HYPOCRISY EXPLOSION: Ted Cruz Says Liberals Are Afraid To Denounce Muslims That Want To Kill Gays

Last fall Ted Cruz stood smiling on the stage with a Christian pastor who had just called for exterminating homosexuals in the name of White Jesus. But somehow that scandal seems to have slipped his feeble mind. From his Facebook page:

For all the Democrats who are loud champions of the gay and lesbian community whenever there is a culture battle waging, now is the opportunity to speak out against an ideology that calls for the murder of gays and lesbians. ISIS and the theocracy in Iran (supported with American taxpayer dollars) regularly murder homosexuals, throwing them from buildings and burying them under rocks. This is wrong, it is evil, and we must all stand against it. Every human being has a right to live according to his or her faith and conscience, and nobody has a right to murder someone who doesn’t share their faith or sexual orientation. If you’re a Democratic politician and you really want to stand for LGBT, show real courage and stand up against the vicious ideology that has targeted our fellow Americans for murder.

Take it away, Right Wing Watch:

We wonder why Cruz himself didn’t display such heroism when he spoke at a conference late last year where the main speaker, Kevin Swanson, a long-time and notorious advocate of the government instituting the death penalty for gay people, said repeatedly on stage that the Bible calls for gays and lesbians to be put to death and argued that America should introduce capital punishment against unrepentant homosexuals once society is moved in that direction.

That conference was also attended by Cruz’s father and his then-rivals Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal.

The summit, called the National Religious Liberties Conference, even distributed literature calling for the death penalty for gay people and others, mentioning stoning and throwing people off cliffs as possible forms of executions.

And yet now Ted Cruz has the gall to lecture liberals about the importance of showing “real courage” in the face of those who want to put gays to death.

  • Andy King

    How long until we don’t have to pay attention to this human boil anymore?
    49 people died, Ted. That itch you’re feeling to use this tragedy for political gain? Let it pass.

    • Todd20036

      As far as the RWNJs are concerned, 50 faggots died. As far as they are concerned, pawns for political gain are all we are good for.

  • Todd20036

    Ted, you lost. You don’t really give a damn about us.

    You just like busting up on an entire minority based on the extremists.

    Hell, you really do want us dead, and you have yet to display an example of a gay person killing a bunch of minorities.

    We have no problem denouncing Islamic extremists.

    In fact, we have no problem denouncing religious extremists – Muslim, CHRISTIAN, Jewish, etc.

    The bibles and the prophets may be different (though many times they aren’t), but the message is clear.

    Different people need to be killed. And gay people are different.

    Heaven forbid if you ever reach the White House. You’d be as disastrous as Drumpf

    • Gest2016

      Don’t worry, the only way Ted gets to the White House is if Donald Trump gets their first. On the other hand, I’d be very worried …

      • Todd20036

        Or Drumpf chooses Cruz to be his running mate.

        • stanhope

          Donald would more likely choose his bitch Chris Christie. Nobody choses Cruz not even the kids on the baseball team…he has a real familiarity with rejection much like gayboy Marco Rubio, the queen of the Florida foam parties.

  • Nobody believes your crap, Cruz, except the ones that would have already sucked your dick to begin with. And you’re not exactly a pretty man.

  • Robincho

    When it comes to craven, degenerate father-and-son teams, there’s no difference between the Cruzes and the Mateens and the Shoebats. None whatever…

  • Enrico Webers

    All three of them stood on stage with Pastor Kevin “Kill The Gays” Swanson. Their thoughts and prayers are offensively hypocritical. They can stick them where the sun don’t shine.

    • Nic Peterson

      When they say they are praying they mean something akin to the times that I say ‘bless his heart’.

      Worthless POS each one of them.

      • Gest2016

        Especially Jindal. In earlier times he’d be hanging from a tree in the Deep South, not pretending to govern it.

    • Joe in PA

      I guess he’s [Jindal] not running for office…he feels it is safe to use his wife’s real name. Good job Piyush.

    • j.martindale

      Fuck all of you. Your prayers aren’t worth shit.

    • Todd20036

      But not send any money to them, of course.

    • madknits

      They forgot #GayInvisibility

    • stanhope

      When will Jindal get a clue? They are never going to let his ass in the White House. People can’t even pronounce his wife’s name. He is the epitome of an Uncle Tom…alternate version. Go home is what he would likely hear a lot of from the mainstream republicans.

