PHOENIX: Haters Sue To Overturn LGBT Rights Ordinance On Behalf Of Wedding Invitations Studio

Nobody has ASKED the Brush & Nib studio to create any same-sex wedding invitations, but they’re suing to overturn Phoenix’s public accommodations law just in case. Via press release:

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a Phoenix art studio that specializes in hand-painting, hand-lettering, and calligraphy for weddings and other events filed suit in state court Thursday to challenge a city ordinance that forces the studio’s two young female owners to use their artistic talents to promote same-sex ceremonies. The ordinance also forbids the studio, Brush & Nib, and its proprietors from publicly expressing their Christian belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman or explaining why they hold to that time-honored view.

“Artists shouldn’t be threatened with jail for disagreeing with the government,” said ADF Senior Counsel Jeremy Tedesco. “The government must allow artists the freedom to make personal decisions about what art they will create and what art they won’t create. Just because an artist creates expression that communicates one viewpoint doesn’t mean she is required to express all viewpoints. It’s unjust, unnecessary, and unlawful to force an artist to create against her will and intimidate her into silence.”

The lawsuit is known in legal circles as a “pre-enforcement challenge,” a lawsuit that allows citizens to challenge a law—in this case, a law that threatens First Amendment freedoms—before the government enforces it against them. Organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood routinely file such lawsuits against laws they oppose.

In the first clip below, an ADF attorney pitches for other Christian-owned companies around the nation to hire them to overturn their own local LGBT rights ordinances.

The second clip, rather suspiciously, was posted last week to the just-created YouTube channel for Brush & Nib. It’s the only clip there, it’s unlisted, and comments are closed. 

The company also appears to have no physical address and their social media presence goes back only a few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brush & Nib was invented specifically to overturn Phoenix’s ordinance.

  • Xuuths

    Sorry, no standing. Dismissed with prejudice. Next!

  • Craig C

    Certainly they lack standing, having not been “harmed” by the law.

    • mjcc1987

      It’s state court. Evidence not required. They just have to point and say fag.

    • adamj2013

      So true. When our side does this stuff, it is to make sure our rights aren’t taken away by a law. When they do it, no one has been harmed by a law that is in place. They just don’t like that they can’t discriminate.

  • PickyPecker
  • Dustin

    All the same arguments that were being made for why businesses shouldn’t be forced to serve black people or recognize interracial marriage. Tired old arguments being drummed up to discriminate a new group of people.

  • penpal

    I’m almost willing to let the babies have their toy as long as they post very clearly on their storefronts and websites: WE DON’T SERVE HOMOSEXUALS. These cowards usually want to discriminate quietly because when people find out their anti-gay views, they take their business somewhere else. You can’t have it both ways, bigots.

    • KQCA


    • Jeffg166

      I think they are on the ropes and a gofundme site would be a god send at this point.

      • Michael Rush

        Remember that idiot Brian Klawter for Dieseltec in Michigan ?
        He bombed at this same thing .

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Or worse, I think this might be a fake business created by ADF to try to justify a pre-emptive lawsuit. It may be that they can’t do a real lawsuit based on actual enforcement because because they don’t have any real customers.

        • NancyP

          This may be the case. Calligraphy is a hard business to get into now, because the market for hand-done lettering is really confined to the wealthy – computer fonts and printers being so good nowadays. Yes, you can make pin money – but being able to support yourself means knowing how to do some really high end stuff (working on parchment; gilding; a good repertory of ornamentation), and it isn’t easy.

          • Glen Thompson

            Which their work obviously isn’t.

        • Cboulder

          Thanks for clarifying that

        • Nychta

          I looked them up at the AZ Corporation Commission website, and they incorporated a year ago.

          Makes me think that ADF is looking for likely plaintiffs in a nationwide scheme to reverse city and county ordinances that provide more rights and benefits (such as higher minimum wage) than are granted at the state level.

        • Piet

          I had a little extra time so I went digging. Joanna Duka still lives at home with her parents. She’s 24 or so, has an Associate degree, and teaches piano privately, the calligraphy business coming after the teaching business. Her father is both the pastor of Paradise Hills Christian Center (Assembly of God) and a sales associate with an internet marketing company.

    • Soren456

      And it was all right to post “White Trade Only” signs?

      Doesn’t seem to me that those places were threatened with failure because people avoided them.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        The world was a much different place back then. I’m a straight woman and I don’t want to give my business to those that would discriminate against those I love.

