FLORIDA: Hillary +4 In New Post-Debate Poll

The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 4 points in the must-win swing state Florida following their first presidential debate, according to a new poll. Clinton edges out Trump 46 percent to 42 percent in the Mason-Dixon Polling & Research survey released Friday.

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson next grabs 7 percent, while Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein nets 1 percent. Four percent remain undecided. Pollsters found Clinton is viewed more favorably than Trump among the Sunshine State’s registered voters — though both are well under water.

The full poll results are here.

  • Henry Auvil

    And the Daily KOS tracking poll has Hillary back up to 70% chance of winning and Dems at 56% to take back the Senate. YAY! Fajitas Friday!!

    • Skokieguy [Larry]

      Margarita Mondays?

      • Butch

        I was thinking margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Tortilla Thursdays, and Fajita Fridays. I’m having trouble with Wednesday; I figured we’d take Saturday and Sunday off, although I guess Sangria Saturday and Salsa Sunday would be possibilities.

        • Corsair Tact

          Huevos Wednesday

          • TuuxKabin

            Just to get us over the hump.

          • Corsair Tact


        • Henry Auvil

          Watermelon Wednesday, just to irk the AltRight.

        • TuuxKabin

          Works out well. Serve salsa at or salsa Sunday dance.

        • fuow

          Wednesday is hump-day. So – Humpty-Dumpty sat on what?
          Right – chiles rellenos day!

        • DaveW

          Uiltocoche Wednesday. Or however you spell it. It’s the Mexican parallel to France’s truffle!

  • lymis

    Note that this is post-debate but pre “Trump broke the Cuba embargo” revelations. Expect things to get even worse for Trump pretty fast.

  • Michael Smith

    This is largely before the Cuba story broke. If Trump loses Florida, he can kiss the White House goodbye.

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  • DJ John Bear
  • Kruhn

    What a difference a debate makes. Ninety short, little minutes!

    • Dramphooey

      It’s amazing because it usually doesn’t; if one looks back at the history of our elections they really don’t mark any turning point in any election. He was that bad and she was that good.

      • Corsair Tact

        Richard Nixon in 1960 might disagree with you on that point.

      • Kruhn

        I was singing an edited version of the classic “What a Difference a Day Makes”! LOL I usually am the boring, obtuse one.

    • marshlc

      Brought the sun and the flowers, where there used to be rain….

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    As Rachel (my secret best friend) said last night, the largest block of Republican voters are in Miami-Dade and they are overwhelmingly Cuban. With the Newsweek revelation on Trump’s illegal dealings with Cuba, this could flip the state blue.

    Skimming the link, the poll was done by telephone. I didn’t see anything to imply it was done in anything other than English only. If so, it would be likely that older Cuban-Americans would be under represented (total surveyed was 840 likely voters).

    So the results may be far more dramatic that what this indicates.

    • lymis

      This poll may not even reflect the Cuba stuff, and just be about the debate. We’ll see going forward.

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        Yup, other people have already called it. Post debate / pre-Cuba story.

    • Blake Mason

      We have a mutual bestie… I download her show via podcast to listen to the next morning… I love the little history lessons at the beginning of every show.

    • Jmdintpa

      theres a place in central florida populated by tens of thousand old white folks that are firm republican. its called the villages. all the republican candidates go there. from I4 north its all mostly old white people and religious right voters so even though the polling looks good for clinton we cant take any vote for granted here in this state.

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        Am I right that the seniors you describe are of a generation that remembers Eisenhower and Truman and have higher education levels. They might be more persuadable than the Confederate Flat, don’t take my guns, less educated types. The right targeted ads ought to be able to generate some (deserved) outrage.

        Draft dodger
        Doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes
        Insults veterans
        Lies about contributing to charity
        Insults military generals
        Cheated on his wife
        Trial for rape of 13 year old girl begins in October

        • NancyP

          Makes nice to KGB Putin. All those retirees remember when Russia was emphatically Not To Be Trusted. Some will remember “duck and cover”. Some will remember clearly the Cuba Missile Crisis and how a lot of people really thought that the world would end in 1961.

