Homocon Milo Whatsisopoulos: God-Emperor-Daddy Trump Is Better Than Democrats On LGBT Rights

“The madman has actually done it. God-Emperor Daddy — known to the rest of you as Republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump — has just outflanked Hillary Clinton on the Left and announced what can only be described as an ultra-progressive immigration policy. I don’t mean progressive as it has come to be used, of course — nannying, language-policing, Muslim-pandering. I mean it’s a policy that could actually make things better for minorities.

“Trump’s plan is to introduce a screening process for prospective immigrants to the U.S., testing their ideological commitment to western values like women’s rights, gay rights, and religious pluralism. It’s a brilliant plan. I’m especially inclined to say it’s brilliant because it may have been partly inspired by me.

“I’m comfortable with people who are uncomfortable with gays, as long as they don’t want to kill us, maim us or throw us off rooftops. (Permission for lesser violence is available upon application.) For leftists, the reverse appears to be true — they’re uncomfortable with people who are uncomfortable with gays, unless they want to kill us and maim us and throw us off rooftops.” – Milo Yiannopoulos, writing for Breitbart.

  • joe ho

    lol. Why didn’t he tweet it?

  • camel54

    Brain death on legs.

    • b

      Conservative bullshit has marbleized his brain. It is rock-solid.

  • Zellaby

    O God No! He’s saying what?

  • Sam_Handwich

    he reasons like a 3 year old

    conservatism is anti-intellectualism

    • Kevin Perez

      I do not agree. I can follow the reasoning of a three year old..

    • Adam

      There are intellectual conservatives, like George Will, but this new right-wing hates their George Wills.

      Also you do them a disservice by calling these people conservatives, they’re proto-fascistic alt-right reactionaries, and they are definitionally anti-intellectual.

      • Gustav2

        “The crazies are in charge,” George Will wrote. “The fringe has taken over. … No wonder the Republicans must beg people to come into their shrinking tent. The fringe on that tent’s entrance is forbidding.”

        Oh wait, that was about Pat Buchanan’s Culture War speech in 1992 and just a few months ago said he was no longer a Republican.

      • BobSF_94117

        George Will is not an intellectual. He just plays one on TV.

      • CottonBlimp

        People have a bad habit of mistaking wealth and class for intellect. It’s why Britain elected such a vapid bimbo like David Cameron.

    • Rex

      3 year olds are cute, this creep, not so much.

  • Bruno

    Let’s see…
    Hillary: gay campaign manager
    tRump: straight campaign manager ex-cop who assaults female reporters
    Hillary: pro-LGBT veep choice
    tRump: nasty p.o.s. anti-LGBT veep choice who smiles and pretends he’s nice
    Hillary: husband nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she talks of nominating progressive justices
    tRump: might nominate Mike Huckabee or Omarosa

    I think I disagree with Yiannoposhit on this one, in addition to every single other fucking thing.

    • Bruno

      tRump: 2nd campaign manager has ties to the EXTREMELY pro-gay Putin.

      • Mark_in_MN

        I think you mean anti- rather than pro-.

        • Bruno

          Or I left off the /s. Either one.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Let me know when you star grilling our home grown religionists on those questions, and are willing to deport those who are not on board with the politically correct response,.

  • JT

    That muddle headed bleached blonde is suffering from substance abuse. The bleach has gone to his brain.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    One day he will wake up, look over and scream.

  • Jason Lin

    God Emperor-Daddy…? I’m ashamed to share an orientation with this man.

    • JR

      You don’t. His main orientation is douchebag.

      Gay is just a sideline.

    • JT

      Wait til he starts using the term “orgy master”.

    • vorpal

      Conservatives seem to love him because he’s “their” fag and his “Radical Homo Activism” card wasn’t renewed. Or something.

    • As JR says, you don’t. Milo isn’t gay. Gay men are attracted to other gay men. Milo has the male version of the Oedipus Complex.

      • TuuxKabin

        I misread Oedipus as Odious.

        • Bluto

          I vote for Odious.

    • DN

      Just think, though – right now, there are thousands of molecules in your lungs that have been in his lungs. Gross, isn’t it…

    • Kruhn

      Someone is a power bottom.

  • Capritaur

    We’re going to protect religious pluralism by keeping out people with different religions, if I understand him correctly.

  • Silver Badger

    He looks like an understudy for the Governor of Mississippi!

    • TuuxKabin

      You are so correct. He does!

  • Matt

    Um… what?

  • stevenj

    “…testing their ideological commitment to western values…”

    Sounds like some sort of 1950’s right wing loyalty test.

    • How hard would it be to lie your way through any test the Teavangelicals came up with?

      • Kruhn

        Everyone concentrated on the extreme vetting pay off the Mangled Apricot Hellbeast’s plan, but no one commented on the bigger issue. The Weapons-grade Plum suggested reducing the number of visas issued. Travelers from most countries require a visa to enter this country. If we reduce the number of visas, guess what will happen? Other countries will retaliate. Countries that let us enter visa-free may decide to impose visas on US travelers and those that require visas could add new requirement.

        • I remember when he mentioned not letting people in from Germany and France enter the country and I could feel the shock from all my singer friends working in Germany. Germany plus Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland present about half the opera performances worldwide every year. There are a lot of other American performers working in Europe as well so if we cut off the visas for them and they retaliate (and they would) that would be awful.

      • CottonBlimp

        And how much would Teavangelicals pass a test on Western values? If they didn’t specifically mention Jesus, would you be able to tell their views apart from ISIS?

  • bryan

    Whatsisopoulos is not an alternative right, original thinker… he is a self hating troll.

  • Luther Kreiger

    It’s such a shame, if there was a loved one that existed they would have long ago told him to get some help.

  • vorpal

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that Miley Yabbadabbadopolis is utterly repulsive.

    Sadly, a number of people on the facebook Gay Atheists community seem to like him. =heaves=

    • Lazycrockett

      Girl needs to calm herself down with the home frosting kit.

      • delk

        I’d wager that Sweet Melissa doesn’t do his hair.

    • Cuberly

      There you are….

      Did you know today was #blackcatappreciationday ? My twitter feed is wall to wall black cat pics.


      • vorpal

        LOL is that why I’m getting an outpouring of love from my fellow JMGers today?

        Here I am in the jungles of the Big Island of Hawaii in my fancy harness, hunting geckoes, and here’s another pic of me looking utterly wrecked after a very heavy wrestling / petting session. (Excuse the hideous blanket… taken from a plane and put down because apparently, I shed or something. My fur should be celebrated!)

        Please feel free to begin appreciating! 😀

        • TuuxKabin

          How you get and keep yo’ coat so glossy and puurrrfect? I get one when they feed me lotsa avocados.

          • vorpal

            You are cute as a button, and I do enjoy the company of canines as well!

            As for me, I attribute it to finding creative ways to outsmart the two humans that I allow to share my living space and steal their fillet. It’s utterly cute to watch them try to find new ways to keep their steaks from me! As soon as they blink, my deft paw reaches out and blammo!

            LOL one of my human minions does the cooking, and the other likes to let his fillet rest for an hour or so until he feels like eating. Despite strategies like putting a bowl upside-down over top of it, he has found it in the corner of the dining room on the floor, half-eaten, on more than one occasion. Why he objects to floor-steak with kitty teeth purrrforations is simply beyond me!

          • TuuxKabin

            You’re so thoughtful to tenderize their meat for them. Typical ingrates. Fortunately I can swallow a fillet in a quick chomp, gulp. They don’t call it wolfing it down for nuttin’ honay.

            And thank you for the compliment. 2guysnamedjoe is me as well. He’ll appreciate it.

          • vorpal

            Always glad to learn more about my fellow JMGers, and I never made the association!

            Humans are so thankless. The one that I occasionally allow to share this account with me constantly complains that he cannot remember the last time he ate a meal at home that didn’t have at least one piece of cat hair in it. I lick myself all the time and I think I taste scrumptious!

          • TuuxKabin

            I’m the mouth of the two of us, he’s far more thoughtful, reserved. One of those “doesn’t say much, but when he does”, not to build him up or anything. At home he’s aregular laugh riot that brings much appreciation into the dynamics. Strong, quiet, cute Irish boy from the Bronx. Son of a fireman. Son of a hero, and one in his own right.

            I don’t get the hang up about our fur on their plate, fuckin’ look where and what you’re eatin’ if you don’t want to eat our god given scumptiousness.

          • vorpal

            I’m guessing you’re one of those charming gay couples both sharing the same name? I have a good friend online of about 12 years, Jason, whose husband is also Jason, and I’ll be visiting and meeting them in person for the first time in October! Excited!

            Your partner sounds like a delight! (Cute Irish boy? Yes, please!)

            We are a couple of crass hooligans here: I am loud and obnoxious and a big presence that stomps around the house chasing kitties and making tons of noise (such is the result of the breeding of a Dutch man and a French Canadian woman), and hubby is quieter and soothing, but tends to take up a lot of space :-).

            Felix, the cat in my avatar, is so very much like me that it is hilarious. He’s always mouthing off and running amok, too!

            Feline fur (and I’m sure canine coat as well) are delicacies in some countries (I’m not sure which ones and I refuse to look it up, but I am going to labour under the assumption that they DO exist). They should be worshipping us for adding flavour to their food!

          • TuuxKabin

            Re: our fur. My point exactly. Tho not true philistines, sometimes I wonder who the fuck am I living with.

            Our fathers were both Joe. Tho my dad’s was anglicized from Jesus. We didn’t know this until a while into our relationship. We just happened to call each other ‘hey, or hi Joe’. I initiated it because I remember the word ‘jo’, as an acceptable scrabble word, as in a Scottish term for sweetheart. An example of a jo is a reference to a dear friend in a Robert Burns poem. Bob (2guys…) is Irish/Scotch/French, I’m Mexican/American. Lots of similar cultural sensibilities between/’among our heritages.

            In our relationship, I am you and Joe is like your hubby, tho as a Chinese Tiger, astrologically, is stealth and I often have to look for him, he’s so quiet and has a tendency to come up behind me, give me a chuffle over my shoulder, close to my ear, causing me to give a Lil’ Richard scream of shock. He gets a laugh out of it, and I do as well, once I calm down.

