North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Slams “Politically Correct Smear” By New York Gov. Cuomo [VIDEO]

Politico reports:

The criticism and backlash to North Carolina’s new law that eliminated anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people reeks of hypocrisy in several ways, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday.

Voters in the Final Four host city of Houston, McCrory remarked during an interview with “Fox and Friends,” last November overwhelmingly rejected Proposition 1, known as the Equal Rights Ordinance, which would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of their preference and would have punished non-compliant businesses with fines up to $5,000.

“And there are no protests for boycotts of Houston, Texas, during the Final Four basketball tournament. Nor should there be,” McCrory said. “So none of these corporations that are now criticizing North Carolina, they’re all going to be advertising during the NCAA championship, and there’s a lot of corporate and political and media elite hypocrisy about this. It’s really sad.”

McCrory continued to slam Cuomo’s travel ban as “demagoguery at its worst,” blasting the New York governor for visiting the communist regime of Cuba but telling his own citizens to stay away from another state.

“First of all, a lot of New Yorkers already moved to North Carolina, has made North Carolina their permanent home. I’m sorry, Gov. Cuomo, but that’s a fact,” McCrory said, to which co-host Brian Kilmeade, a native New Yorker, agreed. “Maybe it’s because we believe in just common-sense privacy laws, and by the way we also are against any types of discrimination, but that doesn’t mean we overturn basic common-sense expectations of privacy that men and women and children expect when they go to a locker room or a restroom or a shower facility. This is ridiculous.”

He added, “We’re not in favor of discrimination, but we do favor common-sense privacy laws just like the city of Houston does. Go Tarheels. Go Tarheels.”

  • gaylib
    • DaddyRay


      • Johnny Wyeknot

        My vote joined your vote DaddyRay! Maybe we’ll have baby votes!

      • Michael Rush
        • Gerry Fisher

          I got confused. I haven’t had my caffeine, yet! (kidding)

        • Sporkfighter

          • Man_in_the_mists

            An orbitally launched anvil would’ve hurt McCrory less than those results.

      • Gustav2

        I think the law discriminates against people who are gay or transgender…but I want to discriminate! /s

        • David F.

          I say we start our own church, The FSM Church of Divine Retribution. Our fundamental core belief is that we’re allowed to discriminate against others who discriminate (thereby allowing us to discriminate against the XStains). We turn their stupid laws against them. We’ll need to elect a church leader, tithe a few bucks a year, and see that the earnings are put towards helping those in need. Wonder how long it will take the XStains to be all up in arms – hoisted on their own petard.

          • I think we need to make up our own religion with a famous person from the past as our Holy Prophet (or Prophetess) who began the divine revelation to us set and set the precepts for our ethical structure. Here are my candidates: Julia Child (just because I can sound just like her when she made Beef Bourguignon on TV), Gertrude Stein, the Spanish Poet Frederica Garcia Lorca, and Groucho Marx.

          • olandp

            Don’t leave out Tallulah Bankhead, she was Divine darling, absolutely Divine.
            And while we are at it, Divine!

          • Nic Peterson

            Mame Dennis Burnside or nothing. Rosalyn Russell version, natch.

          • TimCA

            “Frederica Garcia Lorca” (It’s actually Federico).


            I nominate the great Mae West !

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        • Herald

          Flagged, these really get tiresome

          • vorpal

            I always wonder if ANYONE with an IQ over 60 clicks on any of those idiotic links.

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          • That_Looks_Delicious

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            (Just kidding — I don’t really know anyone who does that)

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          • vorpal

            Get my hopes up :(.

          • sherman

            I was prescribed oxycontin after an operation once. I guess it killed the pain, but did nothing that would make me want to continue using it. I assume my body chemistry reacts differently than some other people.

          • There is a patron in the library I volunteer at who checks out all the conservative financial “self help” books and sticks a small printed notice about how this book is filled with lies. I leave the notes in the book!

          • Steverino

            Perhaps we could earn over $200K a year proofreading that crap.

          • vorpal

            The heavy duty painkillers that would be required for the resultant headache would cost more than that, I suspect :(.

          • Sporkfighter

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          • NancyP

            Same kind of stupid as the folks who paid big bucks for “Trump University” thinking they would get personal coaching from Trump on how to buy and sell real estate.

