Obama Celebrates Stonewall Monument [VIDEO]

Today President Obama celebrated the designation of the Stonewall National Monument in his weekly video address to the nation, comparing the Stonewall Inn to other historic sites like Independence Hall and Kitty Hawk. Watch below. The president went on to recap LGBT progress during his administration. An excerpt:

Over the past seven years, we’ve seen achievements that would have been unimaginable to the folks who, knowingly or not, started the modern LGBT movement at Stonewall. Today, all Americans are protected by a hate crimes law that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is history. Insurance companies can no longer turn you away because of who you are. Transgender Americans are more visible than ever, helping to make our nation more inclusive and welcoming for all. And one year ago this weekend, we lit the White House in every color – because in every state in America, you’re now free to marry the person you love.

  • Joe in PA

    Meh, I’m sure Romney would have done the same thing.


  • CCleverly

    This is why we have to get to the polls…

  • bkb


  • WebSlinger
  • Ninja0980

    Keep in mind NONE of the gains we’ve made would have happened if McCain or Romney had won.
    Vote blue this fall to protect LGBT rights and other progressive issues or everything Obama did for us will be for naught.

  • Sam_Handwich

    He’s ramming it down our throats and jamming it up our bums!!

    Thanks, Obama!!!!

    • JustSayin’

      Is your thanks obama snark or an insult? It is unclear because the haters use that same phrase to deride our President.

      • Sam_Handwich

        just being snaky 😀

        • Adam King

          That’s why they call him Slithery Sam.

      • Adam King

        On liberal sites “Thanks, Obama” is used frequently both to express sincere thanks and to rub it in the face of the haters. It’s also used in completely irrelevant contexts just to be silly.

    • another_steve

      Hey big boy…is that your evolution on the issue or are ya just happy to see me?

      • hiker_sf


    • Belthazar

      If it’s Obama doing the ramming and jamming, I”M IN :). Okay, I had to take it to the lowest common denominator.

  • WebSlinger
    • GC

      Exactly! Add a year to many of those ages: Notorious RBG is 83, Anthony Kennedy turns 80 in a month, Stephen Breyer turns 78 in two months. I wish them (and Sonia Sotomayor, and Elana Kagan) long life, good health, and many more years of distinguished service on the bench… yet nobody is magically shielded from shit happening.


    • Jerry

      Just checking to make sure, but it appears Scalia is still dead.

      • Blake Jordan

        And we are all still happy about that FACT!!!

      • another_steve

        Yes, I just got back from checking. As of 11:00 a.m. Eastern U.S. time, the official count is 29 maggots in his left orbital cavity and 39 in his right.

        • GC

          The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out…

          • another_steve



          • Bluto

            Mom sang this all the time as a nursery rhythm when I was a yoot. I miss that sassy old broad.

          • another_steve

            I also miss my mom. She was sassy too. Had a mouth like a truck driver, particularly when she was drunk.

            Getting drunk with her was so much fun.

          • Bluto

            Sassy old broads are the best!

          • Six Pins Delores

            OH my goodness! Lol

          • Thank you! I went looking for that but I was mixing it up with a Loony Tunes version with dancing skeletons but ended up here http://cornel1801.com/disney/Make-Mine-Music-1946/film9.html Damned if I know how.

        • Todd20036

          Are the worms doing any jiggery pokery?

      • Adam King

        Is there any way he could be deader? Because I for one would appreciate that.

  • Blake Jordan

    Imagine how much drumpf could undo, or new stuff he could introduce to punish us for our existences…


    POTUS = SCOTUS, VOTE as if your life depended on it because it damn well does.

    • DrRobY

      But but but but but, BernieOrBust and FeelTheBern. Those are important too, right? What is more important? Protest votes that no one pays attention to but makes the voter feel better about themselves, or vote a candidate that won’t fuck up the court for a generation or two? That’s a tough one. Feel better about myself, or preserve many of my ideals as well as the nation for decades? Instant gratification or decades long security? Hey that worked for the Brexit people. Why not here? Narrow minded instant gratification wins!

  • Blake Jordan

    Low voter turnout is (probably) the only legal way drumpf can win…

    • JustSayin’

      Which is why everyone needs to drag the lazy and whining folks to the polls by the hair if they have too.

    • Sam_Handwich

      I think Trump will inspire more minority turnout than any Democrat has ever managed, even Obama. 😉

      • Six Pins Delores

        Sam, I wish you were able to cast your vote FOR someone rather than against. I am being sincere

    • another_steve

      Trump looks like a beaver in that pic.

      • Adam King

        That beaver looks SO much better.

