Alex Newell & Nile Rodgers – Kill The Lights [VIDEO]

Glee star and budding dance diva Alex Newell is out with a scorching disco throwback track today. Kill The Lights features legendary producer Nile Rodgers on guitar and will debut on this weekend’s episode of HBO’s Vinyl as the show’s timeline moves into the disco era. This WILL get your weekend pumping. And yeah, shades of Sylvester here.

  • hdtex

    Me likey! Channeling a bit of the ghost of Sylvester.

  • JoeMyGod

    You really should watch every second of this.

    • Lakeview Bob

      Thanks for that link. He is so funny and talented. I hope he goes really far.

    • hdtex

      Alex can SAAAAAANG!

    • barracks9

      Thanks for posting that – it illustrates what an awesome voice Alex has, beyond the production (or overproduction) values of the video for Kill the Lights.

      • Jenniferaobinson3

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        • hdtex


      • Lawerence Collins

        This took me Buh-Ack, way back. To when I was just s teen. Dancing to “you make me feel. Mighty real. To MacAurthers park. Full version.

        • Kaycbowyer

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      • Strepsi

        I agree about the song above — he’s highly autotuned, and disco veracity aside, he clearly does NOT need to be!

    • JT

      It’s too bad all the good quality videos of his from Glee Project have been removed. Here are low q versions of two.

    • Thom Kulesa

      That is friggin awesome!

    • Gerry Fisher

      that was really terrific. Thanks for posting! 🙂

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      dammed awesome !!!

  • Lakeview Bob

    Love Alex. That was wonderful. But it would have been better without the 3 Faux Fly Girls. Ugh! They were so cheesy.

    • JoeMyGod

      Pretty sure that’s intentional for the HBO show.

    • They weren’t good at all, like teeny boppers without the soul. Real Fly Girls would have been on point and sassy as all get out.

  • Bill

    Kid’s got a GREAT voice, but disco still sucks.

    • AaronSF

      You know the whole “disco is dead” thing was a backlash against gay and black culture, right?

      • Bill

        I was there, dear. Fighting for your rights. For over 30 years. You’re welcome.

        And disco STILL sucks. Gay’s got nothing to do with it, drama king.

        • mizzourah

          Disco never died. It’s happy, fun music with rhythm – none of which you have.

          • hdtex

            Yup. Disco ROCKS! It never did die.

        • Hip Byroads

          What do you mean exactly that gay’s got nothing to do with it? What became to be known as disco originated in gay & black dance clubs in late 60s, early 70s. Disco did not come out of the white straight community. This I know because I was there too when this was happening, and was a part of it.

  • Lazycrockett

    Was he on it after the show went to shit?

  • I made it like almost a minute in!

  • bkmn

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    • Well we HAVE to have that Keystone pipeline come hell or high water because, after all, what’s South Dakota without a thick slab of black oil all over the place??? To hell with life, let’s have OIL! 😉

      • seant426

        Can we get that pipeline to traverse North Carolina, per chance esp. the capitol?

  • G Thomas

    It’s a nice disco throwback, but I’m not hearing the fabulosity of Sylvester AT ALL.

    • JoeMyGod

      The break that begins at 2:50 feels like a nod to “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).”

      • G Thomas

        hmmmm….. 🙂

    • hdtex

      Stylistically he’s definately channeling Syvester

    • Hip Byroads

      Me neither. Right from the opening bars of this track, it was the classic My Love is Free by Double Exposure that began playing in my head:

  • another_steve

    Oy, takes me back. The Boones Farm wine. The bell-bottoms. The requisite mustache.

    Do the kids do bell-bottoms today? I don’t know.

    I don’t get out enough.

    • Ray Taylor

      The kids today are still in the ’60s fashion of legs so tight it’s almost imposable it get into. You remember those. Take an hour to get off.

      • another_steve

        Yes, I remember those. Thanks. Back then I was a twink and looked fabulous in them.

        Today, if I tried to get those on, you’d have to call emergency services.

        • Christopher


        • Silver Badger

          Even if you could, it’s just not the same. Back then we were hot. Now, we would look foolish. Foolish is not hot.