          • olandp

            I don’t get it, I thought those how to buy and sell real estate scams went out in the late 80s. “Find a motivated seller and low ball the price, then turn around and sell it for three times as much! What could go wrong?”

            My favorite was a TV show on how to get a mortgage in the late 70s. “Deposit $120,000 in the bank, then ask them for a $70,000 mortgage. Easy as pie.” I’ll run right out and do that.

          • sherman

            Similarly, I wonder why anyone today would vote for a Republicon.

          • LovesIrony

            Hey now, my friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s aunt does

          • B Snow

            I heard that phishing and spam emails are composed poorly on purpose, to weed out people who are smart enough to not go all the way through with the scam.

          • Harley

            It’s a robot. It don’t care.

      • Michael White

        just voted and it is even more in our favor

      • JesterRedPanda

        already well over 150 votes barely a half hour later~

      • Todd Allis

        98.25% think the law discriminates!

    • Herald

      From that article, just in case you had any doubts about church and state in NC. “Prayer vigils will be held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Raleigh at the
      Governor’s Mansion and in Fayetteville at the Cumberland County
      Courthouse. Vigils will also be held in Greenville and New Bern.”

      • Princess Lardass

        Prayer vigils? They’re actually praying over this? Praying that they’re governor and state will make it through this controversy? SMH

        • Herald

          In the Governor’s Mansion and county Courthouses no less!

        • Snarkaholic

          And praying in public, no less? You KNOW what God’s response is to those types of prayer!

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Feel the New Bern?

        • Harley

          They make antibiotics for that now.

      • Shy Guy

        Also from that article:
        “Yeah, I mean listen. Most people want to talk about the issues that are important to North Carolina and our nation. Those are highways, roads, transportation and education. That’s where I’m going to focus my attention,” McCrory said.

        This is so unimportant to North Carolina that they had to call a special session of the legislature for it, which they totally do all the time for unimportant things we don’t need to talk about.

        • Hank

          He should have thought twice about the possible lost educational funds from the Federal Government, due to the Title IX violations against trans-students using bathrooms!!

          Where is he going to get the $ for highways, roads and transportation, since his colleagues in Congress keep blocking any spending on infrastructure???

    • sherman

      The good guys are now winning 123-3. This is a bigger mismatch than a Connecticut women’s basketball game.

      • Butch

        1.96 percent in favor when I voted.

      • Gerry Fisher

        Go UConn! Go Breanna Stewart! 🙂

        • sherman

          I like competitive games better.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      Nice work Flying Monkeys …

      • gaylib

        Yes! Thank you all! you’re the best.

    • Done. :-)!

    • We winning by 312 – 5 now.

    • Snarkaholic


    • sherman

      The bad guys have doubled their support since last I checked – they are now up to SIX!

      Good guys are up to 369.

      It seems that the poll would have been almost ignored without flying monkeys.

  • sherman

    When you want to say n1gger or faggot but can’t, just whine about “political correctness”.

    • boatboy_srq

      “Political correctness” among the Reichwing simply means “the inability to abuse Those People™ because they got uppity”. Sad but true.

  • boatboy_srq

    McCrory clearly doesn’t understand the distinction between explicit permission and explicit (and retroactive) denial.

    • gaylib

      No one ever accused McCrory of being a genius. He went to some back woods Christian college.

      • jmax

        I noticed that in his statement, “a lot of New Yorkers …has made North Carolina their permanent home”.

        • RobynWatts

          Yet, McCrory was born in Ohio, hence he’s a carpetbagger himself.

        • Christopher Smith

          Yeah. Cracker shit-for-brains. How surprising for a hatemongering bigot…

    • Eric in Oakland

      Yes. I’m getting really tired of this conservative meme comparing South Carolina’s statewide ban on anti-discrimination protections with Houston simply not having any.

  • KT

    One good thing McCrory is doing (though for all the wrong reasons) is pointing out how the business world let us down with Houston. He has a point too – why is no one boycotting Houston? Why is no one holding the NCAA accountable for their hypocrisy?

    I don’t even have to watch the clip to know that the idiots of Fox and Friends probably agreed with him 100%.

