Trump: Charlotte’s Protesters Are On Drugs [VIDEO]

How to win the African-American vote, part 57. ABC News reports:

Less than a day after protests over the police killing of an African-American man turned violent in North Carolina, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump placed some of the blame for the turmoil on the impact of drugs.

“If you’re not aware, drugs are a very, very big factor in what you’re watching on television at night,” said Trump in a speech to the Shale Insight 2016 Conference in Pittsburgh today.

On Wednesday night, Charlotte experienced its second night of protests following the death of Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday afternoon. Officers in riot gear confronted demonstrators in a downtown commercial area and employed tear gas to control crowds. One person is in critical condition after suffering an apparent gunshot wound.

  • PickyPecker

    C’mon, orange man. No arguments….just get in and stay there.×150.png

  • David Milley

    The Great Projector says what?

  • William

    So what is the explanation for the people who support you?

    • AJ Drew

      ooh ooh, I know! Alcohol and prescription opioids (totally legal!)

      • InChains

        Don’t forget inbreeding.

  • Michael Smith

    “If you’re not aware, drugs are a very, very big factor in what you’re watching on television at night,”
    Assuming you’re watching Trump, I’d imagine that is true.

    • Uncle Mark

      I’m tempted to turn to a repast of anti-depressants, headache, stomach-ache and other assorted pain-relieving drugs every time I see or hear Trump.

  • Ham

    It’s true. Trump never watches the news without a huge supply of poppers at hand.

    • MaryOGrady

      I think it may be that bad orange acid they warned everybody about over the loudspeaker at Woodstock.

  • S1AMER

    It’s not Trump himself who frightens me, it’s the millions of my fellow citizens who think this execrable entity belongs in the Oval Office.

    • jimbo65

      And who don’t understand that he just wants to be a figurehead. He’ll just pass the actual responsibilities of POTUS on to Mike freaking Pence.

      • Frostbite

        Don’t forget about the people behind him, the best people!

      • Jeffg166

        And loot the treasury for as much as he can.

    • TheManicMechanic

      They are “pillbillies.” So, yeah, lots of drugs, but more so in the rural and suburban south among the crackers than anywhere else. Another way these dimwits hope to deflect all the societal ills from themselves.

    • JCF

      Well, it’s both for me (Drumpf&followers).

  • PickyPecker
    • Brooklyn Joe

      when will the voters listen

      • Todd20036

        His base LIKES this.

        • Too much of this country is his base, unfortunately.

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        • DesertSun59

          Yes, they do. The more Republicans publicly state their opposition the more votes he will get.

      • Blackfork

        Well, it’s more like: When will the voters read?

      • Uncle Mark

        If the Charlotte protestors are all on drugs, then the Charlotte police mustn’t be very good at doing their job in keeping drugs off the streets…unless the protestors are not on drugs and are angry about the innocent being gunned down in the streets by the police without being required to provide camera evidence to the press. Either way it comes back to bad policing. Try some simple logic, you Cheeto-faced shit-show.

        • Brianna Amoré

          Logic is too difficult for a man who never went to college.

          • Uncle Mark

            Sorry to disagree with you. I delight in berating Trump’s mental acuity, but facts show that Trump went to Fordham (for a year) and then Wharton for his degree, but with no honors, despite his excessive bragging to the contrary.

            Don’t be too quick to dismiss those, who didn’t go to college. College was a tremendous benefit to me and others, but over the many years, I have met a number of folks, who never received their degree, yet their wisdom and logic was unassailable. Let’s not forget W (Bush) went to Harvard, and didn’t exactly come out the intellectual giant he should have; just as Trump going to Wharton and still remaining a braying ass.

          • Brianna Amoré

            Yes, that’s the OFFICIAL story. What I’m saying is that he CLAIMS to have gone to those colleges, yet nobody can remember him ever attending. You’d think that someone with as big an ego as Donald Trump would merit at least one classmate’s memory of him, no?

            I don’t think he went to college at all. I think he PAID someone else to attend for him. That or his daddy just bought his degrees for him. If he released his transcripts we’d know, but that’ll never happen will it?

