Orthodox Jew Posts Facebook Rant Celebrating Orlando Massacre: If An Arab Did This, Good For Him [VIDEO]

JMG reader Chaim Levin sends us the below clip in which Yosef Edery, a Brooklyn member of the Chabad Orthodox Jewish sect, celebrates the Orlando massacre. “People were killed in an act of terror. Fine. If an Arab did it, good for him! God hates sin. They deserved to die. I have no mercy for people that God has no mercy for.”

Facebook has removed the original clip but Levin captured it and posted it to YouTube. If Chaim Levin’s name is familiar to you, that’s because he was among the plaintiffs in the SPLC’s fraud lawsuit that brought down the Jewish ex-gay torture group JONAH. Levin is a member of the LGBT Chabad & Allies group.

  • bkmn

    What ever happened to “judge not, lest ye be judged”?

    • geoffalnutt

      There are billions of folks on this planet…and as many interpretations of “scripture”. Pick your religion.

      • Todd20036


        • geoffalnutt

          Oddly, the more devout, the more extreme…the better. No one gets hurt…and the only “death” is the little one.

          • Todd20036

            A few bottoms might get hurt. But it’s a good hurt.

        • Shy Guy

          Now available online:

    • Shy Guy

      That was Jesus. This guy is an orthodox Jew.

    • Matthew Delemos

      The mistake is believing those words actually prevent harm to others. Even if they did, it’s under threat of torture, thus meaningless. Secular law is why we have some progressive civilizations today, not because bronze age fairy tales are obeyed.

    • Elsewhere1010

      Not to make light of the situation, but which part of the New Testament (Book of Matthew, actually) would you expect an ultra-orthodox Jew to adhere to?

      • HeidiAnne Sekreta

        Jewish people don’t adhere to the New Testament, but the Old Testament.

    • popebuck1

      Wrong testament.

  • TK

    I’ll just leave this here

    • Todd20036

      Nice use of the Star of David as an “X”

    • Sk3ptic

      Turn the “o” into a skull & crossbones and the “i” into an assault rifle, and it’s perfect.

      • watchthewingnuts

        How’s this?

        • Sk3ptic

          That’s it. Bumper sticker time.

    • Joe knows who I am.


      Apologies for my earlier comment. 😉

      • HadenoughBS

        Religion is an evil perversion of the human experience. It has no place in my life.

    • Christopher

      YEP! And might I add…

      • anne marie in philly

        RAMEN, BRO!

      • SDG


  • I thought god was supposed to have mercy for everyone? Why do they keep moving the goalposts?

    • Rod Steely

      god has mercy on THEM not on the others. It’s a club/cult and if you don’t belong then you don’t deserve their version of mercy

    • Rolf

      I often think ‘god’ was created by man to justify and get away with doing the worst criminal acts possible towards other people with no sense of guilt, shame or compassion.

      • ultragreen

        That’s undoubtedly true for some people.

  • hiker_sf

    Go take a shower, stinko.

    • james_from_cambridge

      You just know there’s dried snot and cum in that beard.

  • Sk3ptic

    Part of the problem: no need to read beyond “orthodox.”

    • Gest2016

      Humans have such an aversion to thinking. Thus “fundamentalism” and “orthodox”. So much easier to be told what to think and what to hate. Humans are disappointing.

  • Hal

    Just one more reason why religion needs to be eliminated from this world.

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Lengthy, but worth posting. THIS is what faith leaders need to be saying – to be SHOUTING at a time like this.


    Today I write with a heavy heart arising from the tragedy which occurred in the early morning hours yesterday at a Gay, Lesbian, Transgender night club in Orlando, our neighbor to the east. Yesterday, the best I could muster was to send these words by text message to my brother, Bishop John Noonan, bishop of Orlando: “John, I am so sorry. With love to and for all.” Today with a new dawn, I once again have some thoughts which Iwish to share.

    Our founding parents had no knowledge of assault rifles which are intended
    to be weapons of mass destruction. In crafting the second amendment to the Constitution which I affirm, they thought only of the most awkward of pistols and heavy shotguns. I suspect they are turning in their graves if they can but glimpse at what their words now protect. It is long past time to ban the sale of all assault weapons whose use should be available only to the armed forces. If one is truly pro-life, then embrace this issue also and work for the elimination of sales to those who would turn them on innocents.

    Second, sadly it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people. Attacks today on LGBT men and women often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence. Those women and men who were mowed down early yesterday morning were all made in the image and likeness of God. We teach that. We should believe that. We must stand for that. Without yet knowing who perpetrated the PULSE mass murders, when I saw the Imam come forward at a press conference yesterday morning, I knew that somewhere in the story there would be a search to find religious roots. While deranged people do senseless things, all of us observe, judge and act from some kind of religious background. Singling out people for victimization because of their religion, their sexual orientation, their nationality must be offensive to God’s ears. It has to stop also.

    Third, responding by barring people of Muslim only faith from entering the
    country solely because of their stated faith until they can be checked
    out is un-American, even in these most challenging of times and situations. There are as many good, peace loving and God fearing Muslims to be found as Catholics or Methodists or Mormons or Seventh Day Adventists. The devil and devilish intent escape no religious iteration.

    Will we ever learn? I hope so but until the above three points are taken
    seriously by society, sadly, tragically, we can expect more Orlandos.
    May the souls of those faithful departed who met their God early Sunday
    morning rest in peace, and those recovering from deep wounds heal, help
    and hope.

    • Nic Peterson

      THIS is what I have been waiting for. Now I know there is still on sane person in the asylum. Now let’s get some amplification.