        • Soren456

          Oh please.

          There is compromised citizenship and there is full citizenship.

          My civil rights—my full citizenship—is not the place for YOUR compromise. I don’t give a good God damn if you would pass them up (and believe you’ve done something noble).

          The fact remains that they still refuse to serve me, but would serve you. That matters a whole lot to me and, as you say, to “those I love.”

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            I agree Soren. Everyone should be served and treated equally in all aspects.

      • Bob Right

        No it was not. Yet here in California I still see the occasional “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone…” even at a franchised McFood place!

        • JCF

          Those signs don’t hold up, legally.

    • Frostbite

      the problem is they don’t have the guts to post signs proclaiming their bigotry.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        The reality in Arizona, it turned out, was that the business community was overwhelmingly, almost universally, opposed to SB 1062. The business community was its main opposition and fought it even more intensely than the LGBT orgs did, and they’re the ones that got Jan Brewer to veto it. Cathi Herrod and her “Center for Arizona Policy” wrote that piece of shit, and all the Republicans in Arizona gov’t rubber-stamped it, under the pretense of protecting business owners, but no business owner in Arizona wanted that law.

    • DaveMiller135

      I think maybe a simple, “Not Interested In The Gay Wedding Dollar” would suffice.

    • UrsusArctos

      A pro LGBTQ senator (I think) tried to add an amendment to require signage to Mississippi’s hater law. He is black, had been there for “separate but equal”, and wasn’t buying ANY “right to discriminate”. MS being MS, it failed.

  • Lazycrockett

    In the context of the name what’s a “nib”?

    • Soren456

      A pen point.

      • Lazycrockett

        thank you.

    • Craig C

      The small penis of an anti-gay hater.

  • Soren456

    Looking at their stuff, I don’t see anything I couldn’t do myself with InDesign and some calligraphic faces.

    (And I know I’m off-topic.)

    • As self-proclaimed calligraphic “artists” that ought to be exactly the point…

  • JaniceInToronto

    These dolts just do the same thing over and over and over.
    It’s going to take a Federal Court ruling to ever solve this. I hope it’s soon.

  • Bill

    Fuck them. Right in the ear. Fucking idiots.

  • another_steve

    Part of the social contract is that if you choose to do business in the public square, you must serve everyone.

    If you find a cave somewhere — outside of the public domain — you’re free to do business there only with those you choose to do business with.

    Otherwise, you must serve all.

  • rabbit_ears

    Oh good a preemptive fuckup.

  • gglaudel

    Pull their Business License.

  • Gustav2

    Ummm, did they get a SBA loan to start the business?

  • TexasBoy

    Because being paid a princely sum to hand inscribe two male names rather than a male and female is wrong according to Jesus?

    • coram nobis

      “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness.” — Matthew 23:23

      Jesus had a lot to say about scribes in that chapter.

      • IamM

        I never knew he took issue with spices.

        • coram nobis

          We learn something every day, pilgrim! People might actually get some notions changed if they actually read that book instead of waving it around.

          One-third of Americans falsely believe, according to other polls, that evangelist Billy Graham delivered the Sermon on the Mount. (It was Jesus.) And more than half of Americans do not recognize that Judaism is a religion.

          Religious knowledge surveys are good at serving up black humour too. An early poll showed one in 10 Americans believe Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife. Another one in five believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were a married couple.

          • Soren456

            Boy, that turned me around . . .


          • coram nobis

            I always thought Sodom and Gomorrah was a law firm. Married, huh?

  • bryan

    That video was not made to promote their work. It was made to push their fake legal case.. They just want to enter the anti gay martyrdom business.

    • SoCalGal20

      Apparently they weren’t making enough on Etsy.

  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    I go back and forth on stuff like this. First responders, medical personnel, anybody in government service…those definitely shouldn’t be able to turn their backs on you citing religious freedom. But as far as the rest of these hateful bitches, I say fuck them. I’ll take my business elsewhere. They’re not getting a nickel from me, if they have to be forced by law to provide service.

    • coram nobis

      You don’t have to give them business, but it’s worth noting they’re trying to overturn an ordinance completely, not just do business or not as they see fit.

    • RaygunsGoZap

      Ok. But why should the law only give a pass to those who’s sincerest held beliefs are undermined in the time before the gays are actually married and up to the cermenony. What about all those godly people forced to promote gay marriage through their services after its consummated and throughout its course.

