One Million Moms Flips Out After Nickelodeon Airs Animated Show With Married Gay Couple

Last week a recently launched animated series on Nickelodeon featured a married gay couple and One Million Moms is predictably quivering with rage. From the AFA’s OneNewsNow:

A children’s TV network made dubious history last week, airing the first animated show featuring a “married” same-gender couple. And one organization is working to do something about it.

After The Loud House episode aired on Nickelodeon, which is owned by Viacom Media Network, issued an alert to members.

“One Million Moms is extremely concerned that the network that is designed for children will now be exposing them to inappropriate content, content that they’re far too young to comprehend or understand,” comments Director Monica Cole. “And it will likely bring up premature conversations about sexual orientation that is completely unnecessary.”

She accuses Nickelodeon of pushing an agenda. “Networks, even children networks, are attempting to desensitize children and families in general,” Cole contends. “This is just proof that Nickelodeon had decided to be politically correct instead of just providing clean, family-friendly programming.”

Here’s what Monica Cole sent to her supporters before the show aired:

Please use the information we have provided to contact and strongly encourage Nickelodeon, owned by Viacom, to omit the scene in “The Loud House” featuring two dads or not air this controversial episode at all. If producers keep this episode as originally planned, then conservative families will have no choice but to no longer watch Nickelodeon in their homes so they can avoid the previews, commercials and reruns for this irresponsible episode. Tell them you are prepared to join thousands of other voices in urging advertisers to place it on their “do not advertise” list for introducing children to LGBT content.

I’m not seeing the episode on YouTube. Did anyone here see it?

  • JT

    The Loud House

    I thought that referred to the disgruntled Berners from yesterday.

    • Todd20036

      That’s, The Wailing Wall

  • j.martindale

    We are NOT “unclean.” You are not a Brahman. You are a bigot.

    • Todd20036

      I’ve been dirty, sticky, lube-y, messy… but never unclean.

  • Joe in PA

    Oh no…not the dreaded “politically correct”!

    Too bad, so sad Monica. πŸ™‚

  • Michael

    How many married gay couples live in America now? Time for One Dozen Moms to grow up!

    • Dan M

      does a lesbian couple raising children together count as two of the One Dozen Moms? πŸ™‚

  • Blake Jordan

    It is a sweet little scene, that you can watch at this link:

    • John P.

      Oh, that was absolutely terrifying! LOL!

      • Dramphooey

        It’s terrifying to them because they have to justify their hatred of this pleasant, loving couple.

        • medaka

          Their hatred of this pleasant, loving cartoon couple!

          • Librarykid

            That sometimes have to pee.

    • Treant

      They have their knickers in a knot over THAT?

      • Todd20036

        Yup. And an interracial couple, at that.

        Keep in mind, OMM is stuck in the 1950s where only white people had money, and everyone was married, had 2 kids, lived happily ever after, nothing ever went wrong ever.

        Blacks were merely the help, and gays didnt’ exist., and everyone went to Christian church on Sundays.

        • Butch

          Don’t you wish the biggest thing you had to worry about was a TV show?

          • Todd20036

            Such people spend their entire lives worrying about one thing or another.

            I’m grateful to know I only have to worry about important matters.

          • Harley

            How about they just turn off the tv, cancel their cable subscription, and just have a DVD player where they can play “Passion of the Christ” over and over and over. That should warp the children’s little minds alright.

          • Veylon

            C’mon. You know that before it became a super-smash Christian hit, they were tut-tutting over it being a violent, sacrilegious, Arabic-language abomination.

    • olandp

      OMG! Showing a same-sex couple that loves their son! Oh the humanity!

      • tristram

        We’ve come so far, and then again, not. I like to think the show’s name is something of a tribute to Lance Loud of ‘An American Family.’ When Lance came out (on TV, in the early ’70’s), my parents embargoed PBS for several months. I was ‘having issues’ around that time, and found a way to watch every episode.

        • Margueritesrivera3

          <<o. β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…::::::!be393p:….,……

    • Bj Lincoln

      That was cute! I know lots of dads who can’t let go. I looked like that when I dropped mine off to school for the first time.
      ps. Thanks for the link.

