REPORT: Saudi Arabian Government Seeks Death Penalty For Gays Who Come Out On Social Media

According to a report in a Saudi newspaper, authorities are seeking to expand the death penalty for homosexuality to include those who merely say they are gay on social media. From Britain’s Mirror:

The government in the Sunni Kingdom is reportedly demanding tougher punishments on those found guilty and claimed social media has caused a boom in homosexuality. According to Okaz newspaper, the last six months has seen 35 cases of homosexuality and 50 cases of cross-dressers as well as cases of “sexual perversion” in Saudi Arabia.

The judiciary reportedly also claimed there has been a large rise in “perverts” displaying “sins and obscenities” on social media in the Sunni Kingdom. It comes after a Saudi man was arrested this week when he raised the rainbow flag outside his home in Jeddah. The doctor was arrested by religious police within hours of hoisting the flag in the port city. But he was released shortly afterwards when he claimed he had no idea what the pride flag symbolised.

Currently, the Saudi government hands out fines, prison sentences and whipping for being openly gay. A second conviction automatically merits automatic executions although vigilante executions are also common.

More from the Washington Blade:

Chanan Weissman, a spokesperson for the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, told the Blade on Tuesday that the U.S. is “aware of these reports, but cannot verify their accuracy.” “We continue to gather more information,” he said.

Social media users in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere have begun to use the hashtag “You will not terrorize me. I’m gay” on Twitter to express their opposition to the proposed penalty. Saudi Arabia is among the countries in which consensual same-sex sexual activity remains punishable by death.

The State Department’s 2014 human rights report notes it is illegal for men “to behave like women” or cross-dress. It also says the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice — the so-called “religious police” that enforces Sharia law in Saudi Arabia — uses undercover agents to target owners of social media accounts that distribute “pornographic content or served as social networking tools for LGBT persons in the kingdom.”

The man behind the Saudi LGBT Twitter account told the Blade on Monday that agents with the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice use people they arrest as “bait” to entrap LGBT people who are online. “It’s happened so many times,” he said.

Rush Limbaugh took note of the story on his radio show yesterday as he denounced the corporate response to North Carolina’s hate law. A partial transcript:

Here comes Saudi Arabia, openly claiming they want to kill, they want to execute anybody they discover to be homosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and the reaction is a ho-hum and a yawn. Much like American feminists, who try to find all kinds of misbehavior in the Republican Party, all kinds of War on Women, sexism and discrimination, whatever you have it, and yet when it comes to Islam, ignore the general second- and third-class status of women in that culture.

They don’t speak out against it. And, in fact, defend Islam when it is properly accused of being behind terrorism, we’re told, “No, no, no, no, Islam is a religion of peace, Islam does not sponsor terrorism, it’s an offshoot.”

So all kinds of things are said in defense of Islam that truly subordinates women to second- and third-grade status. Well, much the same thing here. We’re gonna go after and try to economically damage North Carolina or Georgia or any other state, Ohio, anywhere where they attempt to establish and affirm anything close to religious freedom and religious liberty, gotta slap that down, we got make sure that doesn’t happen. And we’ll ignore what goes on in Saudi Arabia, and we might even continue to do business with them.


  • AndyinDen

    Women can’t drive there and this shouldn’t be surprising.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • j.martindale

      FAR too flattering a picture of this bilious asshole.

      • Todd20036

        Beat me to it. The man hasn’t looked that good since his early 20s.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Isn’t the Rushbo at least a Lieutenant-Colonel-Oxy by now?

  • bkmn

    Fundies are fundies, whether Muslim, Jew, or Xtain.


      A gazillion up votes.

    • j.martindale

      Exactly. And they don’t get a pass for their bigotry just because there are some people crazier and more hateful than they are.

      • perversatile

        -and someone should remind them it’s not a contest!

    • Bruno

      The problem is the fundies control Saudi Arabia. But I guess they also control Mississippi.

      • Robincho

        In terms of shitholitude, very little difference between the two places…

        • Ninja0980

          Only Saudi Arabia is doing what the Christian extremists can only dream of doing.

          • Bruno

            Mississippi should get no credit for NOT executing LGBT.

          • Ninja0980

            Nor should any of these places but the bigots and some folks on the left like Mahar bring that up every time we get outraged over crap like this.
            It’s absurd, it truly is.

          • JD

            Both places are rife with hateful religious bigots, but if forced to pick, I would rather live in Mississippi any day. At least there I know the Feds can provide some level of protection.

