AUSTRALIA: Kylie Minogue And Fiance Joshua Sasse Vow Not To Marry Until Same-Sex Marriage Is Legalized

AOL reports:

Singer Kylie Minogue and her British fiance have vowed not to tie the knot until same-sex marriage becomes legal in Australia. The 48-year-old star announced her engagement to actor Joshua Sasse, 28, in February, after the couple met on the set of his TV series Galavant.

But now Sasse has revealed that the pair have decided to put off their nuptials until same-sex couples in Australia have the same rights as they do in Britain. Sasse told Network Seven there would be no wedding for now after the presenters of its Sunrise show asked him whether he and the Australian singer would consider marrying in Melbourne.

“There are chances of a Melbourne wedding but me and Kylie have talked about it and we are not comfortable getting married until this law has passed,” he said.”That is something that we’ve talked about and decided on. “Why should we? Why is it fair? Why are we more important than anyone else? It’s not right and something’s got to be done about it.”

(Tipped by JMG reader Eric)

  • Piercedchrlz

    BWA HAHAHAHA, My plan is working!

    You will be mine, Sasse!!!!!

  • Rex

    I appreciate the gesture, and have a great deal of respect for their decision. Having said that, if I were her I’d be dragging him down the aisle as soon as possible and not risk letting him get away.

    • Todd20036

      And I would be dragging him in the opposite direction.

      {Bluntness is fun!}

    • LackofFaithify

      She already put the chastity belt on him, it’s all good. lol

    • Piercedchrlz


  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    If they’re holding off on the nookie until then, I’d be more than happy to keep Joshua from getting too pent up.

  • BearEyes

    that video never gets old

    • DReel

      I had never heard of him or the show but what an awesome video. 🙂

  • LackofFaithify
  • LackofFaithify
  • Guest Guestie

    They’re doomed. That didn’t work out well for Brad and Angelina…

  • Blake Jordan

    This will surely move Australian parliament forward on advancing marriage equality…

    • Latebrosus

      Maybe a month ago, there was a link to a story about Ms. Minogue’s (and by proxy, Mr. Sasse’s) support for marriage equality in Australia. But the comments were basically “What do I care what a pop star and her unheard-of boyfriend think?”

  • good shot green

    48-year-old star announced her engagement to actor Joshua Sasse, 28

    ~GASP~ You go, Miss Kylie!

    • Latebrosus

      48 and 28? I should be so lucky!

  • MBear

    Okay. he is hotter than hot.
    So…not married yet, eh? hrmmmm….! LOL

    Never heard of this Galavant movie.
    Might have to see if it’s avail in the frozen northlands

    • LackofFaithify

      TV series, only lasted 2 seasons. But they were gooood.

      • Sean Williams

        He has a new series now…and he gets naked the first episode. 🙂

      • MBear

        That’s why I try to not watch a series until it looks like it’s going to stick.

        And seriously: there should be a law that with ANY series, a fund is required to be set aside that IF it gets cancelled, they MUST make at least one episode that resolves everything and finishes the show.

        …if I were emperor of the universe!

        • LackofFaithify

          It pretty much resolves most of the series. They thought there was no way in hell they would get renewed for season 2 (they joke about it a lot in the show). So it really has more of a planned mini-series feel and wraps up nicely.

    • TexasBoy

      Galavant is streaming on Netflix. Season one is campy, season two is pure, unadulterated, lovable camp.

      • Strepsi

        After those screencaps, it’s not the only thing streaming…..

    • HoneyBoySmith

      Galavant is on Netflix (US).

      If you have DirectTV, you can see full frontal Sasse on Rogue. I’ll link to some screencaps (I think they’re maybe a little too spicy for JMG):

      • LackofFaithify

        Ohhhhhh, those are going directly for deposit at the spank bank.

      • MBear

        I’m not in the US and our Netflix sucks @$$

        • Reality.Bites

          Nevertheless, Netflix Canada is showing Galavant.

