Record-Breaking 16 Tony Nominations For Hamilton

The 2016 Tony Awards nominations were announced moments ago, with the huge smash Hamilton receiving a record-breaking 16 nods. The record was previously held by The Producers and Billy Elliot, both of which earned 15 nominations in their debut years. See the full list of 2016 nominees below. From the New York Times:

On Tuesday, the show was singled out in every category of theatermaking: acting, writing, directing, design. In a few categories, including lead actor and featured actor in a musical, performers from “Hamilton” will face off against one another.

The popularity of “Hamilton,” intensified by social media, late-night television, music downloads and now a fast-selling behind-the-scenes book, is so great that it is expected to boost viewership of this year’s Tony Awards, which are to be broadcast from the Beacon Theater on June 12.

“Hamilton” is the enormous favorite to win the most coveted Tony Award, the prize for best new musical. The other shows nominated in that category Tuesday were “Bright Star,” “School of Rock – The Musical,” “Shuffle Along, or The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed” and “Waitress.” Those shows will now market themselves as best-musical nominees, knowing that a win is highly unlikely, but hoping for a box office increase from the nomination.

  • Gustav2

    Hamilton? I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!

  • bkmn

    I would love to see Hamilton but the cost is a bit prohibitive.

    • Not worth it.

    • another_steve

      One needs a second job just to afford going to the movies these days.

      • bkmn

        I haven’t been to a movie theater in over 25 years. I just got so damn tired of rude people talking, checking their phones, kicking my seat, etc. that I just watch movies at home.

        • another_steve

          Same here. The movies nowadays are 95 percent crap anyhow, so who needs them. TCM offers more quality (and free) movies than I’ll be able to watch during my lifetime.

          Last month, AMC actually floated the idea of allowing texting in its theaters.

          As if the kids don’t already do that! lol.

          • jmax

            I love TCM, especially the obscure movies they show late at night/early morning.

          • another_steve

            Absolutely, jmax. The best foreign and “art films” are shown late late at night.

            I suppose there’s a relatively limited audience for those — hence TCM’s practice.

          • jmax

            That’s why god invented DVRs.

        • jmax

          I’ve been to two movies in the last 30-odd years. One complaint I have that I’ve never heard anyone mention is the volume the sound is played at in most theaters. I’ve left movies with my ears ringing in the past and don’t really see the need for it to be so loud. But that might just be me.

        • CityWOOF

          It’s all about weekday matinees, if you can make it to one! Empty theaters. Movies really are meant to be seen on the big screen. I hope you will find your way back into one again and remember the difference.

  • Readen Reply

    Do we watch to see Hamilton win? or do we not watch because we know Hamilton with win?

    • David Walker

      I watch to see the numbers from the shows. When Neil Patrick Harris hosts and produces, the opening tends to be fabulous. It’s always interesting to see how they try to deal with non-musicals. And I like to watch to see which sure-fire winner doesn’t win. I’m also glad it’s at the Beacon Theater rather than Radio City. It, for whatever reason, feels like an actual celebration of theater when it’s in a theater. The tech problems are insane because of the lack of space, but I like the feel. Plus, the place is gorgeous.

  • JoeMyGod

    The Producers won 12 of their 15 nominations. That’s the record. For now.

    • Blake Jordan

      Are double wins in a category allowed?

      If not, the maximum Hamilton could win is 13 (2 best actor nominations, and 3 featured actor nominations), which would just surpass that The Producers’ record…

      • royinhell

        Only if there’s a tie, which has rarely happened.

      • Gene Perry

        True enough … and, remember, the tech awards are always unpredictable.

    • Since it’s a competition, it remains to be seen if this is a stronger year for musicals than the year The Producers won, which was a weak year.

      • Chuck in NYC

        Seems to be a very good year for musicals — even some musical remakes of movies have gotten excellent reviews (Waitress; Tuck Everlasting). Allegiance couldn’t find an audience, and I fear, with only one nomination (costumes), Tuck could suffer the same fate. There are certainly more than enough nominated new or revived musicals this year that the Tony producers are going to be hard-pressed to include numbers from Disaster!, American Psycho or Tuck…but here’s hoping.

  • Texndoc

    I remember when “Jeopardy” had a “Hamilton” category and each clue was a short clip and an actor or actress reading the clue. I thought “That show looks so dumb” and the poor things had to have Alex Trebek plug it for ticket sales before it opened.

  • loosevowels

    What Channel is the Hamilton Awards on

    • David Walker

      Whatever your local CBS affiliate is.

  • Good Shot Green

    Noises Off was back on Broadway? I loved the movie.

  • JoeMyGod

    Sort of related: I really enjoyed this queen’s take on “You’ll Be Back” – which is performed by Jonathan Groff as Hamilton’s King George.

    • Mike

      I saw this on the internets a few weeks ago and thought, wow….that kid can sing. Maybe LMM will see it and invite him to play King George for a night? (Isn’t it a revolving role played by various actors…D’Arcy, Groff, Rannels….?)

      • JoeMyGod

        Groff left the show briefly to film the “Looking” movie for HBO, but he’s since been succeeded by Rory O’Malley.