      • Gene

        go to juicyecumenism and go to the story about the churches and church leaders reponse to this.
        “After Sundays attack we as Christians must speak out in support of LGBTI people….” Archbishop of Cantebery, Archbisphop of York

        “our LGBT neighbors are likely very scared. who would not be?….let us mobilize our congregations and others to give blood for the victims…” Russel Moore, Southern Baptist convention

        “…to our friends in the LGBT community, know that we love you and walk alongside you and walk alongside you in your grief and pain, which is all the more searing following an attack on a presumed safe place during Pride Month. your tears are our tears. you will find shelter in out churches……” Episcopal Bishop of Washington

        “….we are grateful to President Obama for his swift action suspending HIPPA laws so that loved ones can be with spouses and make decisions about care-an often overlooked right that many in the GLBT community cannot take for granted……..it is long past time we end this, including what amounts to hate speech and homophobia mascurading as religion. It is also long past time for America to pass sane gun laws…..”
        United Church of Christ and General Minister, Rev Dorhauer

        There are many, many more like this.

        and far more, I have no doubt, pastors like my very straight one, a father, who wept as he imagined his daughters…dead in that club..and who handed out directions to the red cross for the members to go donate after the service was over…and, as we sang, in English, Spanish, and Mizo (a kind of Burmeese) “we shall overcome”, we left..and many of them did just that.

        I hope this gives you some comfort Nic. There are a lot more of the good guys out there speaking…we just dont hear them and they dont get the press as the bad ones do. One always notices the pile up or collisions on the highway, not the ones trying to drive the right way.

        • Herald

          Thanks for finding an posting those quotes.

        • Nic Peterson

          Thanks for the detailed response. Love to see some of that hitting the 24 hour infotainment cycle.

  • Jeffg166

    When they come for him after they’re done with us he’ll wonder why?

  • Bill

    I never put much stock into the theory that men like this and like the gunman in Orlando are secretly gay and hate themselves.

    But that is starting to change.

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    I weep when there are terrorist attacks in Israel. The arabs committing those attacks are doing it for their god as well. I wonder how this prick would feel if the gay community celebrated those terrible attacks. It’s becoming more clear each day that those raised in any fundamentalist religion lack empathy for their fellow man.

    I won’t ever celebrate a terrorist attack against religious extremists, but my weeping days are over.

  • james_from_cambridge

    What’s telling isn’t this lunatic bullshit from a handful of internet trolls: what’s telling, is the SILENCE from the likes of Franklin Graham, NOM and the like. The ones who have power in the Christian/Dominionist movement. Still waiting for some response from these men of God…


    • BearEyes

      silence is acceptance dontchyaknow.

      • Todd20036

        Sure is. Throw in the entire RCC.

    • mad-dog

      Saw some self-serving and Obama-blaming BS from Frankie on FB yesterday. I blocked the poster.

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      Well ill answer ur question about why u havent heard anything from them.
      They dont give a flying fuck or a rats ass about LGBTQ. We are lower than vermin to them. The christian right is just as bad as the extreme muslims or the orthodox jews.
      All three religions would like to see us dead.

      • Jack Goldman

        Sadly true but there are billions of people that don’t.

      • Steven Levine

        Don’t confuse Chabad for mainstam Judaism in any way, shape or fringe. Chabad is the lunatic fringe cult of Judaism. Conservative and Reform Jews widely embrace the LGBTQ community, and extend open invitations to worship. LGBTQ Rabbis have been around for years, especially in the Reform movement.

    • Gest2016

      How can they say something when they’re so busy congratulating themselves? I’m not kidding when I say this is the goal and end product of their “output” — they want opposing ideas to be silenced and killed. This is the very heart of religious cults.

    • Goodboy

      Wow. Thanks for reminding. Those fucks ALWAYS weigh in on social issues. Especially and always when it comes to the Gay.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      You know Brownshirt et al are furiously preparing their next money begs.
      Nothing like people being murdered to make other people donate money to people/groups who tell other people that those people who got murdered got what they deserved from the Lard.

  • MarkOH

    Sigh, thanks again, Reagan, for cutting mental health in this country.

  • BrandySpears

    Reported for hate speech

    • Joe knows who I am.

      Fuck you.

      • dcurlee

        I think she meant the video

        • Michael Rush

          Youtube is taking these down under its hate speech rules , in a way I wish they would stay up as examples of ignorance , I hope the major news outlets cover some of these assholes .

          • glass

            In a way I kind of agree that they should stay up as examples. But I would want a very huge watermark over the whole video that says, “This video is an example of hate speech”.
            Sadly though, the haters would view that as a badge of honor and try harder.

        • Joe knows who I am.

          It’s BrandySpears. It wasn’t directed at the video. If it was, then it shouldn’t have been a reply.

      • willymodel

        i think so too.

  • geoffalnutt

    Religion kills.

  • Nic Peterson

    This from a man whose foundation in faith was a Chaldean goat herder that was instructed by a burning bush to kill his only son. Later in the course of the story the bush chang s its mind and accepts ritual genital mutilation instead. Does that seem just a bit f’ed up to anyone else?

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Well, that was probably the first in a long line of incredibly stupid bush’s.

      • JCF


      • Jack Goldman


    • hiker_sf
      • cheakamus

        Interesting that you would post this here. When I was a teenager in the 1960s, a copy of Auntie Mame somehow showed up on my family’s bookshelf. It became the book I went to over and over again, whenever I was depressed. Any chapter chosen at random would make me sunny again. I think I need to go to it now.

        • Jeffg166

          I have a copy of it floating around in the house and have no idea where it went. I’d love to find it again.

      • Nic Peterson

        One of the movies that I quote the most. Also one of the movies that hubby really has no interest in viewing. Sigh, I love him anyway.

    • Rambie

      This asshole will probably be the first to cry victim next time a RPG lands in Israel.

      • Jack Goldman

        Your wrong, these people don’t believe that Israel should even exist. You need to read more so that you understand that these orthodox sects are like Jewish Taliban.

        • alon

          you are wrong, and are ignorant or a biggot, Chabad sect of jewdaism supports the state of israel, and has many of it’s members join the army if they feel like they want to it is nothing like the taliban and even this extremist within the group himself stated we would never harm or kill another who does not wish to harm us ourselves or ask some one to do it for us. please learn before you speak falsehoods.