        • Todd20036

          Whoa! NIce beaver!

      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        Many folks have an aversion to beaver.

        • Schlukitz

          A gratuitous beaver shot?

  • Ninja0980

    As others have mentioned, the Supreme Court is at stake this fall.
    And if people want to know how much of a difference one appointment can make, I’ll mention a name I’ve said before, Deborah Cook.
    She is a conservative judge on the 6th Circuit who is basically Scalia in a dress and was part of the 2-1 panel in the 6th Circuit that upheld marriage bans in KY,OH,MI and TN before SCOTUS told her and Sutton to fuck off.
    She was also at the top of the list of John McCain for picks to SCOTUS if he had won.

    • thepinkservbot

      How do we move the Democratic party left as it continues to veer right? Answer this question. None of you have been able to so far.

      • marshlc

        Be involved, be noisy. Work at the local level, run for local office. Make sure they know you’re here, that you vote, and that you work to influence others to vote.

        That is what the religious right did with the Republican party, and it worked. They used the churches, you can use social media, and activist groups.

        And don’t pretend that you haven’t heard that before, that people haven’t been able to answer your question. Unless your question is “How do we move the Democratic party to the left without having to sit in boring committee meetings and write boring letters and knock on boring doors and do actual work?”

        • thepinkservbot

          What a condescending answer. Thanks for taking the time to give me the world’s most surface-level, useless pep talk about volunteerism for local politics in a conversation that is fundamentally about the presidential election.

          I am involved. I am noisy. I have been, and continue to be, very noisy about how Clinton and the Democratic party set up policies that I don’t agree with and knock down policies that I do agree with. And each time I point that out, I am told by BLUE or DIE voters, or people who are #WithHer, to shut the fuck up and just be happy I’m getting what I’m getting. Or at least, when they’re not giving me a bunch of snide patronizing that a six-year-old would wrinkle her nose at. That’s pretty much all the JMG posting body has been to anyone who doesn’t have one of those H arrows branded on their ass.

          Showing that we’re here, we vote and that I work to influence others, though? All you’re doing is giving me more reason to show that Democrats can’t take progressives for granted. What message does a registered Democrat voting off-ticket for a presidential candidate send?

          • marshlc

            You don’t change a party’s policies during a presidential election. You change it by being part of it, all the time.

            And, come off it. You weren’t actually asking for a real answer. You just wanted to complain.

          • thepinkservbot

            “All the time” would, in fact, include during a presidential election.

            And, no, I wasn’t just looking to complain. If that’s what I wanted, I would have started a thread. Instead, I responded to someone who was saying VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHAT OR ELSE with my lead concern for why I had no intention on behaving like a good little lemming.

            Your snide horseshit attitude, emblematic of pretty much every experience I’ve had on this Clinton-dominated blog, isn’t helping.

          • marshlc

            OK, I was actually serious with my first answer. The way you change a political party is from within. Because that’s what a political patry is – a collection of people who believe in roughly the same end result, and the same methods for getting there. If you want to change the Democratic Party, you become a Democrat, and fill the party with people like yourself. You get involved in the party, and you gradually gain a voice in it and move it in the direction you think it should go, by persuading other members that it’s the best way.

            You obviously don’t want to hear that. What I think you were really asking was “How do you force a political party, when you don’t belong to it, and don’t share its goals, to become something other than what it is?” The answer is of course “You don’t”. If you want something that isn’t the Democratic Party but is instead a left wing party, you build one from the ground up. And while you are building it, and changing city and county and state governments, showing that your ideas can work in practice, gaining goodwill and experience and membership, you hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils in the fights you haven’t got a chance of winning.

            And eventually, and sometimes a lot quicker than you might think, if events in the world run your way, you have a viable candidate for president who not only has a chance of winning but who has a party behind him or her that are all working for the same thing, rather than a party that is unwillingly forced into something they don’t believe in.

            You don’t need Hillary Clinton to be more to the left. You need a party of your own, with a leader of your own – and you don’t get that by starting at President.

          • thepinkservbot

            I knew your answer was serious, nobody ever said you had to be joking to be hilariously condescending and patronizing to someone. Which you continue to be — “a party you don’t belong to”? “STARTING at President”? This ridiculous explanation of what a political party is? I’ve been registered as a Democrat and voting straight-ticket blue for a decade and a half, so kindly jump up my ass with these assumptions of yours — I need your explanation of how the political process works (and Jesus what a historically clueless explanation at that) like you need me to tell you how to balance your checkbook.