      • johncAtl

        Hopefully the large number of Puerto Ricans that have moved into the Orlando area will make Orange County safely blue, and offset the area north of there. And that is a very scary area. The billboards along the turnpike between Gainesville and Orlando are all God, Jesus, anti-abortion, etc.

      • djcoastermark

        Yes, the villages are a creepy version of a republican utopia ala Stepford. The place gives me the willies.

  • Brad Lathem

    Fantastic way to start the weekend (I don’t teach on Fridays)!! 🙂

    • DumbHairyApe

      (Neither do I! Let’s go have some fun!)

      • samcollins

        I only work Mondays. Can I come, too? I’ll bring tequila for the Margueritas.

  • All this talk about Taco Tuesdays and everything….does this mean that if Clinton wins, i have to marry a latino? because oh man, i’m so totally cool with that. 🙂

  • bkmn

    Crooked Trump is not having a good week.

    • David L. Caster

      “Conman Trump” implies Trump is a crook. I think we should call him that.

  • Ninja0980

    Throw in the Cuba story and Trump is in deep trouble in Florida.
    Hopefully enough to take Rubio with him.

  • Blake Jordan
  • skyweaver

    Also don’t underestimate his massive donations to NAMBLA. Which I heard everyone is talking about

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Thursday, one of Trump’s past victims came forward. He called her the C word for a story he didn’t like – but didn’t read!

    “…Jennifer Lin,…wrote Thursday morning about the time Donald Trump called her the c word — to her editor — in retaliation for a story of hers that he never actually read…First Trump called Lin and screamed at her, peppering her with the word “sh*t” to describe her writing…..Then he called my editor in Philadelphia, Craig Stock. ..Craig was treated to the same Trumpian wordplay, but got an added treat. Trump referred to me as ‘that c*nt.’” And the gold, Craig, a calm Iowan, asked Trump what was wrong with the story. He explained that The Inquirer would run a correction if the paper had made an error. Trump snapped that he didn’t read the story.”


  • xersnoyl

    This is really good news, but, I need to know on which corner the Taco Truck is going to go. The one by the river is already cleared off and has some nice palm trees, but, the one by the ocean would probably do better business. Can we have two? should there be picnic tables? What about hours? Hillary needs to get these fine points cleared up!

  • JT

    Maybe it’s time for Drumpf to bury his sorrows in more white pow(d)er.


  • Sam_Handwich


    Michigan: Clinton 42 Trump 35 (@detroitnews)
    NH: Clinton 42 Trump 35 (@WBUR)

    • Sam_Handwich

      this is from the WBUR poll in NH

      Won debate:
      Clinton 59%
      Trump 19

      it’s rigged!

  • Jmdintpa

    i wish living here i could say this makes me less nervous but it doesnt. these polls dont mean shit if people do not vote. this state has a history of low democratic voter turn out. this year with all the rednecks , old white folks, crazed hetero christians of every color turning out in droves to support trump we need every last person that can vote to get off there ass and do it. usually mid terms are the worst turn out and thats how pam bondi gets elected gov. in 2 years but if democrats want to win this in florida we got to get our voters to vote.

    • Tigernan Quinn

      Okay, but what is worrying about it going to do? We can energize the vote and harass everyone we know to get out, but what is that listed fear going to do for you?

    • OdieDenCO

      consider this: the republican base is mostly white male, ammosexuals with a skewed image of themselves and gender identity. they have basic pack animal mentality, i.e. only the strong lead. the polls distinctly show their chosen leader is losing and losing badly to a girl and by inference they are losing to a girl. depression and apathy are sure to follow. the republican base will stay home rather than vote for a “emasculated” man. IMHO.

      this by no means says the democrats can bank on this being true.

  • Ross
  • Rebecca Gardner
    • TrollopeReader

      67.2 % at 245 eastern today !

  • greenmanTN

    These daily updates, tied, +1, -1, +6, can drive you nuts if you let it. It feels like this election has been going on for 6 years.