          • vorpal

            Utter plebeians. We deserve better. It’s exhausting and they wonder – after putting up with the endless stress that I do – why I need my 18 hours of beauty sleep a day. I mean, I even have to chew my own food. And sometimes the water the human heathens leave out for me is more than a couple hours old, in which case, I have to go forage for my own!

            (LOL yes, this is really Felix, and yes, he really has learned to operate the water dispenser. It is hilariously adorable!)

          • Kruhn

            That’s why I let mine to drink from the faucet

          • TuuxKabin

            Being smarter than . . . they are, they need us around to show them how to complete their activities in daily living. They’re so clueless. At least you felines get away with it. Us canines have to grin and bear it, act all loyal and happy dance when they come into view, or eyesight. Tiring, those expectations.

          • vorpal

            I give them utterly disgusted looks and irritated mews when they wake me from my near-constant napping, and still, they seem to think that I am the best thing evolution ever produced.

            I also have declared war on their laptops. No laptop in use is allowed to remain plugged in or without a black paw on it.

            They eat it up, like the scraps of chewed up floor-steak that I deign to leave for them.

            You might want to rethink your strategy :-).

            EDIT: Oh, and they’re just deliriously happy that I know my name and come on special occasions when called. No pretending to understand 10+ different words and react appropriately!

          • TuuxKabin

            Wish I had your energy and enthusiasm.

          • vorpal

            Well, I am only four years old, and my owners are a hyperactive naive 38 year old with ADHD and a silly 34 year old who obeys my every whim, so I do alright :-).

          • TuuxKabin

            All of you are still young, doing alright from what I read.

          • vorpal

            !!! Hubby is always (deliberately or accidentally) sneaking up on me because he is so quiet! Bugs the heck out of me.

            I couldn’t sneak up on a completely deaf 100 year old in a persistent vegetative state.

            Are you a Scrabble fan? I love word games! Boggle is my favourite, and I enjoy playing it toroidally (i.e. pretending the board is a donut shape so you can loop from top to bottom and side to side – the mathematician in me).

            Awww… you two sound like a lovely couple! How long have you been together?

          • TuuxKabin

            I do enjoy Scrabble, but am not very good at it and am always the lowest scorer, I rarely win, which doesn’t bother me, it’s the game and concentration I enjoy. Toroidally . . . glazed or frosted?

            He’s the lovelier part of the couple. Me, piss and vinegar, but he has a good influence on me and knows how to ‘hold me back’. We met January 1981. Domestic Partnership (sounds like we do housekeeping, we don’t) June 2001. Married December 2008. It’ll be 36 whopping years in January. When I turned 70 this year, our 35th anniversary, I told him the better half of my life has been with him.

            We’re both a couple of sentimental softies.

          • vorpal

            I am ridiculously competitive, and both a sore winner and a sore loser. I have my victory dance complete with air-humping action for victories and my pouty-pouty face ready for the (rare – kidding) occasion when I lose!

            I am often glazed, so I guess that makes the game… frosted?

            That is beautiful that you have been together for so long. I hope we get to celebrate the same. I snatched JD up when he was a young little 21 year old and I was 26. Congratulations on 35 years together!

          • TuuxKabin

            Igualmente a ustedes. (Just replied to our pal, Octavio so my mind is still thinking a bit in Spanish, I enjoy practicing it a bit).

            The two of you are still young, whether or not you think so, may the many roads you’re already upon be spectacularly FABULOUS. What else can we do for this world?

            I take the losing and wining not seriously. Being the youngest child of three I learned how and how not to react in competitive situations. Like here, I try to take the high road, even when a ‘put down’ may be perceived. Or I resort to our entitled MO of sarcasm, with good intent.

            Another Thirstday, another farmers’ market day. Expecting scattered thunderstorms with (I heard on the radio) gutsy winds and possible hail. It’s always something.

            Be catchin’ up with you, you yellowed eyed. black gato maravilloso.

          • vorpal

            You are up early, cuddly canine comrade!
            Hope you slept well… I went to bed at 1:00 after a great catch-up session with my best friend of 20 years that I hadn’t talked to in a long while, and then since my hyperactive brain hates me, I woke up at 5:00 AM bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and went for a nice long morning jog!

            LOL my sore winning and sore losing are all in good fun :-), I assure you. I don’t throw actual fits that inspire people other than to roll their eyes along with their dice and laugh at me.

            Even though it may sound strange, I am jealous of your weather. Here it may rain six times a year, and usually it is so minor that if even half an inch falls, the city almost shuts down as it doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle it. This is one of the driest places on earth, hence the telescopes being here.

            Hoping to scamper after you for another chat today! If you feel compelled to move to email, message me at vorpal20 at hotmail dot com!

            Enjoy your farmer’s market! We have a couple here and I just love them and send hubby out to stock massively up on fruits and veg. They are huge contributors to my massive weight loss (over 70 lbs) in the last 16 months. And the quality of their produce is so much higher than supermarkets, and the prices so much lower!

          • TuuxKabin

            True, all that re: farmers’ markets. That was one of the joys of living in Méheco. Getting acquainted with the sellers is another joy.

            I forgot you’re sill in Chile. Altiplano, correct? My impressions of Chile are from “Motorcycle Diaries”, Che Guevara’s account of his moto ride from Buenos Aires to Colombia. The contrast in tribal indigenous and ex-pats, the surrounding environment.

            It usually rains more here in NYS and the NE, but so far it’s way below average. I like intense weather, and here it can be tropical. Life in the Yucatan, Mx was extreme. About the middle of this decade the weather shifted a bit, fewer monsoons, higher temperatures and a lot of vegetation lost to fire and development. I remember watching an advancing cloud burst, the water evaporated before it reached grown.

            We get a daily ‘sky watch’ bulletin, I don’t read it much because there is nothing to see from Manhattan, or the surrounding tri-state area. Too much light pollution. We just went thru the summer meteor showers.

            Ah, a crack of distant thunder . . .

            Like you, I have a hyper mind and sleep very little, sometimes it doesn’t bother me, sometimes, yes. Still waking up slowly at 7:20 am. We’re in the same time zone?

          • vorpal

            It appears that we were in the same time zone last week, but Chile switched back to daylight savings on Saturday, so now I’m an hour ahead of you. (8:30 AM here now.)

            Chile time changes are the pinnacle of confusion. Every year they are completely different. For many years, the government has been saying that they were planning to move to permanent daylight saving, which is my preference because I like to have light in the evening, and last year, they finally did it. Then this year, in March or April, they announced, “HAHAHA J/K J/K! We’re going to resort to standard time from May to August!”

            It is hell for astronomy since we cannot rely on any consistency and have to maintain all kinds of ridiculous information to know when observations were made historically and will be made in the future. And since we have another site in Hawaii, which has constant time all year round, it makes working with the staff there difficult as we have to constantly keep track of unpredictable shifting time differences. Even the Apple time zone servers gave up this year, and we had to set our time zones to NYC to get the right time on our computers when DST was dropped.

            I am still convinced that it is all decided by a drunk government official who fires a dart out of his ass at a board.

            I also like intense weather, which is why I love Hilo. So much rain, and it can be TORRENTIAL. The tropics are my favourite places on earth.

            Oh! You are in Manhattan now? Ha! I will be there in the first week of October for about 24 hours while I wait for my flight to Barcelona!

            Light pollution is discouraging. One thing again that I loved about Hilo, HI was that there was SO little light pollution that when I was swimming at night with the sea turtles, the whole sky was alive with the Milky Way. Beautiful.

            Alright, I must scamper off to get my meditation session in before work, but will message you more when I get settled in the office! Enjoy your leisurely wake up :-).

          • vorpal

            Oh! I forgot to answer your question about my location in Chile… we’re actually in the Coquimbo / La Serena area, which is quite lovely since it’s right on the ocean. We were very near the epicentre of the huge earthquake last year (8.4?) which was a really interesting experience.

            There is actually pockets of racism here against expats. My husband has been told, on multiple occasions while walking through the streets or markets, to “Go the fuck back to where you came from!” When I told my boss about this, he was shocked! I was expecting perhaps a bit more racism in Hawaii, where the indigenous Hawaiians CAN be hostile to haoles (non-locals), but we had nothing but amazing, welcoming, warm, and wonderful experiences with them.

        • KITTY!

        • Makes me wish I wasn’t allergic to cats.

          • vorpal

            I had allergy testing years ago (when I was cat-less due to a family member having allergies), and when the results came back, I nearly grabbed the allergist and shook him saying, “JUST TELL ME I’M NOT ALLERGIC TO CATS!!!”

            Thank the FSM that I’m not, because even if I was, I’m pretty sure that I’d still have four cats: I’d just be stumbling around on Benadryl with a kleenex wedged up each nostril!

            Here’s a rare pic of all four (the tortie on the far right is the only girl and she generally hates the others – I suspect she thinks there is far too much scrotum in the house), protecting us from the family of killer quail outside.

          • Ooh, mighty hunter, mighty napper! My dad was an allergist. when I was 12, he tried to skintest me for allergy to cats. I hid in a cupboard under the kitchen sink. To this day [he’s 89 now] he does’t know how I “suddenly disappeared.” Vorpie, I love you EVERY day ::skritch, skritch:: ::opening bag of treats::

          • vorpal

            More love from another of my cherished JMG favourites!
            I think I am going to explode! Get your umbrella just in case!

            Now that I know that there are treats at stake (steak?), there may be trouble… I will cuddle you into treat-offering submission!

          • TuuxKabin

            I read ‘steak’.

          • vorpal

            =ears perk, whiskers twitch=
            Did I hear “red steak?”

          • TuuxKabin

            Even better. Red. Just restore it to body temperature is how I order my steaks.

          • vorpal

            Chilean beef is one of the big highlights of living here. We eat more beef (mostly good steak, too) in a week than we would eat in two months in Hawaii or Canada!