    • olandp

      No, thank you.

    • Fuck all y’all. You demonize gay people day in and day out and then act shocked when someone uses violence against us? It’s what happens. This attack was’t from a Christian but most anti-gay violence in the US is committed by Christians and this kind of demonization is why it happens. This time it was a Muslim. Another fucked up religious tradition full of hate and bigotry.

    • Prion

      “7 Politicians Whose “Thoughts and Prayers” for Orlando Gloss Over Their Anti-LGBTQ Views”


    • Rod Steely

      We are praying because that’s easier than doing something about it. Why not just say WE ARE IGNORING the situation.

    • B Snow

      Photos of them with Swanson need to be tweeted in reply to each of those tweets.

  • AtticusP

    Worse. Than. Trump.

    • I always wondered what that line was. The more you know….

  • JT

    Just when you think goopers can’t get any scummier …

    Cruz, bred by an ignorant, bible thumping, homophobic father, buddies up publicly with a christo-Nazi calling for death to gay people, and he blames the attack on Obama.

    Why aren’t the media all over him about this?

  • Gustav2

    They use “Political Correctness” excuse to deny us our rights as citizens then use “Political Correctness” against people like themselves who wish to exterminate us.

    What the hell is “Political Correctness” other than shit they don’t like?

    • Todd20036

      You just answered your own question

    • Ben in Oakland

      The court of public opinion.

    • Herald

      His PC moment along with that of Perkkkins, etc blithely ignore that “radical Moslems” did not kill people in all those other attacks.

    • PC is way to direct their anger at people (often their own grandkids) who get on them for the racist, sexist and homophobic shit they say all the time. For RWNJs, the 1st amendment means you can’t criticize them no matter what they say.

    • Steverino

      “Political Correctness” is the sneering term they use for Common Decency.

    • Gaymurcan

      “I’m not politically correct.”
      – Take out the politics.
      “I’m not correct.”
      – Bingo, all fixed.

  • petewestcentral

    Religion, hypocrisy … your point? Back in the Jim Bakker days I had to laugh when the church folks agreed that you can squeeze by the commandment against committing adultery and still lead your flock. But having sex with another man? Defrock!

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    I don’t care if you’re thumping a bible or a koran. Both types are dangerous, bigoted, vile examples of humanity. There are many people of faith that choose not to pick up weapons to destroy those that don’t believe as the religious extremists do.

  • Prion

    • j.martindale

      Everyone is trying to parse out the responsibility for this massacre. The Rethugs, especially, are eager to make it a matter of terrorism so that they don’t have to admit to their complicity by handing the murderer the weapon and siccing him on gays, whom they have demonized for decades, and religious zealots who believe the nonsense spewed by their “holy books.” But I think this cartoon says it all. There is guilt to be shared.

      • Todd20036

        Actually, the goobs want to blame Islam. Not just ISIL, but Islam (and only Islam)

        • The religion is a big part of the problem. Just not Islam but all the religions that preach bigotry and sexism.

          • NancyP

            Yes, but….. There are sane, kind people in all religions. Some people use religion to help them be more kind and caring. Most people use religion as a boundary-defining tool to condemn other people for not being as “good” as they are, and to indulge their most base inclinations.

          • Yes, and you just described almost everyone I know and bother to talk to (unlike the assholes I know and do my best to ignore). But they are almost all silent in the face of the assholes in their religion and in fact will attack anyone who criticizes that worst elements of their own religion. They actually work to enable those elements rather than take them on.

          • DaveW

            Nope. They are kind anyway and cannot be sane by definition-they talk to themselves but think the talk to sky fairies. Anyway, aheists are mostly kind while religious dummies are not, most are rude, park in the street and ignore traffic rules when deluded by bliss on Sundays.

            Kind religious people are kind first, dumb/gullible (religious) second. Any smart person sees it is crazy

            They are evil regardless for working to legitimize religion for selfish reasons (their salvation)

            Don’t be fooled.

      • It is terrorism. I’ve always loathed the term “hate crime”. It’s terrorism. The intent is to terrorrize people in minority groups. Much of terrorism is religiously inspired whether it’s ISIS or the KKK.

    • Gest2016

      A seamless blend of the madness of religious indoctrination and his own madness, easy access to automatic weapons and a culture of hate. People like this killer are the exclamation points on the sentences written by people like Tony Perkins and Brian Brown.

    • Ben in Oakland

      The artist left off one fingerprint.