          • Cpt_Justice

            No, jack is right, but the whacko we’re discussing is NOT a real Chabadnik; he’s a fake.

    • AtticusP

      Where do I begin?

    • HeidiAnne Sekreta

      Excuse me, but the burning bush was about Moses, and the other one about killing his only son was Abraham and his son Issac.

      • Nic Peterson

        Ok, so I got half of it right. I will admit that I can’t remember if Abraham had a conversation with a burning bush or with Picachu and, one might guess, that I don’t give a $hit.

        • The Duchess of Milton


    • Oy, Nic: too right. I _hate_ that story. These days for that you call a shrink. I mean Grrr. Chosen, schmosen: This chassid’s no mensch. By a billion miles he “misses the mark, bad as the worst born again. Jews I know –even the Orthodox Rabbi– are pro-GLBTQA. I don’t consider that featured weasel Jewish, any more than the GOPeanut Gallery is at all Christian. He’s sure THIS guy at top is just a shithead. I condemn his views and stupidity. His soul has fungus.
      Thou shalt not kill: Is this thing on?? There’s a huge body of philosophical literature both old and new — a scholarly tradition called Commentary– that carefully reinterprets ethics for our own era. To learn more more, find a scholarly rabbi like Michael Lerned. The tradition we honor is Fixing the World, healing through compassion, love and charity. Guess this random stooge quoted never read Micah: “What does the Lord require of thee, but to seek justice, embody mercy and walk humbly with thy gd.”
      Nope the guy featured in the post has an impressive hat, sure. Hat or no hat, he’s a shithead, maybe the Chosen Shithead. Man, I need some gay yid lolcats!

      • Nic Peterson

        Jay Sheckley this recovering Catholic salutes you! If I didn’t live 5000 miles away I would suggest some nosh at Zabars, after scoping out the crowd to make sure there aren’t any gun toting meshuggeneh nearby, natch.


  • Marides48

    Not surprised that Assholes come in all religious denominations.

  • j.martindale

    Ah, the hate is palpable. Back at you, guy!

  • Steven Leahy

    Extremist christians, jews, muslims – all rotten peas from the same rancid pod

    • Joe knows who I am.

      “God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering”. /snark

  • pj

    happy about this attack and murder? seriously?

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      View it as a litmus test for latent sociopaths.
      Seems we found another.

      • Gest2016

        Maybe he just wants revenge for the Holocaust. But I don’t think gays should be the object of his wrath.

  • Kelly

    The photo of Chaim Levin on WNYC’s Death Sex and Money looks very different than this one:


    • MB

      So this little fuckweasel is yet another deluded self-loathing douche ??????
      Oi vey ?!? 😱

    • B Snow

      I think you’re right. It can’t be the same guy — why would someone who is out and proud now be denouncing other gay men?

  • Rod Steely

    Dear asshole. FUCK YOU. There I feel a little better. Not much but a little.

  • Baby Dave

    The Abrahamic Religions are the worst disease ever to infect the human mind. Prior to their rise and metastasis, the Ancients worked out the shape, size and circumference of the Earth, travelled to the Arctic sea from Greece on incredibly primitive boats, and accurately measured the distance to the sun, the heliocentric universe, and even deduced the existence of the atom.

    After the spread of this foul toxin, we went from highly literate and advanced cultures into the Dark Age, when even the most basic reading skills were lost for centuries.

    If it hadn’t been for the Abrahamic faiths, we could be zipping around the fucking galaxy by now.

    • YourNameHere

      Yep. They also killed most of the doctors for a long time.

      • Stev84

        Not true. It was more that a lot of knowledge was simply “lost” because it became inaccessible. Ironically it was Muslims who first rediscovered ancient Greek philosophy, medicine and mathematics and built greatly upon it. Then they spread that knowledge to Europe through places where the cultures had lots of contact and intermingled like Spain and southern Italy (Sicily was controlled by Muslims until the late 11th century). The premier European medical school in that time was in Salerno. It started in a monastery.

        But there was a thirst for knowledge at the time and the church was instrumental in it. Censoring books and burying knowledge came later. Part of the reason for that was the invention of the printing press, which made books a lot cheaper and more widespread.

        • Blahberstein

          Hey Stev84, do you have any reading recommendations for titles covering this time period?

        • Jack Goldman

          Thank you for the shining of the light of your knowledge on the ignorance shown on this page. without the so called “Abrahamic”
          religions we would still be living in caves and rubbing sticks to light fires. Judaism started over 5,700 years ago, the last ice age ended nearly 10,000 years ago.

          • Stev84

            It’s you who are completely ignorant. Yes, religion did a lot of damage. So did the churches. So did Islam. There is for example the disastrous Fourth Crusade that ended in the sack of Constantinople and brought about the downfall of the Byzantine Empire.

            But there was also in Islamic Golden Age where the arab world was more advanced than Europe. And there were also aspects where the church contributed to progress. That doesn’t mean they were all nice, but they weren’t all bad either in that time.

            A big issue here is what the terms “middle ages” or “dark ages” really mean. The middle ages go from the 5th century to 1453 when the Ottomans finally defeated the Byzantine Empire. The fall of Grenada and the end of the Spanish Reconquista also fall in that time period. Contrary to popular belief there was a lot of technological and social progress towards the end of that time, after centuries of stagnation and reversion earlier.

            However a lot of people (me included sometimes) count the centuries between that and the 18th century to the dark ages and assume that it was all the same. Which is just completely wrong.
            There were crimes committed by the church earlier. Like the Crusades against Muslims. Or the Albegesinian Crusade against the Carthars (and even that was often just nobles having an excuse to grab land in southern France). But a lot of their biggest atrocities that are often mentioned fall into the early modern era. Witch burning for example happened a lot later than most people think. It happened sporadically earlier, but had its height in the 17th century! The suppression of knowledge was as said tied to the invention of the printing press. The inquisition existed earlier and suppressed heretic movements like the Carthars and Waldesinians, but the Roman and Spanish inquisitions people think of mostly, fall into the early modern era. Not the middle ages. Comparatively little attention was paid to witchcraft earlier and some Popes and clergy were highly skeptical of it, even pushing secular rulers towards showing restraint. Witch hunts were also often secular affairs. Again, it depends on the time and the country.

