New York Trump Campaign Chair Tells #NeverTrump Delegate She Should Be Hanged For Treason

From the Buffalo News:

Carl P. Paladino – co-chairman of Donald Trump’s New York campaign – is still in the mood for a hanging. Stephani Williams, a Republican convention delegate from Utah who opposes Trump’s nomination for president, learned about the bombastic Buffalo businessman the same way many others have over the years: via email.

“You should be hung for treason Stefani,” Paladino said in an email to Williams. She shared the missive with The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper. “There will not be a Republican Party if you attempt to replace Trump. I’ll be in your face in Cleveland,” Paladino wrote her.

The Hill reports:

When reached by email Thursday, Paladino didn’t deny that he had sent the message. “What the person was proposing is to encourage violation of the rules of the Republican Party under which Donald Trump rose legally to be the presumptive candidate,” Paladino wrote in an email to The Hill.

“The person is being treacherous to the party in doing so and as such the colloquialism is appropriate and if the person’s underwear is all bunched up over his or her sensitivity to my reaction then tell the person if he or she can’t take the heat of what he or she dished out, then get out of the kitchen.”

RELATED: During his 2010 New York gubernatorial campaign, same-sex marriage opponent Paladino was exposed as the baby daddy of a ten year-old girl conceived during an adulterous affair with an employee. Paladino later threatened to “take out” a reporter who demanded proof of his claims that Gov. Andrew Cuomo was having an affair of his own. Weeks before his humiliating loss, he claimed that children are being “brainwashed into homosexuality.” Paladino was also exposed as having shared multiple racist emails, some of which included the N-word.

  • Mark

    Just when I think it can’t get any worse….I have a feeling this is nothing compared to the next few weeks.

    • Elagabalus

      There is no bottom to their cesspool.

      • billbear1961

        Yes, they’re a bottomless SEWER!

        • Todd20036

          Unlike DC, which is full of bottoms.

          That is what you meant, right?

        • 1withCosmos

          That is giving sewers a bad reputation.

      • Strepsi
      • I just checked out Cleveland’s personal ads on Craigslist. There’s quite a cesspool of bottoms as of this morning…

  • Karl Dubhe

    If all goes well, there’s not going to be a Republican party come December.

    Thanks, Donald.

    • (((GC)))

      From your mouth to the FSM’s noodly orecchiette!

      • B Snow

        Thank you! Since the FSM doesn’t have ears, I’ve never known what to use for that saying. That’s perfect!!

        • (((GC)))

          It’s great! I picked it up from someone either here or on Friendly Atheist.

  • Elagabalus

    So it seems Republicans still enjoy watching a good lynching, even after all these years.

    • bambinoitaliano

      After all this years thanks to Trump ,they can collectively emerge from their hateful closets.

    • Todd20036

      Lord loves a hanging. That’s why he gave us necks

  • Reginald Thorkinson

    OT: Mike Pence tried to drain HIV funding for ‘gay cure’ therapy.

    Mike Pence: …“Congress should support the reauthorization of the [HIV funding] Ryan White Care Act only after
    completion of an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer
    being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources
    should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to
    those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”…

  • bambinoitaliano

    Trump is a flea infested dog.

  • Michael Rush

    Disgraced people don’t seem to disappear or end up broke and desperate like you wish they would .

    • Soren456

      They have to realize that they were disgraced before that can happen.

  • billbear1961

    Keep threatening to KILL people who disagree with you, FASCIST!

    Show us what the GOP is all about!

    The “Party of Law and Order,” my ASS!!

    You think YOU are the law!

    Well, you’re WRONG!!

    • Shy Guy

      “L’État c’est moi.” — President Trump

      • billbear1961

        Exactly what he thinks!

        (Hello, Shy!)

    • Todd20036

      So much for the First amendment

      But then the trump campaign isn’t known for its knowledge of constitutional law

      • Jay Silversmith

        It’s the TWELFTH amendment that drumpf REALLY likes.

  • clay

    “You should be hung for treason” is a colloquialism? What kind of phrase does Paladino use as a threat?

  • Jack

    And yet he was just reelected to the Buffalo school board.

    He shrugs this off as a “colloquialism”?