      The murder’s self hatred.

  • Prion


  • Gest2016

    Bingo Joe: Ted Cruz is FEEBLE. Morally, intellectually, spiritually and as a human. What a pathetic shit-stain, doing a sad impersonation of a human being. I have a feeling if Ted Cruz met the Orlando killer at a bar they’d hit it off.

  • chris james

    Aw hell, someone turned over the rock Ted was hiding under.

  • Sam_Handwich

    this has been a common rightwing talking point for years. don’t try to unravel it, you’ll only end up where you started.

  • Blake Mason

    So you treat the LGBT community as less than human, but at least you are not opening fire on them…. so this makes you their friend… and they should support you in calling for the demonization of Muslims.

    “Every human being has a right to live according to his or her faith and
    conscience, and nobody has a right to murder someone who doesn’t share
    their faith or sexual orientation.” Hypocrite says what?

    • Ben in Oakland

      As I always comment when I read this shit…

      It’s a sad, sad day for Christianity when the best you can say is, “at least we’re not as bad as the Muslims.”

  • Tigernan Quinn

    That Facebook link goes to the Fred Schneider story.

  • BobSF_94117

    Gay people and feminists have been denouncing the treatment of women and gay people in Middle Eastern and other countries FOR DECADES. Meanwhile, Ted’s political party has allied itself with the most anti-gay country in the region, Saudi Arabia.

    • And when they do mention it, it’s a weapon to beat us up with as in “shut up we treat you bitches and fags better than you’d be treated in Saudi Arabia”.

    • Ninja0980

      Not to mention they want to force rape victims to give birth to a baby they had no say in making, supported laws that put us in prison etc.
      They are no different from the folks in the Middle East other then the religion they use to justify their treatment of us and women.

  • j.martindale

    Some assholes never know when to shut up.

    • Reality.Bites

      And that’s why God made Imodium. 😉

  • stanhope

    Easy answer that is already known, Ted Cruz is a jackass and now an irrelevant one. Vain attempt to get his egocentric fat ass back in print. One wonders about contemporary media that drags out super irrelevant Mitt Romney every single day when America repudiated him, the republicans dissed him after he lost to a (horror) Black man and nobody cares what he has to say other than ratings starved news outlets.

  • Mark

    Fuck you, Ted. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you!

  • zhera

    I don’t get where they’re coming from. Are we not denouncing radical Islam? Are we not outraged at how they treat sexual minorities and women?

    The UN tries to get these countries aboard on basic human rights. Who’s blocking it? RUSSIA. You know, the Russia that these imbecils are saying is better than the US because WHITE JESUS.

    The christers have nothing but hypocrisy now. Let’s not let them live it down!

    • They won’t be happy until we’re rounding Muslims all up into camps.

      • Friday

        They’re already talking of sending us all with them if you didn’t noticed.

  • Random Musing

    You have to wonder if suicide-minded terrorists ever consider whether there are public figures whose assassinations might actually garner widespread support. Not naming any names. Just a random musing.

    • Reality.Bites

      Well that would depend how you define widespread. Assassination attempts are generally of controversial figures on whom opinion is divided – think Lincoln, King, Wallace, etc. Or else they’re acts of nuts against people who really aren’t terribly controversial at all – think Ford and Lennon.

      The nature of American politics (having elections) means that people who are universally reviled don’t tent to rise all that high.

  • TexasBoy

    Ted is confused. Baptist ministers like Roger Jimenez are Conservative AND tax exempt.

  • Liam Cregg

    Actually, Ted Cruz, we denounce YOU.

    • And your father which aren’t in heaven.

  • Reality.Bites

    If I loaded these in the right order, the Cruz tweet is first. A sampling of tweets from and to politicians.

  • Cuberly

    Oh lizard man….stfu.

    And this never gets old. http://www.tedcruzforhumanpresident.com

  • Heidi By the Highway

    Pretty sure most LGBTs feel that Cruz is a bigger threat to their daily lives and general well-being than some random closeted queen with a daddy complex and an assault rifle. Come to think of it, give Ted an assault rifle and that describes him pretty well.

    • Friday

      He’d make Dukakis in a tank helmet look like General Patton if he did get one on camera.

      (Just from his body language and obvious klutziness, it’d probably take more hours of staged footage not to make him look clueless *with a weapon* than it did making him look like he’s got a *functional family* and kinda failing. 🙂 )

  • Cuberly

    Is this the first time he’s said or written the words gay and lesbian? Cuz he can barely acknowledge our existence let alone address us face to face.