          • Grumpy Old Man

            Bush and Kerry went to Yale and had similar GPAs

    • another_steve

      Like others here, I’m having a hard time taking it all in. And still 6+ weeks to go.

      For me, it’s like this:

      Ohmigod these heels are killin’ me. Stop making me run so fast, Sylvia! You want I should kill myself?

  • Treant

    That should help seal up the African-American vote.

    • MichaelJ

      No, but it will help seal up the racist vote.

      • AtticusP

        I think that vote was sealed when Trump announced that he was running for president.

        • Gustav2

          It’s his only GOTV effort.

  • PickyPecker
    • Uncle Mark

      I love it. You just left out the recently launched investigation into the Trump Foundation being used illegally to pay off one of Trump’s fines. (It should prove interesting to see how many others instances this “charity” has been used as Donald’s personal piggy bank.)

    • AJ Drew

      Oh you and your Picky facts, bless your heart. But my neighbors tell me that HRC is just icky, cuz (not even Benghazi! anymore, just… cuz,) and Trump is awesome cuz, he’s like NASCAR and WWE and Shark Tank all rolled up into one, and who knows, cuz Omarosa almost married Michael Clarke Duncan. sigh.

      • Brianna Amoré

        Because Trump is a Reality TV celebrity and Hillary is just a boring old politician. Obvs.

    • David Walker

      How about the number of rape accusations and trials?

      • basedonfact

        When has Hillary been accused of rape?

        That would be Hillary 0 Trump 1

      • AJ Drew

        whoa, yes… wasn’t that trial supposed to start already? And wtf, media, why no coverage about that? And DT claims the media is biased towards HRC?

    • basedonfact


      Purpose of self named foundation Clinton: Global charity dedicated to combatting AIDS Trump: slush fund for legal defense, bribes, and personal gifts

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Pffft, those are facts, who cares about those. /s

  • Lazycrockett

    “Hey lets smoke this doobie and go riot in the streets!” – said by no one.

      • Todd20036

        You know what is a gateway drug? Tobacco.

        • David Walker

          I thought it was milk, because if you start drinking milk at a young age, it’s quite likely you’ll experiment with alcohol. Ruination ensues.

          • Todd20036

            THat’s why I only drink semen lattes.

            So I don’t succumb to drugs.

          • TheManicMechanic

            So you don’t succumb?

          • IamM

            Ba dum pum

        • William


          • Joe knows who I am.

            I think a strong case could be made for water at this point.

    • Hank

      Riot in the streets?? Why bother, I have the “munchies”!!! What have we got to eat???

      • InChains

        Riot in the streets? Wait, will there be Twinkies? What were we talking about, again?

      • Jerry

        Only if the line’s too long at the closest fast-food place…or if you’ve ran the convenience store out of junk food.

        • Hank

          Lets make some more of those DELICIOUS Brownies!!!

        • basedonfact

          Riot? Only if the police line is between you and the food

  • Gustav2

    Wait, that was in the city, not rural opiate America. It is not the 1980’s.

  • “Let’s go downtown and riot,” said no stoner, ever.

    • james1200

      Except Brad Pitt, apparently.

      • TK

        too soon…

    • AJ Drew

      Oh, I dunno, some stoners somewhere may have said it, and even intended to do it. But driving 10 mph to get to downtown… well, plus the couch is reallllly comfy.

      • Uncle Mark

        Whaaat ?!! White Castle’s closed ?!! Bummer. (That’s the closest you come to such a riot.)

    • Pollos Hermanos

      You’ve obviously never run completely out of Doritos.

  • PickyPecker
  • james1200

    I just wanna point out, that he’s never, ever lost his massive, 20 point lead among white voters, even now, so he comes off as stupid but he knows exactly what he’s doing. In other words, to win he has to beat the 21 points Romney won white voters by and is trying to get traditionally non-voting working class whites out with these Alex Jones/David Duke-type remarks.

    • LackofFaithify

      Actually he has continued to gain slightly over the past weeks. Hillary: not so much. Yay for an election where the electorate hates both options!

      • james1200

        She’s back up to her five/six point lead in the latest polls. I agree, though, that it should be double that.