          • another_steve

            Well my husband says I’m still hot.

            When he’s drunk, that is.

        • JCF


      • Silver Badger

        Not if I was willing. I could peel those things off in 30 seconds flat.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      My disco knit shirt chaffed my nipples.

      • another_steve

        A beauty, that one.

        Some years ago I reluctantly donated my leather disco boots to a local charity. It had 3-inch heels, which gave me the illusion of added stature on the dance floor.

        I figured the charity could modify the heels and that someone would have a pair of usable boots.

        I miss them.

      • DaddyRay

        So did mine

  • JT


  • Steven B

    I loved him on Glee but it seems like much of what he’s doing now is too disco.
    Here is Alex at his best on Glee.

    • JT

      And Boogie Shoes (with another of own own, Jonathan Groff playing straight)

      • Steven B

        YES! How can you mention Glee and Alex Newell and not mention Boogie Shoes?

        • JT
          • another_steve

            Glee was remarkable for its treatment of transgender issues and characters.

            I’m sure that 25 years from now, sociologists who study TV and the cinema will note the show’s historic influence.

          • When Glee was good it was very very good. It may be the most uneven show ever. I would argue that it jumped the shark and jumped back in the same episode several times. But these moments kept me watching no matter how much crap Ryan Murphy inflicted on us.

          • another_steve

            Thank you.

            In my opinion the show began to tank when it departed from the formula that was so successful in its early seasons — great song and dance numbers, cute, witty and talented performers, minimal plot line.

            When they went heavy into plot line, the show started to fail.

          • The show should have ended with season 3. Most of the character graduated from high school. The show was always uneven but it became a real mess after that. Jumping back and forth between Lima and NYC made sense. No one cared about most of the new characters and how could they, the audience hardly had time to know them. And then they jumped again in the final season dumping most of them. If they wanted to extend the show they should have made each season a semester rather than a school year. But that didn’t occur to them until far too late in the run.

          • another_steve

            Look, let’s be honest: The show was a hit when it was about young and sexy people flirting with one another and singing and dancing up a storm via wonderfully choreographed dance numbers employing hit songs.

            “Gone with the Wind,” it was not. Nor should it have striven to be that.

          • It also addressed interesting topics like bullying in between the musical numbers. It gave the show some depth but didn’t drag it down too much usually. And then it would go off and do something so ridiculous that is was laughable. Camp is a hard line to walk and Murphy stumbled often. But when he got it right (see clip above) it was powerful stuff and had an impact on the culture at large.

          • another_steve

            Agree. The beauty of it was that the queer characters were just other characters in the ongoing soap opera. Not “others.” Not “freaks.” And the way they explored the social issues — bullying, coming out, same-sex relationships, trans people, etc — was quite excellent.

            I’m betting that the lives of hundreds of thousands of young queer viewers were forever changed for the better.

          • Glee and simultaneously Brothers and Sisters treated gay characters and their relationships the same as they treated the straight ones. I can’t think of any show before that for which that is true. Even Will and Grace did not show open affection (or even much in the way of romantic involvement) of the gay characters. Grace could kiss and touch all the boyfriends she wanted. Will and Jack not so much. Kevin in B&S on the other hand was affectionate with Scottie in the way that couples act in social situations. It was subtle but it was groundbreaking.

            A great example of this was the cutting back and forth between Rachel sleeping with Finn for the first time and Kurt and Blaine doing the same. They were treated the same. No hands off, no cutting away. Equal. Of course that was never going to happen without openly gay show runners in charge.

          • another_steve

            Great points.

            And it wasn’t “idealized” from a writing perspective. The LGBT characters were as fucked up as their straight counterparts.

            As it is in real life.