    Page did us all a service in exposing lizardman’s soul-less meandering avoidance in talking about us. And, it’s preserved for posterity.


    • No, but he’s happy to go to a gay couple’s home in Manhattan and suck up to them for donations.

      • Cuberly

        Oh he’d slither anywhere for a donation or two. I’ve heard he can swallow them whole.

  • The mainstream media is lazy and incompetent. They only cover stories that fall into their laps and when they do they almost always do it in the cheapest and most exploitative way possible. Of course they didn’t cover that story. It would require actual work on their part. Also, Democrats and Republicans are held to different standards by the media. Republicans are assumed to be associated with angry religious nuts and racist organizations. But a years-old clip of Obama’s pastor taken out of context will run over and over for a week. Did anyone go through the McCain’s Baptist preacher’s sermons to find an embarrassing quote? Not the same standard.

  • Todd

    Do as I say not as I Doofus

  • 1Truth1


  • Guess

    I am empathetic for the many Muslim LGBT citizens out there, particularly those who are struggling to come out of the closet and will never harm, or wish harm on, so much as a fly along the way.

    As absurd as Sky Fairy logic is, there are countless Judeo-Christian LGBTs that manage to eventually maneuver their way out of the closet. And they often can do it without shedding their faith, although they may have to kick some homophobic fellow adherents (people like the Cruz crew) to the curb in the process.

    Muslim LGBTs can, and do, figure it all out as well. But they have fewer faith-based resources available and, often, a harder road to hoe.

    Now, on top of their own struggles, Shooterboy’s epic bungling of his own coming out process (a decade-long textbook of what NOT to do, capped by making Daesh/ISIS/ISIL the beard his ex-wife refused to be) is bound to stigmatize Muslim LGBTs (and other LGBTs with non-Euro-centric names) even more than they already were.

    • Guess

      Just one example of what many are dealing with:

      [quote]When Fahd Sadiq, a 35-year-old graphic designer in Orlando, heard of the attack, it felt unusually familiar.

      Sadiq had often danced at Pulse since emigrating from Pakistan 2½ years ago. Growing up in a conservative Muslim family, he was forced to marry a woman, then abandoned by his relatives when he divorced and came out as gay. He said his father arranged for him to be shot; he survived and left the country.

      “Religion can instigate people to become violent,” said Sadiq, who came to the U.S. seeking to be openly gay and no longer calls himself Muslim. “But I don’t think any religion can be used to justify killing people.”

      “I’ve never felt any sort of hostility in Orlando,” said Sadiq, who shares mutual friends with many of the victims, and whose roommate’s boyfriend, Juan Jose, is in intensive care after the shooting. “But I have felt it from Muslims.”[/quote]…

      [quote]For Adam, a 20-year-old Somali-American who is a student at Boston University, the tension around discussing the attack with family left him grappling with his faith. He asked that his last name not be used because his family does not know he’s gay.

      “I myself being gay and Muslim was very disappointed seeing a Muslim guy kill people in the holy month of Ramadan,” he said, referring to the Islamic month of fasting that began in early June. He said he told his family the news “and they started preaching.”

      “They said that Allah sent the [shooter] to fulfill the job. And I was like, ‘What job?’ They said ‘killing abominations,’” a euphemism for gay people. “Hearing that from the whole family was the worst thing I have ever heard in my life.”[/quote]


  • Jeffrey

    Well Hillary just did yesterday, Ted. Get the rat shit out of your ears and listen.

  • Ish

  • The_Wretched

    Kevin Swanson also said that were he to have a gay son who was getting married, he’d cover himself in shit and sit on the steps of the church. He is not sane and I question his human decency.

  • Christopher

    Just saying…

  • bob

    You and your ‘religious’ followers are as bad or worse ! STOP THIS HATE ! Accept people as they are and STOP reparative therapy !

  • Silver Badger

    Not a problem Ted. I and the entire gay community denounce all religious hate. Muslim or Christian, hate is hate!

  • Rod Steely

    Dear Ted Cruz- let me put this in a language you will understand:

    a. vete al carajo (Latin America)

    b. vete a tomar por culo (Spain)

    c. vete a la chingada (Mexico)

    d. andá a cagar (Argentina)

    e. irse a la mierda

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Or in his native Canadian tongue: Eat shit and Die asshole.

