Former Southern Baptist Head: Trump Can Win Over Evangelicals By Vowing To Name Ted Cruz To SCOTUS

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

Evangelical seminary president Richard Land told the American Family Association’s One News Now today that Donald Trump could help himself “enormously” with social conservatives “if he were to hold a press conference and say that if he is indeed elected president, that he will nominate Ted Cruz to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.”

Land has previously promoted some pretty extreme ideas about the federal courts. Just after the November 2014 elections in which Republicans took control of the Senate, Land called on Republicans not to confirm a single federal judge for the final two years of Obama’s term.

RELATED: In 2012 Land stepped down as head of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission after plagiarizing a Washington Times column which accused the Obama administration of “ginning up racial tension” over the murder of Trayvon Martin.