        • Gustav2

          A truly terrible news cycle was still not enough to put Trump ahead. In a strange way, that’s good news for Clinton. The rhythm of the campaign is such that news cycles are almost guaranteed to swing the other way, and, well, Trump has a history of giving them an assist. The bad news cycle can also cause Republicans to break through likely-voter screens while Democrats become less likely to answer the polls; this “differential response” issue explains a lot of the ebb and flow of campaigns. But we have to wonder: If this didn’t catapult Trump to an electoral lead, what could?

          • Cipher

            She, too, needs to avoid giving him any assist (as she knows). My fear remains the October surprise.

            Maybe someone will release a set of cooked (fake) Trump tax returns that (truthfully) reveal him to be lying about his charitable giving and raise significant questions about his Russian oligarch ties. Make him scream up and down that they aren’t real and goad him with a single response: These are fake, eh? Well, you can clear everything up; authorize the IRS to release your returns directly to the public…

            Either way, he loses. Time for offense because the dirty tricks are coming.

    • Gustav2

      He is going after the old Reagan Democrats, they have not voted for a Democrat for president since the 1990’s and certainly didn’t vote for Obama.

      • james1200

        Aren’t they dead? Someone on MSNBC said that once, lol. It’s pointless to go after people that don’t exist, I would think.

        • Gustav2

          Yes, they are dead, but their children are registered Democrats. It is common in eastern Ohio, parts of Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. Registered Democrats who have never voted for a D for president and switched parties in Ohio just for Trump’s primary. This new D voter for a Republican president is overblown.

        • Gustav2

          Also when I see the retired and laid off “union members” in the Youngstown/Akron area say they voted for Obama, I scream “BS” at the TV.

        • Uncle Mark

          I live in Chicago. They say the dead vote here…and they vote often. ;^)
          That reminds me; I’m gonna have to put a new “I voted” sticker on Dad’s tombstone in a few weeks.

          • james1200

            It’s nice that they care enough to vote from the afterlife.

    • Todd20036

      Am I wrong for looking at that gif and wishing I were blowing him as he was standing there?

      • james1200

        You would be wrong NOT to be wishing that and I think you know that.

  • good shot green

    Drink twice.

    • moebym

      Their “dream” is nothing short of completely erasing racial diversity and equality from this nation, by force if necessary. And they support Trump.

  • SoCalGal20

    OT but PBS is going to air a documentary about the man and the musical, “Hamilton” and it looks very interesting. President Obama and Elizabeth Warren are both in the trailer that just came out.

    • Jay George

      That was interesting. Thank you.

  • gaymex1

    Says who?

  • NeverEclipsed

    Well we no longer need to wonder whether Hillary will get North Carolina lol.

  • Ta-er al-Asfer

    What does he even mean, specifically? How do the nebulous “drugs” have anything to do with this?

  • Once again, as many have noted already, Trump’s appalling attempts to seem like he’s not a racist aren’t to woo African American voters. He’s trying to win the white voters who are uncomfortable with the idea of voting for a guy who’s an out-and-out racist.

    However, he never forgets “who brung him to the dance” — and so he’ll return to that slop-trough and keep refilling it with what his most ardently racist supporters actually want. Which is unfiltered racism.

    • Ninja0980

      Yup, and he and his supporters are hoping this riot will give him NC.
      Let’s hope they are proven wrong.

    • Uncle Mark

      If only those black preachers the other day, who were laying hands on Trump and praying for him, were putting their hands over his mouth…and leaving them there…to keep the evil from getting out.

      • William

        They were hoping the prosperity would rub off onto them.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Everything that comes out of his mouth that sounds accusatory, just apply it back to him. He is the one that is addicted to prescription drug.

  • Hank

    Having worked in various states over the past few years, Maine, Kentucky, Southern Illinois, I have seen large amounts of drug addiction by the predominantly White population!!! Heroin, narcotic prescription drugs, and anything else they could get their hands on. White areas of various states are also having increased HIV rates due to IV drug abuse!!!

    • BudClark

      and “hillbilly heroin,” of course (powdered oxy pills)

  • AndyinChicago

    I think that Trump is confused that anyone would be angry in a world where he can scam millions of rubes into a vote while making money off his campaign and getting tons of free publicity? Oh, minorities are targeted for violence by the people who are supposed to be protecting them? Trump is still making bank; anyone who dislikes this must be on drugs.