      • NO MORE GOP!

        Where’s the ,eh? at the end? 🙂

      • Rod Steely

        Eat shit and Die asshole. EH

    • coram nobis

      A good grammar lesson, and seems to be regionally accurate.

      • Rod Steely

        I love GOOGLE!

        • coram nobis

          Google translate can be helpful. My hovercraft is full of eels.

  • David Walker

    I should have bought stock in a couple of toilet paper manufacturers…all the shit being spewed by all these shitheads…yeah, shoulda done it.

  • Sean

    What’s that Raphael Edward “Ted” Cruz? I was distracted by you shaking hands with, embracing, and sharing a stage with several self-ordained “Christian” pastors who call for the MASS MURDER of LGBT & pro-LGBT Americans. I was distracted by you spewing out the same anti-LGBT propaganda that inspired the terrorist in Orlando & the would be terrorist on his way to do the same at 2016 LGBT Pride in L.A. That’s right; I was distracted by the white, heterosexual, anti-LGBT, “Christian”, Republican getting arrested just hours after Orlando on his way with 3 times as many weapons, ammuniton, & bombs to 2016 L.A. LGBT Pride to do the EXACT same thing for the EXACT same reason as the anti-LGBT Orlando massacre terrorist.

    In these 2 cases it is NOT Islam we are at war with, it is anti-LGBT savagery that we are a war with be they those who pervert Christianity or those who pervert Islam with their barbaric superiority & control complexes.

    The anti-LGBT propaganda that ispired the anti-LGBT Orlando shooter is the same anti-LGBT propaganda the you Republicans & the “Christian” anti-LGBT hate groups that support you spew out of their grotesque mouths. It is the same anti-LGBT propaganda that comes out of your own self-ordained “pastor” father’s anti-LGBT blood filled mouth. It

    1.6 million Muslims in America; yet 3yo Ronnie Paris Jr. was killed by his Christian anti-LGBT father because he thought his 3yo baby was gay, 43yo Danny Overstreet was killed in 2000 by a Christian in Roanoke, VA who also went to a gay bar to kill LGBT people, Gary Matson & Winfield Mowder were killed inside their own home in 1999 by white-supremacist Christian anti-LGBT brothers who were also sentenced for firebombing synagogues & abortion clinics, & the Otherside Lounge (a lesbian bar) was also bombed by a Christian in 1997 Atlanta, GA. Logic dictates that there should be more attacks by Muslims in America based on the population, yet there are more attacks by “Christians” be they against LGBT, Muslims, Jews, people of color, homeless people, etc. How many attacks have their been against Churches by Muslims in America? Zero. How many fire bombs have been thrown at Mosques in America? Several. It was a white, heterosexual, Christian who killed those 9 people at a Christian Chruch. Several pro-LGBT Churches across America have been fire bombed, vandalized, threatened by anti-LGBT “Christians”. Was it a Muslim who “accidently” set fire to General Mills HQ lawn in support of a “boycott” a few years ago? No it was an white, heterosexual, Christian man-baby in support of the antu-LGBT “boycott” of General Mills. Who was it that purposfully realsed ads in Middle Eastern countries attacking Starbucks for being pro-LGBT? Was it Muslims or Christians? Oh right it was the Christian anti-LGBT hate group NOM that did that. I could go on & on.

    You are right about one thing. We have to stop anti-LGBT the “political correctness”of savage terrorists & those who fule & inspire their barbarism. We’ve got to stop them in North Carolina, we’ve got to stop them in Mississipppi, we’ve got stop them in Texas & we’ve got to stop them affiliated with/inspired by the demonizing & dehumanizing anti-LGBT trash spread by the FRC, AFA, Liberty Counsel, NOM, etc. & YOU!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    On another tangential note, about those prayers……..

    • Friday

      Let’s have some action on the *hate* first. Sensible gun restrictions are not going to come about just cause *more* people are more pissed off and afraid than usual right now. People don’t commit acts of hate and terror cause they want you *thinking and negotiating deliberately.*

      Frankly, these guns are a fucking problem of themselves, but it’s *not a winning issue to get in a place to do anything about it if we let the opposition drive the election there. We need to be the *voice of reason* there rather than trying to stir people to want to write checks we can’t even *cash* about getting rid of the guns already out there right now. Steady pressure. Cause all the outrage in the world doesn’t budge the Teabaggers. Think medium-to-long term here.