          • Sallycramirez3

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          • Steve

            ^^^^^^^1000 times for your comment

          • Robincho

            But notice how Eduardo isn’t gonna bomb THEM until they glow in the dark…

    • vorpal

      Agree. There are quite a few decent Muslims and Christians.

      That being said, I still think it would be far better for all if these idiotic ancient beliefs were abandoned, as now we are just forced to lug them into modernity like a ball and chain around the collective ankle of humanity, slowing scientific and social progress.

      • DaveW

        The difference is those decent people you cite would be decent without religion. So yes, appreciate their decency but it’s not because of religion. In fact the harm they do by making people think they are a “decent Christian” instead of the more true “decent person” should not be ignored.

        Honestly I have an issue with religion as an identifier. The media always says ” Muslim neighborhood ” or “a Christian man”. It is not, or should not be, their defining characteristic

        • vorpal

          Oh, I agree 100%.
          I frequently say that good religious people are good people DESPITE and not BECAUSE OF their religious views.

          I am a junkie of the People’s Court. Interestingly enough, whenever someone feels motivated to “announce” their religious affiliation in the courtroom, they usually turn out to be unbelievably shitty people, and clearly liars.

          I don’t think anyone still believes that anyone claiming to be a “Good Christian” has a decent bone in their body.

    • Gest2016

      The Saudi ruling classes’ fundamenalism will destroy them soon. They have poured billions into Wahhabism and created a violent, intolerant and uneducated population. They had EVERY chance to create an educated liberal society but they chose not to. And the same social media that gays can come out on is now the place everyone shares the news that the Saudi Royal family is corrupt to the core. The collapse of Saudi Arabia will be chaotic and scary and have huge implications for the world, but I will do nothing but smile when I see the Saudi royal family hanging from light-poles.

      • catherinecc

        Before the Saudi royal family hangs from lampposts, hundreds of thousands of regular people will lie dead.

        We have provided them with a surveillance state that would make the Stasi proud, and given their military the weapons needed for control. It will be ugly beyond belief.

        They will be dead, but there will be little to smile about.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Sorry, as bad as the Christian fundamentalists may be, the muslim fundamentalists are qualitatively & quantitatively worse, and all the liberals who pretend they’re the same are rank hypocrites. On that one point, I have to agree with Rush. And damn the hyper-politically-correct on the left who do knee-jerk defenses of Islam with zero thought behind it for making me agree with Rush about anything.

      • radiofreerome

        Yes, I care a lot more that being gay is a capital identity crime in Saudi Arabia that I do that gay couples may have to bake their own wedding cakes in Mississippi.

        • Talan Urine

          Complete bullshit. A “right” to “identify as gay” or act like one IS NOT more important than having a “right” to marry. Those are both COMPLETELY irrelevant. You can “identify” as what ever you like. They torture and execute people who insult their religion too. “Identifying” yourself as Mohammed would almost certainly get you a capital punishment. “Right to identify as gay” or tranny is not in anyway more important than right to mock/criticize religion and/or freedom of speech. So your shitty “identity crime” doesn’t exist no more than a “boogieman crime”. Its about any excuse they use to kill people because they think its their right to do so.

          • radiofreerome

            Not the comparison I made, Shit for Brains.

        • Joe

          Not about cakes……
          If we don’t stop these people in our country, what do you think is next?

      • salka

        And Rush “we ‘tolerate’ them ’cause we have to” Limbaugh is completely not-hypocrite as he defends everything that cons have and are doing like criminalization of homosexuality in West and still ‘is’ so concerned what happens in the Middle East… Because he’s purely just doing this to help glbti community as known ‘ally’. “Look what they perverts like you in Nazi Germany! We JUST castrate or/and sentence you to jail. You should be grateful we’re so nice we don’t kill you!”… You comes to defending sharia law and killing homosexuals and trans in Middle East, of course its horrible. And I don’t understand why leftards are defending that as its supposedly islamophobia to point out their behavior killing people they don’t like is inhumane. Acknowledging there’s big problems in that culture and conflicts between western and their culture doesn’t mean we should be hateful to muslims. Of course not. Hating people doesn’t solve the problem. As using this as a example NOT comparing the content of these, just as an anecdotal example, hating people with problems with mental health issues doesn’t solve it. Because islamic culture have their own problems and western have its own, doesn’t mean we should be hostile or try to destroy it but try to find common ground and help them. But the solution is not either that we just silently and blindly accept that they brutally murder people because they don’t like them. As they’re sovereign area, we can’t just go there and force them to change BUT especially when people from there come to Western countries, they HAVE TO adapt our rule of law and values of human rights. AS ANYBODY ELSE in here have to. Meaning they can live like they want BUT RESPECTING THE LOCAL LAW like anybody else. Freedom of religion doesn’t give a right to kill people. Also, people who don’t commit these horrible acts are not responsible for them, still condoning or silently accepting them is a bad thing also. So all muslims are of course not responsible for them but as its so frequent it that culture it cannot still be denied that islam has a problem with it. Fortunately, I think its a solvable one. It just needs to be discussed and processed.