      Like why should loan officers, pharmacists, pediatricians, hotel managers, gyms, restaurants, hospitals or funeral homes have to compromise their souls after the bakers and florists have not had to?

      You can’t always go somewhere else.

    • Wynter Marie Starr

      Okay. I have a question or two though. Do you pay taxes? If so, do your taxes pay for infrastructure and other services like the police and fire departments? Are you willing to pay taxes to support such businesses even if you can’t get served? And, finally, where does this end? Should a doctor in an ER refuse you services? A case could be made that medicine is an art.

      I’m not trying to pick a fight here. My questions are sincere. I don’t have a pony in this race. These bigots would make me invitations as I’m a straight woman. But, I’m genuinely interested to hear from someone who may not be served. I’d like to know where you draw that line.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        If one has a business, service or position, they are to serve all classes no matter what. That is where I draw the line.

        • Wynter Marie Starr

          That’s where I’d draw the line as well.

      • Soren456

        You “draw the line” exactly where the law says it is drawn—service for EVERY citizen.

        I don’t understand why that is even a question to be debated.

    • David L. Caster

      Yeah, no. Abrogation or repeal of public accommodations law is unacceptable.

    • TampaZeke

      I agree that I wouldn’t give such people a dime of my money and it irks the fuck out of me when gay people choose bigots to give their money to, but it still shouldn’t be LEGAL for businesses that do business with the public to refuse to serve some people. It wasn’t right under Jim Crow. It wasn’t right against the Irish. It wasn’t right against Jews in 1930’s Germany and it’s not right against LGBT people in the 21st Century.

      Now, having said all of that, I would do everything I could to try to talk gay people into NOT spending their hard earned pink dollars at businesses owned and operated by bigots.

      I still bang my head against the wall every time I hear of a gay couple fighting to send their children to schools that teach them that gay people are intrinsically disordered and dangerous. But every day countless gay people choose to send their children to churches and schools that hate them.

  • camel54

    Just wait till they appeal for money because they’re being persecuted.

  • RaygunsGoZap

    Wait. So if you utter the phrase “natural marriage is between one man and one woman forever” you can be jailed in Phoenix? When did it relocate outside the US?

    Lying liars lie.

    • Soren456

      Actually, I don’t think there is a word of truth anywhere in the attorney’s statement.

      • Phil

        Nor their law school diploma, apparently.

        • Soren456

          The diploma has a recipe for scones printed on the back. I’ve seen it.

    • CPT_Doom

      Yep, they are free to tell any same sex couple who approaches them for work that they hate the queers and don’t think they should be married, but they’ll make the damn invitations anyway. I guarantee that would be far more effective than their lawsuit.

      • IamM

        Yes, anyone who’s competition includes Cardmaker, Betty Crocker, or Instagram should consider carefully before they start trying to run customers off.

  • Gustav2

    The Coeur d’Alene wedding chapel advertise CIVIL CEREMONIES.

    Since they are only doing religious ceremonies and changed their ‘business’ to a ‘religious entity’ the rest is BS. The city paid them a few bucks to go away, not enough to pay the lawyers.

  • mjcc1987

    “Nobody has ASKED the Brush & Nib studio to create any same-sex wedding invitations, but they’re suing to overturn Phoenix’s public accommodations law just in case”

    Prophylactic hate

    • Snarkaholic

      No one has actually shot me yet, but I’m going to sue to abolish all guns everywhere…just in case.

      • Bad Tom

        THAT has more justification.

      • Blake Jordan

        That is a legitimate fear of actual harm!

    • Irish856

      Time to watch for the Go Fund Me page… Just like the Pizza place that refused to cater a Gay wedding that they were never asked to cater… They got a Million for that sham.

    • teeveedub

      The likelihood of any sentient LGBT person ever asking them to do wedding invitations is pretty low, considering the fact that you discover instantaneously how Jeebus-infused their business is with one glance at their website.

      I never trust anyone who has to wear their religion on their sleeves like that – no matter what the religion is.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    I think I will order invitations from them.. My husband’s name is not gender specific and once I get them take a picture and post it on their Facebook page….

    • Treant

      Jamie and Pat invite you to their nuptuals…

      • m_lp_ql_m

        As do Terry and Merril.

        • Anastasia Beaverhousen

          Oh, honey, every time I say his name, they immediately say something about my wife. I love saying, “husband” and seeing the look on their faces.

