Democrats Ratify Most Pro-LGBT Platform In History

Chris Johnson reports at the Washington Blade:

Democrats ratified a party platform late Monday called the most LGBT-inclusive in history and a unifying document after a bitter primary. As convention chair Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) presided, delegates at the Democratic National Convention approved the platform by voice vote. Although loud “nays” were heard, the overwhelming “yays” in favor of the platform carried the day.

The 55-page document has a specific LGBT plank titled “Guaranteeing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights” and includes LGBT references in planks throughout the document.

The LGBT plank endorses LGBT comprehensive non-discrimination legislation (although it doesn’t explicitly address the Equality Act by name), condemns violence against transgender people, endorses the U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage and repudiates state laws seeking to undermine LGBT rights.

“Democrats applaud last year’s decision by the Supreme Court that recognized that LGBT people — like other Americans — have the right to marry the person they love,” the platform says. “But there is still much work to be done. LGBT kids continue to be bullied at school, restaurants can refuse to serve transgender people, and same-sex couples are at risk of being evicted from their homes. That is unacceptable and must change.”

See the full platform here.

  • crewman

    Somewhat OT: Regarding the convention last night, I was reading that the most vocal boos were coming from the CA delegation and to some degree the MI delegation, but that if you step away from them, the Clinton support was overwhelming. Worse, the CA delegation was right next to where the press was, so that probably amplified the impression of how many negative reactions there were.

    • Todd20036

      The Bernie bros have caused me to lose all remaining respect for Bernie, even though he endorsed Clinton. It’s not like he was big on trying to unite against Trump

      • Dramphooey

        I don’t think Sanders should be blamed for this trash; I saw him yesterday and he has no control over them. They’re too immature to take part in adult politics. The only people I’m losing respect for are those who insist these people are true progressive when they boo during the best part of the platform speech in my biased opinion.

        • BobSF_94117

          Those folks didn’t just walk off the street into the convention. He doesn’t have any control over them, apparently, but that’s a reflection on his campaign machine, no doubt.

        • Todd20036

          Maybe, but he used to. He encouraged the left wing conspiracy theories about the elections being stolen, or about first how the super delegates were undemocratic, then trying to force them to vote against the choices of their states, even if the states voted overwhelmingly for Clinton.

          To paraphrase, Sanders built this.

          • Bill Post

            Theories? They’re not theories.

          • Todd20036

            Fables, then?

          • jonfromcalifornia

            Don’t tell me you’re one of those Bernie bots who believe the DNC has the power and influence to control the votes of the democratic base. The RNC had no power to control its base from voting for Trump but the DNC had power to make its base vote for Hillary??? You give the DNC too much credit, dude. You can’t win a DEMOCRATIC primary with only the votes of white liberal voters. Take a look at the faces and skin color of the base.

        • Gustav2

          Nina Turner was still not with the program on MSNBC last night. One of the campaign’s official spokespersons.

          • Derrick Johns

            Yes, yesterday I was very angry at the “Bernie or Bust” folks. Last night I heard that the political reporters estimate that between 80% to 85% of Bernie supporters say they will vote for Hillary. We can’t get them all. But I appreciate those Bernie folks who are now for Hillary.

            Now, to more important news: Even though all the major speeches last night were great it was a statement by Elizabeth Warren that really stuck out to me. She said that we a president who is “well informed”. Now, to some of you that may seem obvious, but to too many Americans it seems that it’s not. Trump doesn’t know anything except how to steal other folks’ money. He’s ignorant.

            Trump is a billionaire thief.

          • Falconlights

            That’s one of the best, most concise descriptions of Trump I have had the pleasure to read. He really is a thief and that is basically all you need to know.

      • bambinoitaliano

        I don’t think these sore losers are entirely loyal to him anyway. They are band wagon hoppers. I will say the same to some of the Trump supporters had he lost to another candidate, they will do exactly the same.

      • WillMoor

        They booed him. They don’t belong to him and they never really did. They are psychos.

    • DaddyRay

      Being right next to the press also probably played a part in how vocal they were because it got them attention

      • Margueritesrivera3

        <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!be392p:….,….,.

    • Gustav2

      And MSNBC chased the California (Stein) Delegates for interviews while C-SPAN talked to Bernie supporters who had enough sense to understand it needs to be Hillary.

  • Ernest Endevor

    I congratulate the Log Cabin Republicans for their tireless efforts over the years. Oh wait…

    • It’s become clear over the past couple of decades the LCR isn’t for gay rights. They’re for elected Republicans no matter how anti-gay they might be. They provide cover that allows those moderate on social issues to vote Republican anyway. They have made things worse, not better for gay people and deserve all the scorn they get from other gay people.