    • Clive Johnson

      So a scene with loving same sex parents, one of them touchingly doting, a scene whose humorous elements sit atop an otherwise utterly mundane event of family life, and One Million Magpies is up in arms.

      You really have to be an obsessive bigot to protest something like this.

    • dcurlee

      Seriously this is why their panties are in a wad….I’ve got to go on their FB page and read their ridiculous comments

    • Librarykid

      Thank you for the link.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      That’s it ?? Monica had me expecting some Hot and hard core Penis + Butt action.

      • Bad Tom

        Monica always disappoints in that regard.

        • vorpal

          Now that hidden folder on Monica’s husband’s computer, on the other hand…

      • Gregory In Seattle

        As far as she and the other narrow-minded biddies in her group are concerned, that was even worse that hard core gay porn: it showed gay people as people who are difficult to hate. That is completely inexcusable. Or something.

    • JR

      Awww, that was sweet.

      (No wonder the Harpie is terrified.)

    • Adam Schmidt

      I’m having problems understanding their view that it’s inappropriate for children. Children aren’t able to understand that people are married? That parents love and care for their children? What is it that they’re unable to understand?

      Oh… you mean they can’t understand that two people of the same gender love each other and so by extension you want all gay people to hide themselves away and not be seen. Ok… hurm. Well, to that I only have two words…

      FUCK NO!

      I’ve done enough hiding in my life and I won’t hide my life or my husband because three moms love to wallow in intolerance, bigotry, and hatred.

    • Todd Allis

      Ooh, it’s a Twitter video. Here’s the tweet. I retweeted. πŸ™‚

  • Mister Don

    Loud as in Noise, or a riff on the [in]famous PBS series on the Loud family where the son came out as gay during it?

    • BearEyes

      the PBS series is what I first thought of and wondered if this cartoon version were the next generation.

      • Reality.Bites

        Those of us who remember that show are working on having grandchildren about now. So it’s not something they’d riff on hoping for some recognition from the parents of the preschoolers who watch this show.

    • Mister Don
  • No longer watch the show in their homes. Guess that means the folks who oppose the show will be going to animated bars to watch it or dirty back alleys to get there cartoon fix. Fucking idiocy!

  • Jerry Hinnant

    FYI one million moms. Kids don’t give a damn. The only ones that care are idiots like you with nothing better to do than spend your life looking through a microscope trying to find shit to be offended by!

  • Attezz

    Our five year old loves this show, and it’s actually one of the more watchable kids cartoons.

    The episode in question is about a sleepover, and the main involvement of the married couple is when they drop their kid off, and they act very overprotective of him, and that only lasts maybe a minute. I think there may have been a cutaway shot of them later in the episode, all about how much they were missing their kid, but that was it.
    Between the Loud House and Harvey Beaks, Nick is really upping it’s game lately for watchability.

    • Treant

      A five year old.

      That’s, like, a larval human, right? At what age do they spin their cocoons and emerge as an adult?

      • Todd20036

        I’m still waiting…

      • Bj Lincoln

        That takes until their teen years when they sleep a LOT, hide in their rooms and don’t talk much to parents. They emerge around time to graduate college.

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Tangentially related. Remember their boycott of Target? In May 2016, the stock dipped to a 52 week low of $65.50 per share. It opened over $76 per share today, an increase of 16.49%. All the losses have been erased and then some.

    • Frostbite

      Christian boycotts strike again!

      • Harley

        When will the Chic-Fil-a boycott be over. I really miss those artery clogging, stroke inducing, heart attack sandwiches.

    • Target opened a new store in Lincoln Park over the weekend. When I went by on the bus, it was packed.

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        Full size or one of the new smaller footprints? We’re getting a mini-Target in Skokie, on Dempster next to the Yellow Line stop. To have a store literally half a block from a train station should be terrific, but I wonder what they won’t carry because of the smaller scale.

        • Dean

          Walmart opened a bunch of mini-Walmarts in our area with great locations. Two months later the corporate heads decided that they were draining off too much business from the big stores, and now we are stuck with a bunch of ugly, empty stores blighting the neighborhoods. The selection was meager, and the stores were incredibly dreary, making shopping there unpleasant. I hope that Target learns from Walmart’s mistakes.