      • Roy Biv

        I agree…but I always found the knee jerk defense of Islam was when it came down to terrorism, not gays and women.

        However, the Left is quiet on Islam’s horrendous record on gays and women.

      • catherinecc

        Give the Christians free reign and we’d see the same thing. It’s not like they aren’t openly calling for our executions by the state. The only difference is a matter of a century or so.

      • DaveW

        All religion is bad. No need to discriminate

  • perversatile

    it looks like they arre showwing off for their christian fasist friends in the U>S>

  • U$ should Sanction and Embargo Saudi Arabia

    • boatboy_srq

      The price of oil is already having an effect. Saudi Arabia’s fiscal calculations were made on a $100/barrel price, and they’re bleeding cash right now with oil hovering below $40/barrel. Keep reducing demand and the price will continue to drop, which will affect their trade with everyone (not just the US). Better than any embargo.

      • BobSF_94117

        There was an article about how they started the oil price drop to punish Iran. Now it’s out of control and they can’t stop it.

        • False. See below.

          • BobSF_94117

            They had multiple goals. Hurting Iran was one. Hurting U.S. producers was one.

            They’ve been begging Russia and other producers to squeeze supplies to raise prices again. But the others can’t/won’t. It’s killing the Saudi bank account.

      • Oil is down because the Saudis have deliberately flooded the market to suppress the price below that which is economically viable for the competing U$ fracking industry. The Saudis have created current price depression.

        They need to be embargoed from ALL U$ Military Aid — weaponry, aircraft, etc. — at the minimum.

        • William

          The Saudis also don’t want Iran to earn too much money, now that western sanctions have been lifted. Iran needs to upgrade and rebuild infrastructure, including their military hardware.

          • True.

            But a secondary and latter concern regarding Saudi Arabia’s deliberate price suppression of crude oil — which began 4 years ago in a strategic effort to bankrupt the USA’s development and exploitation of the massive Shale Oil Reserves via Fracking — which needs a minimum of $50 / barrel to be profitable due to the upfront drilling and extraction costs.

          • BobSF_94117

            Unless you’re a member of the upper, upper echelon of the Saudi Royal family, I don’t think you can prove which goal is primary. If it’s based on timing, they’ve been engaged in a proxy war with Iran for decades.

            In any case, the nice thing about it — at least from the schadenfreude POV — is that they can’t stop it.

          • Veylon

            I tend to shrug at this. The shale is still there. We know where it is and how to get it. Sooner or later, the oil prices will go back up and we’ll get back to it, whether that be under the same old companies, new companies, or some kind of nationalized system. When the prices go up, the investment dollars will flow in and the shale mines will come back to life.

            It’s an effective tactic, but it can’t possibly be an effective strategy because it does nothing to change the underlying economics of the situation.

        • boatboy_srq

          1) You’re making fracking sound laudable.

          2) Saudi Arabia can’t afford to continue hemorrhaging cash at this rate. Oil is their one product, and losing money on it like this is not sustainable. Fracking is just one industry in the US: Big Oil will hurt, but the overall economy won’t be badly affected. Saudi Arabia can’t outlast the US here. It’s true they have substantial monetary reserves, but every day those shrink; sooner or later they will run out.

          3) They also opened the taps to thwart Iran – which, now it has access again to the world markets, is probably too happy to be able to sell their oil at any price to complain overmuch about the low rate. This alone should make the market glut backfire.

          4) Saudi Arabia is p!ssing off the UAE, Libya, Kuwait, Qatar, Venezuela, Nigeria and the rest of OPEC by doing this: they’re garnering more enemies than friends. Kuwait and others are already starting to rework the benefits their citizens receive from the oil economy, which will make anti-Saudi sentiment grow. Saudi needs its Sunni neighbors to continue pushing Wahhabists elsewhere, and they’re losing those neighbors fast. Excess production will hurt them diplomatically as well as fiscally, increasingly so as time passes.

