Paul LePage: I’m Never Speaking To The Media Again

Uh huh, yeah. Via Politico:

Maine Gov. Paul LePage on Wednesday blamed a reporter in part for his fiery outburst to a state lawmaker last week and vowed never to speak with the press again. Despite telling a local radio station on Tuesday that he may or may not resign and acknowledging “maybe it’s time to move on,” his position was firm Wednesday.

“I may not supposed to be that sensitive to these things, but I am. I lose sleep over this, and it’s frustrating when you hear people talk about cheap political stunts to hurt their opponent and not do the right thing,” he said. “Being called a racist was a horrible thing for me. It was enormously hurtful. It hurt my family. I will not resign, though.”

What he said he will do, however, is stop speaking to the media. “I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today,” LePage said, prompting laughter from reporters. “And I’m serious. Everything will be put in writing. I am tired of being caught — the gotcha moments. You folks live in a seven-second fiction world. I live in 24-hour reality.”

  • Lazycrockett

    and your little dog too.

    • Keiffer

      and the high horse you rode in on, too.

  • Michael Smith

    If he had left off “to the press”, it would have made everyone happy.

  • popebuck1

    Yeah yeah yeah. Don’t get our hopes up, Paul.

  • crewman

    Resign. Press relations is an essential part of the role for high offices like Governor.

    • Gerry Fisher

      It is tantamount to saying, “I can’t handle this job,” isn’t it?

    • another_steve

      What about Donald Trump threatening to take away the press credentials of news outlets that criticize him?

      • clay

        (He hasn’t merely threatened it.)

        • another_steve

          Have they actually revoked the credentials of certain media outlets? I may have lost track.

          If so, do you know which outlets?

          • clay

            Univision, WaPo, HuffPo, DeMoines Register, (LATimes?)

          • another_steve

            Wow. Thanks, clay. This, from a potential President of the United States.


            Truly, truly frightening.

          • olandp

            Since their credentials have been revoked, they should stop reporting on him all together. He would wither and die.

          • clay

            HuffPo got banned because they switched Trump stories to their entertainment category. Univision got banned because they reported on him in Spanish. WaPo got banned for defending a reporter with a mobility impairment. The DeMoines Register got banned for running a negative editorial/endorsement of a different candidate during the primary.

            I want HuffPo to rip into his personal relations. I want Univsion to report, in Spanish, all the attacks he makes on Mexicans, the poor, and people of color. I want WaPo to report on his conflicts and lack of support within the GOP. I want the DeMoines Register and other Iowa outlets to paint him as an out-of-touch billionaire who doesn’t understand international ag trade.

    • You can’t just pop off in front of a microphone or camera without consequences? Persecution!

    • BobSF_94117

      I don’t know. Replacing verbalized pandering with written statements that would have to address policy might be something good.

  • LackofFaithify

    OHHHH, are we putting a shock collar on him?!!! I wanna do it!!!

  • EdmondWherever

    Starting… now.

  • bkmn

    Damn the press for quoting him verbatim!

  • MikeBx2

    “I am tired of having my exact words thrown back at me.”

  • Kelly Lape

    Being called a racist hurts, but saying racist things is just being him. Oy.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Well, as he said, he doesn’t use the “N” word, so he can’t possibly be racist.

      • FAEN

        And some of his best friends are black so yeah, NO WAY he could be racist.

        • clay

          I’m certain those are “out of state” friends.

      • I think that is the bar on the right. “I don’t belong to the Klan and don’t use the N word. How dare you claim I’m racist!”

        • IamM

          It really is. ‘Voting rights, schmoting rights! And did you ever even thank me for not burning a cross on your lawn?’

  • Bruno
    • Todd20036

      Oh dear. Sure looks like Bunker is getting a heck of a hand job in that .gif

      • Bruno

        I’ll be sure not to post one of LePage getting a hand job.

        • Ew!

        • jimbo65

          Would one be able to find a dick to perform said hand job on someone of LePage’s girth.(Ahem, stomach wise)

      • BobSF_94117

        The 70s really were crazy!!!

  • pj


  • BearEyes

    until he does.

  • karmanot

    Well Maine, isn’t he special! Yaz got your very own Rob Ford. Could it be that Mr. Chocolate Daddy Super Fly is selling him blow?

  • Tor

    Drama queen. Sounds like one of my old boyfriends. “I’ll just go away, and never speak to you again.” Until tomorrow or the next day…..

  • MikeBx2

    If Trump becomes president (shudder) we’ll hear this exact statement from him within the first 6 months. Word for word.