    A primary that awards the “winner” all the votes is undemocratic. Utah, it seems, was 70% for Cruz and he was awarded all 40 delegates. Because of Republican rules (I guess), those 40 votes now go to the only active candidate. So, as our conservative brothers or sisters are wont to say about courts overturning laws put into effect via referenda, it appears that the choice made by the Utah Republicans doesn’t count at all, and Trump just gets their votes.

  • Christ: what a douche nozzle.

  • Blake Jordan

    I honestly believe that hair fuhrer reached his peak support (a while ago), what will cost Clinton the election is enough people not voting or wasting their votes on Stein / Johnson…

    The orange dictator’s win won’t be by a landslide, but by winning enough swing states with a <1% lead in the votes…

    • oikos

      This is my fear as well. I hope Hillary’s campaign is really focusing on GOTV.

    • (((GC)))

      And with the electoral college system, hair-thin majorities get magnified into a “landslide” “mandate”!

      Several states have signed on to the National Popular Vote interstate compact that would effectively bypass the Electoral College. As soon as states accounting for a majority of electoral votes pass it, they commit to assigning their electoral votes to whoever wins the nationwide popular vote for president.

    • JCF

      God/FSM/Universe forbid…

      Vote Dem/VOTE HILLARY as if you’re life depended on it—IT DOES!!!

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    O/t somewhat but I read The Hill on a daily basis as well as the comments. There are some seriously deranged comments there. It seems to have devolved into a conservative/teabaggers rag. It so refreshing to return to JMG and the comments here which are written by thinking, loving, witty persons.

    • TuuxKabin

      I agree.A lot of the wit helps us get thru, then added to the thinking and loving aspects of ‘Joe’sPlace’ makes for a welcome read from any other blog, on-line MSM and daily muck and mire we’re forced to drag ourselves thru, day after day, after day, after day. The ‘fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke’ sensibility is a bright beacon leading to the insightful and experienced comments by so many.

    • Marides48

      We have the BEST people here?

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        Is that a rhetorical question?

      • Menergy

        without the ?….:)

    • Todd20036

      I don’t think much, and on my best days I’m a half wit

      On my worst, I’m a nitwit

      But thanks for the thought

      • Palmer

        Quality of wit is more important than quantity.

        • OSG

          Unfortunately, “quality” is subjective.

  • Gustav2

    The “Q” Cleveland should be renamed the Monkey House for the duration of the Republican convention.

    “When you first enter into the monkey house at the zoo, you think, ‘Oh my G-d this place stinks!’ And then after you’re there for 20 minutes you think, ‘it’s not so bad’ and after you’re there for an hour it doesn’t smell at all. And anyone entering the monkey house freshly thinks, ‘this stinks!’ you’ve been living in the monkey house.”
    –Tim Gunn

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      I know exactly what you mean! It’s a survival thing.

    • Mark Neé Fuzz

      The “Q” may resemble the Great Sept of Baelor, post Cersei’s revenge, by the time the Republicans are done with it.

      • Gustav2

        I bet you speak French to the counter man at Schraft’s

  • olandp

    “The person is being treacherous to the party in doing so and as such
    the colloquialism is appropriate and if the person’s underwear is all
    bunched up over his or her sensitivity to my reaction then tell the
    person if he or she can’t take the heat of what he or she dished out,
    then get out of the kitchen.”

    Palinism seems to be contagious.

  • Halou

    An interesting thought process. Conflating Trump’s ambitions with the nation as a whole, I guess it wont be long before we see the foundation of a private armed militia that pledges loyalty to Mr Trump and tasked with enforcing his will above the nation and/or the Constitution. Because we’ve never seen that happen before to know where it leads.

  • Todd

    The words Trump and Hung don’t really work together ….

    • JCF

      Was going to say “it’s no laughing matter”

      …and then I was overwhelmed w/ the KEWTness of your avatar. <3 "O Pack Leader I feel So Silly w/ this on!" Our dogs are really too good for us…

      • Todd

        Yes ….#BlackPugsMatter

  • Reginald Thorkinson

    OT: Orlando Gunman A Long Term Steroid Abuser.