          • delk

            Heh! We get the “are you guys brothers” thing, lol.

          • Back in high school I briefly dated a fella who looked enough like me to be my older brother. Annnnd being the little shit that I was, took perverse delight in kissing him after they asked if we were siblings.

          • IamM

            Have you tried responding with, “Oh, God I hope not!”? ;-D

          • delk

            Usually we say, “You have no idea how disturbing that would be…”

          • Joe in PA

            hubby and I get that all the time. Ugh.

          • Reality.Bites

            Yes, but in at least half a dozen states that doesn’t mean they don’t think you’re married.

            A couple of months ago, admittedly at the gayest bank branch in the city (see below), while setting up a stock trading count for my boyfriend the advisor said regarding something, “of course that’s not an issue since you’re family.”

            Playing it safe, I guess, leaving out whether we’re brothers, father/son, partners or married.


          • delk

            Heh. Last time we crossed the border at Windsor a cute little cub crossing guard couldn’t take his eyes off of us, lol. Of course it was Pride/World Pride that weekend!

          • Bob Right

            I LOVE it and do the same thing all the time!! In this case it’s in the spelling and not pronunciation.

          • Clair

            Preach it, says the guy named Clair

          • ColdCountry

            My sister’s name is Clare, after our German grandmother, and apparently the doctor who delivered her joked with my mother that the baby must be a boy, because his name was Clare.

    • Reality.Bites

      How many women are named Stan?

      • Good Shot Green

        The President’s mother, for one.

  • bkmn

    It sure sounded like ADF was trying to win one of these cases so they can sue on a larger scale to overturn all anti-discrimination laws.

  • Sam_Handwich

    their twitter account appears to go back at least a year

    • Jimmie Z

      Yea, I see that too. So, if a couple is not of the Lesbyterian™ ƒaith®, then please do NOT contact them.

      I notice they have a worldwide total of six followers on Twitter. So it’s only logical they would decline anyone’s money who needed calligraphy.

  • Phil2u

    I am so dense sometimes. I thought “Brush & Nib” were the names of the guys that owned the business.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    From their website, I would think they were two lesbians.

  • Merv99

    As a show of good will, they should start by repealing the laws that have been in place for decades prohibiting discrimination against Christians.

  • Phil2u

    This is like the couple who started an online fund to keep from serving pizza at a gay wedding. Like that was going to happen. They made off, literally, with over $300k if I recall.

    • I immediately thought of them too.

    • brpyner PHX

      It was Memories Pizza in Indiana, and the amount was in excess of $840,000. Srsly.

      • Phil2u

        WHAT? That is outrageous; a fool and his money are quickly separated. No wonder they paid their debts and “took off” so quickly; I would have done the same.

  • studd55
    • Todd20036

      Wasn’t the child her own daughter?

      • Dale


        Can’tcha tell?

  • anne marie in philly

    once again, a “solution” in search of a problem. GO OUTTA BUSINESS, H8ERS!

  • m_lp_ql_m

    Why did I read their name as “Bush & Jeb”?

  • AtticusP

    Where are all the lions when you really need them?

    • m_lp_ql_m

      I think the Jehovah’s Witnesses took over so the lions are no longer carnivores.

    • Freti

      Please, have some compassion for the poor lions…

  • Harley

    DAYUM they are missing our on lots of bigot dollars. If they were sued they would have GoFundMe dollars to move to North Carolina and retire.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Glanced at their stuff – I wish someone would explain to them that they were in NO danger of a gay person wanting their services.

    • delk

      You got that right.

    • My handwriting is iffy at best, but daymn I could do better than they do. What childish looking, messy, over busy stationary.

    • SoCalGal20

      Awful, right? I love beautiful calligraphy. That was horrible.

      • Jodimmcdougall4

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    • NancyP

      I see what you mean, although it meant that I gave their page a click. I used to do some calligraphy, but my models were more along the lines of Renaissance penmanship. I also got decent at orthography.

    • Bomer

      I tend to make my own cards for things like birthdays and holidays. Now, I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to self critiquing my work and tend to think it’s not particularly good, but, shit, even my stuff looks better than that.

    • Chris Baker

      I do calligraphy, and, overall, like their stuff. and style, however there is letter spacing issues. The “Lily and Jacob” one is pretty bad, though.