          • Skokieguy [Larry]

            Our Targets are spread out enough, that I don’t think it will cannibalize sales. And imagine the convenience for a commuter to run in on the way home from work. I think it will be a hit, but curious about what they will carry. For example the food section would be great, but I’m guessing that might be part of what they cut for their mini stores.

            Now if Panera will listen to me and open up in our downtown, I will be deliriously happy.

        • They took over the space formerly occupied by Best Buy just a block and a half south of Diversey — it’s a good-sized space, but not full size.

  • Mark NeΓ© Fuzz

    Stupid stupid stupid. It’s not exposing anyone to inappropriate content. It’s just showing a married couple, something anyone can see walking down the street. They’re not showing two men having sex. They’re not showing two women having sex. Nor is it promoting anything. They’re just showing something that is.

    • Todd20036

      Doesn’t matter. We exist. Enough to be depicted in a cartoon. The world is changing.


      Actually, that is truly the allure of Trump. Not because he’s experienced or anything, but because he will bring back the days of white, straight privilege.

      • Librarykid

        Not even in his fucking dreams.

    • It occurs to me that the members of OMM — both of them — should stay away from Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago — quite aside from the Japanese macaques having faux sex in public, on just about any day you can see at least one same-sex couple walking through the zoo holding hands. (And mind you, this is not Boys’ Town or Andersonville — this is the Zoo.)

      In fact, they should stay away from Chicago entirely — they’d never recover.

  • Gigi

    Note to OMM: You television comes with a remote and an “off” button. Use it.

    • Blake Jordan

      But we know with christianists that we must all follow their chosen beliefs and desired actions…

    • Rex

      Too bad OMM doesn’t have an off button. Or at least a mute button.

      • Librarykid

        or a DELETE button.

  • jmax

    β€œAnd it will likely bring up premature conversations about sexual orientation that is completely unnecessary.”
    So nobody is allowed to watch the show because YOU might have to have a conversation with your children that makes you uncomfortable. Got it.

    • Blake Jordan

      Not sure why they need to discuss gay/lesbian sex when discussing same gender couples…

      I would hope that they do not discuss the sex between mommies and daddies with their children…

      • Rex

        You mean that if they say that the boy has two daddies doesn’t need to include the mention of buttsecks and the option of spit or swallow?

      • jmax

        I have a feeling they don’t discuss sex at all, ever, even when it’s appropriate.

        • Frostbite

          That explains the high teenage pregnancy rate.

          • jmax

            And because abstinence education works so well.

          • Harley

            Just ask the Palins.

      • Don_K

        The latter is what I imagine them doing when their kids ask why aunt Judy is getting married (not!!). For some reason they can’t conceive of explaining same-sex couples without going into gory details about the sex. Methinks they obsess too much about our sex lives.

        • Librarykid


    • popebuck1

      That’s when I usually go to the Louis C.K. quote:

      β€œIt doesn’t have any effect on your life. What do you care?! People try to talk about it like it’s a social issue. Like when you see someone stand up on a talk show and say, “How am I supposed to explain to my children that two men are getting married?… I dunno. It’s your shitty kid. You fuckin’ tell ’em. Why is that anyone else’s problem? Two guys are in LOVE and they can’t get married because you don’t want to talk to your ugly child for five fuckin’ minutes?”

      • Ragnar Lothbrok


    • Librarykid

      She doesn’t even use proper English. The verb should be “are” because “conversations” is plural and the subject, not “is” which agrees with sexual orientation in number, but since it is the object of the preposition “about”, it cannot be the subject of the sentence. Maybe the home schooling book had food spilled on that page or maybe she is just uneducated.

      • Frostbite

        Cut her some slack, she was home-skooled. They don’t need no fancy grammar! /s

      • perversatile

        -an eclair is not a bookmark.

        • Librarykid

          Mmm! I love eclairs.

      • jmax

        I must confess I missed that on first reading her comment. When I read it again after you pointed out the error it does seem like it was written by a less-than-literate person. But that is not a surprise.

