Not much to see here, but the Trekkies are surely fired up. Via Wired:

While CBS’ upfronts presentation today was largely confined to its new shows coming next season, the network took the opportunity to unveil the very first teaser for its new Star Trek series. Set to debut in 2017—the pilot will premiere on CBS, with the show at large being exclusive to new streaming service CBS All Access—the new series will be helmed by Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, who has the Trek bonafides to merit attention. The teaser is less than a minute, and shows off exactly zero new footage, but its CGI sequence culminates in the tagline that the show will feature “new crews, new villains, new heroes, new worlds.” Unfortunately, that’s all anyone will get for now.

  • fuow


  • metrored

    This is the guy running it so I have high hopes.

  • DaddyRay

    Will they finally feature LGBT characters

    • metrored

      The show runner is gay and he has a history of at least attempting to include gay characters in his shows. Hopefully that translates into something tangible.

    • AW

      Can’t imagine they wouldn’t Bryan Fuller is gay and its 2016.

    • Randy Ellicott

      to be fair they have included LGBT elements before, and wasn’t Deep Space nine the first show to have a same sex kiss between women… kind of… granted one of the women had a symbiote in her that used to be in a man that was married to the other lady….

      • crewman

        Yes sort of, but that felt so weak, like, “Let’s do the barest of minimums with all kinds of pretext and metaphors to avoid any attention anywhere.” It definitely did not come across as brave, even back then.

      • lymis

        I wish people would stop saying that. No, they really didn’t.

        The Dax thing was clearly framed both as leftover romantic feelings that were developed entirely during the marriage when the characters were opposite sex spouses AND as forbidden by Trill society, so it was essentially only given legitimacy because they “really” were straight, and even so, it was all forbidden and doomed.

        The ACTORS were two women, and that was apparently groundbreaking, but that doesn’t mean Trek had LGBT characters.

        And let’s not discuss that abortion on Next Generation where “the gay” episode was about Riker’s attraction to an obviously female character whose society “cured” her of even having a gender, with no apparent negative consequences except to Riker’s fantasy hopes.

        We can call those “LGBT elements,” I suppose, but they are insanely tiny crumbs, and not terribly good ones to begin with.

        • motordog

          EXACTLY, lymis…couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • Reality.Bites

          And not even close to groundbreaking for the time. Shows like Soap, Barney Miller, All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore and others had LGBT characters decades before.

  • Gayskeptic

    Excellent! They have Picard’s shoes to fill so, no pressure.

    • Hardley

      He might be inclined to go for Janaway’s or Sevens 😉

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        With her heels, good luck. 🙂

    • And Janeways!

  • Hue-Man
    • In Toronto? Maybe they’ll give it more than a brief cameo this time.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Well, I doubt the city itself will much of a cameo, though Nathan Phillips Square is usually a given. Truth is, Pinewood Studios Toronto is massive enough to house full sets, so think small set cuts with lots of CGI.

        • Reality.Bites

          Be interesting to see where (if anywhere) they shoot the outdoor scenes on other planets that they used to shoot in that canyon near LA.

          Unlike Wales, we don’t have lots of old quarries that are used on Doctor Who

          • Jean-Marc in Canada

            Well, there are some rather unique natural formations in and around Toronto that could be used, so it will be interesting to see what they use.

      • bambinoitaliano

        Hannibal was shot in Toronto as well as a new series American Gods. All Bryan Fuller executive produced. Logistically it makes sense.

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          The higher return on the US dollar doesn’t hurt production costs either 🙂

          • bambinoitaliano

            Its one of the bigger reason why many shows are being shot mostly in Vancouver and Toronto. Especially they have created as good facilities as Hollywood.

          • Jean-Marc in Canada

            So true. Pinewood Studios is amazing and massive and Vancouvers Northern Light is equally impressive.

  • Joseph Miceli

    They could stand to dust off some old C.J. Cherryh books from the 80’s to get some believable aliens for a change, and not just guys in alien suits.

    • Joseph Miceli

      I can’t wait for the Enterprise to visit planet Ru. After all, Kirk kissed a green chick, a drag queen isn’t that far a leap.

      • A Drag Race planet would be amazing. Rulled by Ru and her GIRRRRRRLLLLLSSSSSS.

      • chris10858

        Oh my God… that’s a great idea! Maybe even have her guest star as a crewmember from time to time.

        • motordog

          When you think about it…it wouldn’t be a bad challenge on Dragrace. Trek Drag!

  • On CBS streaming? ugh.

    • Gustav2

      It’s is so the soon to be killed off young ensigns can watch it on their personal communicators alone instead of on TV with others, because they are so much more busy than we eldergays.

      • Reality.Bites

        Hey, but for the first time those unnamed young ensigns will all be CANADIAN!