    • Bluto

      I give it 6 days.

    • Friday

      I think his campaign’s already making sure he doesn’t speak anywhere important voters can hear. 🙂

  • Adam King

    If he held his breath till he turned blue, that’d show ’em!

  • greenmanTN

    Umm, wasn’t that “motherfucker” message left on an aswering machine, and he didn’t care who heard it?

    • Tor

      I believe it was “cocksucker.”

      • greenmanTN

        Oh, yeah, you’re right.

      • Ernest Endevor

        I believe it was ‘socialist cocksucker’. I know. Like that’s a bad thing.

        • Ray Butlers

          sounds like someone I would vote for

        • Silver Badger

          All of my best friends are cocksuckers, and even the dumbest is a better man than Le Page.

          • FAEN

            Pond scum is better and possesses more intelligence than LaPage IMHO.

      • FAEN

        “Cocksucker” is a bad thing?

    • Librarykid

      and told him to play it for the press. He must have just shot up before making the call.

      • IamM

        I’d love to see the toxicology report on that mess.

  • Sam_Handwich
  • Butch

    But seriously – it isn’t the media’s fault that you’re a loudmouthed bigot, but I guess any introspection would be beyond your powers.

  • Octavio

    Don’t make promises your ass can’t cash.

    • Ernest Endevor
    • Ray Butlers

      And don’t count your chickens with one stone!

      • Butch

        Don’t hatchet your counts before they chicken?

      • Acronym Jim

        A bird in the hand is better than the one that inexplicably crossed the road.

    • Librarykid

      I would believe it if, like in the TWZ episode, he had the nerves to his vocal cords severed.

  • vorpal

    “Being called a racist was is a horrible thing for me. It was is enormously hurtful”

    Fixed that for you, Paulie LePig.
    How hard it must have been for you to be judged on the content of your speech rather than the colour of your skin.

    • Acronym Jim

      I posted before reading your comment, but came to the same kind of conclusion.

    • IamM

      Ten thousand up votes!

  • Gustav2

    Why can I never find my eggtimer when I need it?

  • Tom Ato

    Well then STFU. And then quit.

  • Ernest Endevor

    You poor baby.

  • delk

    “I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today,” LePage said, prompting laughter from reporters. “And I’m serious. Everything will be put in writing interpretive dance.

  • Ray Butlers

    Classic abuser. Blames others for the things that he did. His recorded outburst had literally nothing to do with the press. It’s a recording he had the bad judgement to make. His other comments were voluntary at press conferences THAT HE CALLED. The press showed his statement verbatim. There is something mentally wrong with this man. More concerning is the mental health of the people who voted for him.

    • RoFaWh

      All right wingers are insane. Really. Their political philosophy amounts to little more than cutting off the nose to spite the face.

  • Ninja0980

    How dare my own words get thrown back at me!

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      And the thing is it wasn’t even from a press conference. It was a voice mail he left on the phone of a state legislator!

      • Bruno

        He’ll have to stop speaking entirely.

        • clay

          Easy to do if he stops breathing entirely.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Not good enough. I think he should promise not to speak to anyone at all ever again. Maybe he could be sealed in one of those post-nuclear-war underground bunkers for 40 years just to be safe.

    • boatboy_srq

      Something tells me that will take phonecam footage of him chewing out a kindergartner.

      • coram nobis

        Or eating one, en brouchette.

  • Bad Tom

    A politician who never speaks to the media is going to have a hard time doing his or her job. They literally are not connecting to the polity they are governing.

    And forget about reelection.

    Mr. LePage, we hope you are a man of your word!

    • boatboy_srq

      At 30% of the last two ballots, LePage isn’t exactly in good shape beforehand. If only Downeastahs would stop waffling between so many candidates…

      • coram nobis

        That’s the problem with first-past-the-post voting. Anybody with a split electorate can come out on top. Maine was working on some form of instant-runoff or ranked-voting last I looked, so maybe this guy will have something to be remembered by, if only as a horrible example.

  • Silver Badger

    Promises, promises…

  • Paul, you not spewing to the press is about as believable as Hair Drumpf shutting his piehole for more than 7 seconds.

  • safari

    Governor LePout

  • Sam_Handwich
  • Mike C

    Stop quoting me vertbatim. Stop quoting me verbatim. Stop quoting me verbatim.

    • safari

      I think he’s upset that the context of “it sounded good in my own head” can’t be conveyed by his words alone.

  • mikeinrkfd

    That means I will just keep all my racists talks in house.