    …A post mortem conducted by medical
    examiners in Orange County, Florida, revealed changes in Mateen’s body
    consistent with heavy steroid use…

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Maybe not so OT. Might explain Paladino.

    • New NRA slogan. “Gun don’t kill people. Roid rage kills people.”

  • Jack_Carter_USA

    Paladino is the same guy who tweeted (and then hurriedly deleted) “Lynch @LorettaLynch.” I think he’s a little obsessed with something.

    • WebSlinger

      I am very concerned that this talk of violence is not deterring Trump or his supporters…it is very troubling…

      • olandp

        Violence doesn’t deter them , it motivates them.

        • WebSlinger

          I fear that you are correct many people are jumping on the violence bandwagon because if they see someone like Trump advocating it then it must be alright…if they see someone like Trump doing it without any challenge or punishment then it is alright for them to act them way…leaders should led to a moral high ground not the lowest common denominator which in this case is violence…shame really…

          • GayOldLady

            Trump validates their hatred.

        • clay

          It has, probably, since childhood.

      • paganguy

        Not only is it not deterring them, it’s dragging more and more out the shadows and convincing them they have nothing to hide. It’s been the most frightening part of his campaign.

        • billbear1961

          Then he has the GALL to call himself the “law and order” candidate!

          • WebSlinger

            We must make sure that friends that are BLUE are registered to vote and then make sure that they do VOTE…this is vitally important and even work on those who might be close to the red line…do not ignore them speak to them about the dangers of Trump and his winning the election in November…

          • Todd20036

            And people think I’m wrong for comparing him to Hitler

          • (((GC)))

            “Hair Drumpf” and “Hair Führer” are not exaggerations.

          • popebuck1

            Il Douché

          • paganguy

            I’ve always thought he was more Mussolini. He’s already shown he can make his supporters believe he’ll make the trains run on time…

          • lymis

            “Then he has the GALL to call himself the “law and order” candidate!”

            Well, you know, as in “just say no to law and order.”

      • Jack_Carter_USA

        They love talk of violence. It’s their bread and butter.

    • lymis

      Yeah, once might be a typo. Twice is intentional. Twice with the same “punishment by hanging” imagery is pretty much definitive.

      Not that anyone thought that the “Lynch Loretta Lynch” thing was a typo in the first place.

      • clay

        Three times– threatening that reporter at the top of the open stairs in the NY Capitol.

        • Todd20036

          Summons Beitelguise

          • (((GC)))

            Shhhh! He’ll desperately try to convince us yet again that both major parties are “exactly the same”….

          • medaka

            He’s gone, gone, and nothing’s gonna bring him back 🙂

          • Todd20036

            Well there’s one thing, if Disqus ever removed it’s blocking feature

          • Todd20036

            I don’t care much about him. Enough people blocked him on this site that when he does his cut and paste thing no one reads it and comments on it

            And Perdue is basically a troll. Offering problems with no solutions and no observations

          • Reality.Bites

            I saw replies to him in a thread yesterday, so presumably he remains alive and able to type.

            He’ll never be OK.

  • WebSlinger

    Why is there always violence coming out of Trump’s mouth or someone who supports him.

    This is EXTREMELY TELLING and VERY DANGEROUS; we as a nation need to hear this and respond correctly and keep this man and make notes of the people who are willing to sanction/support him during this election cycle…

  • Steven B

    Treason? Has he heard of the First Amendment?

  • billbear1961

    What should happen to those GOP senators who are VIOLATING the Constitution they swore an OATH to uphold and are guilty of flagrant SEDITION when they refuse to consider ANY nominee to SCOTUS by this President??

    Well, fat mouth–WELL?!

  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    Ummm, that’s kind of not the definition of treason, buddy. And opposing Trump will not be the death of the Republican Party. Trump,will be the death of the Republican Party. Not that it’s a bad thing either way.

  • Jerry Kott

    This is what happens when you give Joe Beer-Can a Microphone.

    • clay

      this, or Karaoke.

  • billbear1961

    On your knees and GROVEL before the new American AUTOCRAT and his slobbering henchmen, fresh from the GUTTER!