            Another reason for the increased heavy handedness of the Catholic Church is of course the Protestant Reformation. A lot of their censorship and violence was targeted at Protestants. And that strife also caused a shitload of wars between countries, ultimately leading to the disastrous Thirty Years War. But I was speaking about the high middle ages before. And that was just a completely different time.

    • HanyBaal

      Agreed. and when Muslims, for instance, talk about their golden age of knowledge, they neglect to mention that most of the scientists were not theists nor particularly religious

      • Rolf

        And it was all based on classical learning from Greece and Rome.

    • Rolf


  • Todd20036

    And this is why the religious issue is extremism, NOT Islam.

    We’ve seen Christian extremists, Muslim extremists, and Jewish extremists say the same damn thing.

    Of course, we’ve also seen the Catholic Church respond with a thunderous silence. But that might be a different issue.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Extremism is inherent in the religious texts of these groups. It’s only the willingness of most adherents to ignore them that keeps us from mutual annihilation.

      • Rolf

        Jehovah/Allah is one of the most evil things created by the human imagination.

    • Gene

      I loath this pope..but his condolences to the GLBT community and people of Orlando was far better than I expected

    • abel

      I believe Pope Francis chimed in fairly early, condemning the attack but making no mention of the victims being LGBTs.

      • Jeffg166

        Cause he’s got blood on his hands as well.

    • Gest2016

      Alchemy was once regarded as legitimate science. Astrology was once regarded as legitimate science. Religion was once regarded as legitimate. It really is way past time religion be deprecated to the status of self-help books and murder mystery novels. Full of interesting stories and intrigue, but not the foundations upon which to build societies.

      • Jack Goldman

        Indeed, and yet it seems to have actually been the foundation upon which most all of societies have been built,

    • Raising_Rlyeh

      A bishop in florida, who is at the mandatory retirement age, did condemn religious homophobia. Not the vatican, and I think it’s virtually meaningless, but there is that. My real point of view is that most of the platitudes are meaningless and many of them wish they could have done it themselves.

    • Richard Rush

      While you are correct that “the religious issue is extremism,’ it is also Islam because the level of extremism is higher in Islam than in any other religion by many orders of magnitude.

      • Veronica

        Go and rent the movie “Jesus Camp” and tell me again! Interview Ted Cruz and co. yetch!!!

        • Richard Rush

          I rented “Jesus Camp” years ago. Christianity is bad enough, but Islam is worse by many orders of magnitude.

      • The Duchess of Milton

        That’s only because, after 1K years of blood and burning and torture, we have the Christians under control at last.

    • Jack Goldman

      I think that the Pope just scolded the USA for it’s gun fetish.

    • Scorpio

      Difference is Jews and Christians don’t attack others in the numbers we see among the muslim extremists

  • MB

    Okay boyz and grilz- we REALLY have to be on guard this summer , more than ever before. These zealots are serious about wanting to kill us.

    • Sashineb

      I hate to say it, but expect anything at any time. Those nuts are relentless.

  • Lazycrockett

    Well then it would seem that your “god” has a lot of issues with your people in the 1930’s and 40’s.

  • Steven Leahy

    How many people have died worldwide because this vile, warped turd and others like him a) can’t get along b) can’t coexist c) can’t respect all people’s rights d) can’t just mind his own fucking business and live his life without interfering with others.

    Don’t some of these orthodox jews sit home and have exemptions from military service in Israel so others can fight their battles FOR them?

  • dcurlee

    I try to rise above but it’s getting harder not to wish harm to these people

  • RainbowPhoenix

    Religious extremism in all its forms is the enemy. We should know better than anyone that it’s not restricted to Islam.

  • AtticusP

    Now there’s something I don’t see every day: a Jewish pig.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Bloody Abrahamists.

  • Robert

    Dude there is no god and you are just a fucking delusional idiot. You are worth no more of my time.


    Fundamentalist religious bigot celebrates murderous act committed by a fundamentalist religious bigot of a different faith.

    • johncAtl

      I guess “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is true.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    No fan of any of the Big 3 Abrahamic superstitions.

  • rabbit_ears

    Ah religion you never cease to amaze.

    Repeat after me: “There is no invisible sky daddy!”

    Keep repeating as often as required until the message sets in.

  • 2karmanot
  • douglas

    Once again proving that religion is the cause of hatred and division in the world.

  • Dramphooey

    I hope trash like this ends the bushy beard trend I don’t like.

    Note: this is a quip. Any sartorial discussion comments will be ignored.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      I own my beard and wear it proudly with the hope that it irritates fundies.

    • MBear

      mine is long & pointed.
      like Satan (except grey)

  • mikeinrkfd

    This person needs to be shunned. As well as all the other haters.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    “Through their own words
    They will be exposed.
    They got a sudden case
    Of the emperor’s new clothes.”

    — Sinead O’Connor

  • But remember ALL MUSLIMS are responsible. ALL MUSLIMS must condemn this (even if they do, and they do). What does this say about Jews collectively? What do the increasingly celebratory comments by Christians say about Christians collectively?

    • Joe knows who I am.

      That they’re all poisoned from the same well of Abraham.

    • coram nobis

      See also Joe’s post, today, about that Sacramento Baptist preacher who also thought the massacre was just lovely.

      It certainly proves that “religious freedom” is very much alive in this country and needs no “restoration act” statutes to protect it. It also proves that religious advocacy needs limits, which is to say a leash and a muzzle.

    • The_Wretched

      Treating all religious groups equally or trying solutions that don’t take into account the different natures of different groups are doomed to fail. “ALL” needs to go away.

      • MBear

        ALL usage of ALL needs to go away! 😉

    • MBear

      All muslims, all jews, all christians. ALL GUILTY

  • Tempus Fuggit

    Reported as hateful.