  • Jason Ergott

    So we have reached the point where “politically correct” is stand in for something I don’t like?

    • Rex

      In that case OMM is too politically correct for me. I’m calling for a boycott of OMM.

    • Bj Lincoln

      Being PC is a very bad thing according to the GOP and Drumpf.

    • The term PC has been the RWNJ’s code word for unacceptable now for at least 15 years or so.

    • I think “political correctness” is right-wing code for “common decency,” which they seem to think is a sin.

  • Christ: what an asshole.

  • Rex

    IF OMM flips out, then that’s their problem. Gay people exist, they fall in love and get married. Kids watching will have a much easier time accepting this than their parents. Unfortunately those OMM’s kids will be screwed up thanks to their parents. Do they really think LGBT individuals will cease to exist just by not showing them on TV?

    • No but it helps keep intact her belief that it is 1950. When brown and gay folks knew their place.

      • Harley

        You mean non-existent.

    • OUTinMinnesota

      When someone is accustomed to privilege, to them the progress toward equality feels like oppression.

    • Frostbite

      Hmm. If LGBT people don’t exist when not shown on TV, what does that say about the existence of their deity? Never seen on TV and hasn’t been heard from in some 2000 years (not including self-appointed “prophets” or delusional folk).

  • Steve

    Now I am really confused. She call her organization “1 Million Moms”, yet she states “Tell them you are prepared to joins thousands of other voices…”. So which is it? Millions, or thousands?
    I have always thought they should refer to themselves as a couple of dozen sexually frustrated divorcee’s who eat Little Debbie’s all day and wonder why no one wants to date them.

    • Michael Rush

      It’s like Trump’s wealth .

      • Butch

        I always think of the line from Sesame Street, in a joke aimed at One Million Moms: “They round up.”

      • Harley

        Or a NOM rally.

    • OdieDenCO

      inflated numbers from inflated moms

    • skyweaver

      I really find the “how many people attended” one of the more enjoyable aspects after the haters have gotten together. This last march on Washington was a good example. Joe had some great coverage of the, like, four people that showed up that day.

    • NancyP


    • I.Smith

      Don’t forget all the voices in their heads. The amount of crazy these women are they could of called it One Billion Moms.

      • Steve McCaig

        Correct order of magnitude, but you have to start with a much smaller number.

  • MikeinATL

    Too “young to comprehend” a loving same sex couple but apparently not too young to comprehend a boogie man in the sky that threatens horrible things on people that don’t do what he says

    • Clive Johnson


  • “instead of just providing clean, family-friendly programming.” To a kid who has two mums or dads, this program is clean family friendly programming. OMM’s just want to keep their children in the bigot bubble as long as possible.

    • I.Smith

      Hulu is remaking the Handmaid’s Tale what is the betting that we will not hear a peep from OMM about that show which is the conservatives wet dream.

      • I read the book when it came out, but didn’t realize they had made it into a movie. Oh yeah it is a total conservative wet dream, so there won’t be a single peep from OMHM [one million harpy moms]

        • I.Smith

          Yes an interesting movie and soon to be TV series that the conservatives will worship.

          • Reality.Bites

            If they do, they don’t understand it.

      • Lee Grupsmith

        Oh they’ll find something to harp on. It may be OK with them that it shows women in subservient positions–but there is that scene of the monthly impregnation attempt that will get them all in a twist about S-E-X.

  • oikos
  • Ernest Endevor

    I feel the same about Sportball but I don’t organize boycotts to protest the moral bankruptcy of the NBA and the harm it does to children to watch men fight each other to ‘win’ something that nobody wants.

    • Reality.Bites

      Your roots are showing. πŸ˜‰

      It’s Sportsball. In North America sports are plural and math is singular.

  • KaBoomBOX

    They’re so wrong on so many levels. Pretty sure Cartoon Network’s Clarence had Jeff’s two Mom’s 2 years ago. Shhheeesh!

  • Richard Rush

    Monica Cole is one reptilian mom.

  • David F.

    Even worse – it was an interracial same sex couple. Oh, the humanity!

    I thought it was good. And I seriously doubt any kid other than brain washed OMM spawn noticed.