    • Mikey

      shame on you associating anything Republican with the sublime music that is Boris Godounov.
      (I had the pleasure of singing chorus in this opera in a fantastic production… 500 choristers, it was YUUUGE)

  • Halou

    Trump hasn’t said anything about the Turkish coup yet. He is still trying to work out how to spin it to both promote himself and to further spread his hatred of “the other”.

    Serious question. How is America’s most hateful Islamophobe going to react to the deaths of hundreds of Turkish citizens who just happen to be Muslims?

    • clay

      Will he call to booting them from NATO, or reiterate his call to cut ourselves off from our NATO allies?

      • medaka



      If Turkey only had a Yuge Trump Gulf Course, a really good gulf course you know, I only get the best, The United States Military is good they got the best people. That Estrogen guy is the problem, Yeh estrogen is the problem, real men don’t have estrogen, I will put the best people to work, Turkey needs to throw out the Mooslims, My daughter is really hot.

      • Menergy

        perfect! 🙂

      • MonochromeMouse

        you forgot to throw in three or four brags about how his dick and hands are both absolutely gigantic, if those were in there you would have a perfect transcript of an average trump speech

  • lymis

    Ignoring the other (and worse) parts of this email, the Big Lie is still front and center.

    “What the person was proposing is to encourage violation of the rules of the Republican Party under which Donald Trump rose legally to be the presumptive candidate”

    No. The rules of the Republican Party INCLUDE a group of delegates meeting in advance of the convention to agree on the rules FOR the convention. By those rules, the rules for the previous convention all go out the window unless they are re-ratified for the current one.

    It is completely within the “rules of the Republican Party” to propose to the Rules committee changes to the duties and obligations of the delegates who are attending the convention.

    You can say it’s a tacky move. You can say it’s a divisive move. You can say that it’s a counterproductive move. You can say that it’s a move that hurts party unity. You can even say that it’s a move that undercuts the primary system and the meaning of what the voters who chose Trump in the primary expected of their delegates.

    But you can’t say that it “violates” any party rules. It IS the party rules.

    And it’s sure as hell not “treason.”

    • clay

      He’s also confusing RNC rules and US laws, disloyalty to his party with treason to the US.

      • (((GC)))

        But the Republican party IS the REAL United States! 🙂

      • Steverino

        That’s the one-party, authoritarian government mindset, which is what they want for this country.

  • JT
    • 1withCosmos

      Someone needs to find the 14 Principles of Fafscism and post it on their websites and send a copy to Drumpf. It is amazing how much closer to the principles he is than W was. And that is truly scary.

  • ColdCountry

    A campaign of intimidation. I worry.

  • MBear

    make murrikkka “great” again. LMFAO

  • David Gervais

    Once again, a Republican’t can not get through a simple paragraph without an error.
    However, the Trumpanzees will never notice the difference between hanged and hung.
    Although, the personal ads in Cleveland this week might show more knowledge than a Republican’t should have on the subject.

  • Jay Silversmith

    Hang anyone who disagrees with you, “take out” reporters who expose you, crucify atheists, kill gays, punish women…..he seemed so nice when he was taking your money.

  • bkmn

    Cleveland is going to be a riot.

    • TrollopeReader

      In the actual sense of mob violence ….

  • Marides48

    As we all know, tRump has the BEST crazy people on his side.

  • canoebum

    I’m starting to make contingency plans in case the worst should happen. I’m torn between two options: selling my house now and moving to Colombia, or selling my house now and moving to an off-the grid cabin in northern Adirondack Park. A third option involves selling my house now and returning to live in Las Vegas, but the water supply situation and increasing heat is a worry for me.

    • Marides48

      Moving won’t fix things. You will find shit where ever you go.

      • TuuxKabin

        So true. As much as we’ve entertained the idea we realize the UWS is a secure bastion of blues. Young, middle age and elders. Unfortunately a lot of black and latino families are being priced out. But there is still a sense of engaging multicultural activities and places to eat.

    • Mikey

      i CAN recommend A place, should the DAy come that trump is elected

  • Clive Johnson

    Paladino is an excellent representative of Trumpism: Poorly educated and semi-literate, thuggish and bigoted.

  • DaveMiller135

    If they should happen to get elected, I hope they can manage to take a moment to hire some people who actually know how things work here in the US.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Carl Paladino and the Trump campaign. That is what’s known in Hollywood as “perfect casting.”