  • Acronym Jim

    I had no idea that was a protest to legalize recreational marijuana.

  • bambinoitaliano
    • Jay George

      That seals it. The world is coming to an end.

      • bambinoitaliano

        Trump already insulted the pope I’m sure we can expect him to have a come back on the Dalai Lama.

  • MaryOGrady

    African-American and Latino voters, plus white people of good will, have to save the world.

  • Rex

    He needs to lay off those diet pills he’s been taking.

  • Brooklyn Joe

    Trump is on drugs

    • Jay George

      I figure he just loaded his projector again.

  • Acronym Jim

    Actually, what I watch at night is a very, very, big factor in how much drugs I do.

    (I’m counting alcohol as a drug)

  • jimbo65

    Yeah he would know all about drugs, being hopped up on speed. Which is evident how prolific he is on twitter burning the midnight oil.

  • Hank

    As if Hair Drumpf NEVER tried to smoke a joint, when hanging out at the clubs of NYC in the 70s, 80s, etc. /s
    Even Bill Clinton “I never inhaled” (lol) has done so!!

  • TheManicMechanic

    It puts the deplorables in the basket…

    • jimbo65

      Ooh thanks. That reminds me, gotta get some lotion for, er. .moisturizing purposes.

  • Cuberly

    OT: Mother Jones has laid out a case for Hillz that’s very comprehensive and worth sharing with those you know that are undecided or less than enamored with her.

    Check it out and pass it on.

    • The_Wretched

      Interesting, I’ve been arguing for some months now in these comments that the pro-Clinton people need to make positive progressive argument instead of kicking the ‘hard left’ / ‘loony lefties’ / ‘insane socialists’ in the teeth. The usual tactic is to call you names for not falling in line or calling you a bad person for not being sufficiently afraid of Trump that you drop every other consideration.

      • Cuberly

        You’re right.

        I’m concentrating on GOTV and studying up on Hillz’ platform, and her record. Surprisingly so many are unfamilar with the good to great things she’s done. Admittedly I’ve forgotten a fair amount myself.

        To your point, discussion from an informed point of view works more effectively than shaming.

  • Megrim Twist

    Many people are saying that his amphetamine addiction is getting worse.

    • ByronK

      Some of the best people are saying that.

  • moebym

    Pulling shit out of the anterior asshole, as usual.

  • canoebum

    He may be wrong in this. It’s likely that bullets are the biggest part of the problem. Bullets fired by police officers.

  • Actually the people on drugs are probably you’re sons, Trump. Not the protesters.

  • PeteLI

    He just keeps making things up…

    • Gustav2

      At this point, “What does he have to lose?”

      • The_Wretched

        I read that as, “What does he have to do to lose?”.

        • IamM

          I’d like to know the answer to that one.

  • Frostbite

    And yet there are plenty of minorities (of all stripes) wiling to vote for the Dumpster. #Sad

  • bob

    Oh pappa tooney, we’ve got a looney !

    • Mark Neé Fuzz

      Don’t you try your voodoo on us!

      • edrex

        she’s a hair hopper!

  • Henry Auvil

    And the hippity-hop is another HUGE factor…

  • boatboy_srq

    Remember all those years Fauxnews was leading at 6 and 11 with lurid stories of drug-related violence amongst Those People©? This is the (sadly predictable) result.

    What’s worse is that Fauxnews has so effectively programmed its viewers that they’ll nod wisely in agreement with tRump – because the proof has been on TV nearly every day since Ailes’ toy first hit the airwaves.

    • RoFaWh

      Your are close to saying that Drumpf’s main source of information for many years has been Fox New.

      That explains a lot.

      • boatboy_srq

        tRump’s source of information is irrelevant. tRump’s SUPPORTERS’ source of information, however, is. You can bet he knows his rubes have been served a steady diet of “Other People© Bad” news, and he’s playing that perception for all it’s worth.

  • The_Wretched

    Hrmmm, I heard that clip as saying Trump blames his more insane times on his drug use.