            I do almost all of the cooking, and love my steaks rare. Hubby’s has to be more of a medium rare or I get a dirty look from him :-). Felix the cat isn’t quite so picky: as long as it’s anywhere below charcoal, I’m sure he’d still drag it around the house and gnaw on it.

          • TuuxKabin

            Rare we eat steak/beef, but when I have a good steak, I could shed a tear.

            Yeah, I like the way a cat will ‘take it to go’ from their plate. Itty Rodham Bitty used to do that, with an expression on her face like, “this is so good I’m gonna take it with me.”

          • vorpal

            Tell me about it! Even though – because of extremely low cost of living here – we eat good steak two or three (LOL occasionally four) times a week, when I’m chomping down on a fillet with a side of butter garlic roasted cauliflower, I am moaning in ecstasy for much of the experience.

            Hubby will say, “I wish I could make you moan like that!”
            I respond, “ME TOO!”

            Itty Rodham Bitty – former cat of yours?
            They are hilarious: I’ll take any steak trimmings, slice them up nicely, and put them in a bowl, sometimes with some cream or cheese for the cats (only two of them like non-cat food). They both insist on taking it out of the bowl and “to go.”

          • TuuxKabin

            el husbian will suggest we finish this meal before planning the next, tells me ‘you’re always in the future, light years away’, my response is, ‘that’s because that’s where we’re going, into the future’.

            Yeah, Itty Rodham Bitty, sweet tiny for a Maine Coon, stunted we think by her fall from the 26th floor, landed on the 22nd floor terrace. Was pilot error. The truth of the matter is, a storm ‘shimmied’ the bathroom window open, she was always more curious than average, she musta climbed out onto the terrace it opened onto, jumped up on to the ‘parapet/ledge’ and was blown off and away. Luckily found and rescued by a kind neighbor. She was a funny kitty, like a home entertainment center. So long ago.

          • vorpal

            Hahaha you sound like me! I’m often thinking of my next delicious treat before I’m even done the one I’m eating… and when going out to a restaurant, I scour the menu hours and hours in advance, choose my entire meal, and then daydream about it until I actually get to sink my little choppers into it! Anticipation keeps life exciting.

            A tiny Maine Coon? I didn’t even know that such a thing existed! Oh, so happy that she survived the fall! That sounds horrible for her!

            So you and el husbian: more dog people than cat people? We had a dog back in Canada, but he was a PAWFUL and no matter how much we exercised him, extremely hyper. Hubby could ignore him, but with my ADHD, I was constantly aware of him and what he was doing, and it was a huge energy suck for me. I was a bit relieved when he was sent away to live on a farm up north. (LOL… no, literally… we sent him to live with my parents when we moved to Hawaii, which was a good thing because their dog – who was the same age – died shortly after our dog moved in with them, so he filled the gap in their hearts and they adore him. Even better, he can run around a farm and get a ton of exercise, which suits him far more than a city.)

            What is your doggy’s name? I don’t think you mentioned it, although my memory is horrid (ADHD) so you may have!

          • Had a kitten named Kidi Amin….

          • TuuxKabin

            Did Kidi slaughter the innocent mice in her/his domain?

            Originally we named Itty Rodham Bitty, Godzilla. When a neighbor brought her into the house to introduce her to Norma, the terrible beauty in residence, Norma had a hissy fit and the new kitten, stood up on her hind legs and started boxing her. Like a Godzilla pose. She turned out to be such a wee thing, she became Itty Bitty, then when Hillary started using her maiden name we thought it’d fit in-between Itty and Bitty . . .

          • I hear ya singin’! ::gettin the rainbow umbrella out::
            This cat treat cover plea stars a grrl who looks like a silly version of my dear ’80s ex. You, my Vorpal Blade resemble my late furever cat Doris, a lithe all black half-siamese from Ibiza, whose luxe undercoat was a rich brown… She only lived to 18. [The cat I mean. The grrl has happily taken a wife, and the grrl’s mom on Facebook nearly said she’s sorry she threw me out. More than that I can’t hope for XD
            Love you, Vorpie-Pie!!

            more about doris: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202566199020825&set=a.1154730673071.23076.1371822976&type=3&theater



          • vorpal

            OMG… I’m still laughing! Thanks for sending that!
            Lucky 80s ex and lucky Doris for having you in their lives!

            We think our cat Duncan is a black part-siamese: he has the long nose, the tall ears, and the raspy mouthy meow!
            Felix is my favourite because he is a total shit like I am, but Duncan is the charming lover of the house and no matter how much a person doesn’t like cats before coming over, Duncan WILL win them over!

            Hope you are having a good day, sweet JS! It is always fantastic to see you post here and on the FBs!

          • Clive Johnson

            Despite our loving attention, I frequently feel that our feline sweetums needs some cat company.

            Any advice? Do all your cats get along?

          • vorpal

            The two black boys (Felix and Duncan), adorably, are very often in a heap together somewhere, although I’ve trained Felix to be a total shit-disturber like me, so he will sneak up, for example, and BITE Duncan on the thigh just to wreak havoc!

            Max (the fat orange blob) tries to cuddle with them, and they will let him sometimes, but I think they’re afraid of the consequences of being that deep in his gravity well. He is also kind of annoying, to be honest, and tries to suck up everyone else’s attention.

            Rapunzel (the girl) hates everyone and everything except for me. She waits for me on top of the piano about 15 minutes before I’m coming home from work, and as soon as I arrive, she starts dancing (alternating raising and lowering her front paws and purring like mad).

            What’s your current cat situation? In my experience, boy cats usually seem to get along very well once they’re accustomed to each other. Girl cats sometimes do, but they often prefer to be on their own.

            2 cats 1 pizza box:

          • Clive Johnson

            Thanks for all that. I like the mental picture of Rapunzel on the piano.

            Speaking of keyboards, our cat Sherman (a Maine Coon) will hop up onto the desk next to me when I’m playing, and as far as I can tell he’s doing so because he wants to listen up close. He seems to go into a relaxation state or even mild trance at times. He half-closes his eyes and remains very still as long as I don’t play anything to jarring. I serenade my cat several times a week.

            So, we just have him. He’s about 8 or so. He was a rescue from a woodpile in the country when he was about 2-3 months old. Those weeks in the wild might explain his complex and totally charming personality. He used to live at the office where I worked along with a smaller female cat that he would jump on, swat at and generally try to dominate. I wouldn’t want to subject another kitty to this Woodpile Toughie, but maybe he’s mellowed over the past 3-4 years, I don’t know.

          • vorpal

            I’d bet a younger male cat and him would probably bond once they hashed it out, but that’s just a guess.

            Our black boys are both horrible towards our gal, because they know it’ll get a fun reaction out of her and she’ll kick up a huge fuss but never actually put up a fight. Little bastards, they are, which is why I love them so much!

            Maine Coons are fantastic… beautiful cats! My former roommate had one and no one could resist the urge to fawn and dote over him.

            Your cat’s musical experience is completely different from mine. I was a pretty good violin player as a kid but didn’t keep it up, so about a decade ago, I decided to get a violin and try to take lessons to learn to fiddle (so many hot gay fiddle players kind of inspired me to it). Given that now that I’m older, I have more tension in my body and general anxiety, I sounded TERRIBLE: the violin is NOT an instrument that lends itself well to muscular tension. When the cats were awful, as a funishment (for me), I would lock them in the room with me while I practiced. =evil laughs=

          • Clive Johnson

            Poor kitties and that terrible-awful fiddler! 😛 🙂

          • vorpal

            I think our old calico was most thankful when her hearing started to go :-).

          • “Funishment”! XD

        • kanehau

          You are on the Big Island? I’m in HPP, where abouts are you?

          • vorpal

            I was on the Big Island (2013-2014), living in Mauna Loa Shores, right next to Carlsmith Beach Park (which I adore), near Richardson!

            We’re in Chile now, but if all goes according to plan, we should be moving back to the Big Island next year! I’m hoping to live in Hilo again, right on the ocean, but I’m game to live pretty much anywhere on the east side.

            I miss the coquis so much… when we first got to Chile, I had trouble sleeping for the first week because it was just SO quiet!

            To anyone not familiar, coqui frogs are an invasive species of tiny frog (about the size of a US quarter?) that were brought to Hawaii from Puerto Rico (where they are dying off due to some kind of fungus, I believe) and that have invaded most of the east side of the Big Island. They are LOUD at night (we could barely watch movies with the volume cranked)! People either love them of hate them, but seldom fall anywhere in between!

          • kanehau

            I’ll be more than happy to send you my coqui 🙂

          • vorpal

            LOL not a coqui lover, then?
            I wish I could keep a terrarium of them in the house here just to enjoy their song! Along with the sea turtles, the beautiful ocean, the tasty Hawaiian food (not spam), the lava rocks, and the coconut palms, they’re one of my most favoured, memorable things about Hawaii.

            How I miss jogging late at night and then jumping into the ocean afterwards to cool off and being able to watch the sea turtles swim all around me with my flashlight!

          • TuuxKabin

            Ever experience fluorescent tides?

          • vorpal

            I had to google search that one: is it tides of glowing plankton?

            We lived on the northeast shore, and the surf on the north shores of the islands are typically very rough. Pretty much all of my swimming was done in a sheltered beach park with a lava rock “wall” cutting off much of the violent waves. You can see some of it here. There’s no “beach” per se, as it’s one of the more geologically young parts of Hawaii and is thus almost all lava rock… but in the water, the bottom is beautifully sandy!

          • TuuxKabin

            Yes, I think it is a tide of glowing plankton, so many ‘leads’ with mostly photos @ Google. The plankton, if that’s what it is, stick to your body and you kinda glow in the dark when you come out of the water.

            I can ‘picture’ the beach you describe. How fortunate you are.

          • vorpal

            I did attach a pic, but it may not have loaded right away for you. You should be able to see it now!

            The glowing plankton sounds fantastic, but I’m a big fan of glow-in-the-dark things in general. I had a short-term boyfriend who used to wear a glow-in-the-dark Felix the Cat shirt to bed and it made me want to utterly devour him!