  • delk

    Shame on you.

  • rabbit_ears

    BTW why is Gidget here on the internet? Shouldn’t he be living like someone from 2000 years ago? No computers for you.

  • Paula

    Another brilliant, shining example of religious education and values.
    Religion destroys the mind and warps the psyche.

  • Matthew Delemos

    Empathy does not survive being immersed in fundamentalist religions.

  • Good Shot Green

    So what? Must we acknowledge every random asshole with an opinion?

    • Natty Enquirer

      For every one you see, there are 100 more hiding in the crevices.

      • djcoastermark

        And if we don’t put them down those 100 more will be emboldened to do the same as this arse.

        • Good Shot Green

          So every douchebag nobody with a videocam should get exposure here?

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    The sting of oppression can be so soon forgotten.

  • Ernest Endevor

    Good for Mr Levin.

  • bob

    Religion is MIND POISON !

  • djcoastermark

    A little OT but. Today is Flag Day, june 14. It celebrates the adoption of the flag of the US on june 14, 1777. I am American and Gay. I love my country even with all it’s flaws. On this past Sunday after the attack on Pulse, I got my drill out and put up a a flag pole. I posted this the other day , I know, but feel I need to urge others to do the same if you can. Originally I put it up to honor and commemorate the people who were at Pulse. I live in suburbia where not many gay flags fly. Today I feel it is important to show our neighbors that yes , We are Americans, and We are Gay. By doing this I hope to show that we are here, we are queer, we are also part of america. Show your colors, fly your flags today if you can. We are here and will not be second class citizens! end rant.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Every day can be Flag Day.

  • nycmcmike

    Wow, another butt f’n ugly closet case who hates men who have the balls to admit what he can’t.

    Go figure. “Yes, I’m pissed because I know if I ever do grow the balls to come out my ugly f’n ass isn’t getting laid anyways.”

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Quakers are not allowed to take up arms or to engage in violent acts. Even advocating or mimicking war is condemned.
    I’m not even remotely religious but I’d take that peaceful mindset any day over this asshole and any of his ilk– and I’m a Jew.

  • Michael Rush

    The old testament is a book that is respected by all faiths ?

    He lies in the first 30 seconds and keeps going .

  • DaveMiller135

    Religious people who celebrate murder, on any scale, have missed the point of their religion. Perhaps they should all be required to go back to kid’s religion school, until they get it.

    • Robert Conner

      No, no they haven’t missed the point.

      “But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.” (Luke 19:27)

    • MBear

      plenty of murder and murderable offences documented in all the major religions.

      The thing religious people lack is humanity. Oh, and decency….self awareness. The 3…THREE things that religious people lack.

      and integrity. FOUR things religious people lack…

      • DaveMiller135

        OK, Monty.

  • JustSayin’

    Hate has no religous boundaries

    • Robert Conner

      Actually for a lot of hate religion is the boundary.

  • Lakeview Bob

    Mental illness effects Orthodox Jews as well as fundie christians.

  • NancyP

    From a Jew, that’s rich. If the shooter was standard-issue radicalized , there would be a good chance that Jews would have been the preferred target.

    • Reality.Bites

      And if they were gay Jews he’d applaud.

  • JDM

    I love the hypocrisy. Of course, we deserve to die, but he doesn’t have the courage to kill us himself? If God wants it, why don’t you have the BALLS do it yourself?

    Bring it, you hook-nosed motherfucker. I’d love to see you try. I’ll fucking have you limping back to your rat-infested synagogue.

    • Robert Conner

      He’s a couch jihadi.

    • NO MORE GOP!

      “hook-nosed”? You just took a luxurious bath in the same sewer he’s been swimming in.

      • JDM

        Yes. Hooked-nosed. And read again. I haven’t advocated for the death of anyone.

  • AtticusP

  • Queequeg

    Yeah. God is love, right?

  • Guess

    Chaim Levin: Omar Mateen, with a Star of David fetish!

    • JDM

      Chaim is the man who passed along the video. The buffoon is Yosef Edery.

  • The_Wretched

    Fundamentalism and ‘sin’ tell you that you’re a good person if you obey. That’s totally wrong. You’re a good person if you have empathy and compassion for your fellow humans on the planet. Assholes like this one are the reason why fundamentalist religion needs to be taught against (based on the very real statistics of how awful they are for society).

    • rabbit_ears

      I really want to see it classified properly as mental illness.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    “Religion poisons everything” ~ Christopher Hitchens

  • It is time to crack down on terrorist supporters. This man should be arrested and imprisoned as a terrorist advocate.

  • Hue-Man

    Afghans are NOT Arabs. Turks are NOT Arabs. Iranians are NOT Arab – Iran has 1.5 million Arabs; the U.S. has 3.5 million. This is as ridiculous as referring to all Catholics as Italian (Vatican) or Israeli (Bethlehem and Jerusalem).

    • Robert Conner

      But they all have something in common. What could it be?

  • Elsewhere1010

    So… Isis, the ultra-orthodox Jewish sects, the batshit evangelicals? Seems they’re all sharing the same type of mental disorder amongst themselves.

    • Robert Conner

      Yes, it’s call the Abrahamic religions. Find a Bible and read the opening chapters of Joshua, the world’s first description of genocide.

  • William

    Dude needs to visit 1938.

  • 2karmanot

    Bad Jew, No Matzo

  • anne marie in philly

    FUCK YOU, muthafucka! FUCK your god! FUCK your ugly face! FUCK YOU!

    • but how do you really feel?

  • If indeed God hated gays, why doesn’t he kill them himself? Or better yet, why would he continue to make “defective” copies?

    And this is why I can not believe in any form of religion, it makes no sense at all. I am to logical for religious mental gymnastics.

  • Larry Guinn

    By his logic, I can create my own church, fabricate my own list of sins to reject and make sure he’s guilty of a at least one of them, then seek him out and punish him as I see fit? I suppose the hard part is finding some old texts to dust off for the sake of legitimacy, but I’m sure it can’t take that much work to commandeer an old religion for my own purpose. Plenty of people have done it.