  • Stubenville

    It’s a dog whistle. My translation;

    “If only the political leadership would crack down on drugs (and build that wall to keep them out), the ‘underclass’ wouldn’t get all riled up and riot.”

  • JellyDonut

    surprised he doesn’t want to round up all the blacks and put them in camps.

    • edrex


  • Pollos Hermanos

    Does Trump think all black people are Tyone Biggums from the Chapelle Show?

    • Mark Neé Fuzz

      That’s a rhetorical question, right?

  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    C’mon Donny, use the N word. You know you wanna.

    • edrex

      he has people for that.

  • ByronK

    Maybe they’re all hopped up on poison Skittles.

  • EweTaw

    I like drugs. Lots of drugs.

    • Ray Butlers

      You should get on them. They play a big part in what happens in your life. I think I just heard Donald announce to watch out for the brown acid and the paraquat.

  • Ray Butlers

    He’s not even sharp enough to at least PRETEND that he’s not a racist. Bush (es), Romney, Reagan…..they all managed to be total racists without actually using the words. No wonder Bush(es) won’t support him. Not our kind of people, Lovey.

  • ultragreen

    Donald Trump doesn’t need drugs in order to say crazy things.

  • ChrisMorley

    “We’re losing badly the war on drugs. You have to legalize drugs to win
    that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.”

    tRump 1990,4533445&hl=en

  • DaveW

    I watched some of it, stuck in a hotel room. Most of the agitators were being jerks, in the cops faces etc. this is not protesting , it’s thugs suddenly having something to feel important about. Even the family of the shot person was saying similar

    The recent piece by Quart in the NYT gets at this-this movement lacks quality leadership

    Look closely at the videos from Charlotte. Both white and black
    Losers yelling at cops. Not helping. (I know, I’m racist for pointing this out. Don’t bother)

    • Don’t forget the looting … I’m not sure how stealing a tv helps the cause, either.

      • IamM

        I don’t think the looters are trying to help. I would point out that there’d be no protest to spill over into violence or used for cover by looters and vandals if the government & police were doing their job protecting all the rights of all the people from all criminals in the first place. There’s lots of responsibility to go around.

    • Canadian Observer

      I very, very seldom quote Martin Luther King – but this time I think it is apropos:

      “It is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots.
      It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same
      time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in
      our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to
      feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent
      rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the
      language of the unheard.”

      • True, but at what point are people responsible for the decisions they make and how they respond to the circumstances of their own life?

        That quote was made decades ago. Are conditions the same now? We have an African-American President, after all (one who I voted for twice).

        It’s not that racism doesn’t exist (it does, as evidenced by the fact that blacks are penalized more harshly for the same crimes as whites, particularly drug use), but can’t it also be simultaneously true that there are problems that need to be addressed from within their own community and that only they can resolve?

        • IamM

          Responsibility cuts both ways.

  • I’m not a Trump supporter, but do we really believe that almost half of this country can be dismissed as xenophobic racists and hate mongers?

    There’s no doubt that Trump plays into some of that element, but it’s a logical fallacy to assert that because some or even many of his supporters identify as racist then all of his supporters are.

    • Bad Tom

      Hillary never said all of Drumpf’s supporters where deplorable. And she apologized that she generalized that half were.

      But it is clear that a significant number are, enough to matter, enough to be a disgrace. That basket is full enough to be a disaster for the rest of us.

    • AJayne

      I’ll bite. Trump has run on racism, xenophobia, and misogyny. Logically, why do you think that anyone not racist, xenophobic, or misogynistic would support him?

      The way I see it, he doesn’t present the potential for anything else. Do you see something redeeming about his candidacy or possible administration? If so, please tell us about it.

      • Have you read Hillbilly Elegy? If not, you should.

        Writer JD Vance (who is not a Trump supporter and who left his home town to join the military and eventually an Ivy League university) writes:

        “The simple answer is that these people–my people–are really struggling, and there hasn’t been a single political candidate who speaks to those struggles in a long time. Donald Trump at least tries.