        • Mike

          Hopefully he’s in this line today

  • Blake Mason

    Now I will never get a ticket… hope it has a longer run than In The Heights.

  • clay

    So, not best revival of a musical, not quite a sweep of all categories.


  • sherman

    OT but breaking news – the scandal that will finally sink Hillary’s campaign.

    • Blake Jordan

      Berners rejoice…

    • another_steve

      Unfortunately, the alien baby only has six more months to live.

      The U.S. Government has been spraying chemtrails over its crib.

  • Harley

    Finally! Some good news in an otherwise bathroom panic riot by chriSTAINS. Thanks Joe.

    • David Walker

      AFA should probably check to see what the Beacon Theater’s bathroom policy is. On the other hand, there will be so many LGBTQs and allies at the event that The Truly Religious might feel a little intimidated.

  • Rex

    As a gay man in good standing (last time I checked) I feel compelled to watch the Tony Awards. Actually I do watch and enjoy the ceremony more than the Academy Awards. Since I’m not seeing any Broadway shows, it’s a least some exposure to what’s going on in Theater.

    • David Walker

      The Gay Superbowl.

      • Rex

        Minus the expensive commercials, beer and nachos.

        • David Walker

          And the show is expressly forbidden to run into extra innings or overtime or a fifth quarter or whatever the hell they are.

      • dr morbius

        Because no one except the rich can afford to see an NFL game or a Broadway show.

  • TJay229

    As a person who’s seen Hamilton I have a question to ask:

    Are the White Gays going to launch a Boycott of Hamilton when it hits the road to make even more money, perhaps when it ventures into North Carolina and they DON’T make a statement about HB2… would they be considered allies?

    I know the strict burden of “ally devotion/proof” y’all put upon performers of color, I was wondering.

    • tcinsf

      Oh give it a rest.
      Hamilton is coming to SF next spring and I already have my subscription, which is going to allow me to move my tickets to my birthday, Friday night next year. Nobody will say anything that will make me look forward to that less.

      • TJay229

        I’ll “give it a rest” when I feel like it’s time. ain’t yet.

        Enjoy the show, I saw it last year.

  • shadowcatt77

    Yay for Waitress! I’ve not seen it as I live on the other coast, but I love the songs that Sara Bareilles wrote, and Jessie Meuller is so good 🙂 To be overshadowed so much by Hamilton this season, it’s nice to see that they’ve gotten some solid recognition by the Tony’s.

  • well deserved! it’s the most staggering piece of theatre i’ve seen in ages.
    kudos all.

  • Nax

    Is Hamilton on the verge of overexposure without anyone able to see it?

    • Grimes

      That is almost an oxymoron, but in this case pretty apropos.

  • CPT_Doom

    Wait, they nominate black and Hispanic people for acting awards? I guess it’s #BroadwayNotQuiteSoWhite.

    • David Walker

      I’m disappointed that the Asian-American actors and creatives in “Allegiance,” the musical with George Takei, aren’t noted. I don’t think I see any mention at all. By the same token, it’s closed, so it would receive no Tony boost. However, “Allegiance”‘s Lighting Designer Howell Binkley IS nominated for his work on…wait for it…”Hamilton”!

  • M Jackson

    As someone who’s seen all the nominees (don’t hate me), “American Psycho” should have gotten those “Bright Star” nominations (except for the one for the marvelous lead actress Cusack).
    Just sayin’.

    Otherwise, I couldn’t be happier for “Hamilton”. I hope they arrange to film it, or Fathom Events it, so everyone can see the reason for all the hysteria. It’s that good.

    • David Walker

      By that time, it will have been so long that no one will remember what the fuss was…and it’s originality will be so imitated it will seem dated. Have you ever noticed how many cliches you can find in Shakespeare?

  • Grimes

    Sorry Lin Manuel, but if I had a vote, Leslie Odom, Jr. would win. His portrayal of Aaron Burr was spellbinding. But alas, I don’t vote. Best wishes to them all.

    • M Jackson

      I agree, but alas, Odom’s only chance to win would be to shoot Miranda, on the New Jersey bank of the Hudson River. Otherwise, he’ll still have to Wait For It.

      • Grimes

        Touché! At least this time he’ll be in the room where it happens.

  • PiperPine

    Good its a well put together play and it deserves the hype and nod.

  • David Walker

    Personal gripe: “Hamilton” could have received a mind-numbing 17 nominations if The Tony Committee hadn’t ended their brief fling with recognizing sound design because Tony voters wouldn’t understand what that meant. Well, gee. (This, of course, comes from a former sound designer and engineer.)

  • Jo-Nathan

    Not impressed with Hamilton. I saw School House Rock on Saturday mornings as a kid. The show wasn’t worth the fortune on the tickets either. All hype and bandwagon groupthink. Like Bernie.

  • JCF

    [Apart from Hamilton-mania]

    Congrats, Danielle Brooks! From Taystee to Tony Award Nominee!

  • NMNative

    I do appear to be the outlier here, but, after watching a clip online of one of the numbers from Hamilton, I’m not feeling it.
    I’ll save my money (it’s an expensive trip from NM to NYC) and wait for the Divine Miss M to do Hello Dolly.