          • TuuxKabin

            Who was cuter? BF or the t-shirt? I had a Felix the Cat post card on my ‘cork board’ at my desk in a huge NY office of a Philly law firm. The Administrator from Philly came walking thru the office, later the local Administrator came by and told me to take it down. I wonder how I stayed the five years I stayed there.

            Haven’t seen the photo yet.

          • vorpal

            Well, BF was PRETTY cute, but I use the term BF loosely: the reason I ended things was because I had just come out of a four year relationship and didn’t want to commit to anything, let him know that, and he called himself my BF to all his friends. When I found that out, I was kind of horrified and ended it, since I was seeing two other guys at the same time.

            He was pretty damned sweet, utterly funny as hell, and extremely sensual, though… he would write me the most beautiful poetry (which made me feel very overvalued) and read it to me, and then he would put on his Felix shirt and we would go in my bedroom and just listen to awesome ambient music and make out for hours and hours… it was really nice, but I wasn’t ready for the commitment that he wanted.

            LOL of course, four months later, I met my husband, and we got married four months after that despite it being a long-distance relationship and having met in person only five times before the wedding. Still together 12.5 years later, though, so I feel like it was a good decision :-).

            Why would you be asked to take down your Felix the Cat postcard???

            I’ll repost the photo on this post. And incidentally, it has been a lovely day chatting with you so much! Thank you for that!

          • TuuxKabin

            Gawd, that’s gorgeous. Sigh.

            I always thought one knows from the get go who Mr. Right is, so why mess around dating or having an engagement. Cut to the damned chase. I was ready to marry Bob the minute I laid eyes on him, haven’t been able to keep ’em off him to this day, or my paws.

            Felix was too . . . I dunno. Show me a law firm Administrator with a sense of fun or humor, or light hearted ness and I’d pass out. It was an incredibly uptight environment and everything had to be cookie cutter same. Up tight hardly fits the description. But the OT put the legal secretaries almost on the same pay scale as a first year associate. But fuck it, wasn’t worth it. I was so glad they fired my butt. Next day I applied for an got unemployment benefits for a full year and half year extensions. The interviewer asked me ‘reason for termination?’ I told her, ‘they didn’t like my attitude’. She smiled and said, ‘well, it’s been nice talking with you’ and signed off on my benefits.

            Also, the next day I accessed all the voice mail lines I had access to, I worked in Inhumane Resources, and switched outgoing messages and messages from one line to another. If they thought just an escorted exit from their premises was going to assure their security I fooled them. Much later I ran into a co-worker and she smilingly asked me if I ‘did that?’ I denied any knowledge of what ‘that’ could be.


            Been a great chat with you too. Dinner’s ready and dinner planning.

          • vorpal

            Agreed! Our meeting was so strange. We had a mutual friend on LiveJournal. I was reading that friend’s post and saw hubby-to-be JD had left a comment. One look at him in his avatar and one read through his comment, and I knew right away that if I talked to him, I would almost certainly fall for him, so it was probably best to NOT do so due to the fact that I was still only single for a few months and he was long distance. I left a comment to the friend, and the same day, JD had seen my comment and profile and sent me a private message!

            We started emailing each other back and forth pages and pages of writing and knew we had to meet in person since we were already pretty much in love with each other at that point. The weekend we met, the longest we went without kissing while awake was about five minutes, and we said I love yous at the end of it, and our fate was sealed. We have had a ton of challenges – some self-imposed and some health-related – but still adore each other.

            Re: work. I am so glad I work, as a programmer / mathematician, for a non-profit astronomical observatory. It is incredibly casual and fun much of the time. I asked my boss, back in September, if I could dye my hair blue and he said, “Obviously you can. I don’t even know why you felt you needed to ask.”

            I can’t imagine working for a law firm… I think I would be utterly miserable at the formality and overly professional environment. I went right from my PhD (again, super casual: jeans were dressing up) to this job and if I never have to wear a button-up shirt and tie again, it will be too soon.

            Haha you are a bad man :-). I wholeheartedly approve!

            Hope you had a lovely dinner! I drank a bottle of good Carmenere and caught up with my best friend from university… now to head to bed so I can wake up nice and fresh for a morning run!

            Here’s wishing for the chance to chat more tomorrow!

          • TuuxKabin

            There is an archive at the local LGBT center. I’d bet dollars to donuts there is a way to archive some threads here about our love encounters, not trix, lasting relationships. So many legends in our own time and way. Telling those stories from the eyes of out pets would be another angle to express the experience.

            Thank you for that read and reminding me of Carmenere, I’d forgotten about that wine. Must get back to it.

            Bet you had a good run. I wouldn’t run for the bus, there’s always another, but that’s just my knees talking.

            Hasta la.

          • vorpal

            Oh… haha! One more point: he was very culinarily conservative and wouldn’t eat Thai food. I can relate, since I was extremely picky (even Chinese buffet was too “out there” for me) until I was 20 and a friend tricked me into going to a Thai restaurant for his birthday. Blew open my mind and now I will eat pretty much anything and absolutely love foreign cuisines.

            One time, he really, really tried to get on the whole idea of eating Thai food. I gave him the takeout menu to find something that wouldn’t terrify him, and he scanned it and started to pale, and after a moment, said, “Ummm… I’m really sorry… but do you think we could get Pizza Hut tonight?”

            LOL that kind of did it in for me, too. I cannot go through life without my Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Ethiopian, etc. cuisines!

          • kanehau

            Well, HPP is in the thick of coqui. However, my property is relatively free from them as we have lots of wild chickens.

            We’ve gotten used to the coqui… though if there is one sitting right out the window it is still hard to sleep.

            We also have a house in Volcano, and luckly the coqui have not made it there yet. So quiet up there at night I can actually hear the birds outside snoring (I’m not kidding).

          • TuuxKabin

            They have ‘congestion’? Our Mz. Kitty, 18 when she left us, snored. Woke us up laughing.

          • vorpal

            LOL that is one of the annoyances of living in a bungalow! In Mauna Loa Shores, we were on the third floor, so we were safe from coquis getting right up and personal with us. (We did have one gecko that lived under the fridge, and one that lived outside our front door).

            When I first got to Hawaii, I was put up in a small cottage for a month to give me a chance to find a place to live. At least once every three nights, a coqui would make its way onto my windowsill, at which point, you essentially HAVE to get up and chase it away if you want to have a hope of getting any more sleep!

            We were back in March, IIRC, visiting friends in Mountain View, and while there were coqui there, it got so cold from about 1:00 AM – 3:00 AM that they would become almost completely silent during that period.

            I did NOT know that birds snore :-). JMG: fun and educational!

            When we’re back, we’ll have to try to entice you to go out for dinner or drinks or both at some point!

          • kanehau

            Always up for Kaleo’s in Pahoa 🙂

          • TuuxKabin

            If new to the environment I’d adjust. If introduced, invaded by them, I’d prolly go nuts.

          • Kruhn

            Nope. It was homesickness from the Puerto Ricans moving to Hawaii. In Puerto Rico, they thrive in the interior of the island. They do sound loud. In Puerto Rico the noise level is about 1/8. It’s even soothing.

        • ColdCountry

          Oh, you are handsome!

          • vorpal

            =sultry meows=
            Thank you!

        • Cuberly

          lol….that’s a fetching harness and leash ensemble. Does your human wear it in the same style?

          • vorpal

            My human has his own collar :-).

            He won’t let me post it publicly (or pubically), but if you want to see (tasteful pic) and are brave enough, he will send it to you if you email him at vorpal20 at hotmail :D.

          • Cuberly

            lol….aw, if you did that I’d feel that I have to do the same and I have a strict policy about posting pics of myself via the net. Had a very bad experience some years ago….

            I’m sure the collar pic is indeed very tasteful. 😉

          • vorpal

            No worries! Just thought I’d make the offer :-).
            EDIT: And so sorry about your bad experience :(.

          • Cuberly

            …lol…no worries. Yeah it was pretty bad. But I was stupid to IM it out to begin with. Even now I see that pic posted on some sites. (ugh)

            And I do appreciate the offer 😉

          • vorpal

            LOL you must be much hotter than me, since I don’t predict that I am site post-worthy! I’ve just worked really, really hard on my body in the last year (dropped 70+ lbs and am very happy with the results), so I like to show off a little!

          • Cuberly

            OMG! Congratulations! Wow, that’s impressive. And talk about work, lord knows I’ve been struggling with my weight ever since I turned 40, now I’m 53 and still working on it. Lost 25Ibs since January and have more to go. UGH. Forcing myself to eat more veg has been the bigger struggle. Raw veg is my least favorite food evah. lol……

            You’re too kind btw…lol.. 😉

          • vorpal

            Thanks! The early morning swimming / jogging were torturous at first, but now I have trouble imagining my days without one or the other. I still have more to go, too… I wouldn’t mind losing another 10-20 lbs, but this last part is going slowly. (I’m 38 here… and it has gotten harder as I’ve gotten older. I used to be able to lose weight barely trying.)

            Losing 25 lbs is a fantastic accomplishment! Are you exercising as well as working on diet?

            I have actually been shocked to learn from this whole process that I actually LIKE most vegetables. My mom is a horrible, awful cook (she’ll be the first to admit it) who believes that the proper way to prepare vegetables is to boil the hell out of them until they are an unidentifiable mess: thus, I grew up thinking that vegetables were all just nasty, limp, disgusting things.

            Now I have tried a lot more vegetables and actively crave them (except for the disgusting devil-weed, kale), which has allowed me to cut back on my carbs by about 75%. (I am such a carb-whore. I am slightly – only slightly – ashamed to admit that there are very few lines I wouldn’t cross for a dish full of pasta.)

            Haha hubby has PACKED on a ton of pounds since we have been here. We went to see our doctor a few months back, who is a delightfully evil lady. She took one look at me and said, “Where did all of you go?” and then took one look at hubby and said, “Oh, that’s where it ended up!”

            One of us was amused. I’ll let you figure out which one!

          • Cuberly

            Yeah, kale…bleh. Though I find it ok if I add it to things. Cooked only, raw…no way. I’ll make a miso/soba soup and I’ll toss some in there. Not too much or it ruins the miso taste and tastes too green.