      • NancyP

        As long as no-one puts their a** in jail, the LCR members are only interested in pocketbook “rights”. That’s why they are happy to be “blue lives matter”, fetus-worshipping, xenophobic, anti-womens’ rights, anti-health care fellow travelers. Sully, you listening?

        • I just saw Andrew Sullivan in a clip from Real Time with Bill Maher and he seemed to be more deranged than ever. He used to at least have a valid point now and again. I blame it on his Catholicism. That cognitive dissonance of being gay and believing in a religion that is anti-gay has always made about half of what he writes unintelligible nonsense but now everything he says seems to be like that. Too bad. He had potential.

          • Randy503

            I used to read his Daily Dish avidly. It was a great blog for non-political things, and I learned a lot. On politics, he is a fantastic writer, even when I disagreed with him. He was very critical of conservatism, and I appreciated that. And he was also critical of liberalism, and I needed that.

            But yes, there were many times he just went off the rails, especially in later days of his blog. He couldn’t understand race at all in America. His continuing defence of Murray’s book about blacks and intelligence was just awful.

            But what finally did it for me was when he was livid over the whole Brendan Eich – Mozilla affair. He insisted that gay organizations led the charge to have him fired, when the facts where that it was Mozilla’s straight employees who got him to resign. Even after many people pointed out to him that fallacy of his facts, and then that in a free society we have the right to express our opinions, he dug in an insisted that anti-gay people have more rights than we do.

          • I remember the Eich controversy. Gay groups hadn’t even had a change to issue a statement before the employee group had already asked him to resign. and that’s just the kind of thing I was talking about. He has a narrative in his head and it matters not if the facts fit that narrative. He’s going to stick with it no matter what.

            I stopped bothering with Sullivan’s blog when he up in the paywall. A few times I clicked to read the “rest” of the story and it was just one extra paragraph. People are paying for that? At first they did, but it seems like not many were willing to renew. I can’t blame them.

        • WillMoor

          WTF is a “fetus worshiper”?

      • Gustav2

        Their time has passed. When they first were gathering within the Party there were actual moderates/not anti-gay Republican office holders.

        • When they formed in the late 70s neither party was particularly fond of gay people. In fact Reagan came out against the Briggs Initiative in California well before Carter did. (and Carter only begrudgingly). Had the GOP gone in a more libertarian direction on social issues they could have had a real impact. (Remember that in 1976 the GOP platform called for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.) But once (and this was only a few years after they were formed) Reagan began openly pandering to right wing religious leaders (people like Falwell who had all been segregationists!) it was all over. I actually knew a founding member. He was one of my sisters oldest friends. He had left the Republican party by 2004 and was working for Democrats and pleading with old friends and relatives to vote for Kerry. I don’t think any of them did. I don’t even fight with those people much any more. They are a lost cause.

        • Randy503

          In the mid-90s I joined the Log Cabin. NOT because I was rich or conservative — just the opposite. But because I truly believed that the only way to obtain equal rights was that we needed support from both sides of the aisle. I thought that we would eventually convinced a majority of Democrats and a minority of Repubicans and that would be enough to pass any legislation. Then we work on getting the remaining Republicans to accept the change.

          Boy was I wrong! It was the court system that really did the heavy lifting, and so Lambda Legal deserves lots of credit. DADT was political, and entirely a democratic effort. Prop 8 showed that the public needs to be on board. Getting the GOP on board was really nothing more than a distraction — and everyone knows that now.

          I eventually drifted off the LCRs. I saw the GOP get more and more anti-gay and realized this isn’t helping anything. Even some LCRs left.

      • Michael Abbett

        They never cared about average LGBT citizens in the first place, only ones with nice portfolios who lived in Chelsea or had a shop in the Hamptons.

  • walterhpdx

    One of the good things to come out of Bernie’s movement was his push to get people on the left to run for office at the precinct, local, state, and national level. I know it’s helped, because at 48, I just became precinct captain for my voting district. And with a good number of us helping out, and with Bernie helping to push his agenda so that the DNC would use it as a platform, is just awesome.

    Can’t wait for November!!

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Except, if the BernieofBust crowd are to be believed, there won’t be an enacting of this platform because they’ve decided to vote third party and by doing so, give the White House to Trump. So, is his movement really to be congratulated?

  • SoCalVet

    I love my party. I mean I really love them…something that makes life worth living for me.

  • aar9n

    “both parties are basically the same”

    • SoCalVet

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (breath)
      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (breath)
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      and so on…

  • Ninja0980

    Both parties are the same though right?

    • Romero

      According to the green bitches, yes!

  • billbear1961
  • bkmn

    This should provoke some Sadz™!

    • billbear1961

      Yes, but then they will laugh and try to strike terror into our hearts: “We’re gonna get OUR country back! We’re comin’ to GET you!!”

