YouTube Responds To Orlando Massacre With #ProudToBe Campaign: Share Your Identity [VIDEO]

Over five million views in one day. From the clip description:

From commemorating Pride parades to opening up about transitions and explaining the ABCs of LGBT, YouTube is a place where anyone can belong no matter who they are or who they love. That is why today we want to help people honor and celebrate who they’re #ProudToBe.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we help accept, love, and celebrate one another. In the wake of the tragic events in Orlando, we stand together in support of the LGBTQ community. We stand together with everyone who has the courage to own and share their identity.

We stand together to show the power of solidarity, the power of love, the power of pride. To those beautiful and brave voices who continue to make YouTube the vibrant, diverse and empathetic community it is, we are #ProudToBe with you.

You probably don’t want to see the comments at YouTube.

  • oikos

    Yeah youtube is so welcoming they allow hate filled comments to stay up and haters to keep posting.

  • safari

    *Just don’t read the comments.

    • Write two positive comments for every hateful one you read.

      • Dan

        The internet will be replaced by telepathy way before anyone can type fast enough for that to be effective. It’s a good thought, though.

      • Blake Jordan

        I don’t know about anyone else, but who has the time to do that…

        The speed that the hate comets are being typed out, and the likes those comments receive, would be super impressive if it was not for such a horrible cause.

        It is like all haters across the world, with YouTube access, have come together to crush us.

        • I agree and I’m not naive. I simply suggested one way to fight back. To stand up. No one says the comments had to be original and tailored to each video. Cut and paste. And click, 👍

        • catherinecc

          > It is like all haters across the world, with YouTube access, have come together to crush us.

          That’s exactly what has occurred. It’s a reddit / 4chan / gamergate brigade. Hundreds of thousands of “mah free speech” dipshits on a crusade.

  • Todd

    I’d rather see a #ShameOnTheSenate campaign, to be honest.

  • Baby Dave

    The comments section on any website are filled with unreadable, bombastic bullshit posted by anonymous idiots who have nothing decent to do with their time and think most of the world considers whatever textual diarrhea they post is incredibly profound, witty, or philosophically deep.

    Erm…. well…. *coff coff* present company excluded you see.

    *taps mic* is this thing on?

  • JoeMyGod

    The ASAP Science guys have also done a #ProudToBe clip.

  • JoeMyGod

    RuPaul’s Drag Race cast members are #ProudToBe.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Don’t read the comments!!!!!!

    • Mike Solo

      Too late…

  • JT

    Asswipe haters are out in force in the comments and the voting.

    • Sashineb

      Yes, it’s alarming to see that there are more dislikes than likes, and some of the comments (which I have reported) are horrible.

      • It interesting how fast ‘haters’ find and log onto channels like this, even before us gays do.

        • catherinecc

          They’re sent there by 4chan and other shitholes of the internet.

          Comments finally disabled.

      • JT

        And even the “moderate” naysayers are clueless. “The people in this video are pathetic, self-absorbed douchebags. Plenty
        of gay people live their lives without shoving their identity down
        everyone’s throats.” In other words, go back into the closet and don’t even participate in the conversation like hetero-privileged people.

        • bambinoitaliano

          Wait till the one who identify as gays and disagree with the message to emerge.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Yup. I can’t help myself but troll a few 🙂

  • JoeMyGod

    The haters have hijacked the hashtag on Twitter also.

    • Larry Gist

      A Japanese name, and an anime character Avatar, and we are SUPPOSED to believe you are white?

      • safari

        He’s proud to be in his mother’s basement.

      • Rebecca Gardner

        “Kurisu-kitsune (born July 29, 1989), also known as Kurisu, or Kuri for short, is a fursuiter living with his mate, Imperial Lion, in Waco, Texas, United States”

        • safari

          Well, I think I’ll need to take a break from the internet and do actual work. A possible white-pride gay furry against a Youtube campaign of healing after a major lgbt massacre is enough for me at the moment. (Though it might not be the person on the furry wiki… which… there is a furry wiki… huh. Yiff on, I guess.)