          • Phillip in L.A.

            Excellent analysis, boatboy–thx!

            So do you think the Saudis are getting “concerned” that the US appears to be playing more nicely with Iran now? Has Barry O. been setting the stage for a future “decline” in our relationship with the Kingdom?

          • boatboy_srq

            Normalization of relations between Iran and the rest of the planet would make the Saudis concerned whether there was intent there or not.

            I can’t say I’m unamused at the political angles here: the House of Saud have been very close to the Bushes for a long time, which makes cooling relations both predictable and humorous. It’s actually surprising that the Saudis have remained as friendly with the US as they have under the circumstances, given the old relationships, although not being propagandized by Murdoch et al they’re less rabidly anti-Dem than some. I doubt there’s intent here, but the unintended consequences are significant.

            The relationship has remained as strong as it has for two major reasons. The first of those was a reliable supply of cheap oil. It’s arguable that crushing Iraq, and obstructing its effort to rebuild its oil industry (through ineptitude and neglect), was a sop to Saudi oil production, just as alienating Venezuela provided the same effect and maintaining the Iran embargo would have been. The second was the pretension of a bulwark against Islamic extremism, which for far too long has been packaged as Shiite radicalism. As we’ve seen of late, the Shi’a are increasingly the lesser threat.

            There may be in US/Saudi relations a variant of the “the tyrant you know is better than the religious crazy you don’t” realpolitik that was used with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq: without the Saudis the Wahhabists in the desert would be a difficult force to contain. But the cost of that relationship is high. And it’s arguable that bankrupting the Saudis will have the same or better effect as continuing to support their efforts to contain Wahhabist ambition: tighter policing may be no more effective than shrinking donations and withering support in a cheap oil climate, and it’s certainly more expensive to keep paying for the police presence at $100/barrel than it is to impoverish the wingnuts there at $40/barrel.

            I don’t expect warm relations with Iran anytime soon. But cooling relations with Saudi Arabia have been inevitable for some time. Obama just happened to be POTUS when the latter trend began.

          • Phillip in L.A.

            Nice post! Agree. Thx for posting. boatboy

          • Phillip in L.A.

            Beautiful reply, boatboy, thx!

            Is house of Saud clan leader (or w/e) of “Wahhabists in the desert”?

          • boatboy_srq

            Not so much as that Riyadh is the only authority outside of Mohammad that the Wahhabists respect, and that the Saudis are the only ones in a position to bring Wahhabism to heel.

            We’re talking about a religious sect headquartered in the Arabian deserts, tending to asceticism and fanaticism, and funded by wealthy Saudi private citizens (if not by the House of Saud itself) and directed at outward foes – for many reasons but not least so the fanatics do not turn on Riyadh itself. The other nations in close proximity are a) unable to cross national boundaries to contain the extremists, b) too small to take on a group so distributed across the region, or c) too weakened by their own sectarian conflicts to assist in any way. International pressure from outside the peninsula on the Saudis to rein in their religious extremists has had nearly no effect. I’m thinking specifically of Israel, Bahrain and Yemen, respectively, though any state bordering on the Arabian deserts, or in easy reach of them, have some exposure.

            The desert tribesmen, if they respect a secular authority, probably don’t look higher than their own chieftains. Those leaders may look at the House of Saud as their own liege; then again, they may not, but they fear the Saudi military so do not act against Riyadh. The relationship seems to be less the monarch/subject dichotomy and more the head-of-household and the crazy uncle – with the extremists hidden from honored houseguests, and protected from harming self or family, but never entirely disowned.

            With petrodollars funding the extremists’ activities, they are dependent on high oil prices for both their effectiveness and their ability to spread discontent: without those high prices their arms become a lot more costly and their ability to spread outside Arabia becomes much less.

    • another_steve

      The irony, the sad irony, is that there’s this ridiculous debate in progress re whether the US should normalize relations with Cuba, while at the same time we call the murderous Saudi regime a friend and ally.

      Truly disgusting.

      • The Epitome of Hypocritical American Scumbaggery

      • Lumpy Gaga

        Our Special Relationship: You know, the kind where one of you drives airplanes through the others’ buildings.

        And you’re not 6 and they’re real airplanes.

    • Blake Jordan

      If the world did that, it would also go a long way to combating terrorism as well.


    Limbaugh fails to note that GOP presidential contenders have appeared on stage with “Christian ” ministers who call for the death of gay people in the US.