      They are VILENESS itself.

  • Rex

    Which begs the question how any self-respecting LGBT individual can support the Republican party.

    • Who said they were “self-respecting”?

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      There is an aroma of oxymoronism in the air just now.

    • billbear1961

      The snakes think their MONEY will protect them.

    • Have you ever met a homocon? Self-respecting is not a word I’d use to describe any of them.

    • Randy503

      They justify it easily. I’ve met many Log Cabinets. they claim that they are “not defined as a gay person” and so they are just like all other americans. They want low taxes, cuts in services, lowered deficit, strong military, blah blah blah all the things the GOP stands for.

      Which is fine. but then why do belong to the Log Cabin? If you don’t want to be defined as a gay man, then why belong to a gay conservative organization? Why not just be a plain old Republican?

      As for gay rights, it no longer really matters. The real battles have been fought and won. Now its’ just over discrimination, and they believe it will never happen to them.

      • Rex

        I don’t define myself as a gay man either.
        I’m a FABULOUS gay man.
        There is a difference.

  • Quite a contrast from the GOP platform. Anyone who says there’s no difference between the parties needs to be smacked.

    • Joseph Miceli

      Haven’t seen him for awhile. Dare I say we’ve seen the last of …(thunder) Trolita? Da da Dummmmmm!

      • I haven’t seen him in awhile either, but then I blocked him so that might be why.

  • Thank you DNC for acknowledging that we are full American citizens and deserve equal treatment!

    • Falconlights

      It’s like when I heard Obama’s second inaugural speech. I cried because that is the first time that I felt like a full American.

      • YES!!! It was an AMAZING moment to be named by the President!

        • Falconlights

          Indeed. Just another reason to vote Blue.

  • Baby Dave

    Okay, you’re coming closer to winning me back. I’m still fucking PISSED about the DWS emails, but this definitely improves things

  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    The loud naysayers might consider moving to the other side of the aisle. I’m waiting to hear if conservatives are just as incensed by this platform as liberals were by the one approved by the Gross Obnoxious Peckerwoods.

  • cheakamus

    “Yays” or yeas? I guess both are appropriate. (former editor)

  • Bj Lincoln

    I have a issue with the people from my home state who are working so hard on this when they couldn’t seem to get ANYTHING done at the state level.

    • WillMoor


  • RealityBass

    I’m with her. Because she’s with us.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    And this is what the BernieofBust crowd want to stop…it does give one pause, does it not?

  • I’m in my 50s and never thought I’d see this day. Even in the Democratic party, we went from frequent vilification to mostly being ignored. And I don’t know how many remember, but from the 1990s up through the middle of Obama’s two terms, “political homophobia” was a very real thing. Which is to say the Dems claimed to be a friend and ally of the LGBT community, but our issues were always the first under the bus when we became inconvenient.

    Examples? It took adding “and disabilities or race” to the hate crimes law before it passed with Dem majorities in Congress, hence it’s called the “Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Law.” And then the law was almost never invoked for prosecutions, despite the fact anti-LGBT violence, including murders, are commonplace. And as another example, there’s the ENDA failure, where it was clear to many of us Obama didn’t want to spend an iota of his own political capital to lobby for the law that was within just a few votes of passing.

    Even in the 2008 Democratic Party Platform, it only expressed opposition to DOMA, but not support for marriage equality nationwide and Candidate Obama would only say he supported civil unions. The platform doesn’t even mention LGBT Americans or the word ‘gay’ anywhere. This is the exact passage:

    We support the full inclusion of all families, including same-sex couples, in the life of our nation, and support equal responsibility, benefits, and protections. We will enact a comprehensive bipartisan employment non-discrimination act. We oppose the Defense of Marriage Act and all attempts to use this issue to divide us.

    The section on repealing DADT only uses the phrase “sexual orientation,” twice.

    This is what progress looks like, and I am not at all willing to put it at risk simply because Clinton isn’t perfect. And news flash: Neither is Sanders. The end of his candidacy for President is not worth crying over. Now the prospect of President-Elect Trump? That’s worth crying about.

  • Theo McKinney


    I imagine VP “contender” (<-lol) Pence is about to be grilled on Indiana's ill-fated antigay "religious" Freedom "Law" since HB2 is going to trial.

    ****Next week.****

    After **this** Pro-equality convention…?

    And does anyone wonder about the things Trump will be quoted as saying in defense of the GOP's fixation on keeping LGBTQIs as 3/5 Citizens…?

    Not much good can come of this, if you want a GOP WH. Or House. Or Senate. And HILLARY-ously, it's their very own, self-inflicted fault!!!

    No heavy lifting.

    GOP = meet cliff.

  • JCF

    But Certain Douchecanoes want to tell us there’s “no difference” between the parties. Feh!