        What many don’t understand is how truly desperate these places are, and we’re not talking about small enclaves or a few towns–we’re talking about multiple states where a significant chunk of the white working class struggles to get by. Heroin addiction is rampant. In my medium-sized Ohio county last year, deaths from drug addiction outnumbered deaths from natural causes. The average kid will live in multiple homes over the course of her life, experience a constant cycle of growing close to a “stepdad” only to see him walk out on the family, know multiple drug users personally, maybe live in a foster home for a bit (or at least in the home of an unofficial foster like an aunt or grandparent), watch friends and family get arrested, and on and on. And on top of that is the economic struggle, from the factories shuttering their doors to the Main Streets with nothing but cash-for-gold stores and pawn shops.

        Trump’s candidacy is music to their ears. He criticizes the factories shipping jobs overseas. His apocalyptic tone matches their lived experiences on the ground. He seems to love to annoy the elites, which is something a lot of people wish they could do but can’t because they lack a platform.”

        I’m sure some of these folks do think Trump says misogynistic things sometimes, but these are also folks who probably “tolerate” a certain level of culturally inappropriate words and opinions, anyhow, and don’t find it a deal-breaker when it comes to how they view someone.

        • joe ho

          And a lot of them are racist, misogynistic and homophobic.

          Vance also blames them for their own cultural and intellectual conservatism which has prevented them from adapting to economic and social change. And he harshly criticizes the emotional and physical violence which are part of their culture.

        • AJayne

          IOW, they are beginning to live the lives (often black) poorer folks than them have lived for years. It’s only important to them now because it’s them. And many of them do still blame those poorer folks, too. I have no sympathy. They were fine with those conditions when they could believe only black people lived that way.

          In fact, that may be their biggest problem now – having trouble separating their lives from what they always assumed were “black lives” in the past.

          • You have a lot of negative assumptions and are very dismissive about a great many people you’ve never met.

            Isn’t that the same sort of bigotry and stereotyping we’re supposed to avoid?

          • AJayne

            You can keep your sanctimoniousness. I have no time for it. And the Trump supporters you are so worried about would probably just “tolerate a certain level of culturally inappropriate words” anyway…

          • You do see the irony of accusing me of being morally superior while you write off 1/3 to 1/2 of America for being morally bankrupt because of their offensive opinions, yes?

          • AJayne

            Not at all what I did in either case.

    • No.

      About 40% of Americans support Trump. That is less than half. And about half of THOSE are despicable, deplorable people — racists, xenophobes, misogynists, and outright bigots. The other half are just deluded idiots who put party ahead of country…and who might unconsciously at least to some degree be a racist, xenophobe, misogynist and/or bigot.

      When Dubya the Smirking Chimp left office, his approval rating was in the mid to upper 20s. These are the same ones who are so breathtakingly ignorant, some of them even think Obama was President when 9/11 happened.

      Think I’m kidding? Here you go. Here’s your average enthusiastic Trump supporter.

  • ClarkJoe

    “If you’re not aware, drugs are a very, very big factor in what you’re watching on television at night.”

    Actually, I think most of us here are quite aware that Trump is addicted to methamphetamine, which helps explain the instability, paranoia and megalomania we see on television at night..

  • Talisman

    The Trump Campaign, or How to Make a Bad Situation Worse.

  • Jmdintpa

    and they probably coming for your white women to !!!!

  • AJayne

    Did you hear that, all you police officers whose union has endorsed this idiot? He thinks you don’t already have an “anti-crime agenda” – he thinks you need him to tell you how to do that.

    Still support him, do ya?

  • OncomingWedgie

    An anti-crime agenda sounds like a great idea.

    Using our tax dollars, perhaps we can employ a group of citizens as civil servants, train them, arm them, and dress them in uniform so they can deter, and protect us from, crime.

  • Don Blair

    Trump is shit.

  • IamM


  • CaliforniaDude

    he is such a fool and an idiot….I can’t wait until the debates!

  • coram nobis

    Also, a Charlotte-area congressman (R-Of Course) says of the demonstrators that “they hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.”

    File this under “can you believe this shit?” It certainly won’t help the situation, as the state Democratic party points out.

  • Ore Carmi

    HE’S on drugs!

  • BudClark

    TRUMP: how much meth and cocaine DO YOU take every day to keep going? You’re going to have a heart attack or a stroke before you’re ever elected at this rate.