        • William

          Waco, that explains everything.

        • tcinsf
      • B Snow

        Of course they’re white. You’ve never seen the J-Pop America Fun Time Now sketches on SNL?

        I’m just astounded that someone who loves anime (i.e. something Asian) that much would not be in favor of multiculturalism. If it weren’t for multiculturalism, Chris (Kurisu) would never have heard of anime. What a moron.

  • Prion

  • Prion


  • Blake Jordan

    I know LGBT+ postive content produced by YouTube usually ends up with a ~60% “favorability”, and lots of troll comments…

    But I am shocked at how many more dislikes there are than likes, the haters / trolls have never had that much power before…
    Are a lot of the “allies” no longer on YouTube or what is the cause for this drastic change in support???

    The worst part is that it has also spread to the individual LGBT+ content creators and their videos are being heavily dislikes, and a lot of horrible comments left.

    You would not expect after Orlando that the haters would take the lead!!!

    • Silver Badger

      They’re taking advantage of the spotlight to spread their hate.

  • Ninja0980

    The comments many are leaving are vile and show how much work there is left to be done wen it comes to bigots and bullies.

    • Blake Jordan

      I know looking at he big picture, the amount of hate pouring out on this, should help the LGBT+ cause…

      But right now, for me at least, I am significantly disheartened by it, especially with everything else going on…

  • MBear

    “To those beautiful and brave voices who continue to make YouTube the vibrant, diverse and empathetic community it is…”

    Is there a different YouTube?
    Because that’s not what I see on
    Really – srsly.
    It’s a fetid pit of schoolyard bullies and belligerent ignorance.

    I’m not finding this ‘youtube’ they speak of. “Empathetic”? Srsly?

    • Blake Jordan

      If you go to the general spaces it is probably a cesspool of hatred, but I limit myself to specific content creators and it can be quite a “wonderful” place.

  • Blake Jordan

    I wonder if any of the hate groups are going to use the troll success on the #ProudToBe YouTube campaign, as a selling point that they are winning over the Youth…

    It could make for a good money beg…

  • kirtanloorii

    Those downvotes are EXACTLY the reason that the constitution must outweigh popular opinion. It’s even more annoying considering the fact that people from the most conservative nations on Earth can vote on any youtube video. Most of those people are not even Americans.

  • Puckfair52

    Ok a lot of hate what else is new on the planet!
    I don’t get the shock we live in a hateful world! We live in a world with Chris Baron & Donald Trump. We live in the world of evolvers based on political expediency. We live in a world where the Parade Sunday will be heavily Corporatist! I’m grateful to them but they’d turn on us in a heartbeat!
    Annoyed as a middle aged & senior element were left out of the video.
    Many of those who are still alive are still proud to have worked to lay the foundations for folks to come out and we are marginalized in such endeavors!
    It was a nice video it was not an integrated video!
    I’m happy to see newer generations coming up but the most I have in common with them often is who I choose to sleep with.

  • DirtyPierre

    Get in there and say something, do not let them hijack this with the hate. I’ve been replying back because its time to fight back and not let them get away with it. Just because they have pronounced their opinions doesn’t mean that no one else has an counterpoint view. Thumbs down the comments you dont like and thumbs up the ones you do. Get busy!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    It’s a wonderful video……alas, the comments are a cesspool of hatred and evil. Normally I would not suggest this, but perhaps You Tube should suspend comments on this video. The dislikes count is equally disheartening.

    That all said, the one upside to this is that it’s clear more needs to be done. The fight is far from over and if it’s one thing we queers do best when threatened it’s fight back and ACT UP!

  • WaffleWolfer

    Did someone forget to add bleach to Stormfront and 4chan? They seem to be overflowing today.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    I knew eventually they would get around to blaming this on gays. And I don’t mean the normal idiots that preach at a right wing church either.

  • James

    Uh huh, uh huh, and when will YouTube stop giving anti-LGBT extremists (and other extremists) a platform?