Southern Baptist Head Richard Land: If I Didn’t Vote For Donald Trump, I’d Have To Apologize To Jesus

“I believe I have a moral obligation to vote for the lesser evil. Otherwise, I become morally culpable for the greater evil prevailing. Some Evangelicals have said, ‘If I voted for Donald Trump, I would have to apologize to Bill Clinton.’ Frankly, I feel that if I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, I would have to apologize to Jesus.

“As I see it, in a worst case scenario, Donald Trump is like being told by your doctor that you have cancer in your left leg and it must be amputated or you will die. You lose your leg, have to have a prosthesis, go through painful rehabilitation, and finally learn to walk again. Hillary Clinton is like being told by your doctor that you have stage four cancer and you are going to die and to get your affairs in order.

“Mr. Trump will in all probability not be a good president, and he will do many things with which I profoundly disagree. However, I fear Hillary Clinton may be a terminal president who will destroy this venerable republic. Consequently, with sadness of heart, I will cast my vote for Donald Trump and pray that God will have mercy on him and on my beloved country.” – Southern Evangelical Seminary president Richard Land, writing for the Christian Post, where he is the executive editor.