John Oliver Reads His YouTube Comments [VIDEO]

TIME recaps:

HBO late night host John Oliver found humor in the mean comments viewers leave on his YouTube channel.

In a web video—the series is on a break until July 24—Oliver read some of his favorite mean comments and some rave reviews about the Last Week Tonight hosts’ appearance. In true Oliver fashion, he refers to the comments as fan mail, which is ironic given few seem to be fans.

“As always, our fan mail comes in the form of YouTube comments, the most cogent written argument for never learning how to read,” Oliver says.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    That was funny but almost nothing beats Dawkins reading his hate e-mails, which are full of swear words.

    • AtticusP

      Khristian “love” in action.

      Jeebus would be so proud…

    • DonnaLee

      I’ve seen both videos on his emails, and I like the one where he’s got the fishtank in the background even more. It’s wonderful to see him smiling and laughing, since he typically doesn’t do that when he’s at a speaking engagement.

  • MB

    In other news from Repubulikantizan…

    PHOENIX July 11, 2016 — The Arizona Supreme Court says the mere smell of marijuana can still be the sole basis for police to obtain a warrant to conduct a search, despite the state’s legalization of medical marijuana.

    However, a unanimous decision by the state high court says that legal foundation for a search can be dispelled if authorities have indications the suspected marijuana use or possession is authorized by the medical marijuana law.

    * Four of the AZ Supreme Court’s justices were appointed by Republican governors.

    • Galvestonian

      …my landlord was getting ready to toss up into the streets until she found out that what she was smelling was cigars. The down stairs elderly neighbor (93) swore that it was marijuana – ‘them gay faggots upstairs are smoking POT !’ … when she didn’t throw us out he moved ’cause he thought we were trying to kill him with bees as we had planted window boxes with flowers.

    • Snarky

      I stopped reading when I got to “high court.” Giggling too hard to continue.

  • AtticusP

    I still miss Jon Stewart, but I’m grateful we still have John Oliver.

    If only all of our elected officials were as smart and well-spoken as he.

    • Tor

      It’s a sad commentary on our country when the most cogent political statements come from comedians.

      • AtticusP

        I think that some comedians are sort of modern prophets in a way. They speak truths that we can only feel, but not always express.

        I am thinking here of George Carlin and Bill Hicks, just to name a couple. There are so many others, male and female.

        And clearly, all of them are far too bright to have ever considered running for political office.

        • Tor

          We do have the wonderful Al Franken!

          • TK in GBC TX

            GMTA 😉

        • Strepsi

          Well I think that’s a good insight that has always been true, but what’s sad today is the best JOURNALISM comes from comedians!

          Better research, better fact-checking, more in-depth stories…. you can get more actual news information in 1/2 hour of John Oliver per week, than the other 167.5 HOURS of CNN combined! and that’s fucking pathetic.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    Terribly OT but I think JMG enjoy these type of robotic science type things. This time it’s not from Boston Dynamic

    • Adam King


  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    One of the messages comments on his growing older, which I must say is a good thing.
    John Oliver presents a joyously mature commentary.

  • Bad Tom

    “Until then, you’re all monsters!! Good bye!”

    That’s why we love John Oliver. He tells it like it is.

  • BobSF_94117

    They’re going on vacation for the conventions???

    • Karl Dubhe

      Mental health break. They’re going to need it, as are the rest of us. 🙂