            As for your claim that “you don’t just change a political party”, hey Rumpelstiltskin, wake up and smell the Drumpf. Clinton might have the lead on him now (who knows come November), but that didn’t happen before he and his angry mob of idiots took over his party and made EVERYONE get down on their knees and kiss the ring. And that’s just a RECENT example of a political party experiencing major change. And it is a major change — you think that genie is getting put back in that bottle? You’re going to see Trump’s mark on Republican temperaments for a LONG time.

            If the American political system actually worked for its citizens, you’d be right, let’s set up that third and forth and fifth party. However, it doesn’t work that way, and in the entire history of this country (and certainly not NOW), it never has. As a registered Democrat seeking progressive policies, the only thing that I can do with my non-existent power, is show that I voted Blue at the city, county and state level, and Green at the presidential level, in the hopes that the only “left-leaning” party of this country might realize that hey, maybe a whole section of Democratic voters aren’t exactly set on fire by Gore Mk 2.

            And I only make that comparison in terms of them being weak-ass candidates. On policy, I’d take Gore over Clinton so fast those polyester pantsuits of hers would melt.

          • marshlc

            Yeah, sorry. Here’s the answer you wanted: “It’s impossible, I know. Fucking Clinton”.

          • thepinkservbot

            ? The permanence of the American two party political system is rooted in history far older than Clinton. I’m not blaming Clinton for that, I’m blaming Clinton for being another mediocre, centrist Democrat that is about as exciting as rotted particle board and equally trustworthy. That’s what is on Clinton.

            By the way, your naivete regarding the political process and your endless trust of this system makes you sound like the political equivalent of an out-of-touch, trust fund-having fortunate son, tut-tutting the poors for not engaging the economy. “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps!”

  • JustSayin’

    I strongly recommend everyone get a new book out called
    White Trash: The 400-year Untold History of Class in America

    Almost everything you were taught about history is a lie, or at least spin.

  • bkmn

    He’s going to be a tough act to follow.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      I’m disgusted that anybody thinks Trump should be the next one.

  • Secure

    Thank you so much President Obama.

  • greenmanTN

    Holy shit this man is a hero! I have tears streaming down my face to see this and I do not cry easily!

    • Gene


      I just felt….
      feels..feels nice

      • greenmanTN

        I am right there with you, Gene! An actual citizen. Who knew?

  • MBear

    Time for all those wailing christians to leave the US! Hahahahhha


    • Dreaming Vertebrate


  • hiker_sf

    Obama – he’s a good man.

  • Hal Watts

    Best President of my lifetime, hands down, and I am over 60.

    • Sam_Handwich

      My Red Sox are in Texas playing the Rangers …last night the camera zoomed in on grinning jackass George Bush in the stands. Hard to believe he was ever elected president.

      • Eddie Besketti

        not by me – twice and not his daddy either.

      • Hal Watts

        As you know, he was maybe elected once. The Repubs stole his first election.

      • Ninja0980

        Fear and prejudice can sadly work wonders.

      • JCF

        It was really sweeeet when my Giants beat that jackhole’s Rangers in the 2010 WS. [Perhaps a Cardinals fan would also like to toast 2011? ;-/]

    • TuuxKabin

      Best in my lifetime and I’m 70.

      • race you to 100! I’m only 3 years behind but gaining.

        • TuuxKabin

          You’re on! But how can I refer to you as Grumpy old Man when I’m older than you? And the truth of the matter is, I’ll always be older than you.

          • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c93cdfe439bf5720c1c71c5f73afd52addc784241ac4f0fbe168d501a9b5e9b.gif Well, you can always call me young’un – it is the running of the race not the winning that makes it worthwhile (besides, one of us is going to stop getting older so I suppose the other one wins) – if I win, I am going to buy a bottle of port that is my age and drink it in memory of all those who did not complete the race. When I turned 40 I bought a port my age (turns out 1948 was one damn good year for port) – it cost $250; when I went to buy one for my 60th, it was going for $1,300 sigh.
            Hell, I promised myself that I get to start smoking again when I turn 95 but since that is getting closer I’ve moved it to 97.

          • TuuxKabin

            Sweet. I like callin’ younger ones ‘young’un. Had a friend I used that on all the time. She called me ‘big’un. Well, if port appreciated that much than you and I did too. In fact I’d venture to say we’re priceless. Is that you jugglin’ those things? That’s not the kinda runnin’ of the race I want to run. Can we roller skate as well?