  • Statistics Palin

    i’ve been looking for a replacement for the word “retard.” I’ve decided “Le Page” will do nicely.

    • IamM

      conservapage… asspage… mopage…
      Thanks, this has real potential.

  • Paula

    Promises, promises. Don’t try to kiss up to us! We all know that your mouth is your own worst enemy.

  • geoffalnutt

    He’s one sick fuck. Trump’s cabinet for sure.

    • FAEN

      Not if we get out and vote. Dumpster CANNOT be POTUS. He just can’t.

    • another_steve

      He shares a lot in common with Trump, personality-wise.

      He was once quoted in the press boasting how he and Trump are so alike.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Is there any way Sarah Palin could take LePage rock-running with her?

    • TrollopeReader

      I think there are a LOT of rocks in Maine !!


      how about a nice 1.1 mile walk along the Knife Edge, Paul? I’ve done it !!

      [generic photo]

      • TrollopeReader

        (of course, you’d have to actually hike to the tippy top, first)

      • That_Looks_Delicious
        • TrollopeReader

          but they’re covered from the elements! Knife Edge, and sudden storm!

          there’s a line in the AMC Mountain Guide for Katahdin and the Knife Edge (paraphrasing: Do NOT stray from Trail, or try a short-cut to the bottom. Several hikers have tried, with unfortunate results).

        • barrixines

          Oh that makes my palms sweaty just looking at it. After the Andes I realised the only pleasure I’d ever get from mountains was from standing at the bottom looking up.

        • Derrick Johns

          This photo makes me very uncomfortable. I am afraid of heights., and men with super large penises.
          Thanks a lot.

    • RoFaWh

      I’d much prefer to read that they went hiking in a slot canyon and got caught in a flash flood.

      • safari

        Is that what Sarah calls her happy nice place?

        • Menergy

          spit out my drink on that one!!!! LOLOL

  • Sam_Handwich

    o/t breaking

    Brazil’s Senate has voted to permanently remove President Dilma Rousseff from office.

    • safari

      I’m glad they waited for after the Olympics to overthrow their chief executive. My understanding, though, is that there really isn’t anybody else at that level that isn’t also facing corruption allegations.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Brazil is currently highly polarized politically, maybe even more than the USA. Dilma’s supporters will view this as a back-door coup.

  • boatboy_srq

    LePage is creating his new reality while the reality-based community records his prior (mis)steps. Is Rove advising him these days?

    And if mouthing off to a reporter results in his not speaking to the press, what do we need to do to make him stop speaking to everyone?

  • Go Figure

    Racists really hate being called racists apparently. Even though, I thought these labels were supposed to be badges of honor to proudly be displayed.

    • RoFaWh

      The truth hurts.


  • TrollopeReader

    yeah, last year he had a hissy fit and stopped signing bills, issued numerous vetoes and yelled at his fellow Rs even as much as the loathesome (to him) Ds ….

  • safari

    You get LePage when two non-crazy candidates split the vote. Just a reminder.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    “You guys are so mean, you keep quoting me and making me look bad”….sure, whatever you say sugartits.

    • TrollopeReader

      and you even play my voicemail *just as I asked to happen !! *

    • safari

      I think his breasts would taste more sour than sweet.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Milky and pungent.

        Okay, I grossed myself out with that one.

        • Rebecca Gardner

          Please pass the Brain Bleach.

        • TrollopeReader

          ….and me, you grossed me out !!

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Yeah, like he can go a day without saying something totally fucking asinine.

    As Rachel says, “Watch this space!”

    • IamM

      Didn’t he blow up at the press, go leave that profanity filled & threatening voicemail to the state rep, then call the press back and make more extremely racist comments?

  • FAEN

    I’m surprised he didn’t use the old Newt Gingrich line-“If you quote me verbatim you’re lying.”

  • Oikos
  • ultragreen

    This is about the 20th time LePage has fallen off his rocking horse and has thrown a tantrum.

  • Friday

    …And there was much rejoicing. One out of two in the “Shut up and go away” popular wish for the guy. 🙂

  • RoFaWh

    Typical right winger: goes and says or does something that provokes an unexpected public furore, then tries to pin the blame on someone else.

    What ever happened to the party of “personal responsibility”?

    • Friday

      Everything they say is backwards.

    • That’s for the non-white, non-straight, non-male people. Duh.

  • stevenj

    “I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today,”

    Channeling Nixon?

    • coram nobis

      November 1962, when he lost the gubernatorial race to Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, Sr., and of course we never heard from the former Vice President again.