            I currently work as an independent IT Support contractor and my work hours are crazy, setting aside enough time to workout has always been a challenge. But I do try and squeeze it in when I can.

          • vorpal

            Interesting… our careers have some similarity. I would be fascinated to discuss some time should you be willing to indulge me!

          • Cuberly

            Sure, my email is cuberly at gee mail. 😉

          • vorpal

            You’re too kind btw

            Nobody has EVER in the history of humanity suggested as much to me!

          • Cuberly


          • vorpal

            Heheheh even my dear, sweet mother has said to me:

            “How did you turn out to be such a little asshole? I didn’t raise you that way!”

            Lots of practice and hard work, I guess!

            I love my mom :-).

      • james1200

        Speaking of black, did you know Milo is obsessed with black dick and trolls his BreitFart readers with tales of his obsession with big black dick? He’s just a troll, like his daddy Trump. He even wrote a column about hiring a black porn star. Since the comment section there is a cesspool of anti-gay hatred, I’m guessing he’s trolling them but they’re too stupid to realize it. They cheer him on ’cause the libs hate him or something.


        • Cuberly

          Yeah, it’s a very specialized “personality cult” over there, sort defies explanation.

        • Stephen Elliot Phillips

          Hes the type of bitchy bottom tops might screw once or twice but milo is not dating material.
          Hes a better looking perez hilton.
          Cunty and toxic. No wonder he hangs with ann coulter. Theyre just alike only ann has a bigger cock

          • james1200

            Yup. I mean, he clearly has to pay for his big, black dick. Look at the article I linked to above.

        • Ernest Endevor

          Years back we had dinner with a very staid-seeming Englishman who’d lived for years in Kenya. The hubby, bless him, to make conversation asked him what had taken him to Africa. “Black cock,” he declared.

          • james1200


        • Maybe he thinks he’ll attract such fellas by coloring his hair Money Blond. And his DreamGuy’s thinking, “Weird hair. I could close my eyes, but nah. Wouldn’t help enough and I don’t trust him enough.”

        • It’s another variation on Ann Coulter’s act. Teabaggers and the alt-right (whatever the fuck that is) love anything liberals hate, no matter what it is. So if you say something awful, liberals respond angrily, and in comes the piles of money from idiot conservatives. It’s quite a lucrative bit. I have no idea if either of them is sincere but it doesn’t really matter since the damage is the same either way.

          • David F.

            I wonder if we can convince them that we hate using lit sticks of dynamite as dildos. Sure would solve a lot of problems.

      • TuuxKabin

        Heavenly cute.

    • james1200

      He is repulisve. And why is his hair so terrible?

      • JustDucky

        No gay friends.

        • james1200

          But he’s gay himself so he should get it right.

          Wait a minute…maybe he’s not gay! That would explain so much!!

          • vorpal

            I’m pretty sure he’s gay. He’s just really, really bad at it.
            Kind of like S. E. Cupp and atheism.

          • Ernest Endevor


          • She’s an atheist?!

          • Raising_Rlyeh

            She claims to be and yet claims she’d never vote for an atheist for president because they wouldn’t feel accountable to a higher power

          • vorpal

            Ugh… I should read ahead.
            You beat me to it!
            She makes me almost ashamed to be an atheist.

          • Cboulder

            “A higher power.” Like the Constitution?

          • vorpal

            LOL one of her best “atheist” speeches is how she, liek, totes doesn’t believe in god because she just can’t, but she would soooooo never, ever vote for a politician who didn’t because, haha, they have better values.


          • Cboulder

            Yeah, aside from allowing her to don the Contrarian’s Crown, what’s the fucking point!

          • vorpal

            She exists, probably as a creation of the right, to help make Christians feel smugly superior to atheists.

          • DN

            heh – since I mentioned Matt Dillahunty a second ago… a few years ago, someone mentioned her on The Atheist Experience, and Matt goes (paraphrasing), “yeah… I don’t think she’s an atheist. I think she’s building a *brand* as an atheist, and then will “discover” how she was wrong just so she can write a book about it.”

          • vorpal

            Yes! Exactly this! I am convinced that she will magically “find god” (maybe she’ll look under the right rock… likely in her head) and become the Patron Hero of Conservatives.

          • Cboulder

            Yeah, I don’t think her atheism is particularly sincere given the fact that she’s written a book about the mythical Christian persecution plaguing our country, and defended it as a legitimate phenomenon.

          • dafs

            His whole thing is that he constantly talks about being gay and sleeping with black guys, so that somehow excuses the fact that he’s a crypto-Nazi.

          • Dom

            How the hell is a a Nazi? He literally just spews statistics.

          • dafs

            I’m pretty sure you’re just one of his defenders who thinks he can do no wrong, and your arguments are about as far from good faith as it gets, but when your statistics are both anti-Semitic and patently false, the crypto-Nazi allegation stands. He borrows talking points from the white supremacist movement because he thinks it’s “edgy” and gets nihilistic morons to worship the ground he walks upon.

          • Gigi

            He is gay, but he admitted to Boy George that he hates being gay and would turn straight if he could. It’s somewhere in the link below. It’s an interesting conversation and worth the watch. Milo wasn’t so annoying yet.


          • Mr Jordan

            So the proudly gay man in this conversation has created some really great pop music, and the self-loathing gay man has created… some mean-spirited Tweets. I’ll take the proudly gay man, thanks very much. He’s contributing much more to the good of society.

          • I love Boy George. Yes, he’s a mess. Always was. Maybe that’s the greatness of those early Culture Club albums. If you ever needed to dance while your heart was breaking, that’s the only music that works. (Listen to the songs. They’re pretty much all sad. They’re about his fucked up relationship with closeted drummer Jon Moss.)

          • Traxley Launderette
          • TJay229

            Yea, Boy George roasted him!

          • His assumption is that gay folk don’t have kids; don’t need marriage.
            Who is this selfhater to refuse civil rights for us?

          • DN

            I love toward the end when someone says that lots of stupid things have been said by clerics, and Milo goes, “well lots of stupid things have been said by scientists, too.”

            Yes, Milo, you’re right – scientists have been wrong before. Stupidly wrong sometimes. But science doesn’t DEMAND fealty. Science doesn’t say that the only unforgivable thing is to not believe in it, and if you don’t you’re going to burn in hell for eternity. When science turns out to be wrong, it corrects itself, you nitwit.

          • Dom

            Science is what we know. Therefore scientists are wrong very often. And most Christians don’t feel you’ll burn in hell for disagreeing with them. However a feasible possibility, yes.

          • DN

            ugh – I fell down a Milo rabbit hole after watching this. I ended up on some conversation he had with Joe Roegan last September, where a) he wore the same tie he’s got on in your video and b) he says the same fucking thing about wishing he was straight.

          • Cboulder

            Yeah, for an atheist, She’s quite the apologist for regressive Xtians

          • He did latch onto the right thing at the right time. At least in terms of developing a fan base, mostly of people who would normally hate him. He’s like a cartoon gay character from Chick Tract from the 70s. But because he rails against his own kind he’s their hero. What a douche. But he is getting paid quite well for his douchiness. I have no respect for anyone who likes him and have no problem taking them on over it. And I have.

          • vorpal

            “He’s like a cartoon gay character from Chick Tract from the 70s.”

            Hahahaha! OMG! Yes! This!
            He is a pair of leather chaps away from a Chick tract villain!

          • Dom

            Rallying against his own kind? He’s just not a moron. He literally has different views on bettering people and he’s rallying against his kind? What a joke.

          • TuuxKabin

            Don’t think there’s any explaining him. And if there is/was who cares?

          • clay

            isolated, self-loathing gay = he has no gay friends, not even himself

          • Gigi

            Not all gays are fashionable, nor do they all have good taste. Milo’s proof of that.

          • Back in the 00s it was a running joke among my friends that Bravo needed a show called Queer Eye for the GAY guy.

          • Dean Cameron

            He is a Gay Republican. He are not people who Do… they are merely people who have things Done.
            And that hair is Done.

        • Garth

          Trump inspired hair…

      • vorpal

        Ben Shapiro is hotter by far, and I feel dirty (not in the good way) just saying that…

        • Ernest Endevor

          Psst! (whispers) Spanking. Just putting it out there.

          • vorpal

            I’m not a violent person by any means, but I wouldn’t have much opposition giving him a good old fashioned hate fuck.

          • Ernest Endevor

            Should you need any help tying him down…?

          • vorpal

            LOL somehow I get the feeling that once I am balls-deep inside of him, no tying down would be necessary.

          • Ernest Endevor

            You never know.

        • clay

          You’re just saying that ‘cuz Shapiro finally got a “growed up” hairdo. It’s not really a fair comparison ’til Milo does, to.

        • Chicago joe

          Well, you could imagine little Ben struggling and pouting and that would be fun. But with Milo, it would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. A very large hallway.

          • David F.

            You could imagine super gluing the hot dogs to Milo and then throwing him down a large hallway full of rabid hyenas. And yes, I hate hyenas that much.

        • Trog

          Ben sure got some purdy lips…

      • He wanted to look sexy or daring or something….
        But it just screams,”I overpay for this.”

      • Mike Rasor

        He’s so into white supremacy he feels it necessary to die his hair that atrocious color so he looks more like a spokes thing for aryian nation

      • Bad Tom

        NO ONE can carry off Blonde With Roots.

        • vorpal

          I wish someone would carry off “Blonde with Roots” to a place where we wouldn’t have to hear his crazy drivel ever again :(.

          A boy can fantasize…

          • TuuxKabin

            Put him in a sack and I’d try dragging him off and bury him somewheres far, far away.

          • vorpal

            The earthworms would rally and dig him back out.
            He’s not the kind of trash that would compost into fertilizer.

          • TuuxKabin

            Yeah, can’t ‘xpect those lil’ guys to want his stinkin’, rottin’ being around them. So maybe a land fill.

          • vorpal

            “Awwww! Look how cute he is! He followed me home… maybe I’ll keep him!” said NO gay man ever.

          • TuuxKabin


        • Tigernan Quinn

          Heather Locklear BEGS to differ.