  • Mike in NC

    I swear, there does seem to be some connection between psychopathic, hateful, mysoginistic, homophobic, religious nuts and ugly, unkempt beards!

  • fastlanestranger

    Disgusting and embarrassing.

  • JohnoFr

    did he just declare himself as an accomplice ? to this and any future crimes of the same nature ?

  • DaveMiller135

    Universe, in your infinite wisdom, please please please let me be there when this “If [someone killed a bunch of people who had different beliefs from his own] good for him” bites him on the ass.

  • TestSubject51

    Religion is just lovely.

  • Celloman G

    Yosef, you ignorant slut.

  • Cboulder

    Something tells me Anonymous will be more than happy to offer tech support you stone-age limp-dick armchair philosopher

  • Greg B.

    Different god. Same hate.

  • Jim ‘Prup’ Benton

    This may be a weird comment, but having watched blunders on the net vwcome unkillable, and — as a Brooklynite, bi, non-Jewish, but living in a highly Jewish neighborhood — since I was curious, I googled Yosef Edery. Not much for him, but plenty on a serial pedophile named Yosef Ederi. The ease of confusing the two, and the fact hat none of your readers Googled and made the same mistake is, seriously, praiseworthy.

    Other than that, we have imply another fool. I don’t agree — even as an atheist — that all religions are foolish and evil in their core, but Kroo knows that the fundamentalist/literalists are, even to believers, the weeds that the books fertilize.

  • Mark

    feelin a little bit better than everybody else, Mr. P-U-re?? In a hundred years, nobody will give a shit about you or your dumbass gawd.

  • JT

    Hateful fuck. Take your filthy head out of your ass and try to be human.

    • andrew

      People that steeped in religious fundamentalism are incapable of being human. They are robots spouting ancient primitive beliefs.


    Someone should clue him in that hatred and lack of charity are sins.

  • Stev84

    Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims and Jews aren’t really any different. All the same kind of subhuman slime.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Chaim Levin might want to preemptively send a message to the youtube customer service because people in the youtube comments think that he is the guy in the video or he supports them.

  • Elli TheKingOfB’way

    PLEASE be aware that this is the rant of a disturbed individual and NOT AT ALL ANY Jewish attitude towards MURDER. I am a religious Jew also of the Lubavitch movement and TRUST ME when I say that his words are not said in the name of Lubavitch,or in the name of the Rebbe. Peace, Unity and above all Love and Compassion are the dictum, not spewing such disgusting and hateful words as in this vile video.

    • JCF

      Being that I’m a Jesus-follower who hears HATE spewed in the Name of Jesus All.The.Furking.Time, I hear ya, Elli.

      At the same time, as a JMG regular, I know the general feeling around here is that we need to preach the religion of inclusion TO our co-religionists, and not so much here at JMG. Shalom, my brother…

      • Elli TheKingOfB’way

        I do agree. I just dislike when all religion gets thrown under the bus for a few whackos.

        • grada3784

          That only happens when so much of religion is silent and cedes the microphones to the whackos. The inclusive people have to make a lot more noise than they have been

        • Ben in Oakland

          Maybe the religious should stop doing it, then.

          • Elli TheKingOfB’way

            Doing what?

          • Ben in Oakland

            Throwing religion and religious people under the bus in order to express hatred, disguised, of course, as sincere religious belief, towards gay people.

    • Robert Conner

      Christianity inherited totalitarianism from Judaism.


  • But, but, but, according to the rightwing and liberterian trolls, Jews (religion, not the ethnic group) and Christians aren’t as bad as Muslims.

    Religion is poison.

  • Like the Pope said…. these people have mental illness.

  • Guest

    Fuck you, you ugly skank.

  • ultragreen

    Ugh. Religious fundamentalists have a primitive moral belief system that dates back to the Bronze Age. Considering the capabilities of modern technology, if humanity does not progress beyond this level of thinking, we are doomed.

  • Cboulder

    I’m guessing he’s not an orthodox scholar as that might require knowing the difference between an Arab and a Muslim. Certainly Yahwe could do better!

  • NZArtist

    Hey, whaddaya know… a crazy person. Now where does a crazy person get ideas like that?

  • James

    And it’s to be hoped that YouTube will take the video down and ban the fucker. Enough is enough: speech like this caused the Pulse massacre. It can no longer be accepted.

  • Jack

    Not exactly how my mother would have said it:

    ער זאָל וואַקסן ווי אַ ציבעלע מיט זיין קאָפּ אין דער ערד. גיין צו גענעם, פּוטז .

  • sword

    I guess i will feel the same way the next time HAMAS hits Israel for its illegal occupation of the West Bank and shooting children who throw rocks at the IDF.
    (How do you like the shoe on the other foot?)

  • Gianni

    He has no mercy………..Who the hell asked him for mercy? The sickness is everywhere, which religion notwithstanding ’cause it doesn’t matter.

  • Ray Beaty

    radical christianity, radical islamism, radical judaism…..all twist their faiths….idiots!

  • Ron Schimpf

    So the Jews and Homosexuals were being put into concentration camps and being murdered together was an act of God my how times fly for a young jew to forget his heritage and it says a man laying with another man is an abomination not that they should be killed and it is an interpretation of man and no they have never made mistakes. Colors should be suppressed and woman bare feet and pregnant it is now 2016 try and keep up with the times . Do not judge or thee be judged. I am not a violent man but if someone was to kill you good on no one for their blood is also on your hands and we will see how our lord judges that.

  • Ron Schimpf

    More proof that Religion Kills

  • 1Truth1

    Another radicalized religious extremist. Why do they let these people have Social media accounts?

  • Denny Ray

    My God doesn’t hate.

  • leastyebejudged

    LOL, but it was a Jew, he’ll get a pass for his remarks….

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    Go to your imaginary hell, Levin.

  • Chaos

    Bet his god loves him best. I think he’s scum of the earth.