  • coram nobis

    He’s bucking for a VP nomination, isn’t he? He’s desperate enough to use the “LGBT” appellation.

    But he has a point: we do need to stand against theocratic ideology. Of all denominations, including his.

    An interesting thought: if first we do come for the Muslims, no one will object; if then we come for the Evangelicals, we’ll have had our precedent and no one then could reasonably object. And then when we detain him and his screecher-preacher father, certainly no one will object to that.

  • Hypocrisy and concern-trolling is all they’ve got. Most of us know damned well who our more dangerous enemies are.

    • Friday

      Well, they’re *both* obviously *dangerous,* it’s just who’s closer and more pervasive *here.* Cruz and his pastors and *their* haters don’t *need* as much ‘terror,’ …indeed they usually try to bury it when someone actually *does* some in ways that someone not-a-target might hear of it. But of course they stoke the hate. It’s so they can use government and churches and numbers to oppress everyone, is all.


    Well, he would know about fear, now, wouldn’t he? I’m not afraid to denounce religious extremism, Rafael. That very much includes extremist Muslims, Christians, Jews, and for that matter, extremist Pastafarians (if there were any. Also haven’t been hearing much about extremist Wiccans). What I’m not interested in doing, Rafael, is denouncing Islam (or Christiantity or whatever …) en masse at your direction, for all that I think the world would be better off without religion. I’m not intereested in helping you advance your anti-Muslim (and anti-LGBT, anti-American, anti-decency, anti-sanity) agenda… or the agendas of anybody else looking to get political mileage out of the Orlando massacre.

    • Friday

      Err, yah. ‘Wiccan extremism’ wouldn’t go toward the ‘monotheist/atheist extremism’ pattern anyway: the ‘Fundamentals’ of the faith just aren’t arranged that way if someone’s personal biases made them *want* to.

      (Notably about not thinking *everyone* must even be in the religion: the original core rituals are about as ‘heterosexual’ as could be, but the most that really could mean is excluding LGBT people from one’s own particular group. ….and frankly the ‘stricter’ traditions that would even allow that also call for a lot of secrecy, not all this stuff associated with ‘religious extremism.’ The structure and theology and the closest things to ‘commandments’ actually unambiguously say the opposite, particularly when it comes to LGBT people: Goddess far from disapproves, never mind says ‘enforce straightness on others.’ The Wicca that most people are thinking of etc actually just makes more rituals and combined ones, and the Lord and Lady have queer kids, too: the diversity of life and humanity is a *feature* of the world, not some ‘fallen world *problem*’ as people tend to assume ‘religion’ says. …this ‘theological discussion’ basically took a month or two to filter among the groups and that was basically that, for consensus. (In general Wicca and Pagan religion in general were among the first to be heavily involved in the Internet but this mostly went on before even *I* had anything with a modem. 🙂 Those on BBSes did circulate the ‘debate’ though. )

      (That infodump is just part of why when I say, “It’s very lazy to assume or say ‘All religions are the same.’ I mean, no. The modern practice is an outgrowth of the Celtic Twilight literary movement, the stewpot of (some) British occultism, cultural anthropology of the time and the freaking aftermath of the Second World War. Care and attention in the use of power and to-a-fault resistance to anything that might lead to authoritarianism taking over is in the freaking DNA. )

  • Ninja0980

    Nice try asshole but we aren’t going to be pawns in your game.

  • Jmdintpa

    My heart is becoming so filled with such a hate for some people like I’ve never known before

    • Friday

      Breathe, really, It gets pretty toxic if you try and hang onto it, even in stuffing it down too much. Anger/fear/disgust are emotion that moves, ‘hate’ is usually what we call it when it sticks around and festers.

  • His hatred stems from the fact Muslims and Jews consider his flesh tainted and haram.

    Personally, I like a good pig roast and welcome all faiths to the asylum.

    • Friday

      His hatred stems from they all want the same job oppressing LGBT people.

  • Gianni

    Like Ted gives a rat’s ass about what happens to gay people – as long as it’s not something to do with equality. By the way, Ted, there are more than a few of your religious ilk in this country who approve of the killings and have no problem saying so. I daresay your father might be one of them.

  • andrew

    This is the same Ted Cruz who was introduced at a political rally by a Christian Pastor who has publicly called for the execution of gay people. Talk about hypocrite.

  • Tammygbradford4