      • bzrd

        mixed fibers

      • Rambie

        All hair dressers are part of the gay mafia of course. 😉

      • MonochromeMouse

        because he bleaches it to hell and back in order to better hide the fact that he’s not “white” from his alt-right fans

      • Rolf

        All Greek women want to be blonde. Unfortunately, black hair tends to die a lingering, ugly death when bleached enough to turn blonde.
        Plus, it’s growing out of his head.

    • TuuxKabin

      Oh there’s a soused one here, it is happy hour now EDST, who’d overlook his repulsive nature and want to bed him.

    • The one thats a closed group? That’s good sign of extremism.

      • vorpal

        It became a closed group because it is a very, very vulgar place.
        We are horrible, horrible people there and want it to be a place where we can be free to be horrible, horrible people :-).

        Let’s just say that if I want intellectual atheist discussion, I go to Patheos. If I was irreverent, blasphemous LULZ, I go to facebook’s Gay Atheists.

        • Ya, but that’s a lot of fascist or racist groups keep from being reported to facebook and closed down .

    • I really wish everyone would just ignore him until he went away.

      • TuuxKabin

        Like the trolls, don’t feed ’em and they’ll go away.

      • I have him blocked and even unfollowed and blocked people who occasionally retweet him. The only place I see his fucktardery is here.

    • MB

      Milo Fuckedupalopolous and his merry band of faggy homocon Republicans are sickening.

      • TuuxKabin

        Ultra repulsive.

      • From what I can tell most of his fan base comes from that gamergate crowd. (I still don’t get what all that was about. From what I could tell everyone involved was an asshole and so I just couldn’t read enough to figure out who did what asshole thing to whom and then who responded what way. Ugh. I hate them all.)

        • vorpal

          LOL I’m a pretty big fan of video games, and I tried to educate myself on the whole gamergate thing. I got about half an article in and concluded, “Too stupid, didn’t read.”

          • Good. So it’s not just me. I’m sick of this stupid binary people want to make of everything. Sometimes one side isn’t right while the other is wrong. Sometimes it’s complicated and everyone has things they are right and wrong about. And sometimes everyone involved in something is wrong but just for different reasons. I think that’s the problem with Gamergate.

          • vorpal

            Agreed. The polarization in everything has reached the point of absurdity: it’s like people are looking to immediately separate “us” from “them” by identifying a difference as quickly as possible and then focusing intently on it.

            (I admit that I have been guilty of it on quite a few occasions myself. Eeep.)

            From Gamergate and the whole Anita Sarkeesian freak-out, I’ve learned that many people take video games WAY too seriously. They’ve reached a point where they should be viewed like TV shows: there is a big enough market that a huge variety of diverse tastes can be accommodated, and you will almost certainly find something offensive at some point, in which case, don’t play it.

    • DN

      I’ve given up on youtube atheists. I still love me some Aron Ra and Matt Dillahunty, though 🙂

    • TrollopeReader

      eww. let me get that hairball ….yuck!

      • vorpal

        My hairballs still look better than what Milo has happening on his head, and are probably better lovers than he is, too.

        • TrollopeReader

          * bopbop *

          • vorpal

            You are gonna earn yourself a loving, affectionate headbutt or three if you don’t watch it.

          • TrollopeReader


    • Milo wants to back Trump to deflect and hide some of his “dealings”…

    • Gigi

      What’s to like? He’s a steaming POS.

    • leo77

      His only talent is drawing attention to himself. Utterly useless.

      And since when have conservative Christians in this country supported religious pluralism? Most don’t know the meaning of the term or they wouldn’t be protesting a static rite.

    • Cboulder

      I think most thinking people who have actually heard of the irrelevant douche nozzle find him repulsive,including Twitter itself, which is no mean feat

      • Milo works at Breitbart which regularly bans people. But when he gets banned for deporable behavior he calls foul. He’s a hypocrite, but that’s typical. The alt-right does everything they complain about “regressives” doing. But when they do it it’s okay because reasons.

    • I can break that down but it takes more than 140 characters. We have people on the left now that have adopted the tactics of the far right. Shouting people down when they try to speak. Harassing them at work until the get fired. It’s not a lot and it’s mostly only on elite campuses filled with spoiled rich kids with nothing better to do. Look for this kind of thing at a mid-sized state school and you’ll need a microscope to find it because those kids all have two jobs and tons of homework and maybe even a boyfriend/girlfriend that are more than enough to keep them busy. But it does happen. Suddenly a couple of years ago when Ben Affleck pulled this shit on Sam Harris on Real Time, a lot of people woke up. Most of us already knew it was going on but people too out of touch (Dave Rubin, etc.) to have seen it before went ape shit and latched onto the likes of Milo who rails against that but in fact is just the mirror image of the same thing. Only on the right it’s far more widespread. That’s why on Dave Rubin’s podcast you’ll find him giving a free pass to Milo and Ben Shapiro and others while railing against the same thing. It’s because they’re idiots basically. Sorry to be so harsh but it’s been frustrating to watch. Yes, Muslims in the west are a problem because many of them do not accept the modern western ideals of pluralism and equal rights for women and lbgt people. And what’s worse, many of them who were raised here are being radicalized here (meaning North America and Europe, especially Europe). So that’s what so BS about this. It doesn’t address the real problem and that is the radicalization of young men who were raised by moderate Muslim parents who are horrified at this sort of thing. it doesn’t solve any problems actually. But it does give people who are full of hate and prejudice a justification. What they can’t see is that they are just as bad as what they are railing against.

      • Kruhn

        You can see parallels of the radicalization of young Muslims and the allure of ethnic criminal gangs in the 1910s.

        • Yes! I had never put that together before. I have thought about the parallels between the current anti-immigrant hysteria and that of about 100 years ago but the gangs. You are so right.

    • gothambear

      Maybe he’s hot and heavy with Peter Thiel – perfect couple!

    • Blake Jordan

      What is it that these “gay atheists” like about him?

      a) His racism,
      b) His sexism,
      c) His islamaphobia,
      d) His transphobia,
      e) His homophobia,
      f) Another vile characteristic not listed above, or
      g) All of the above?

  • aar9n

    If replacing “Muslim” with “Jew” makes you sound like something, maybe you should think before you speak.

  • Lazycrockett

    Guess Milo is into EXTREME VETTING.

    • ByronK

      Milo’s version of vetting requires carefully trimmed fingernails.

  • edrex

    ah. I finally get it. You think fascism is progressive. That helps me understand you a bit more. Now, if you can offer some insight into that hair…

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    This queen makes me want to commit gay-on-gay violence. Just being sarcastic again!

    • TuuxKabin

      So you say. /s

  • delk

    And exactly how many hired goons protect his slightness?

  • Rick


  • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Perhaps we should take a closer look (ack!) at his explicitly chosen running mate, Mike Pence. The extremely anti-gay dude who voted against the The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, aka the Matthew Shepard Act.

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    Wouldn’t fuck this trash with Ann Coulter’s dick.

  • Rocco Gibraltar

    Yet his vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, would never be allowed into the country. Odd that.

    • clay

      Let’s face it, with Turmp’s record of prejudice against women, Blacks, and Muslims, as well as statements against free press and free religious association and for political assignation, Turmp would never be allowed in the country based on those “hyper-vigilant” measures.

    • Neither would Trump, who obviously could not even pass the current U.S. immigration and citizenship tests. And would probably fail the background checks, too.

  • Ninja0980

    Someone should point out to Milo that Trump’s VP and the majority of the party he wants to suck up to couldn’t pass the test Trump is proposing.

  • JR
    • This is rather more accurate–

  • Gustav2

    The Onion?

  • Sean Williams

    All these Trump supporters taking their political advice from a foreigner. 🙂 Milo ain’t even ‘Merican!

  • Frostbite

    Wonder if Trump would let this _______ in the country under his policies. Guessing probably not.

  • Galvestonian

    Delusional retoric from a surgically altered, walking make-up countered excuse for a balless coiffured twit. Oh sweet lips, your ‘brillance’ only suffers from the toilet that you sucked it out of … that cesspool of human nature known to most of us as Drumph – the orange Hitler and vomitious mass of lies and falsehoods.The only praise he’ll ever get from us is when he implodes the Republic Partei.

    You are just ‘icky’

  • There is absolutely nothing in what Milo just wrote there which makes any sense at all. Seriously, what the fuck is he trying to say?

    And yes, it’s hilarious, too. Trump, the guy who says he’s against ‘political correctness’ wants potential immigrants to be screened based on whether their beliefs are politically correct.

    • Treant

      And the hair. I wrote him off just on the principle of poor fashion.

    • To be fair, it’s hard to do that many drugs and remain coherent.

  • Rex

    This twit has to know that there’s more than a couple of gays that would toss him off a rooftop.

    • Octavio

      I’ll do it. Let me!

      • olandp

        Where does the line start?

  • Jerry Hinnant

    There are some seriously sick SOB’s in this country that get way to much attention. Media attention that is. Medical attention they could really use!

  • Todd

    Sod off and go deal with your Daddy issues. The only way Trump is going to fuck you, Milo is by becoming our President and screwing over your country too.

  • bambinoitaliano
  • Luther Kreiger

    Desperately wants to be Coulter 2.0, but the lack of masculinity and the bizarre submissive sex fixation will creep out the target audience way too much. I give him till President Hillary’s third year or so till he just sorta disappears, even from mouldy internet corners like deadbrietbart.

    • NO, they love it. He’s the house faggot of the alt-right. Who better to attack gays than a caricature of what they think all gay people are like?

  • Mike C

    Milo Yianwwwwnnnnnn your schtick is boring.

  • Rex

    There’s never been a point in time when the Republican Party wanted to make things better for minorities in my lifetime.

    • Aye, someone should GOPer-splain to Milo that if an immigration reform proposal of any kind has the words “ultra-progressive” associated with it, like, for reals, the Republican mouth-breathing, Fox News addicted, bigotry yawping base would rise up as one and denounce Trump utterly.

      Just look what happened to the Republicans who simply had ‘immigration reform bill’ associated with them, even when the measure was considered rather harsh and restrictive.

