Barbra Streisand – At The Ballet [AUDIO]

Just Jared reports:

Anne Hathaway and Daisy Ridley show off their singing voices alongside Barbra Streisand on the A Chorus Line song “At the Ballet” for the legend’s new Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway album. The song can now be streamed on Spotify and it is available for download on iTunes! The full album is available for pre-order right now and features duets with Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman, Jamie Foxx, Antonio Banderas, Alec Baldwin, Seth MacFarlane, and more.

(Tipped by JMG reader CM)

  • TJay229

    I luvs Babs…
    (this is a rif on “Pretty Women”)

  • londonbuddy

    Daisy Ridley must have an amazing agent. No one had heard of her a year ago.

    I love the song but this does nothing for me. Although it is still miles better than Julie Andrews’ version which really should be seen to be believed. She sounds like she is spoofing her oen voice….. so strange…..

    • BostonBud

      oh my…this was something…I think people love the song and try to over sing it putting in their own “thing” which really doesn’t do justice to the song except highlight how wrong the people who are singing it are for singing it.

  • StSean

    barbara has lived long enough to become william shatner.

    • Silver Badger

      Except with a better career.

    • You should be old enough to know it’s BARBRA.

  • joeyj1220

    I saw Babs 2 years ago in concert. Pushing 70, she puts many of today’s younger performers to shame. That woman can put on a show. Like butta’!

  • Jimmy Joe

    Awful. Babs is over-singing Sheila’s part. The whole point of the song is to set up Maggie’s superior pipes which contrast so starkly with her vapid fantasy. It makes a wonderful statement about talent and whether those that have it are necessarily interesting people. Sometimes they aren’t. Babs has butchered the song.

    • Rex

      Accusing Babs of over-singing? Well, she can’t not over-sing.

      • Francesnchaffee1

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  • BostonBud

    I can picture Babra doing this with her walker /s

    • Lakeview Bob

      Very amusing (NOT). Your ageism is showing.

      • BostonBud

        Delete your account! Or I’ll hit you with my cane. Nothing to do with ageism. Sheila was older and more mature in the show, like 26. Barbra is 70 and trying to imagine her “at the ballet” is a bit much.

        • Lakeview Bob

          Actually I agree with you that Barbra is too old for this song although it was great hearing a remake of it. I thought you were seriously bashing her but I realize I misunderstood your humor.

  • Rex

    I love Barbra. Mostly because my ex hated her so.

  • Puckfair52

    No more passes may the occasional House Seat or benefit!

    • Jimmy Joe

      Starts at 28:14. Hear how the song is supposed to be done.

      • Blobby

        oh – Emily Gilmore. you gotta love her.

    • Good Shot Green

      Everyone in this cast is acting with a frenetic edge, as if they’ve all been bumpin’.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    While I love her. No honey, you just can’t beat that original cast album or the original cast i saw on Broadway right after the show opened…

  • Octavio

    Floor tickets still available for $762 each at the new Arena (yet to be finished) here in lovely Las Vegas. Much nicer than watching her warble in Madison Square. 🙂

  • My mom was her most ardent fan and, as a young boy, our house was filled with all her songs. She still has that voice tho’ not as great as it once was. What Babs brings is the talent to sing and the ability to tell a story. Great orchestration. I have no idea where the song is from but reminiscent of the “Back to Broadway” sounds. Look forward to the new album – or is it just a set of songs today? At 74 the old girl still has an amazing voice.

    • Hank

      The song is from A Chorus Line

  • another_steve

    Personal opinion, but this song requires more grit and rawness than Babs brings to it.

    Streisand’s voice is so exquisite that she’s no good at grit and rawness.

    • Jimmy Joe

      You win the gold star for diplomacy. Well done.

  • Hank

    Babs was indeed at her best in the first 3 albums, that she did and then Funny Girl. The first 3 albums were simple orchestrations, showing off her voice, that was not “over-sung”. However she is still one of the greatest entertainers!!!

  • Up to a point

    It appears she’s trying to recreate some “shtichlach” similar to “Putting it Together” on The Broadway Album. Howev.. there is that roaring orchestral crescendo after 3 repeats of singing “at the ballet.. .” It is just wonderful, and should have been done unaccompanied, as originally composed. Humming and such in the background there is over the top. I don’t think Marvin would have liked that part! Anyway, I’m still glad to hear her doing show music.

  • Socal

    Bummer. Just makes me ache for the brilliant performances of Kelly Bishop, Kay Cole and Nancy Lane.

  • John

    Appreciate it for what it is. Good listening.