          • That is not me – I can barely juggle 3 – oh, crap I am not going there. I finally had to put my skates up. Tell you what, how about walking, yeah – I can handle walking. I finally broke away from work and will be heading to a cabin in the mountains of Montana for a week. No phone, no wi-fi, no neighbors – it has been years since I have been alone – like alone alone with no one within 10 miles. Our cabin is so deep in the Bitterroots that I will be able to see the Milky Way again w/o a scope. (I am hoping for Aurora Borealis while there – wholey shite, there is an entire network of northern light watchers https://www.facebook.com/PicAxPhotography/videos/vb.648968851916473/819034114909945/?type=2&theater

            I will have to check the predictions out when I head there in August)

            Most American do not understand what ‘dark’ is and have never been more than a couple miles from people. See, I am getting grumpy already.

          • TuuxKabin

            Ok. Walking, strolling preferably, is a good compromise. I envy your upcoming sojourn. I don’t think I’ve seen the Milky Way since the mid 70’s while working summer camp in the Sierra Nevadas, near Yosemite. There’s no dark, living in NYC. Ever. Well twice, two black outs. Saw the Aurora Borealis once, I was told by adults, as a kid in the 50’s in Northern California.

  • Sam_Handwich

    if you want a good laugh, check out Zack Ford’s twitter feed. He’s at the “March for Marriage” this morning!!


    • Sam_Handwich
      • BobSF_94117

        That backpack is suspiciously rainbow-y.

        • Gustav2


      • Hue-Man

        Is that Eugenia to Brown’s right?

      • coram nobis

        Brian: Where is everybody?
        Guy in white: Market Street, San Francisco, on Sunday. Still time to book a flight, dear. And buy some leathers.

    • Gustav2

      Another reason to dance today.

    • Gustav2

      Is C-SPAN there?

    • Chucktech

      JESUS, really??? It’s that poorly attended?? That is BEYOND pathetic.

      • Six Pins Delores

        And yet, HILARIOUS! 🙂

    • Cackalaquiano

      Next year, instead of spending all the meager pennies they raised for this thing on useless sound equipment and other rentals, they should rent a bunch of mannequins and human sized puppets and celebrity cutouts for their photos.

  • TuuxKabin

    Posted earlier in a less ‘commented’ posting. Please protect your selves. Meningococcal outbreak in California.


    • SoCalGal20

      Oh yes! My local radio station in L.A. was talking about it. L.A. County Health Department wants to get the word out. Take care of yourselves, guys.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    OH NO!!! We are screwed! Look at all the people showing up for the March for

    Marriage day of hate. They may actually hit the double digits soon.


    • Rebecca Gardner



      • Gustav2

        I blame it on the rain…oh, wait.

      • that’s…..pathetic!!!
        i’m pretty sure i just peed a bit. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Chucktech

          Pathetic really doesn’t do this NOM ignominy justice. It’s way beyond laughably pathetic. They should be utterly mortified. And as that wears off, they should do some true soul searching about their lost cause. Meaning they should realize they’ve lost and their only hope now is the barbarous third world.

    • Treant

      What a groundswell of support!

      Oh, no, that’s just the ground rippling as Brian walks. Never mind.

    • TuuxKabin

      ‘lead balloon’ comes to mind.

    • Todd20036

      “They may actually hit the double digits soon”

      You mean attendance or intelligence quotient?

      • Beagle


    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      There is now a story dedicated to NOM’s failure.

    • Cackalaquiano

      I saw that and thought about their frantic last-minute fundraising. With all the staging and sound equipment and other trappings they had to rent for nobody to show up, they could have just used a megaphone and they’d have saved plenty of money for their other hateful endeavors. But I’m not on their event planning committee, so…

  • greenmanTN

    I am seriously loving lame-duck no-shits-to-give-anymore Obama. I just wish he had been this way from day one!

    • David L. Caster

      Hard to say for certain, but I think he might agree with you.

      • Chucktech

        No, he was right to give bipartisanship a chance. It’s just that 6 months in it should have been glaringly obvious that he was going nowhere by playing nice.

  • avidreader

    A wonderful sentiment, marred by nasty nationalism at the very end.

    I know, I know, it’s propaganda meant for internal consumption. But still, he really should avoid such pettiness when doing historic proclamations. Stonewall belongs to the world, after all.

    • Tigernan Quinn

      The fuck it does. It’s ours.

      • HAAAAAAA

        Yes its yours.
        And we thank you so very very much for it.

  • Baby Dave

    Why can’t he run for a third term? FDR did great in his third term.