    • Cuberly

      ….and PLAINTOM drops the mic…..


    • Chucktech

      “Here comes Saudi Arabia, openly claiming they want to kill, they want to execute anybody they discover to be homosexual…, and the reaction is a ho-hum and a yawn.”

      There is a concept called “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” except this isn’t what this is. This behavior truly IS what we expect from ghastly Islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia.

      So, of course we yawn at Saudi (and other Muslim) ignominy! That’s just what they do!

  • Brad Lathem

    Remember, this is exactly what US Christianists like Ted Cruz want. Not voting in November = voting for theocracy

  • boatboy_srq

    This needs to come up every time the Reiching goes off on LGBT people as enemies of Xtian Values™ – and also when the Reichwing whines about Iran and how horribly eeeevul it is. Make them squirm for defending a Muslim country on both counts.

    It’s also a very good reason for more investment in renewables: take Riyadh’s income away and this kind of barbarity won’t be nearly as horrific.

  • oikos
    • JT

      What really got Dumbo hot was seeing the video of the Saudi bj that followed. He whacked off for a week over it.

      • Palmer

        It took him a week to find his nubbin in all those folds of flab.

    • Snarkaholic

      I ship it.

  • JT

    Murderous monsters. They deserve to be tried before an international tribunal.

  • Steven Leahy

    Our ally with full diplomatic relations. And some here in this country are worried about human rights abuses in Cuba.

  • Michael Rush

    We have no homosexuals in our country …
    ( Except when we do )

    • Goodboy

      and then we hang them.

  • Sean Taylor

    What makes them so much better than Cuba? Other than their oil. Fuck them.

    • William

      Cuba is far more humane.

    • Stev84

      For the Caribbean, Cuba is doing very well on gay rights

  • Cuberly

    Um, Oxy-boy, I have the capacity to call theocratic barbarism on both the Saudi’s and talibanjelicals.

    The either/or absolutes bullshit is how you and your audience work. But as has been evidenced, in your personal life, that either/or paradigm appears to take a back seat to your addiction resulting in no legal action against you. Not what you advocate for others. Or, fidelity, we’re basically waiting for 5th times a charm for you….maybe this time Morrisey will be willing to sing at your next wedding.

  • WhoDat

    Rush, these laws give American fundamentalists the ability to begin behaving like Saudi fundamentalists.

  • coram nobis

    Want to do something about it? The Intercept reports a movement to place an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia, for a number of abuses, this being simply the latest on a very long list.

    Taking away their war toys might slow them down a bit.

    • Eric

      Remember that Hillary Clinton as SoS received tens of millions of dollars from the Saudi government and sold their country a massive amount of weapons in a possible quid pro quo. Yet she wants to be taken seriously as the gay rights candidate…

  • Ernest Endevor

    I saw this yesterday on tumblr. I go there for the articles.

  • Octavio

    Well, there go are plans for visiting Mecca this year. 🙁

    • perversatile
      • Bryan

        Long live Jambi.

    • metrored

      There is actually documentary about a gay muslim making the hajj. I haven’t seen it but I can only image the experience would be terrifying.

      • Octavio

        As much fun as time travel back to the Pol Pot Regime and volunteering as an LGBT counselor, I imagine. 🙁

      • Chuck in NYC

        I can only imagine that there are all kinds of lustful eye contact going on among all those men.

        • metrored

          OMG have you read Kingdom in the Closet?

          tl;dr: Saudi Arabia is so gender segregated and the men so sexually repressed that dudes are hooking up with each other right and left while the authorities act oblivious.

          • Chucktech

            Sorry, but if you’re calling their sexual repression as an apology for same sex hookups, I don’t buy it.

            If, in the US, it was suddenly forbidden to engage in any gay sex at all outside of marriage, I’d hardly just throw my hands up in the air and start chasing snatch.

            What you’re describing is just a smokescreen for the natural human fact that homosexuality is everywhere and they refuse to admit it’s even in Saudi Arabia.

          • metrored

            “Sorry, but if you’re calling their sexual repression as an apology for same sex hookups, I don’t buy it.”
            Nope. Not what I was doing. The sexual repression and gender segregation (zero social contact with the opposite sex) create a smokescreen that allows gay sex to happen with an openness that one would not expect from such a virulently homophobic society. Reading the article reminded me of a closeted (at the time) friend from college who told me that her parents had no clue what was really happening when she would have high school sleepovers.

  • Blake Jordan

    So American LGBT+s should accept the level of mistreatment in the USA, pro-discrimination laws, because at least they are not being executed?