    • RemusL

      I thought all these comments were just over-reactions. Then I looked at examples of their work. Wow. “Busy” is an understatement. You know how annoying it is to read an entire page written in fancy flowery cursive type? Their “art” takes annoying to a whole new level.

    • My thoughts as well. Since I’m living in exile in Arizona, I get periodically pissed at the mayor of trendy Scottsdale, who has worked to dismiss any attempt at a similar anti-LGBT discrimination ordinance like the one in Phoenix, because he keeps spouting: “There is no LGBT discrimination here.” And he says that without any sense of irony that Arizona is one of the states were a person can get fired for being LGBT.

  • Steven Leahy

    Maybe someday we’ll actually have comprehensive and robust national protections, and these bullshit miscellaneous lawsuits will become a thing of the past.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    A pre-enforcement challenge is really not going to help their Poor Victimized Bigot narrative.

  • oikos

    You’re printing wedding invitations, not attending the ceremony or sleeping with the happy couples. Get over yourselves.

    • Gustav2

      They are the paid help.

    • billbear1961

      I wonder how many OTHER “terrible sinners” they just CAN’T deal with.

      Want to bet it’s just US??

      My GOD, they better not be hiding any sins–like the multiple divorces of the infamous Kentucky adulteress.

      If they are, it’s OPEN season on the FRAUDS!

      This should be the approach WHEREVER these two-faced, self-righteous, feet-of-clay FAKES–politicians or private individuals–open their traps to BITCH.

      Dig into their backgrounds and make every sordid little detail KNOWN far and wide!

      I’m so SICK of their GALLING hypocrisy!!

      • oikos

        I’ll bet they have no problem with divorced people or non virgins who have sex before marriage.

        • billbear1961

          Exactly–I’ll bet they don’t bat an eye!

          They make me SICK!!

      • IamM

        Poor dears, worried that they might be offered money to write other people’s names. Life is hard sometimes. Bless their hearts.

      • NowAnAgnostic

        Cathi Herrod and Karen Johnson of AZ are closely aligned with the ADF based in Scottsdale, AZ. Karen Johnson (Mesa, AZ) was in the State House and Senate for many years. She has had 5 or 6 husbands–can’t remember the exact number. For some years Johnson and Gay Republican, Steve May, had seats next to each other in the State House. He seems to have entirely disappeared from the political scene for many years now. Steve May, you may remember, was the first openly gay soldier allowed to serve in the military to finish out his tour of duty or whatever it was.

        Cathi Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy (six-figure salary) is closely aligned with the ADF. Here is an interesting article from the “Phoenix New Times.”

        This is just to show you a tiny bit of what we have to put up with in AZ, and why I was so pissed when Janet Napolitano gave up the governor’s office to Jan Brewer just for political gain.

    • adamj2013

      And honestly, this isn’t about the government forcing artists to create something they are against. This is about commerce and business.

      • John30013

        Exactly! A product or service is not “speech” (in First Amendment terms). If they offer that service to some customers, they have to offer it to all. They knew the law before they opened their doors.

        The legal theory behind this lawsuit is that commercial works that are substantially “artistic” in nature somehow deserve heightened protection from generally applicable civil rights laws. But why should only “artistic” works receive such protection? And why only in businesses related to marriage?

        Were this lawsuit to succeed, it would be the thin end of a wedge to overturn all civil rights protections in public accommodations.

  • Todd

    Do your J O B and leave your religious beliefs at H O M E

  • BobSF_94117

    More like Rush & Fib

  • metrored

    If you just watch the video without reading the story it kind of looks like Brush and Nib are announcing their engagement.

  • Sam_Handwich


  • That_Looks_Delicious

    I used to live in Phoenix and I never once heard of their business. I suspect they’re actually doing this as a publicity stunt.

    Sooo, let’s instead give attention to companies that deserve it. Phoenix couples who are planning a really nice wedding would do well check out KaK. Look at their beautiful creations:

    • SoCalGal20

      You aren’t missing much. The ladies have an Etsy shop and the sample invitation is hideous.

  • delk

    Alliance Defending Defrauding Freedom attorneys representing a Phoenix art studio that specializes in hand-painting, hand-lettering, and calligraphy for weddings and other events filed suit in state court Thursday ….

  • BobSF_94117

    If they don’t want to write out SSM invitations, all they have to do is hire a contractor to do it on behalf of the business and sell it to the couple.