    • Octavio

      I’ve been breathing and shitting since 1945 and the only things I recall as being of real importance are the polio vaccines (there were two), equal rights amendment and voting rights act of 1965. That’s not enough.

    • pch1013

      And there never will be, unless you count billionaires as a “minority.”

    • I’m a bit older than you, so I do remember when the GOP had liberal and moderate wings. Those 1960s civil rights laws passed with support (and objection) from both parties. But that was then, and this is now.

  • PickyPecker

    Surprising that Milo fan-boy trolls aren’t here in the thread yet. Or Milo herself.

  • Octavio

    Obviously, this kid has taken too many Ann Coulter seminars.

    • TuuxKabin

      Too many ann coulter dicks.

  • Christopher

    So THAT’S what un-fuckable looks like!

    • TuuxKabin

      Well, one ‘brand’ yeah.

      • pch1013

        See also: DuJan, Kevin.

        (Whatever happened to her, anyway?)

        • TuuxKabin

          She the one that thought she was funny?

          • pch1013

            a.k.a. The Least Fuckable Man In Chicago.

      • Octavio

        Sadly, there’s always at least one queen who will willingly fuck him. 🙁

  • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    More on Trump’s VP:
    1. Supporting a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality
    In 2006, then-Rep. Pence told 100 of his fellow Republicans that he supported a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex weddings. Or as Pence put it, supported “God’s plan” in the face of the destruction of civilization. “Societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family,” Pence complained.

    2. Signed a bill to jail same-sex couples for applying for a marriage license
    In an effort to make a bad idea even worse, as governor Pence signed a bill in 2013 that would jail same-sex couples in Indiana who applied for a marriage license. To prove that he wasn’t singling gay people out, Pence was also willing to jail marriage clerks who supplied a license or clergy who performed the wedding.

    3. Wanted to divert funding from HIV prevention to conversion therapy
    This one’s a two-fer: as a Congressional candidate in 2000, Pence wrapped two awful ideas into a single dreadful proposal. He wanted to ensure that “federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus.” So where should the money go? “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” In
    other words, conversion therapy.

    4. Opposed repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
    Longing for the good old days of complete invisibility for gay people, Pence predictably ignored the preponderance of evidence in support of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Instead, Pence put himself out there as a leading opponent of the policy change. “There’s no question to mainstream homosexuality within active duty military would have an impact on unit cohesion,” Pence argued, dismissing the repeal as “some liberal domestic social agenda.”

    5. Complained about the passage of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill
    In Pence’s ideal world, there would be zero protections. So it’s no surprise that he groused when the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes bill was signed into law in 2009. Pence didn’t cite legal objections. Instead, he complained that it advanced a “radical social agenda” and would have “a chilling effect on religious expression, from the pulpits, in our temples, in our mosques and in our churches.”

    6. Served on the board of an antigay group
    Pence has had a close relationship with the antigay leadership in his state. He served on the board of the Indiana Family Institute, an affiliate of Focus on the Family, which has been in the forefront of attacks on LGBT rights in the state, including a state constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Thanks to its connections to Pence and other Republicans, IFI has been the recipient of funding for the state’s “Health Marriage” program. The former head of IFI has served as an aide to Pence both in Congress and the state house and as a campaign consultant.

    7. Argued that passing ENDA would ban Bibles from the workplace
    Of course, in Congress Pence voted against federal workplace protections. What was unique was his reasoning, which was that ENDA would discriminate against Christians. To comply with the law, Pence claimed, “the employer has to ban employees from having a Bible at the workplace for their break time, or displaying Bible verses.” Foreshadowing the Indiana religious liberty law, he went on: “We must stand for the right of every American to practice their faith according to the dictates of their conscience, whether it be in the public square or in the workplace.”

    Taken from https://www.queerty.com/mike-pences-seven-viscously-homophobic-moments-theres-lot-choose-20160720

    • TuuxKabin

      Wan any assistance in research, I’m yo’ pooch. Thanks for that.

  • Tsuryki

    I keep hearing this “western values” stuff, and then I think — who’s? Trump’s? Bannon’s? Breitbart’s? Huckabee’s? … someone needs to clarify, because I’m not sure it means what I think it means.

    • Octavio

      Black Bart and Jesse James’ western values, of course.

  • GanymedeRenard

    I believe I see a dripping little white stain next to Milo’s lower lip. It must have come from “Daddy’s” dog’s peepee – “Daddy’s” peepee is just too small to produce three drops.

  • Treant

    Milo Whosiswhatsolis? No, seriously, I’m assuming this person is not significant in any way, shape, or form?

    Also, dat hair. Girl…no. Just no.

  • Colton

    anyone else having late 80’s flashbacks from this dude’s hair?

  • Matthew Delemos

    Whodafunk is Milo?

    • Octavio

      No one. Nothing to see here. Move along, please.

  • Ernest Endevor


  • Raising_Rlyeh

    So, what do we then do about the conservative Christians who want a theocracy? Do we get to kick them out since they don’t support western values?

  • boatboy_srq

    Translation: tRump is good for single white male homocons who do not expect a longer romantic relationship than six hours and have their advanced directives recorded and funds reserved to cover their final disposition.

    Every other flavor of LGBTQI, not so much.

    • Treant

      Hey, I’ve had some really meaningful <6 hour relationships. Or at least really enjoyable ones. And even during that time period, I was far, far, FAR left. 🙂

      • boatboy_srq

        I think we’ve all had those. Milo just doesn’t expect MORE than that. I’ve heard of lots of straight people who have relationships longer than six hours: they call it marriage, or something…

  • karmanot

    Oh puleez, Milo again? seriously? NEXT…………………………

  • JT
    • I want him to keep bleaching his hair every single day because that’ll cause it to become brittle and thin, eventually exacerbating his obvious male pattern baldness.

      • Now now. Do not drag balding men into this. I’m 50 and have a full head of hair, thanks, but I always found receding hairlines hot and the men who have them are terribly self-conscious about it. It’s not a character flaw. It’s genetics and it’s beneath you to use that as a method of attack.

    • ByronK

      The devil’s Q-Tip.

  • FAEN

    LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rick Jackson

    I do not try to understand him. My therapist reminds me that trying to make sense out of nonsense is a sure fire way to make myself crazy. I can accept that he chooses to ride the crazy train without accepting his flawed logic or his erroneous assumptions. By the way it is the craziest train. Everybody says so. People are talking about it. It is a huge crazy train.

  • geoffalnutt

    Breathtakingly stupid.

  • olandp

    When I want the opinion of a tweaked out aging twink, I’ll ask.

  • Kelly Lape

    Milo demonstrates that’s it’s much easier to become famous by being an idiot or an a-hole than it is by doing good and improving the world for those who follow us.

    Milo’s “fame” is as good of in indictment against America as I can think of.

    • I can’t be the only one perplexed by the anti-immigrant immigrants. Anyone checked into his visa history? How did he get a work visa for the US. We certainly have plenty enough self-loathing homocons here already. We didn’t need to import any.

      • FAEN

        Typical teabagger-he has his so fuck everyone else.

  • CB

    Is it true blondes have more fun? Or does that peroxide seep into your brain and addle it.

  • John30013

    Let’s give these yahoos the benefit of the doubt, and consider that their “brilliant idea” actually has merit (yeah, right, but go with me here…). What’s to prevent a prospective immigrant from answering all the questions about women and gays and other religions the “right” way, regardless of their actual beliefs? Do Trump and Yiannopoulos really believe that people won’t “cheat”? And if they do, how will the immigration officials know?

    • Captain Obvious

      We could extend this idea to guns. Make gun buyers promise never to commit a crime with a gun. Presto, all gun crime eliminated overnight. See the logic?

      • Gil

        Wish I’d thought of that !!

        • TuuxKabin

          Captain Obvious is so obvious he’s obvious. Explains things so well and easy to comprehend.

    • Kruhn

      They argue monitoring their social media postings and activities. Something which can also be faked

      • John30013

        Or at the very least, scrubbed, before the applicant decides to apply for permission to immigrate….

  • Corsair Tact

    DT’s proposal seems to be the darkest side of “nannying, language-policing”

  • Captain Obvious

    Here is the comment I think this truly deserves: “”

  • DirtyPierre

    Wait until Trump gets wind of this, he calls him “Daddy”! Decrepit is more like it though, but his special appreciation of Trump as such is pretty telling, dontcha think?

  • dafs

    Milo HIMSELF is uncomfortable with gays.

    And interestingly enough, thought gamers were pathetic losers until they started reading his poetry.

  • His hair is not OK. It’s just wrong. As wrong as he is.

    • TuuxKabin

      I always have to re-orientate myself to your avatar, to see the beard. Makes for a nice pause to ponder your comment(s). Nice and fearsome.

    • Jay Phelps

      Be nice. Some of us bleached blondes are happy, out gays who know Trump is an ass. 🙂

  • Gigi

    Self-loathing quisling says what?

  • God Daddy? I cannot imagine what kind of fucked up childhood this mess had.

    • TuuxKabin


  • Herald

    Ben Shapiro said this about him, “Milo Yiannopoulos, the Trump-worshipping alt-right droog stooge.” I had no words adequate for those senseless comments or the one who said them, droog stooge will have to do.

    • In the opera world we tell tenor jokes. They’re like blonde jokes only better. One of the frequently told ones is: “did you hear about the tenor who was so stupid all the other tenors could tell?” That’s what this reminds me of. Milo is such an extremist douche that even Ben Shapiro finds him too much.

  • Bj Lincoln

    If his plan is so good, why haven’t we seen it in detail? All his plans are just smoke and mirrors.

    • Gil

      Trump interview at Repub convention 1988 ( seen on Maddow ) ..He was same stupid braggart with very limited vocabulary…

  • RainbowPhoenix

    It’s only good if you bury your head in the sand and ignore the many threats we face at home.

  • Yup. And Ernst Röhm was Hitler’s closest ally and most devoted supporter and he was purged as soon as he was a liability. The fascists will tolerate gays in their ranks as long as they’re useful. Watch for the Night of the Long Knives, Milo.

  • Cboulder

    Not to defame the developmentally disabled, but this guy is such a fucking retard!