    • Snarkaholic


    • metrored

      I think he’s saying that because we’re not marching in downtown Jeddeh that we’re hypocrites, as if that were an option. For the record, Saudi Arabia is probably the most closed country on the planet to outsiders. Unless you’re a muslim doing the Hajj or a foreign worker, you’re not getting in. It makes sense though. If your legal system is a more corrupt version of the one used by ISIS, tourist visas are probably more trouble than they are worth.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        I’m all for breaking off all relations and trade with Saudi Arabia, but good luck making that happen.

  • TheManicMechanic

    But we get oil from them, so everything is just peachy keen.

  • MikeBx2

    Just last night I watched the new PBS Frontline documentary about Saudi Arabia. Very disturbing.

  • BobSF_94117

    For more than 40 years, feminists and gay people have been criticizing and trying to draw attention to the horrible way Saudi Arabia treats women and minorities. And finally Rush Limbaugh has noticed. And why? Cuz he needed an excuse for NC.

    • Roy Biv

      The classic Con response is “but look, you have it pretty easy compared to what’s happening around the world.”

      While true, it’s not right that we or anyone has to accept scraps.

  • Bill

    Religion is nothing but rot and social disease, it destroys everything and everyone in its path.

  • Stev84

    Saudia Arabia is the Repulicans’ wet dream

    • Phillip in L.A.

      But without all the booze–they might not like that so much!

  • Sam_Handwich


    Drumpf is holding an unannounced meeting with Rinsed Penus in DC right now.

    • coram nobis

      See anything on the Georgetown University seismograph yet?

  • Jeffrey

    “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me gassing up my Monster SUV”-America

    • Robincho

      And who the fuck put OUR oil under THEIR goddamn country?…

      • Jeffrey

        WHY would God do that!?!?

  • Nic Peterson

    Hmmm. Rush didn’t say that he aghast at the suggestion. He only said that he didn’t think we were sufficiently aghast.


  • Ninja0980

    Yup and this is supposed to be an ally of ours.

  • Ben in Oakland

    And these fascists are our allies?

    • Robert Conner

      Yeah. Kinda like dealers are users’ ‘allies.’

  • RaygunsGoZap

    So, US companies responding to US laws that affect US citizens can only be taken seriously if those same companies also take action against foreign states who enact similar or worse legislation?

    Hmmmmmm. I’m gonna rule no on that. Gotta take care of the Homefront first, Rush. Nice try though. Keep swinging!

  • TR

    Nuke Mecca. This will have the additional added benefit of solving our Israel problem.

    • kevin vincent

      ? It will make it a million times worse

  • Gene Perry

    And these are our allies?

  • metrored

    I find it really exhausting when conservatives (and Bill Maher) try to claim some liberal double standard because we believe in equal rights for both gays and muslims.

    • Ninja0980

      I also find it exhausting when they downplay kinds of discrimination we face and expect we should suck it up since we aren’t being killed.

      • Paul

        I got the same response from some right-wing Guardian commentators after I mentioned that gay couples were still being attacked in busy tourist parts of London. Oh at least the government isn’t condoning it, they said. As if the widow of the guy who died from his injuries gives a fuck about that. :-/

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Maher has valid points about a certain kind of willful ignorance on the left when it comes to Islam.

      • metrored

        I have a hard time filtering Maher’s valid points from his straw man arguments insisting that the American liberal stance toward islamaphobia be informed by Egyptian opinion polls and his insistence that someone sit clock kid down and tell him that being profiled is just something he should expect.

        • Roy Biv

          The opinions Maher cites on his show are from Pew Research…pretty reputable, imo.

          The truly liberal stance would be to condemn Saudi Arabia and pretty much every majority Muslim country in the world for their treatment of gays and women. I am aware that homophobia extends beyond Islam’s reach btw.

          Muslim terrorists are a vanishingly small number of the billion muslims around the world, but of those billion muslims, a good chunk will straight up kill someone for being gay.

          • metrored

            I read the Pew poll too and it can be pretty enlightening but judging a community in one country based on opinion polls taken in another very fair. The Pew organization makes a point not to do it, Maher doesn’t.
            You don’t have to be that liberal to condemn Saudi Arabia for it’s treatment of women and gays. Until ISIS came along, they were quite literally as bad as it gets. I’m not sure what gave you the idea that anyone on this forum or elsewhere was taking an approving posture toward the Saudi gay execution plan. That being said, I’m not ready to judge the entirety of the muslim world based on Saudi Arabia. It may be true that a good chunk of the world’s muslims might harm me for being gay but so would a good chunk of Christendom.