    The Obnoxious Mental Midgets really need to get a life. Go work at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Do something that your BuyBull actually commands you to do.

    • tenaciousmonkey

      That was my thought as well…not only a same sex couple, but an INTERRACIAL one? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

  • Beagle

    More drivel from “One” “Million” “Moms.”

  • Benny S.

    Sex, sex, sex, That seems to be the only thing One Million Moms think about. I’m guessing One Million Dads ain’t being very attentive.

  • mikeinrkfd

    They do know that no humans were involved, right? It’s an animated show.

    • Kissmagrits

      That never stopped OMM and their clueless friends from thinking of
      “The Flintstones” as a documentary.

      • Librarykid

        That proved that people and dinosaurs walked the earth together.

  • bkmn

    Where do they sell these self-twisting knickers?

  • Tigernan Quinn


  • Joseph Miceli

    So I had the opportunity to see through the window of exclusion for once. I am friends with a wonderful woman who happens to be black. Tasia posted about how she did not find this scene offensive, but the other women at her church had a different viewpoint. When they actually saw the scene they were a bit more supportive because “there was no real affection” “they weren’t flamboyant” “you couldn’t really tell they were a couple unless you already knew it.”
    Um…I’m offended. Just because a child is exposed to a gay couple doesn’t mean children are being indoctrinated and just because adults have dirty minds that jump to what people do in bed doesn’t mean children do. PDA’s are problematic, but if it is something that you wouldn’t bat an eyelash at a straight couple for doing, then it is ok for a gay couple too.
    I told them that. Response was……muted.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    “content that they’re far too young to comprehend or understand”

    Oh yes, I can understand how telling a child that some men love men is such a hard thing to understand. Of course OMM would love to censor real life and prevent any mention of two dads or two moms.

    • From everything I’ve seen, kids deal with it a lot better than their parents do.

    • Joseph Miceli

      You show a child a loving couple and they see love. Show an adult a loving couple and their minds jump to sex…if they are infantile dicks. I guess we know where OMM falls on that line.

      • Xuuths

        Well, you can’t spell “asshole spectrum” without the letters t, r, u, m, and p. Coincidence?

    • Librarykid

      At the age of these kids, straight boys find girls icky and vice versa so they can easily relate to having a best friend of the same sex because they probably have a best friend.

  • Nickelodeon is obviously one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    Monica really needs to get laid. I mean seriously. That woman has issues.

    • Ben in Oakland

      You first. That thing of hers has teeth!

      • Natty Enquirer

        Don’t worry darling, I just filed them.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Clean, family-friendly programming? So the depiction of a married gay couple raising kids is “dirty, family hostile programming”? Your agenda is showing, douche nozzles.

  • Dean

    Cute cartoon. OMM should be glad it’s airing because of the over-the-top stereotyping of gay men portrayed therein.

  • CB

    You can find the episodes here. It probably won’t be posted till later, as it just aired.

    The appearance on screen is very short. (I watch this stuff for my work.) And it’s actually kind of fun. The dads are a parody of the typical, contemporary over-protective parents we see a lot of today. But what struck me is that this is the “normal” that today’s kids are likely to encounter. That’s why it shows up in a freaking cartoon. It’s no big deal, unless someone is trying to make money off of making it a big deal, which is what 47 Cows (or whatever they’re called) is trying to do.

    Worse, they are fighting a reality that kids see around them, and that’s simply awful.

  • Priya Lynn

    β€œOne Million Moms is extremely concerned that the network that is
    designed for children will now be exposing them to inappropriate
    content, content that they’re far too young to comprehend or
    understand,And it will likely bring up
    premature conversations about sexual orientation that is completely

    I think even they don’t believe that, they just say that to disguise their real concern, that children will see this and think “No big deal”.

  • Paula

    I love that they are still using scare quotes around married. They are really scared.
    You stupid cows, its a cartoon. Besides marriage is legal for Gay couples now.
    It just shows how brainwashed you are by your faith.

    • BeaverTales

      There are astonishingly few examples of Christian Love in any given year. There are many more daily examples of Christian Hate. Her whole life is defined by fear and panic and paranoia….and hatred of humanity.