        The new show is being shot in Toronto. No more will callous Canadians Kirk and Scott send young Americans off to die.

    • David in Palm Springs

      Yeah, I’m not giving them $5.99 per month just to see the new Star Trek series — which will most likely be imbedded with ads (like Hulu). This ploy by CBS (to coerce people into using their unwanted streaming service) smacks of greed. Hopefully it will backfire.

      • TexasBoy

        I might wait until the first season can stream in its entirety, then pay one month. I’m surely not going to pay monthly just to watch 4 episodes per month (assuming it is a weekly series)

      • And drive people onto illegal torrent sites.

        • DrWilmaBabyliv

          …or other streaming sites which are completely legal but free!

        • b

          And think of all the money they will save by continuing to produce the special effects through the super-duper talented kids at Glendale Junior hIgh School!!

          Advance copy of the game to eeevvveryonnnneeee!!

      • Right now all I watch on cbs is Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife, and Good Wife is over so I guess that just leaves BBT. I have Hulu Plus and Netflix. The PBS app is free btw. Put an ad at the front of the show and let us watch it for “free”. CBS is being greedy and it’s backfiring on them.

        • TK

          They are going to have a Good Wife spin-off on the streaming service. It’s set 1 year after ‘the slap’.

        • Reality.Bites

          The Good Wife spin-off starring Christine Baranski is on CBS All Stream

      • Kelly Lape

        It’s called “added value”. You either value Star Trek or you don’t. This marketing ploy will succeed in generating viewers for their pay service. These viewers will sample other aspects of the service that are of interest to us. What this won’t do is renew subscriptions if the service and/or the show sucks

      • DuaneBidoux

        I personally don’t mind $12 a month on Hulu Plus to avoid the commercials.

      • Bj Lincoln

        You can pay extra to get rid of the ads.

      • DrWilmaBabyliv

        Vodlocker will deliver just fine.

      • bluegreg

        The tag says: “Premiering 2017 on CBS and Coming to CBS All Access”. I take that to mean it will on Broadcast as well as Streaming.

      • b

        Their dead baby in the crib. The producer should have spent more money, rather than the baby suck dry from trailers like these.

    • HandyAndy

      Because using a new Star Trek series to anchor a fledgeling network worked out so well for UPN, they’ve decided to go with the same tactic.

      • Scifi has never been a good fit for the major networks though. See TOS, Battlestar Gallactica, Firefly, etc.

        • Reality.Bites

          And the successor to UPN, the CW, had achieved its greatest successes with genre-adjacent shows like Smallville, Supernatural, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. And shows like that sell all around the world. In Canada, where it airs on a “real” network, Flash is frequently a top ten show and ALWAYS outperforms Agents of SHIELD on the same network.

          • CW shows are all available on Hulu and for a couple dollars extra you can watch with no ads. ABC, NBC, Fox and CW shows are all available on Hulu. CBS opted out and now find themselves left out in the cold. Fuck ’em.

        • FAEN

          BSG was a great show. SyFy should have extended it to 5 seasons and given us a better ending. Aside from that I still love the show and still dip into it.

          • I was actually referencing the original series from the 70s which lasted one season on ABC.

          • Reality.Bites

            1 ½ if you’re willing to count the earth-bound abortion of a sequel. 😉

          • pablo

            It was a good show, but should’ve been 3 seasons with a better ending. There were too many episodes that just padded out the series and didn’t advance the story.

        • X-Files, Smallville, STNG, Six Million Dollar Man, Knight Rider, Lost…

          • Reality.Bites

            STNG wasn’t on a network and Smallville wasn’t on a major network. Arguably Fox was not a major network during X-Files run either.

            Six Million Dollar Man was more of a kids show than SciFi.

          • Seriously? SMDM (series and original movie) was at the time very much Sci Fi. It was based on the 1972 Sci-Fi novel, ‘Cyborg’ by Martin Caidin and pretty much introduced most people to the concept of blending humans and high tech augmentation. If the Borg and RoboCop are Sci-Fi, astronaut Steve Austin is their great-grandfather. Not to mention…FEMBOTS! Aliens! Robotic Sasquatch! Rogue Venus Probes!!

          • TNG was syndicated.

    • JoyZeeBoy

      Yup and no thanks. I’m already NOT paying them for their streaming service. Why start now?

    • I know. Depressing but I’m such a fan I’ll do it.

    • Frostbite

      get used to this. until cable companies start allowing a-la-carte packages more and more people will “cut the cord”. want to get your content out there and collect all the money for yourself? subscription streaming is the way to go.

      on the bright side, quality shows will flourish and the crap will disappear. at least in theory. vote with your dollars and all that.