          • Roy Biv

            “I’m not sure what gave you the idea that anyone on this forum or elsewhere was taking an approving posture toward the Saudi gay execution plan.”

            That wasn’t my intention. My point on “truly liberal stances” was that liberals don’t seem to make a big fuss about gay executions in Saudi Arabia or stay quiet on anti-gay laws in Iran and nearly all African countries, but the mere mention of the link between Islam and terrorism, and there’s op-eds coming out left and right.

            Christian used to be terrible and still are, but compared to Modern Muslims, they’re subdued.

          • metrored

            Domestic issues are going to demand the attention of anyone in this country, regardless of their political leaning, much more than anything going inside the borders of a foreign country. As much as I would like it not, the way we conceptualize terrorism in relation to Islam has massive domestic and foreign policy implications. In contrast, even well-informed liberals don’t have a capacity to even know what life is like for LGBTs in the developing world let alone make a significant difference. That doesn’t mean we don’t care and it certainly doesn’t mean we stay silent. The owners of the Beverly Hills Hotel know this very well.
            Also, it is funny that you used the term subdued to describe Christians in the west since the rise gay rights wouldn’t be possible without the weakening political and cultural influence of Christianity in the west. It wasn’t that long ago the European gays were going to the middle east and North Africa away from the oppressive regimes of their home countries. While they may never have been gay meccas, several countries in the muslim world including Senegal, Egypt and Morocco were much safer places for LGBTs as recently at ten years ago even though they were just as muslim then as they are now.

          • Roy Biv

            I think it’s pretty clear the secularization of the Christian West has done more for LGBTQs than anything else. In other words, the least religious countries tend to be the more accepting…although China might be the exception.

            I’ve never heard of the Muslim world being accommodating to the LGBTQ and I just have a hard time believing that men can walk around kissing each other without getting blowback in Egypt.

            And frankly, while gays were being sent to the slammer 60 years ago in the US and West, 10 years ago, the West was already pretty accepting of gay men, at least in the traditional gayborhoods.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    “The judiciary reportedly also claimed there has been a large rise in “perverts” displaying “sins and obscenities” on social media in the Sunni Kingdom.”

    Unlike those Saudi princes who just move to LA so they can display their “sins and obscenities.”

    • William

      It doesn’t count if it happens outside of Saudi Arabia.

      • metrored

        I don’t think it even counts inside Saudi Arabia if your a prince. My understanding is that rules don’t apply to them.

      • TuuxKabin

        What happens outside Saudi Arabia, stays outside Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately.

      • Las Vegus

        “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”… Does that mean also that all the “marriage” licences you have obtained in one night drunk with local whores are automatically voided when you leave Vegas? How about STDs got there? And the “fruits” of those nights…

    • tcinsf

      Too true. There’s nothing freakier than a Saudi Arabian outside of Saudi Arabia.

    • Robert Conner

      Saudi Arabia is the Sunni Kingdom. LA is the Sunny Kingdom?

    • Phillip in L.A.

      ‘Unlike those Saudi princes who just move to LA so they can display their “sins and obscenities.”‘

      Yes! Represented one of those princes in some litigation here. Let’s just say I’m glad I got a large retainer up-front

  • Rod Steely

    First off Fuck you Rush! Second- can we please work toward MORE renewable energy resources and take the power away from ANYONE who produces oil?

  • William

    If the US would require all new vehicles be built to run on natural gas or propane and encourage conversion of existing vehicles, imports of Saudi oil would be slashed. Western Europe is way ahead of us in the number of vehicles that run on natural gas and propane.

  • radiofreerome

    The next POS who complains about Israeli “pink-washing” gets the Kaaba rammed up his ass.

    • catherinecc

      One can criticize varying levels of shitiness…

  • tcinsf

    Rush is full of shit. We regularly condemn Muslim, African, Caribbean, European, Australian, and other societies that display bigotry. HOWEVER, we do focus on our homegrown bigotry, which should be easier to change, if for no reason that it’s hard to point our fingers at Saudi Arabia when Mississippi, NC, Alabama, and lots of other states are still in the union.

  • Franciscan

    Are your petroleum products appropriately sourced?

    Rather than ask the president to ratchet up his comments on Saudi Arabia’s human rights policies, should we try to buy gasoline from gay-friendly countries? There are so few of them, after you eliminate Arabia, Iran, Russia … And I don’t want to encourage the Drill Baby Drill screamers for offshore U.S. production.