    • TuuxKabin

      Thank you for your preface.

  • Nothing about Trump’s plan makes us safer. What, they’re going to ask people entering the country questions about how they feel about lbgt people? So anyone actually wanting to come here and do harm will have been coached to lie. This is nonsense and it’s hard to respect anyone who can’t see that. But then Milo is too drug-addled to think clearly anyway.

  • clungeflaps

    I don’t think he’s actually gay, I think he’s putting on an act so he can claim minority status.

    He has the campest sounding accent in all the Anglosphere (Southern England). Every man from the Home Counties sounds as camp as he does, doesn’t mean he’s gay though. I’m sure he thought if he gave himself a hairdo only a gay hairdresser circa 1986 would have, that he could come to the US and grift, just like fellow pom Andrew Sullivan did.

    • Porkie

      You could really stop with “I don’t think”..
      (Still shaming gay men on how they speak and not what they say?……Well at least you are consistant ….Sad, but consistant)….

  • JamesInCA

    Why do we give this guy any oxygen? He is not even deserving of our scorn.

    • Friday

      I think he’s mostly being presented to a certain audience as somehow representing LGBT people and saying it’s OK.

  • wds

    What the “f”?? I see he’s from Breitbart – the day-care for unemployable journalistic wannabes with no skill sets and also — who the HELL is this self-loathing gay with the bad hair-cut and coloring? And I thought the Log-Cabin folks were missing a few bulbs in their chandelier – He seems to be lacking an entire electrical system … SMH And I seriously didn’t know who he was – and now I’m sorry I do … LOL

  • Bluto

    Oh fuck off quisling. We’ve set our sites way higher than “not to be thrown off rooftops”. You expect me to kiss the Turd Tornado’s ass because he hasn’t proposed this? Fuck off & keep fucking off until you get to fuck off island & then fuck off some more.

  • DrewTwoFish

    I may be naive but does this sort of screening process actually have some merit IF it is entirely independent of race, religion, etc. i.e. if EVERYONE is obliged demonstrate and understanding of and an allegiance to Western values? Of course, I guess those values would need to be clearly defined and in the US at least the laws, both federally and at the state level, have yet to fully reflect those values: women’s right’s, gay rights, freedom of speech, etc.

  • royinhell

    I guess Orange men with shitty hair must all stick together?

    • Joseph Miceli

      Hmmm. Should we call him “Gay Baby Trump?”

  • clungeflaps

    I’d be fine with Trump’s anti-immigrant policy if he included the English on his list of people prohibited from entering the US.

    • James

      Just when I was thinking how nice it had been without you stupiding up the place lately, here you are, saying something stupid.

      • clungeflaps

        Oh, so you support Milo then. Got it.

        • James

          Nope. But I do think you’re a moron.

          • clungeflaps

            That’s just awful, I don’t know how I’m gonna get through the day now.

          • Porkie

            Well you seem to have got through your life so far….

  • Gerry Fisher

    When one vapid narcissist praises another….

  • sherman

    In case you haven’t seen this video of Trump supporters (I saw it first when someone else posted it in the comments here), it is a hilarious.

  • Dee

    What did i just read??! My eyes….. I need 2 hours of kitten videos.

  • ByronK

    Here’s a take on a recent speech in London and how impotent he and his little ‘fans ‘ are. It all sounds so pathetic but some whores take attention from wherever they can get it

  • Friday

    What. An. Idiot. Using us as an excuse for more xenophobic fascism is neither *protection* nor ‘progressive’ Especially when most of the actual attackers using the Republicans’ excuses to shoot queers and others are the *snotnosed self-radicalized second generation.*

    • Friday

      (I mean, honestly the basic idea of at least *asking* if the people that want to come to America actually want *America* or just a chance for greed and theocracy with either a cross or crescent on it is fine, but you’d have to be an idiot to think it was much of a *security* measure rather than a way to alienate the very people who are security *assets* already here.)

      (Also pardon my rampant typoes the past few days, I’m having some arthritic issues in one shoulder which are, well, painful enough to note. 🙂 )

  • Mike in Houston

    since little Milo is an immigrant, can we chuck his sorry butt out now? in the trumpiest sort of way…

  • John Ruff

    Who the fuck guy this asshole a voice?

  • bkmn

    The sky is pink, has been for decades, because Milo said so.

  • James

    Unless I’m very much misinformed, the majority of violence experienced by L, G, B, and T people in the U.S. is perpetrated by non-Muslims, with non-immigrant Christians representing the largest share.

    • Friday

      Immigrant Christians actually do their share. Actually it’s mostly Christians, occasionally orthodox Jews, sometimes obviously radicalized Muslims, but essentially that’s it.

  • lymis

    Yeah, sweetie, and when the implemented “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” it made all the gay people safer because of course, the “Don’t Ask” was enforced just as rigorously as the “Don’t Tell.”

    If you think for an instant a Republican Administration is going to even attempt to screen immigrants based on PRO-gay views, you have got to stop drinking that peroxide.

  • Michael

    So sad. One wonders what happened to him in his youth to make him so willing to kowtow, wallow and accept crumbs from those who loathe him.

  • “Trump’s plan is to introduce a screening process for prospective immigrants to the U.S., testing their ideological commitment to western values like women’s rights, gay rights, and religious pluralism.”

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with this, so long as the same questions are asked of everyone.

    Do I think it will be effective? Probably not. It’s about as useful as asking a prospective gun owner if they REALLY intend on using it to rob a bank or shoot someone with it.

    • Friday

      I’m pretty sure Trump himself would fail those questions, especially if you asked the same ones twice on different days, much less the rest of his party, which is openly hostile even in its platform to all these things.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but certainly one of the biggest tools out there.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Yawn. “Boring Person Writes Boring Thing.” Okay.

  • TimCA

    milo yiannopoulos: utterly cringe worthy.


  • 2amor

    I gag every time I see this queen….

  • Itsatarp

    And how would this policy prevented something like what happened in Orlando, seeing how the shooter was born here?

  • Traxley Launderette


    He reminds me way too much of a guy I used to know that was obsessed with rich “daddy” types when he was in his early 20s. He was a swaggering, raging racist and anti-semitic piece of small-town white trash who watched enough television and read enough People magazines to sound less fucking stupid than he was. He could only hold a job long enough to get fired for embezzlement (his longest run was six months), yet he kept getting jobs at small stores and restaurants because he could come across as a charming, harmless twink when he wanted to. He stole credit card info from his “daddies,” “borrowed” cars and clothes and jewelry and cash, got banned from all the bars and clubs, was chemically-saturated 24/7, and wound up in the ER a couple of times after getting the shit beat out of him while drunk. He never played safe and contracted HIV before he turned 23. He looked and acted frighteningly similar to this Milo turd, right down to the hair.

    • omg did he die of being his authentic selfish self?

      • Traxley Launderette

        No, he’s still around.

        He’s nearly thirty, bloated, and losing his hair. That doesn’t stop him from over tanning and bleaching what hair he has left. He still sells his adderall (he’s on disability for claiming mental health issues).

        He got his GED a few years ago and tried attending community college, but said it was boring and was planning to use his Pell Grant funds to buy a car. He may have, because soon afterwards I saw him terrorizing pedestrians downtown in a mid90s 3-series BMW with a blown exhaust.

        Last time I saw him, however, was on the freeway. He was headed out of town, driving a late model, black Mercedes C300 with his vanity plate attached on the back. An older sixties-ish guy was in the passenger seat. They blew by me and got off at the Cascade exit — the exit that takes you to the monied suburbs od Forest Hills, Cascade, and Ada.

  • TexasBoy

    Milo to Trump, “Thank you, Sir! May I have some more?”

  • JCF

    “I’m especially inclined to say it’s brilliant because it may have been partly inspired by me.”


  • Nicki Savage

    Woo-hoo, another Milo-roasting! Anyone for charred nuts?

    • ByronK

      If you can find them….

  • fuzzybits

    Can someone just sew his lips shut?

  • ByronK

    (Permission for lesser violence is available upon application.)

    Only a shallow, cheap, offensive, opportunistic, self-absorbed, soulless, gold-digging, ignorant attention whore would append the above aside to a sentence about the people who want to maim, kill, and toss homosexuals off of rooftops. Good for him that he finds himself so amusing because the vast majority of enlightened humans just think he’s a piece of trash that should be put out on the curb. His sycophants on Breitbart who claim he is so brilliant, and hot, and insightful, and such a warrior for free speech think there is no doubt that leftist extremists will assassinate him to shut down his message. The thing is, they’re the only ones listening to him and frankly, who would waste the time or the lead?

  • Isaac Fast

    Not only is he a disgusting loon….but is that a herpes sore on his lip?

  • I did

    ‘I’m comfortable with people who are uncomfortable with gays, as long as they don’t want to kill us, maim us or throw us off rooftops. ‘

    Is she not paying attention? Gods. The only thing stopping them from doing these things is that they don’t have complete control of the government yet.

  • Mr. M

    The fear mongering is insane. Much to the irritation of the radical right, we already have a very intense screening process for refugees/immigrants. Arguably the most strict in the world. We would not allow anyone who may have a terrorist or radical Islamic history into this country, we just wouldn’t. Terrorist attacks on our soil since 9/11 have been mostly by American citizens who may have a Middle Eastern family history – they were radicalized HERE. We should focus on that problem before we start bashing people as a whole. I just took a cab yesterday in DC with a Syrian man who really was very distressed about Trump and began talking about it the moment I hailed him down. He said “He talks about LGBTs, women, and people like me, like we don’t belong. I am Syrian but I’m an atheist! I don’t believe what THEY believe!” He was getting VERY defensive with me when I merely stepped into his cab. I told him the majority of the country doesn’t agree with Trump, he was able to win a plurality with radical voters. He seemed to chill out a bit after that, but I felt so sorry for him – Trump and Milo are causing so much damage I don’t think can be undone quickly to AMERICAN citizens…

  • matt227

    I have that suit from Express

  • Alessar

    Is it lead paint? I mean really, how can so many people have some damaged minds without an explanation like that.