      • CBS missed the boat. They didn’t want to go in on Hulu and now they (too late) realize that people don’t want to pay for yet another service to watch a couple of shows. I’m not paying a fee for one show. Work something out with Netflix and/or Hulu and I’ll watch. I’ll even watch an ad or two. But no I’m not paying 12 different providers for one show on each app. Fuck that! I’ll just take a pass. it will come out on DVD eventually and I’ll get it from a provider that way. I’m not someone who has to binge watch every show the day it’s available. That’s fine if people have the time/money to do that but if I had that much time/money I’d probably still be paying for cable.

    • Bj Lincoln

      I’m not paying for it. Already put out enough for Hulu and Netflix. I will wait until it hits one of them.

      • Goodboy

        Yup. Just wait a year. Plus, no commercials.

      • b

        Or you could just watch some youtube fan fiction and get the same quality.

    • Marti386

      I’d be willing to pay them just to get this show and Supergirl. Unfortunately, I hear it doesn’t work with Amazon FireTV.

    • m_lp_ql_m

      I’m sure it’ll be torrentable. Oh, wait, did I say that out loud?

    • Glen

      Seriously WTF.

  • TexasBoy

    Anyone notice that the ST emblem was textured a lot like a Borg cube?

    • Randy Ellicott

      I was thinking more of an explosion, borg cubes generally are more regular and greenish… there seems to be too much cross hatching on non-right angles…

    • Gustav2

      Ir looks like they were going for a patina of some kind.

    • rextrek1

      I thought it resembled more of a Klingon batliff

  • Tigernan Quinn

    I used to be such a huge Trek fan, but I have no interest in this at all.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    There was always one race that they never really developed AFAIK. The Orion space pirates. They’re from the original series but not as fleshed out as the Romulans, Vulcans or Klingons.

    Not interested in having to pay a monthly fee to see it though.

    • Eric in Oakland

      The medusans could use an update as well.

  • Giant Monster Gamera

    Not much to go on but I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • Michael McReavy

    How many times are they going to go this old well? I guess as long as it still makes money.

    • TexasBoy

      I don’t mind new Star Trek series, as long as they are well written and thought provoking. I don’t want to see a show with lots of explosions and no substance with a space overlay.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Indeed. A return to the hopeful view of the future would be a nice change of pace in the age of everything dark and dreary. That said, I can’t say I’m hopeful give the tag “New Villains”

      • pablo

        Does anyone know if this is based on the terrible JJ Abrams films or the original series?

        • J Ascher

          From what I’ve read, this will be an anthology series set after Star Trek VI.

        • The writer of the first two movies is the producer. It will not be canon trek according to the press releases.

    • Reality.Bites

      I guess about a couple hundred years after they stop performing Shakespeare, stop making new adaptations of Grimm’s fairy tales, stop making new bible dramas, new interpretations of Robin Hood and King Arthur.

    • Gustav2

      I also think “penchant for violence” was the wrong terminology.

      Terrible Twos’ Temper Tantrums is much better.

      • More of an ‘I’ll tear your dollhouse down’ sort of thing?

    • The_Wretched

      The media is pro-corporate, like Hillary is. This is a push from the powers that be to get rid of ‘socialism’. Biden came out reciting Hillary talking points today too.

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    All hail torrents! And please, teasing a show that hasn’t been cast or even written? #lahoosuherrr

  • WebSlinger

    If there are no gay characters with a TRUE storyline (yes one that does not involve someone being killed)..then I am not interested at all…


    • Reality.Bites

      Well for the first time it will have a gay showrunner, so that improves the chances somewhat.

    • Guest

      If you read the Star Trek – Titan books (with Captain Riker), you get to know Sean Hawk’s husband, Ranul Keru. Ranul is described as a large, bearded, hairy all over Trill. YUM! 🙂


      Those books are actually very good and if you are a Star Trek fan and enjoy reading, I recommend the Titan series as well as the SCE (Starfleet Corps of Engineers). The SCE series of books could very well have been the basis of a new TV show that would have garnered a LOT of new and old Trek fans!


      Enjoy! 🙂

  • WebSlinger
    • 2karmanot

      Interesting point: queer icons in SciFi. One of the reasons I stopped watching the SciFi channel was its rabid homophobia. I wonder, but doubt if times have changed there.

  • lymis

    My biggest concern is that they are this far into it and haven’t even floated an actual concept to the fans, much less an outline or character studies. This is so different from past iterations of Trek, that it is becoming more and more clearly about “Cool, how can we make more money?”

    When ALL the studio is announcing is how popular it will be with specific demographics and how it will launch their new streaming network, but not actually saying what they plan to produce, it’s not creating warm fuzzies.

    If we don’t get an actual serious announcement soon, I’m prepared to write it off entirely as a likely big ball of suck.