    • Ben in Oakland

      Wjy do you hate scum?

      • Chaos

        Cuz scum is icky.

  • andrew

    What do Christian Fundamentalists, Islamic Fundamentalists and Jewish Fundamentalists have in common? HATE.

    • Ben in Oakland

      Shittiness as human beings?

  • Teva Bruce

    Think Hitler’s Germany of 1939 Uncle Adolf wanted Jews,Gypsies,gay men and women and anyone of his OWN people eliminated.How soon this buffoon forgets his own history.

  • SDG

    Someone needs to go to Brooklyn, and spray his house with bacon grease.

  • Tammygbradford4
  • They were DANCING in a club!
    Can you understand that?
    Does that make them Sodomites?
    and THANKS for being judgmental, ASSHOLE!!!

  • Porkins

    I can smell him all the way over here.

  • Judith

    He is a messianic Jew masquerading as Orthodox – he believes that the messiah returned died and will rise- which disqualifies him from normative Orthodox Judaism

    • Ben in Oakland

      So he is no true Jew, like so many so called Christians are not true Christians.

  • OSG

    Don’t you have some Caananites to rape and kick out of their homeland so you can call it Israel?

  • Jack Goldman

    This man should be on the FBI terrorist list. I hope that he is not allowed to buy weapons of any kind or fly on any airlines.

  • Z


    • Ben in Oakland

      Not little Alon above.

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm
  • metta8
  • אליהו משה

    This guy is NOT representative of Judaism, nor the Chabad-Lubavitch movement! He is a heretic, and outright mentally ill person making false claims about Judaism, Chabad, and what they believe in.
    For those that don’t know, ‘yechi’ – which this guy starts and ends his video with – is commonly said by a heretical sect called ‘meshichists’ – they believe the rabbinic leader that died 22 years ago is still alive, and that he is the Messiah!

  • alon

    I am an orthodox Chabad jew, theoretically of the same sect as this man, and this man does not represent the beliefs of most of Chabad, nor of the leader of Chabad who would have been ashamed to hear a follower of his say this. While orthodox Judaism frowns upon homosexual intercourse, it sees it as a test G-d sends certain people, same as some people have a hard time passing the test of not eating bacon or keeping the Shabbati(if jewish),some have a hard time with this test and sin. We views human life as sacred, and do not support the killing of any person, except in self defense or if he is found guilty of a serious crime in a court of law. We certainly do not believe that simply being present in a gay club means you deserve to die. please beware of being biggots yourselves when you generalize about entire religions from the words of one man, even if the religion is not islam…

    • prixator

      I have never understood how many religions trumpet their belief that “all human life is sacred” and then add multiple exceptions.

      Either accept that “all” has a definite meaning, or change it to “some” or “most”.

      • alon

        easy what makes life sacred? G-d created it and it is not our right to take it away. If someone comes to take away my life their life is no longer sacred from that moment.

        • prixator

          Oh! So you are the one to decide which “tests ” from your god deserve death and which don’t and which lives are “sacred”? Interesting.

          (And, you should really learn this – it is spelled “bigot”)

          • alon

            If a person is threatening me personally or someone close to me i have 100% a right to kill him in self defense. otherwise I do not believe i get to decide, or test or judge. It is society and it’s laws and judges and executioners who do that. not sure where you get the idea i believe i do.

          • prixator

            you’re speaking for him.

            Good night.

          • alon

            G-d decides not me, and even if something is punishable by death it is only if the act was witnessed by two witnesses, the person who committed the sin was warned and afterwards and told that if he is witnessed doing the act again he will be killed, followed by the person ignoring the law again and being witnessed by two man doing so. After all of this it would go to a high court that has the right to judge, and decide if the person is innocent of guilty. if they decide he is guilty the court would according to jewish law obey the Torah’s instructions for the punishment. andthis only applies if there is a jewish theocratic state in any other country we are commanded to follow the laws of the land…

            As for someone who is attacking me or people close to me, or threatening us with violence, g-d says his life is no longer sacred and I am allowed to and in some cases required to kill him to protect myself or people who are closed to me..

    • Ben in Oakland

      How nice of God to “test” certain people. How nice of you to compare the finest part of us– our ability love, be loved, provide romance, sex, and companionship and family to each other– as just like eating bacon. Thank you so much for trivializing the lives of millions of gay people worldwide. How nice that you don’t consider yourself a bigot for doing so.

      As a Jew, you make me ashamed of bring a jew. I’m not generalizing about an entire religion based upon the words of someone like you.

      I’m just talking about you.

      • alon

        G-d tests all people in different ways, that was my point. I am sorry if my bacon joke was offensive to you. Most jews fail one test or another, even the observant ones. I do not trivialize the lives of millions of gay people, they have a natural desire and attraction to the same sex, and choosing to not indulge it is very difficult especially when they do not believe in the religions that tell them this. Similarly all man have a natural desire to masturbate or have premarital sex, those are also sins and many fail to avoid those acts as well. you think me a bigot because of my beliefs which I hold, though a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions is a bigot. Where have i shown intolerance for your opinions or those of gays?

        Saying as a Jew, you make me ashamed of bring a jew is silly because it is not my personal opinions i am saying but the general view of judaism or at least my sect of it on these issues, which i bring in contrast of the extremist and inappropriate view of the guy who posted the video.

  • Mmartha

    There’s also this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2016/06/15/what-happened-when-an-orthodox-jewish-congregation-went-to-a-gay-bar-to-mourn-orlando/ Some Jews are decent people, others are bigots. In that sense, we are no different from anyone else. My point is this: If people are going to be bigots, they will use any excuse–religion, politics, economics, science. Their bigotry is not the fault of the excuse they use to justify it. Religion, per se, is not evil or, as the cute comments below specify, “toxic.”

  • sheva

    On the other hand, there’s this. Even in pain and anger, it’s good to remember there are also caring, decent people in this world.