          I subscribe to Netflix so I can get their new, exclusive content in 4K. I really don’t care which country’s version has a broader selection of old movies and tv shows because I don’t need Netflix for that.

          • MBear

            Thank you.
            We’re just finishing up the first season & haven’t had this kind of laugh for a while.

            OMLOG this is so good!

            Totes going to re-watch the first season come Thanksgiving when friends from BC show up (theatre peeps – but they probably already have seen this).

      • Cherry

        What’s with the praying hands neck tattoo?

        • HoneyBoySmith

          Just decoration for the program.

          I don’t think he has a neck tattoo in real life.

    • Reality.Bites

      Would I be crucified for suggesting his body is a bit on the “meh” side for an under-30 TV actor in leading roles?

      • MBear

        haven’t seen the body. I’m hyperfocusing on the beard & eyes #triggerwarning

      • Latebrosus

        He went full Monty for a TV show. Search it.

    • Galavant is a scream. It’s like the knights of the Roundtable put on a gay pride parade, complete with musical numbers in each show. Also on Hulu.

      The first episode I saw I just sat there kind of side-eyeing the whole thing thinking, “This was on TV? You have got to be shitting me…”

  • Traxley Launderette

    I would hit that so hard.

  • Gayer Than Thou

    I appreciate the gesture, Kylie, I really do, but you probably want to lock that down.

    • William

      I would chain him to the bed.

  • bdsmjack

    Mmmmm, I loves me a furry breakfast.

  • Ernest Endevor

    Who is that woman holding on to my next husband?

    • TuuxKabin

      Ha, more likely your next ex-hasbeen.

      • OdieDenCO

        back in my day, we called it our future ex-husband

        • TuuxKabin

          Keely Smith introduced a member of her band as “my next ex-husband’, the audience loved it.

    • Cherry

      Alan Menken was one of the. Imposters for Galacant.

      • Cherry

        Geezus, autocorrect!

        One of the composers for Galavant.

  • Ray Butlers

    Seating for one?

  • William

    If Joshua is feeling the need to get married, I would be happy to oblige.

  • ryan charisma

    I love them.

    Brad & Angelina made me that same promise – see how well that went?

  • fuow

    He’s awfully pretty.

  • JellyDonut

    Brangelina been there done that

  • Gigi

    Brad and Angelina said the same thing but they didn’t wait. They married. Now they’re divorcing.

  • Silver Badger

    He’s pretty enough but would have to be trained to avoid those nasty situations with girls.

    • Silver Badger

      PS: It’s not that I dislike girls, but that’s why god made lesbians. Thank you god.

  • kevin000

    I thought that they were dating before the show went on and that’s why she agreed to do the guest spot. Regardless, love the “you’re a beefcake happy meal” line.

  • abqdan

    He’s still my imaginary boyfriend… Seriously, I think we should be allowed to draft one straight man a year on to our team! And his new comedy, No Tomorrow didn’t disappoint. I hope the producers are aware that he needs to lose his shirt at least once in every episode!

  • Boy Elvis

    This is why we love you, Kylie! One of the reasons, anyway.

  • Porkie

    As an atheist I am allowed to covet my neighbours Ass ….I am just off to find some whipes ….and then a serious session of coveting.

  • JR

    She must marry him and they must make beautiful babies or there is no justice in the universe.

    • licuado de platano

      She is 48 for whatever that’s worth.

  • Dagoril

    I continue to have a lot of respect for Kylie. She seems like a genuinely nice person, in spite of all of that fame and wealth.

    If you ever have the opportunity to see her live in concert, do it. She puts on a great show.

  • I would be thrilled to see same-sex marriage in Australia and a third season of Galavant.

    • Lazycrockett

      Sadly Galavant has been cancelled.

  • Jmdintpa

    I appreciate her support and admire them for that. However she better put a ring on that hottie tout de suite

  • Jeffg166

    She will however continue to screw his brains out.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Galavant had some of the gayest moments on TV.

    • It was a masterpiece, truly. Funny, funny, funny. Too good for TV.

  • JCF

    Get it grrl!