  • Bruno
    • Jay George

      At least he’ll leave again. We’re stuck with him. 🙁

      • Bruno

        Not if we build the wall quick.

        • Jay George

          Maybe if we turn off all the lights and pretend we’re not at home he’ll go away. 😉

  • Tigernan Quinn

    It hurt you to be called a racist? Then don’t be a racist. Quit hurting yourself.

  • JT

    Maybe if you never spoke again that would alleviate part of the problem.

  • jimbo65

    Oh Paul. Such a fine specimen of health. Overweight, with that voice, probably a heavy drinker/smoker. I’m sure the radio silence from the media you’re predicting will come when you keel over from a massive heart attack. Disclaimer-not that I’m wishing you ill.

  • TheManicMechanic

    I hope the press hounds you to your death.

  • Marides48

    But you are (racist) Blanche!

  • canoebum

    It’s a start, Governor. Now, if you’d just shut up altogether, everybody would much happier.

  • HZ81

    Then resign. Enjoy all your quiet time at home. Your home.

  • Stubenville

    Here’s a clue; the media isn’t going to stop watching you. You’ll have to take a vow of silence to prevent future blunders.

  • fuzzybits
  • William

    Do you promise?

  • Jay George

    So all the media did was report his exact words and somehow that’s the media’s fault? His reality sure is different from mine. o_o

    • coram nobis

      “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” –attrib. to George Orwell

      • Jay George

        I certainly wish there were more journalists today rather than public relations agents. 😉

  • dcurlee

    Just like Trump runs his mouth then his feelings get hurt when what they said is thrown back in their face

  • coram nobis

    Turning LePage and moving on, I was reminded of a little story.

    Shunned from London society after his homosexuality was publicized, Wilde wound up in Paris, sworn to change his ways. It wasn’t long before one of his companions discovered him in a compromising position with one of the hotel page boys.

    “Oh! Oscar!”, said his companion “I thought you said you were turning over a new leaf?”

    “I am, I am,” Oscar is reputed to have replied, “I just need to get to the bottom of the page first!”

  • Acronym Jim

    “Being called a racist was a horrible thing for me. It was enormously hurtful truthful.”

  • I think it’s funny that so many people get so angry at being called racist, but not angry enough to stop being so racist. Yes, it’s an accusation that gets thrown out far too freely, but in this case, they just quoted him. There’s nothing unfair or biased about quoting you in context. The butthurt is kind of hilarious though.

  • clay

    “I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today,” LePage said, prompting laughter from reporters. “And I’m serious.”

    “We can still hear you.”
    “Starting now.”
    “And we heard you say that, too.”
    . . .

  • Carl

    The bottom line of every right wing argument is that it’s too hard to be a dick and not get caled out for it these days.

  • Laura

    Yeah, that’ll fix it.. Clearly the media reporting on exactly what he says is the problem.

  • JustSayin’

    The palin-esque gotcha moment rides again….cause bigots should not be held accountable for their own words sayeth white jesus.

  • JIM W

    Probably the best thing for all concerned. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing him and about him. His ignorance is exceeded only by Donald Trump.

  • Joe in PA

    Awwwwww, someone needs a hug.

  • camel54

    Maybe better if he just promised never to speak again. To anyone. Who’d miss him?

  • JDS


  • SilasMarner

    Yeah, and the sun won’t rise in the east tomorrow. Bwaaahahahaha

  • thatotherjean

    Waaaaaaanh! Journalists keep repeating what I say, word for word! How dare they! I’m never talking to them again!

  • Ken

    Yup. I hear he’s gonna stop masturbating, too.

  • NancyP

    If that’s a promise, thank you.

  • Boy Elvis

    Anybody could be media, Paulie, so I suggest you just never speak again, period.

  • mark99k

    Three months max before he becomes a “Fox news contributor.”

  • Matt

    I hope the voters in Maine have some serious buyer’s remorse and never vote for a right-winger this stupid ever again. Or ANY right-winger.

  • Gianni

    How about you just stop breathing? That solves all the problems – no saying insulting, profane things to be recorded and revealed publicly; no having to receive any backlash for your being a ass; and nothing for the press to quote and use to attack you. Plus, you’ll get the best sleep of your life.

  • ColdCountry

    You don’t have to talk to them, but they will be listening to you.

  • Robert Conner

    He loses sleep, yes, but his appetite, never. Paulie could survive for six months on the neck fat alone.

  • e jerry powell

    I’m all for him never speaking again, period.

  • IamM

    Firstly: Yeah, right.

    Secondly: I have total confidence in his ability to be every bit as bigoted and pathetic in writing.

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