  • JD

    Has Hell frozen over? I think Rush Limbaugh has a point (though I think we should boycott NC AND Saudi Arabia)..

  • Robert Conner

    You can understand why the Saudis would be a little “touchy” on the subject of same-sex affections. Fortunately, the kingdom is literally sitting on oceans of lubricant.

  • Steve

    Did anyone point out to our Oxycontin addled grifter that Saudi Arabia would execute HIM for being openly christian as well as being a drug addict?????

  • DesertSun59

    Christians in NC wish with every fiber of their being that they could have this law passed in their state.

    • customartist


  • Alan43

    And these people are our allies?

    • Robert Conner

      We have an oil addiction and the Saudis are our favorite dealer.

  • Lawerence Collins

    I’m sure this is nothing people here want to hear.
    Hillary Clinton has donors from this place. Any word from her yet!?

    • kevin vincent

      Nameone politicians NOT in the Saudis pocket?

      • Lawerence Collins

        Bernie Sanders!

  • J S

    Well this gay man will never support Saudi Arabia politically, and I call for an end to military cooperation, arms sales and diplomatic relations. They have financially backed enemies of our country like Osama bin Laden and the perpetrators of the World Trade Center massacre, and this “Death to gays”, I just can’t live with it. If we can’t begin to support our brothers and sisters in their struggles around the world, what happiness can we get from our newly won right to marry. We must do what we can to fight this.

  • 2patricius2

    Ah, yes. What will happen when the royal family loses power. Not gonna be pretty. Often isn’t pretty when despots are dethroned and there is no system in place to step in without a lot of bloodshed. And they will lose power.

  • TheSeer

    Saudi Arabia is a barbaric cesspool of a country. And even more that that, it is extremely dangerous. It’s the source of the radical Islam that rapes the whole world. Saudi Arabia should get the toughest sanction, tougher than North Korea. But the oil…

  • Joe

    Oh, sounds like Rush is back on the Oxycotin!

    • NancyP

      “back”????????? I suspect he never kicked the habit. It’s too easy for a wealthy person, especially a celebrity, to get any drugs they desire.

  • NancyP

    It sounds like the stage is set for Mafia-like elimination of political and business opponents. How hard can it be to spoof someone if you are determined enough to pay a hacker good money to do so? The reason that LGBT people are being abused worldwide is that the people in power realize that they have the perfect distracting scapegoats in LGBT people. Live in a corrupt nation like Saudi Arabia or Russia? Don’t take those feel-good crumbs of LGBT scapegoating as a reason to excuse those in power.

  • David Thaler

    “social media has caused a boom in homosexuality…”

    Really? And I suppose there’s been an increase of venereal disease from toilet seats?

    Such fuckwits…..

    • LAguy323

      Oh, noooos… I think I’m feeling the BOOM!

  • sword

    Trump wants Saudi Arabia to have nuclear weapons to balance the Iranians.
    That will solve much of the Jihadist terrorism…radioactive glass from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.

  • JCF

    Our Hero Rush, so concerned for Teh Gayz.


    F#CK ALL homophobes, everywhere!

    “The arc is long, but the universe bends towards justice” ML King Jr

  • LAguy323

    What will Prince Al-fuq-aqueer do on the weekend?

    • Phillip in L.A.

      You must mean what will he do when he isn’t racing his Maseratis on Sunset Boulevard….

  • Careful, Rush, you’re starting to sound a little liberal there. Yes, we should punish those states, AND we should cut off all ties with Saudi Arabia. The fact we have been helping and supporting the country where a majority of terrorist funding comes from is reprehensible.

  • PR

    KIm Davis would love it there.

  • Roy Biv

    Lol, you just had to include Rush there…ugh. Is he aware that any American outrage over Saudi Arabia will produce exactly 0 changes whereas stopping transphobia and homophobia in the US is a possible achievement?

    Or that saying not every Muslim is a terrorist but that doesn’t mean, they’re record on gays and women are acceptable?

  • Sallycramirez3

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  • Griff Jim Griffith

    All Hail Petroleum!

  • catherinecc should be watched for a peek of what really goes on in this country.

  • V

    This is what Huckabee, Cruz, and Jindal attended — a convention hosted by Kevin Swanson — a radical extremist who advocates execution of all gays. Google it — there are a plethora of links, including Youtube. Cruz also wants a theocracy.