Pharma Douche, The Musical

For real. Via Yahoo News:

Auditions are being held this weekend to play Martin Shkreli in a upcoming musical about the infamous millionaire, hoverboard-riding pharma bro called “Martin Shkreli’s Game.”

“Remember when the internet thought that Bill Murray could legally steal back the $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, from that pharma bro Martin Shkreli? Well, get excited world, because we’re bringing that heist to you! That’s right, this show has Bill Murray teaming up with the Wu-Tang Clan in an epic battle against the most hated man in America. Will Bill Murray succeed, or will he just end up another pawn in Martin Shkreli’s Game?” the musical’s website says.

The musical’s plot begins with Shkreli winning the Wu-Tang album auction and follows Bill Murray and Wu-Tang as they attempt a heist to reclaim it. Some of the songs include “I’m Martin F—kin’ Shkreli” and “Every Day’s The Same When You’re Bill Murray.”