      Due to her constitutionally protected belief in a vengeful invisible sky fairy, she’ll never get the psychiatric care she needs. Let’s just hope her kids learn early that mommy (and most probably daddy) and their church are total whackjobs.

  • ColoMtnWoman

    OH, NO!! You mean the “30,000-Moms-rounded-up-to-the-nearest-million” are upset?!?!? Well, munch-my-Wheaties, I jus’ don’t know if I can handle the rejection.

  • Macbill

    Frankly, I want cartoon wieners, too. The more franks, the better.

  • EqualityForAll

    Not surprising. My holier-than-thou daughter-in-law won’t even let my grandchildren watch Spongebob Squarepants because he occasionally dons a tutu and pirouettes around Bikini Bottom.

  • AdamTh

    “OneNewsNow” I’ve always been amazed at the arrogance of AFA suggesting people should have just one news source…

    • Schlukitz

      And a Christian controlled one, at that.

      It’s so fascist.

  • 355andLiving

    The Loud House has been one of the most popular new show launches in quite some time. Season 2 is in production so it’s not going away. 1MM will not be able to declare victory on this one.

  • Give me a goddamned fucking break. At this point, it’s becoming ever more difficult to find someone who doesn’t know a married gay or lesbian couple, often with kids of their own.

    What’s next? Protecting these special little snowflake children from learning there are mixed-race couples? Or other people out there who aren’t white and don’t speak English?

  • FelineMama

    I absolutely LUV IT when there are TV shows, commercials, etc., that feature gay couples, bi-racials!!!! I love to see these hate groups with their panties in a bunch!! MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • glass

    One million moms is actually Tony Perkins wearing makeup and lingerie from the 50’s. He sits at his desk and and hate types out all these press releases.

  • Dicky

    I watched the clip online a while ago. My only thought when watching it was, how would a restaurant or theater or hotel react nowadays if you were to call and just ask to speak with a patron by name? Would they think you’re some creepy stalker or public disruptor of some sort? Or would they actually connect you?

  • anne marie in philly

    go stick your tits in a blender, you one miserable mom!

    • Schlukitz

      And get a perfectly good set of blender blades bent out of shape on those hard, dried-out, leathery tits?

      • anne marie in philly


  • Schlukitz

    Yes (in a grudging tone of voice), we at are aware that SCOTUS handed down a decision a year ago making marriage equality the law of the land but…..we can’t have the chirren seeing two people of the same sex actually being married even if it is the law.

    Why can’t they just stay in the closet where they belong? – MOM

  • RyanR
  • ‘Til Tuesday

    I’m surprised that 1MM wasn’t already protesting the show, as it shows a family of 11 kids, but the parents are almost non-existent. They make rare appearances in a few episodes. Nick has been gay friendly for quite some time, so 1MM is behind on things. I feel confident Nick will ignore them – they are part of Viacom after all.

    “Loud House” is an ok show – if I catch it when it’s on I watch it, but I don’t go out of my way to watch it. “Sanjay and Craig” is better. I know I’m an adult and not supposed to watch Nick, but I do. I say I watch it because my 10-year old nephew watches it when he’s here, but I watch it even when he’s not.

  • Margueritesrivera3

    <<o. β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…βœ«β˜…β˜…::::::!be393p:….,…..

  • Gates Ortt

    Well since gay marriage is legal and there are gay couples everywhere, you’re going to have to lock your kids in the house, not just turn off Nickelodeon It’s so sad that these bigoted parents try to force their ignorant beliefs on innocent loving children. I blame religion, of course.

  • David Page

    Ah Moral Guardians, the bane of television executives everywhere. Seriously, they need to deal with REAL PROBLEMS, not a stinkin’ TV show. Seriously, this seems to be the mindset of these people;

    “THere are kids in Africa starving!” “Eh, who cares.”
    “There are women eing beaten for trying to have an opinion!” “Boohoo for them.”
    “There is a gay couple in a cartoon.” “WE MUST DO SOMETHING! PROTECT THE CHILDREN!”

    …seriously, this seems to be how they react -_- REal world problems? Not their concern. A cartoon? That should get ALL the attention…