          • Back when gay characters were rare they were so sanitized that it was hard to imagine them existing off-screen. They had no sex lives and generally existed on for the purpose of checking off a box on some diversity form somewhere. It made for boring characters which isn’t good for either drama or comedy. And then of course they could also serve best friends to main characters, not unlike the type of character that Spike Lee calls the “magic negro” (a black character who only exists to make things better or give advice to the lead character who of course is white). The sassy gay friend was briefly a fixture in movies. Visibility is good I guess but I did feel at the time like some straight people only thought of us as accessories and it didn’t always translate in them supporting gay rights. (I can think of a lot of cases where I or any number of friends discovered that our “friends” were actively working against gay rights, especially marriage.) When you are only ever an accessory you aren’t an equal and that was a real problem for gay people in the 90s. It was okay for us to exist but we shouldn’t expect too much. It was progress but not exactly what we had every right to expect.

          • another_steve

            Lol. Funny that you mentioned the “magical negro” thing. My man and I recently watched 1999’s “The Green Mile” starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan.

            The latter actor’s character in the movie — John Coffey — is the quintessential cinematic magical negro.

          • hdtex

            Remarkable performance.

      • DaddyRay

        That was one of my favorite performances

    • seant426

      Shame on you. There is no such thing as “too disco.” Turn in your Gay Card, now.

      • Steven B


    • SilasMarner

      Oooo, you just lost 10 princess points!!

      • Steven B

        Actually am LOL

  • Cuberly

    OT; FYI, sooo glad to see this back for a second season. I still liked Sense8 much much more, but F&J was cute in it’s own way.

    • Lazycrockett

      They better correct the lack of Dolly cameo.

      • Cuberly

        Oh that would be wonderful!

    • I LOVE this series and this second season looks like a killer. Great jokes, Fonda looks AMAZING and Lily is as sharp as a tack. Love the kids and the husbands who are now husbands together and can’t wait for May 6th!

      • Cuberly

        It was a rainy day, comfy slippers and popcorn series. To be honest I was there mostly to watch Lily and Jane do their thing.

    • another_steve

      “How do I look?”

      “Like a docent at a hairspray museum.”

  • Christopher

    Time to boogie!

  • Great great song! Really has that 70’s feel. If your from that ERA and want to be rejuvenated with today’s music, this is the song for you. Give a go! I swear, you’ll be tapping your feet in no time!

    • Rolf

      Suddenly I was transported back to being 18 in the Manatee in Toronto, looking for someone to ‘dance’ with.

  • TheSpinMonkey

    Not a fan of the 70s clothes or music but this was pretty good!

  • Ramon Martinez Jr

    I like it! Doing my best disco moves or what I remember of them, hahaha!

  • rabbit_ears

    Well I’ll admit this is good, with a nice classic 70’s vibe but can it beat this? I think not!

  • SoCalGal20

    I adore him! I was one of the few that watched Glee to the end and I always enjoyed his musical performances and Unique as a character.

    He’s touring with Adam Lambert right now and he has an EP out called “Power”. A couple of weeks ago Joe posted the audio for “Basically Over You (B.O.Y.) but here’s the video which just dropped the other day. It includes Nyle Demarco.

  • Cousin Bleh

    I’ve been watching Vinyl since the first episode; it’s a terribly uneven show with moments of brilliance. There’s a Scorsese-esque murder subplot that is pointless.

    But the stories about the music industry and the origins of punk and hiphop have been fantastic. I did not know they were going there with disco, and now I’m more excited about the show.

  • RaygunsGoZap

    This is exactly my kinda jam. Alex is amazing. Every second of this video that doesn’t feature Alex is a mess though.

  • KP

    Getting a real Sylvester vibe from Alex. Video visually looks like a bad interpretation of the 1970’s The song is GREAT!

  • Acronym Jim

    I think this was inspired by “Dim All the Lights.” Donna Summers did a good version, but Laura Branigan had drag queens.

  • SilasMarner

    Wow, shades of 1975. The video sucked. The gay boys will love the song though. I see the dance floor full of shirtless, sweaty hot men writhing and dancing to the wee hours of the morning and having a blast.

  • JCF
  • ChadSF

    Yes, yes, Yesss!!! 🙂

  • Bob Kellerman

    This is more entertaining than his overproduced records of underwritten songs — but MAY SYLVESTER LIVE ON!