    Businesses don’t have religious beliefs. Human beings do.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Two words which reveal the grift.


  • Jimmie Z

    Because what could possibly be more gay than a calligrapher?

  • parachihuahua

    It isn’t registered as a business with AZ, and when you “shop” it’s an Etsy storefront.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Nice catch. Is it even a real business? Or just a pretense for ADF to mount a lawsuit because no real business would go along with them?

      • parachihuahua

        It is an online Etsy business only. No brick and mortar. It started last October.

      • parachihuahua

        Someone did find a listing, but it seems they are online with Etsy only

    • Just tweeted etsy, lets see if they want to be associated with bigots.

      • parachihuahua

        Someone did find a company listing in AZ, but they are only Etsy, which brings up interstate commerce problems. If a couple in CA orders, then Etsy policy and CA and fed takes precident over AZ.

  • Bob Conti

    If you haven’t sustained harm, then you don’t have standing. Rarely can one prospectively sue. You’d think, with their string of losses on this very issue, they would’ve learned by now. Well, you’d think. Apparently, ADF lacks in that department.

  • delk

    WTF? I’ve had better looking doctor’s prescriptions than that crap they are perpetrating.

  • karen in kalifornia

    Their webpage “shop” is ESTY.
    Reviews and reporting this business are accepted here. Just sayin’.

    • SoCalGal20

      They have 7 reviews on Etsy. And their sample invitation has to be one of the more hideous examples of calligraphy I have ever seen.

      • William

        “Ouiser, you have the handwritin of a serial killer.”

    • Friday

      And you’d have to go way out of your way to treat an Etsy shop like a ‘public accommodation’ business for purposes of getting yourself sued. That basically *is* art on commission brokered between private parties. Unless you’re just flogging a retail product as an item regardless of how much heart you put into it.

  • slvgfx

    According to the Arizona Secretary of State, Brush & Nib was incorporated as an LLC on 5/21/2015. The two women are the only members, and the woman listed as the Registered Agent lists her home address, and the other woman’s home address as the legal address of the company.

    • Piet

      You can tell which one is the artist, though, by looking at the houses. The “artist” has a rose bush close to her front door. The “calligrapher” has a barren, red-rock front yard except for a circle of concrete block defining bare dirt with a boulder the size of a sleeping St. Bernard in it. She clearly has a better grasp of the Zen of desert gardens than the other one.

  • TexasBoy

    I wonder how long it will be before someone writes a calligraphy program and makes a specialized calligraphy printer for a computer?

    • IamM

      I miss Print Shop.

    • Bad Tom

      At least 39 years ago. Which would be substantially before either of these women were born.

      Maybe you can make a case for something earlier, but the Mac was the first widely sold personal computer with good fonts and graphics.
      Illustrator was released in January 1987.

      • TexasBoy

        Yes, but you could still tell the difference. You need a printer that can use a calligraphy pen and variable pressure to really make it indistinguishable. Probably something similar to a redesigned plotter.

        • Friday

          Signature machines could do that with vacuum tubes in the JFK administration. 🙂

        • Bad Tom

          If you made such a plotter, you could probably teach it to do calligraphy by employing a deep learning network. Input and feedback would be by using a tablet pen to show the AI how to perform the strokes.

          A deep learning net seems especially suited to this application.


          If you make one, you have to give me partial credit. 😉

  • I just checked on Yelp, and there are zero reviews. Supposedly they have been in business since 2015, and zero reviews? Yeah, I’m not buying this at all. There is also a business that sounds eerily familiar that has been in “business” since 2011 and also has zero reviews…..Personal Creations by Ronnie in Gilbert.

    • Piet

      Went to their Web site and read the reviews they posted. Never saw so many exclamation points in one place in my entire life. Almost every one of the reviews is burdened with ’em, and it’s all the punctuation there is in a couple. Looks like a swarm of them stuck on the ends of some of the sentences. Maybe that’s just the “god” part of their work coming out? /s

      • It’s because they wrote the reviews themselves under false names.

        • Piet

          Yeah, pretty much what I figured, too.

    • shellback

      HAHA “leave” Hahahaaahaa.

    • KnownDonorDad

      Yeah, that’s an invite I’d leave, too.

    • Snarkaholic

      “Joyn Roburt and Harryet at they’re marridge cerumonee!”

