan-in-a-box. Drumpf’s is make-up (both are nasty looking, but the latter is probably safer)

      • Salton

        …both are nasty looking… Truer words have never been written!

  • kanehau

    Well… I guess Trump has done something good… for once… by accident.

    • JCF

      By accident is the ONLY way he would ever do anything good!

  • bunnysanford This article prompted me to make a contribution, just putting this out there for easier access!

  • ultragreen

    There are two possible explanations for the increase of calls:

    1) Women are more likely to REPORT sexual harassment, assault, or rape than in the past, as most people seem to be assuming here.

    2) Sexual harassment, assault, or rape of women HAS INCREASED in response to the sexual misconduct claims against Trump and the pussygate video.

    The increase of calls to RAINN could also be a combination of these two factors.

  • JCF

    Bringing good from EVIL. Next step: go to the cops!