  • Cpt_Justice

    The guy is a phony. He *started* with a phrase that only MESSIANICS (the bigots who pretend to be Jews in order to trick Jews into worshiping Jesus) use, he called Torah “The Old Testament” & he misquoted Torah – and this was in the first 35 seconds! I didn’t bother listening after that. Three Strikes, he’s OUT!

  • Cpt_Justice

    OK, here’s his Facebook Page: he is NOT a Jew:


  • Frank L

    I wonder if Yousef would like it if I started cheering on the slaughter of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust?

  • Leeloo Lisbon

    FUCKYOU…. you are a shame to the Jewish religion. As a Jewish woman, I despise you. Not everybody believes in your G-d. Not everybody believes in G-d and not everybody believes in these retrograde old fashioned “laws” written some several thousand years ago. Ignorant prick. and then you gonna be crying me a river when someone kills you because their G-d said it was the right thing to do. Fundamentalists, no matter what religion, are a bunch of savages.

    • Pretty much with you on this. Lack of mercy sure isnt what Micah was saying. I’m ashamed of this guy.

  • DavidaRochelle

    Modern Orthodox Judiiasm states that one’s sexuality is between that person and God. There have been openly gay Rabbis and Cantors leading large Jewish congregations for generations. Shame, shame, shame on this 100% jerk for his insane cruelty. It’s a few months until Yom Kippur. Please pray now for forgiveness for judging your fellow man. That’s up to God and you know it.

  • Elli TheKingOfB’way


    Dear Friend,

    As hard as it may be to believe in our world of ubiquitous media, I did not hear about the terror attack in Orlando until Monday night, nearly 36 hours after the tragedy. You see, Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath) was followed by Shavuot, the two-day holiday on which we celebrate the divine revelation at Sinai. On these days, we live in a blissful island of technology-free living.

    On Sunday morning, in some places even while the attacker was claiming 49 lives, Jewish communities all over the world gathered to read the 10 Commandments from the Torah, re-experiencing the moment when G‑d revealed Himself and gave humankind the blueprint for a perfected world.

    Among these Ten Commandments is, of course the very unambiguous command not to commit murder. In Damascus, Paris, Madrid, Baghdad, and everywhere else in the world, murder is murder and it is reprehensible.

    Whether in last week’s attack in Tel Aviv, this week’s attack in Orlando, or the daily attacks on innocent civilians around the world, there are millions of people suffering today due to twisted people following a hate-driven interpretation of one of the world’s leading faiths. As we reach out to the victims and their loved ones with sympathy, let’s also take a hard stand against the abuse of religion for the sake of terror. Let’s sound a universal chorus of voices for a return to the fundamental belief in the G‑d-given sanctity of human life that has made the freedoms of our modern world possible and given us hope for universal peace.

    Mendy Kaminker
    on behalf of the Chabad.org Editorial Team

    • andrew

      You sound like a good hearted person. Please explain why your God, in the Torah, calls for the execution of those who work on the Sabbath, commit adultery, curse their parents, engage in homosexual sex, worship Gods other than him etc. You might also explain why he drowned almost all living things in Noah’s flood, called on his people to kill all living things in most of the cities that they captured, killed the first born of every family in Egypt, in order to get the Pharaoh to free his followers etc. It seems to me from reading the Torah and the rest of the “Old Testament” that your God is one of the most reprehensible creations of the minds of men. I truly admire the liberal and tolerant attitude of most American Jews and many American Christians, However, it seems to me that the way they preach love and tolerance is by ignoring the horrors committed by or in the name of your God, as detailed in your Scriptures.

  • Steven M Levy

    I was not able to see the video, all I can say is that it is not in keeping with what I believe as a person of the Jewish faith. As a former member of the Orthodox Community I am ashamed of this individual and his cohorts. God hates sin, but he is in no position to judge.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Jews acting like nazis. Are some people just too stupid to learn anything?

  • SeaMastr

    THIS type of Jew makes even Jewish ME antiSemitic!

  • Daniel Moss

    I hope everyone sees this comment just to know the truth!
    I know this guy very well, he’s not exactly the most normal person. He had a very difficult life, and now has no life of his own, all he likes doing is make his community look bad. I’m not mad at him, I feel pity for him. He makes tons of these weird videos. Just look at them and you’ll understand who we’re dealing with here. And I think it’s important that everyone understands we are not talking about someone that’s 100%… If you want to know Chabad’s position on this there are many normal people you can listen to (Shmuley Boteach is one…) and not one of them will agree to one word from this Meshugene…

  • Pat

    He’s a disgusting hate bloated piece of shit. End of.

  • Ruth Sakiestewa

    The Hasidic Orthodox Zionist extremists support the extremist leaders in Israel who have the power running a brutal campaign killing unarmed Palestinian civilization since 1920. The Torah Jews have taken a farther distance from them because the Zionists have integrated the evil black magic & evil sorcery of the Judaic Talmud which was converted in the early in the Kingdom of Khazaria in 740 A.D., at the order of their King at that time, King Bulen. These Hasidic extremist aren’t the seed of Abraham…they are only connected to Judaism by religion..i.e., DNA origin study done in 2001 by Dr. Areilla Oppenheim, a biologist, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, & later confirmed by Dr Eran Elhaik at the McKusick-Namans Institute of Genetic Medicine at the John Hopkins, of Molecular Biology, in 2012. These people claiming to be Gods Chosen people who claim they had a right of return—are of Mongol/Turkish genome…traced back to where they arrived from ships to Palestine, before it was illegally named Israel in 1948. These emigrants came from Poland, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Georgia, etc. None of these white Europeans had Semetic blood, but surprisingly when these studies took place, it was also extendrd to the Palestinians. The Palestinians & Arab Jews had more than 80% Semetic DNA.

  • Bob cool

    Dude needs to brush up on his grooming skills!!

  • Llewellyn Andrew

    Interesting how some commentators here speak against hate whilst promoting hate. Well everything does need to be ballanced out right?

  • notlopsided

    Get cancer, have horrible chemo, and die.