    • Reality.Bites

      Reminds me of those “Cake fails” you see online. “Happy Birthday Jeff all in capital letters” or “Get well soon with a picture of a hospital bed”

  • MB

    That’s NOT how the law works. You have to be an ” injured” party or have suffered directly from the consequences of an ordinance’s implement action/ enactment/ enforcement.

    Libruty Lwa Skroal dropouts !

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    And once again, Christians sue for the right to denigrate, humiliate and just plain hate on LGBT consumers. At this point, are we at all surprised.


    Comments are disabled. Quel shock.

  • Michael Rush

    Time to grow up and live in the world WITH other
    people ignorant selfish assholes !

  • GanymedeRenard

    “It’s unjust, unnecessary, and unlawful to force an artist to create against her will and intimidate her into silence.

    Isn’t that precisely what the Chaotic Catholic League and One Miserable Medusa Million Moms advocate for in relation to the creative artists of The Real O’Neals, pray tell?

    • Friday

      Strictly-speaking, if they’re “artists” and “creating” on the scale they say they are, a public accommodation’s the wrong damn business model for them anyway. No way that’s a working studio they filmed in.

      • GanymedeRenard

        I couldn’t agree more.

  • Ninja0980

    Sounds like they want to cash in on the gay hate.

  • Dale

    Damn. Look at the crap they offer for $25 and $40:

    I’ve seen better shit in the deep discount isle at Marc’s for $.99.

    • Octavio

      I’ve seen better using Letraset.

      • Dale

        Marry me!

  • TedBear

    I want them to #ownyourhate. If you are so pious and righteous, then place a pink triangle with a black slash sticker on the door to your business. Stand up for your beliefs #ownyourhate. And watch your business go down the drain. If you are so brave, place the sticker on your door, and own it.

  • KnownDonorDad

    So sick of the ADF. They’re like an evil, incompetent, bizarro version of Lamda Legal.

    • Friday

      Except Lambda Legal have day jobs and the legit law degrees togo with them. 🙂

  • NancyP

    I think we ought to take out an ad for them in the U.S.-based South India Desi Times. Make the Brush-NIb folks have to spell Venkatasubramanian and similar long last names a zillion times, for the same piece rate (per piece of paper) as lettering a marriage between Al Smith and Mary Jones. Or, very formal Mexican names which hyphenate the mother’s and father’s family names. Oooh – Thai names – those are nice and long.

  • SammySeattle

    Preemptive douchery

  • Cboulder

    So, does pre-enforcement negate the need for ” standing” to sue

  • glimsong

    Haha this will be thrown out. Unless they can show actual damage their suit has no standing. It has happened before.

  • CaliforniaDude

    These bigots are so evil and hateful. They are the most unpleasant and cold hearted people around. Not only are they intolerant but society looks down on them as unkind pariahs. I despise these bigots. There is nothing worse then a racist and uppity bigot.

  • secretlab

    According to the Arizona Trade Name database, Brush & Nib, LLC filed for incorporation on 5/21/2015.

    • Octavio

      So they haven’t been in business for a whole year? Good to know. I doubt they’ll be in business after two years. 🙂

      • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

        They’re probably a Straw Business invented solely to sue over this ordinance.

  • Bad Tom

    So, why can’t we sue to overturn the civil rights protections afforded to Christians?
    It seems the lawsuits would have identical merit.

  • sword

    I want to sue a thousand companies. They sell products that may harm me some time in the future…so I want to be compensated now…so I can enjoy the money.

  • James

    What could be gayer than a business that does calligraphy for wedding invitations?

  • JT

    Flush your gig.

  • mdror


  • Octavio

    Breanna and Joanna. Those are the names of these two sceered christofascists. They will be soon forgotten. 🙂

    • David Walker


      • Octavio

        Those are the two women who own the little business that wants their jeebuz to be protected.

        • David Walker

          Oh. Did they start a pre-persecution, pre-martyr fundie funder?

          • Octavio

            Not yet. But there’s still time. 🙂

  • DaveW

    Not art

  • ‘Til Tuesday

    We might as well get prepared. The anti-GLBT bigots have hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits and laws waiting in the wings. It’s gonna go on and on for decades. See the anti-choice movement. I know it’s not fun to think about fighting for years and years, but if we don’t we’ll lose one law and lawsuit at a time.

  • CCleverly

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!…

  • Friday

    Cause I always like to work with corroded nibs from a yard sale on a table with raised grain and gaps between the boards. 🙂

    • And don’t we always store our tools in a pile so we can just paw around looking the precision tool just right for the project.