    • Ross

      It helps to ignore the daily polls, and focus on the Electoral forecasts.

      These have ALWAYS shown Hillary with more then enough Electoral votes…

      …and poor Donnie with NEVER enough.

    • bmedle

      I’ve tried to take breaks from the news several times this cycle, but to no avail. The thing that’s kept me somewhat sane is the simple fact that Dump cannot get above the low 40’s in these polls. That’s his ceiling.

  • Sam_Handwich

    new rightwing national poll….

    @OANN /@GravisMarketing
    Post-Debate Poll

    Clinton 47 (+4)
    Trump 43
    Johnson 6
    Other 3

    • SoCalGal20

      LMAO that’s the Fox poll.

  • Ross

    This is really interesting. From Electoral-vote.com:

    GOP partisans got some bad news this week, courtesy of Google search results. Since the presidential candidates’ debate, there has been a sizable increase in the number of searches for information about voter registration. And the lion’s share of those searches come from heavily Latino markets in Texas, California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida. Some of these areas have, historically, had the lowest rates of voter participation in the country before 2016.

    Needless to say, this is indirect evidence, but in the past a correlation between Google searches and actual registrations has been documented. So, there is a good chance that Donald Trump’s debate performance—highlighted by his attacks on “Miss Housekeeping” Alicia Machado—brought some new Latino voters into the Democratic fold.

    • Sam_Handwich

      Yeah, i think there’s some unfounded anxiety that some portions of the “Obama coalition” will sit this election out

      Obama and Hillary may not bring them out as much as Trump will.

    • DaveW

      Google?, call your registrar! We need better civics education, which apparently has been replaced with Google. I wonder if folks realize what google actually is.

  • fuow

    It really could happen again: The idiots vote ‘their conscience’ for Stein and we lose Floriduh.
    Christ on crutches.

  • Lazycrockett

    With Johnson not knowing a damn thing and Drumpf’s little Cuban Embargo problem these number should rise.

    • TrollopeReader

      in a normal election cycle ….

    • Ore Carmi

      I’m praying that you’re right.

  • Ross

    Never before have I been so fixated on an election. Never before have I donated to a candidate. Never before have I felt that my life depended on my candidate winning.

    Why? Why THIS election? Why THIS candidate?

    I have been pondering this.

    Yes, I love that Hillary is so amazingly qualified, experienced, intelligent, and funny.

    But…but…these reasons are not the MAIN force driving me.

    For 25-years, I have watched with ever-increasing alarm/shock/horror as the Republicans have endlessly demonized Hillary. And this campaign of terror has worked. Many many Americans believe that Hillary is a lying criminal.

    If Hillary losses in November, it means that the bad guys won. It means that evil won. It means that a lie won.

    It means that being a bad guy works. It mean that evil is more powerful than decency. It means that lies are more powerful than truth.

    And I don’t know how to continue living in a world where this all proves true. A world where evil wins.

    But…but…if Hillary wins (as I am confident of) it means that bad guys can be crushed, that evil is NOT all powerful, and that the truth resonates with people more than lies.

    In short, if Hillary wins it means that goodness prevailed over evil.

    And this is a world I can live in.

  • Hank

    This weekend, I will be filling out my Absentee Ballot…..
    SCOTUS, SCOTUS, SCOTUS!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c67aaee1bbf36b293f211ce6afd6fdfec70b309f8fc0ac6dea0c0aaedae2c8a.png

  • TexasBoy
  • JustSayin’

    The poll was 870 people across landlines and cell phones. They did not say how many of each. 10% of Dems and 44% of independants said they were voting trump. 29% of hispanics said they are voting trump

    • Bruno

      Nearly 1/3 of Florida Hispanics. Unreal if accurate.

      • TrollopeReader

        msnbc had Miami-Dade as the largest concentration of Republican Hispanics in FL … with the majority of them Cuban. If the Cuba deal has legs … they won’t be happy.

        • Ore Carmi

          I hope so!

  • Nic Peterson

    Step away from the orange light, Flori-duh!

  • Ore Carmi

    May it last, may it last!