  • D. J.

    Paladino was the racist horror that arranged for Drumpf to speak in the small town where it had been open season for bashing (and killing) Latinos.
    That speech took place on the same street the man was killed on.
    Paladino is human excrement and hatred.

  • LarryChemEngr

    If you look up “Washed-up, has-been loser” in the dictionary, there is a picture of Carl Paladino.

  • Deacon Phreque

    Not to mention his fetish for beastiality smut, which he sent around to friends with his own, pithy remarks added. Classy guy.

  • Charlie

    Sounds like something a Hitler supporter would have said in 1930’s Germany.

  • Ninja0980

    If you want to know why I only visit Western NY and don’t live there… it’s because that is the part of the state Paladino’s base is at.
    An asshole through and through and so are the people who voted for him.

  • The_Wretched

    Paladino is a stupid person’s idea of what a tough guy looks like. If Trump’s ‘message’ wasn’t reason enough to not vote for him, his C-Grade thugs and yes men are reason enough to skip Trump come November.

    • Gianni

      It does say a great deal about Trump, the man. Paladino is a true piece of walking, talking, shit.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    This is a look at what we’ll be seeing if, God help us all, Trump is elected. Think long and hard about that before you stay home or vote third party.

    • ByronK

      Well, he’s already mused about shutting down any critical media or being able to sue them. And he said no one would be able to speak at the convention if they didn’t support him. Yay, democracy! If he’s elected, there is no telling what he might attempt to do. Terrifying.

  • Yeah…nothing at all fascist about declaring it to be treason and threatening executions for mild acts of political disobedience or disagreement. I wasn’t aware that the Republican party was a government whose rules rise to the level of capital punishment if you even try to change those rules.

    Paladino is a goddamned jackbooted ghoul. Seriously, only under a fascist dictatorship is disloyalty to the party’s presumptive leader — a man who hasn’t even been elected to any public office yet — considered an actual crime.

    • Gianni

      That’s Carl for you. He’s the perfect hanger-on for Trump. He readily and openly demonstrates the “style” of his loud-mouth benefactor. Carl is a true shit-for-brains and has no problem letting the world see that. I wonder if he’s angling for a position in the Trump administration. He could be the White House pet – attack dog!

  • e jerry powell
  • TallBearNC

    Why can’t these people who call for people to be put to death, Obama to be murdered or shot killed… Be charged for some sort of crime?

    We to have the right to free speech in the United States – where I live… but there are some limitations….

    But by saying: I just saying I wish someone would hang these people or this group of persons should be hanging , or them saying the president should be hanged ….. I guess is it NOT a crime because it’s not a real death threat

    • TuuxKabin

      And it’s increasing. Just left a site, don’t remember, rawstory or a local mid-atlantic news outlet, some elected official in WV calling for Hillary Clinton to be hung on the national mall.

      For all the good it did, an outlet of frustration, I reported two pastors preaching hate speech and making threats to the LGBT community to the FBI last month after the PULSE massacre, and I filed a complaint against the NPS Police for the arrest of the photographer at Riis Beach, Queens. It helps counter the anger I feel when I hear/read the news of their blatant threats, or action. The NPS did follow up with a telephone interview and gave me a file number of the complaint, and were professional. Only an electronic acknowledgement came from the FBI.

      I agree with you, I wish someone with authority would at least call them out for their remarks and threats.

  • Make America Grating Again

    Yes, Carl P. we should all be able to murder the people who disagree with us politically.
    I’ve already got a list ready to go, and you just put yourself at the top of it.

    It’s funny how conservatives are always saying that it’s the democrats who love authoritarianism, but Republican assholes like Paladino are the first ones to call for death to dissenters.

  • Sporkfighter

    “What the person was proposing is to encourage violation of the rules of the Republican Party under which Donald Trump rose legally to be the presumptive candidate,” Paladino wrote in an email to The Hill.

    And here we have the modern Republican, the man who doesn’t understand the difference between Republican party rules and the Constitution of the United States.

  • Carl

    If they’re fine with killing members of their own party they’ll be fine with killing the rest of us. Bottom line.