      • Friday

        *innocent whistle.* But yeah, that really doesn’t seem to square with ‘Public Accommodation business’ …never mind one with a posh room that size sitting near- empty like …. Their lawyer’s office with some paint brushes in a vase ?

  • Back in the days when I worked for the City of Adelaide I had the opportunity of watching the City’s official calligrapher at work. And after fifteen seconds of watching this girl pushing her pen across the paper he would be snorting language that would make a sailor blush. As he used to tell me, calligraphy is not written, it is drawn. Even in the most florid hands, the line flows behind the pen, it never precedes it. Try to make it do that, and the ink will spatter.

    And even just looking at their finished samples, he would ask, “Is curly-girly all they can do? Where is their Italic, where is their formal Roman, where is their Gothic? As for the way Mamselle is writing on loose sheets on a flat table, who taught her the art? Amateur!!”

    • SoCalGal20

      I didn’t watch the video. No wonder the calligraphy looked so bad lol.

      This past weekend I was at Balboa Park in San Diego and on Sundays they have the International Houses open (left from the Exposition that was there in the 1930’s). In the Chinese house, you could get your name written in Chinese characters in calligraphy by one of the hosts. It was exactly like painting (especially since they use brushes) and fun to watch.

  • Joe in PA

    It sure is interesting that their Facebook identities have been scrubbed, I mean no friends, no posts, the only “info” about either one of them is that they work at the Brush and Nib and that they live in Phoenix. And Joanna’s page even uses the same cover page and photo from the website.

    And when you look up the domain name (created a year ago and updated a few days ago), the owner info is hidden behind ‘’…the same system that most of they RWNJ sites use. This is WAY scummy. I would love to know how much money they are getting for this.

    Good luck with your 15 minutes girls.

  • John Ruff

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this is a front group for ADF? NO, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    • American135

      Nor would I be surprised to learn the same-sex “couples” who have sued bakers, photographers, and florists were operatives deliberately looking for Christian businesses to target.

      • John Ruff

        Then let’s hope more do it.

        • American135

          Go for it. When Obama is gone, this worm is going to turn big time.

  • JCF

    “Brush & Nib”: anyone ever told them that’s kinda GAY?

  • Six Pins Delores

    “I invented air so every time you breathe you owe me a nickel”

    From where and how the fuck are the scum able to dredge up other useful scum like that?


  • Public businesses are just that: public. If they want immunity from prosecution then they should probably file as a 501c3 and abide by its requirements.

    That being said, what is this? The ordinance makes it illegal to express an opinion? If true, this should be rejected by everyone.

    “The ordinance also forbids the studio, Brush & Nib, and its proprietors from publicly expressing their Christian belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman or explaining why they hold to that time-honored view.”

    • Reality.Bites

      They’re lying. Don’t be an idiot.

    • Fyva Prold

      The ordinance (just like most non-discrimination laws) forbids to advertise intention to discriminate. Of course, ADF is happy to twist it to christian prosecution.

  • Terry Washington

    Given the threats to defund artists back in the 1980s for allegedly blasphemous content by the NEA(National Endowment For The Arts), the hypocrisy implied here is obvious!

    • Stev84

      When are religious people not hypocrites?

    • American135

      But, of course, Piss Jesus was not taken off of display and the NEA continues to fund the hate speech of anti-Christian “artists.”

  • DesertSun59

    How can this not be immediately dismissed. Parties that have nothing to do with an issue can’t sue.

  • Stev84

    So if the standing doctrine is correctly applied, the suit should be dismissed

  • E.J.

    The business has a Yelp page…….comments are still open

  • AzJeff

    This doesn’t appear to be a ‘brick & mortar’ store; the only way to get their product is to buy it thru the Etsy link.
    Which also means they serve customers outside Phoenix.
    If they refuse same-sex customers in California, or some foreign country, aren’t they breaking some inter-state commerce law?

  • Jodimmcdougall4

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  • American135

    Last year a Wal-Mart baker refused to decorate a cake with a Confederate Battle Flag, and his refusal to do so was upheld by the state’s HRC. The HRC held that the baker had a 1st Amendment right to withhold “expressing” something with which he personally disagreed. The baker, the HRC held, must bake the cake, but he didn’t have to decorate it.

    The same principle is true, here. Let’s see how this goes.