    • Sam_Handwich

      22nd amendment

    • TallBearNC

      I wish he could too but it also protects us from somebody like bush or Reagan running for 3,4, 5 terms

      But also changing the presidency every 4-8 years really causes turmoil in our country because it’s very hard for president to get stuff done in a country where in the political alignment of Congress does not match the political alignment of the president elected

      This is especially hard for Democrat President’s who after deal with the house that is almost constantly Republican… Rarely do we get a democratic potusit with the Democratic house in a democratic senate

      I wish there was some clause that said a president could be real elected for unlimited term after term until the alignment of Congress matched the president, and then he or she could not be re-elected

      But that is also very dangerous as well because we could get a very bad president in there and people could relate them again and again and again

      But what I think we should do is simply have one term allowed for president but it last for eight years, and then there should be policies put into place to remove the president if they’re doing a bad job and the country Elects have them impeached

  • another_steve

    O/T: “Why Black Lives Matter just pulled out of San Francisco Pride”

    Disappointing imo — and yet another example of PCism gone wild.


    • Just Another Tranny

      That’s pretty pathetic. Good riddance.

    • Steven Leahy

      Talk about misguided energy. The focus should be to change police behavior, not eliminate them. I am far more worried about another Orlando-style attack which might unfortunately be far, far more deadly than that one – than I am in satisfying some group’s political agenda.

      • another_steve

        Perfectly put, Steven.

        And to decry a police presence at Pride just two weeks after the Orlando massacre…well…it just leaves me speechless.

        • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

          Just today, there were several friendly policemen and policewomen who walked in London Pride. Black Lives Matter paints with an overly broad brush.

          • another_steve

            Thanks for that, Claude. The meme in hyper-PC circles has become “all police forces are racist and the enemy.” Which is, of course, a ridiculously broadbrush stereotypical statement.

            Yes there are racist cops and yes they need to be rooted out and sent packing, but police forces are neither endemically racist nor “the enemy.”

      • SoCalGal20

        I feel like, much like with Bernie and some of his supporters, they started out with good intentions but as often happens with these sorts of grassroots movements, they went off track somewhere along the way. It’s frustrating and unfortunate because the message about police brutality and the militarization of our police forces and the way policing is too often conducted in this country is something we need to talk about and that needs to be addressed.

  • Gustav2

    ‘Angels’ from Orlando peacefully block Westboro Baptist Church protesters in Columbus


    • SoCalGal20

      What a great story. Thanks for sharing. WBC is an awful group but they sure do bring out the best in others, to the angel winged protectors and songs of love, to the bikers who help block them at the funerals of service members and others, even to that frat that ran them off with disco.

  • billbear1961
    • coram nobis

      Eternal source of light divine
      With double warmth thy beams display
      And with distinguish’d glory shine
      To add a lustre to this day. — Handel, Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne


  • David Walker

    Thank you, Mr. President.

  • coram nobis

    Military aircraft flying low over the SF Bay Area just now. Looks like security is tightening, either for the President’s visit or for Pride weekend.

    • TuuxKabin

      Curious re: President Obama’s motorcade getting in the Pride march/parade. I went to WH schedule which ended with the dinner or lunch at a restaurant where everybody applauded and roared in approval when he swagged in. I thought he was going to Seattle from SF. Do you know if he’s returning to SF? And do you think, or is it still a rumor, he’ll participate tomorrow? I won’t put it past him. He’s gotten so frisky and engaging.

      • coram nobis

        All he’d have to do is fall in behind the Dykes on Bikes. 15 minutes and he’s at Van Ness and Market and can either go to City Hall to speak, or head straight for the airport. What better way of clearing traffic for him than a parade?

        • TuuxKabin

          I like the way you strategize.

          Are there still the Hikin’ Dykes? ?Sierra Club sorta outdoorsy organization?

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Rushmore. He belongs.

  • Jerry

    So now that it’s a national monument, will they still offer lap dances upstairs during Pride Week? And will the park rangers participate? Asking for a friend…

  • FloBear

    This is really huge. Think about this: the Stonewall monument will be in all future National Park Services brochures. Everyone planning a family trip through the parks will read about Stonewall, and get at least a bit of education. Homophobic Dad cannot deny our reality. Conservative hijinks sure to ensue.

  • Gianni

    The Breitbarters are going apoplectic over this – President pushing the gay agenda again.

  • SoCalGal20

    I am really going to miss that man as our President. I love that we now have an official place that is ours.

    Incidentally, I just found one of my old favorite Obama moments (there are many).


  • andrew

    What a joy it has been to have this good and decent man as our nations leader.

  • rabbit_ears
  • Beatrice Finley
    • Marti386

      It’s amazing how you have so many names, but always the same photo, Bea.

  • JCF