    • Reality.Bites

      Given the nature of fandom in general, and Trek fandom in particular, releasing details only means six months of sniping.

      There’s a segment of fandom that will only be happy if it stars Shatner and some people who are no longer with us.

    • DrRobY

      I am totally with you on this one. I could see this series extending the alternate reality of the recent films. Because money.

      What I loved about the universe created with the five television series is that they built up a complex mythology with interweaving story arcs based on established cultures and characters. At most, with some minor tweaks here and there, the alien races (Klingons, Vulcans, Borg, etc.) didn’t change from episode to episode.

      I don’t want to get involved in the parallel universe set up by the recent films that selectively ignores what is already established. I don’t want to reinvest time re-introducing myself to what has already been established decades ago just to see how clever the writers are at modernization of tales. To an extent the recent films can get away with that. It seems like a corporate decision to do—to start with a clean slate but still capitalize on an established fan base.

      And yes, I’m prepared to write it off entirely as a likely big ball of suck as well.

      On a side note, I miss Voyager and Next Generations. Hell, while Deep Space Nine wasn’t my favorite, I miss it too.

  • motordog
  • NEW VILLAINS! Because God knows, you can’t have space exploration without VILLAINS!

    • DrWilmaBabyliv

      Yes, please let them be NEW. No more regurgitations! lol

  • bJason

    I am a leaf on the wind!

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Points for Serenity reference.

    • Watch me soar.

  • BobSF_94117

    “new crews, new villains, new heroes, new world, old name”

  • bambinoitaliano

    If it’s an established show like Game Of Thrones or Daredevil, they might attract subscribers. Creating an original series, the show has to get the buzz first. Monthly subscription of a series that ran at least 13 episodes will cost each household $18.00 That is pretty hefty and will not go well. This is CBS All Access first original series. Netflix might be able to get away with that kind of fee. Star Trek stand alone tv series does not have that kind of pull.

    • Reality.Bites

      True, but they’ll have all kinds of international sales (not necessarily to streaming platforms) followed by video sales, releases to other streaming platforms, broadcast syndication, etc. I expect it doesn’t matter all that much if it turns a profit on CBS All Access. They are also doing a Good Wife spin-off, starring Christine Baranski. Not necessarily much of a crossover audience though, but there may be a lot of household where one will watch one, and someone else the other.

  • Dean Cameron

    That’s awfully cheap- looking CGI… maybe it will look better on a video screen. Oh, wait!

    • Reality.Bites

      It’s a very low res clip – the CGI may be just fine and in any event was likely done in-house for this. They’d just be starting on the real design work for the show.

      I wonder if they’ll follow Netflix’s lead and shoot in 4K

    • I recognize much of the CGI has coming from the end credits of the 1st reboot Trek film (2009?). *shrugs* We’ll see. Personally I doubt I’ll sign up for a streaming service for just one series.

  • DuaneBidoux

    Awesome! Hopefully CBS will let this Star Trek continue its tradition of exploring cutting edge social issues.

    Finally got to Deep Space Nine and watched a show several days ago where we saw a very meaningful kiss between two women.

    Since the beginning Star Trek has done this – hopefully it will continue.

    • Reality.Bites

      Between a heterosexual woman and a male symbiont.

      Still not one single LGBT character in all of Trek. LGBT characters started becoming common on TV (at least as guest shots) 45 years ago.

      • DuaneBidoux

        Yes but look when this was made. Think about that. As far as that whole Trill thing I’ve never exactly grasped it. But trust, me to 95% of the population seeing that they saw two women kissing – plain and simple.

  • chris10858

    I LOVE Star Trek but If they don’t finally have a gay character, I’m gonna fucking lose my shit and hold a protest rally outside of their studios. Grrr…

  • i guess i will wait and see. there are soooo many series that are on my list, and frankly, i like to wait until there’s a whole season in case i was to binge watch. i have low hopes, given how the last few reboots went. and CBS is on crack if they think i’m going to pay for yet another streaming service. i’ll be dead before i’ve exhausted everything good on Netflix & Amazon.

  • Spongebob CrankyPants

    Streaming service??? No thanks.

    • NO MORE GOP!

      I think they meant “steaming” service. As in “pile of”.

  • EdmondWherever

    Bring back the Emissary!

  • Halloween_Jack
  • 2karmanot

    Whaaaaat? That’s it? ppppfffftttt

  • Orly

    Yes please.

  • I’m a little confused by their business model. Do they expect for people to pay extra for On Demand CBS shows (and premium shows) in a time where networks are trying to KEEP viewers by offering that for free? I love Star Trek, but no. I spend too much cumulatively for media (Netflix, Amazon Prime, DirecTV, Verizon data, Uverse internet). I’m not paying for “extra” CBS.