    • boatboy_srq

      One city acting against LGBT residents is a disappointment. One entire state acting against LGBT residents (and minimum-wage workers, and veterans, and everyone else included in NC’s omnibus of hate) and explicitly contravening municipalities that disagree is a disaster. Time for McCrony to wake up and smell the latte.

      • It’s time for McCrony to wake up and smell the shit he has heaped upon his state.

    • HesTheOneWhoSucks

      I think there’s a big difference between Houston and NC. In Houston the city leaders were on the right side on this issue. There wasn’t much they could do to stop their citizens from repealing it. In NC, the state government leaders are responsible for this fiasco. It’s easy for business leaders to apply pressure to state government because the government has an interest in attracting businesses there. The NC government could get rid of this law today, that’s not really true for Houston AFAIK.

      • Bruno

        On the other hand, it’s clear the Charlotte city council is on the right side of the issue, too, and much of the business backlash is aimed directly at that city. I think the bigger difference is that Houston voters did not preclude future HEROs and they did not explicitly ban transgender people from their proper bathrooms.

    • Eric in Oakland

      I don’t think he has a point at all. Are you suggesting that every city without anti discrimination ordinances be boycotted? That would probably be half of the country.

  • Herald

    McCrory is doing an excellent job of keeping this in the headlines. The best thing he could hope for is that everyone just forgets about this mess and he is making sure they don’t!

    The fact that he has to keep denying the bigotry behind this law just keeps making the arguments for us.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Excellent point. The more he denies it the more others have an opportunity to show how he is wrong.

    • Gerry Fisher

      He seems to feel that “commonsense privacy law” is a winning talking point. Dumb ass.

      • Eric in Oakland

        Isn’t it funny how important privacy is when they’re discussing women’s bathrooms, but not when they’re discussing women’s reproductive choices? If McRory wants to talk about hypocrisy, let’s talk about that.

        • TimCA

          ^^^^^THIS a 1000 times over^^^^^

    • MrSkippy

      It also goes to show that the boycotts are actually working. If they weren’t he wouldn’t care enough to blast them.

    • gaylib

      He is deeply unpopular here and needs something to fire up the base, even though it is horrible for the state and he knows it.

      • Herald

        that explains a lot.

      • Snarkaholic

        Yes, it’s a calculated diversionary tactic, to draw attention away from his utterly atrocious job performance.

    • Snarkaholic

      Yes, methinks the loony doth protest too much!

  • Blake Jordan

    If the protection of women and children in restrooms was all this was about, why was it necessary to ban all local anti-discrimination laws for LGBT+s???

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Don’t try to reason sonny.

    • boatboy_srq

      Teh Icky Ghey made it necessary to ban all anti-disrimination for everyone. Because Teh Ghey is icky (it can’t be stated often enough), Teh Poorz need to be stomped, veteranz can DIAF and everyone else is otherwise unBlessed.

      In case you were wondering.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Ohhhh, *details*!

    • gaylib

      Or ban local governments from having a minimum or living wage higher than the state.

  • Ernest Endevor

    What is a ‘tarheel’?

    • Herald

      A nick name for someone from NC and for their team.
      Kind of like Hoosier for someone from IN.

    • gaylib

      As a colony, NC was a huge exporter of tar and pitch that comes from the abundant loblolly pines in the state. North Carolinians were called tarheels because of this pitch stuck to their feet.

      • djcoastermark

        or tarring and feathering. Ghastly.

      • Ernest Endevor

        I see. Thanks.

    • djcoastermark

      I’ve often wondered that to. I know it’s a nickname, but what on earth is the meaning / origins of tarheel???? To me it always sounds like it’s been rooted in something not so good.

    • sherman

      Here’s a story about it. I had always heard the folklore story that tar was poured in a river, and the British fording the river got it on their feet.

  • oikos
  • Blake Jordan

    It was not for a lack of trying on out part to get businesses, et. al. to “punish” Houston…
    I for one am also curious as to why nothing was “done to” Houston after the repeal of HERO… this douchebag is right about that hypocrisy!

    Is Houston a lost cause like the state of Mississippi?

    • customartist

      I am glad that we have the support of businesses that may have not supported us in the past.
      This is progress.

  • Prion

    Here’s a list of North Carolina businesses. Note – this list has no indication whether the business supports or opposes the NC bigot law.

    • customartist

      It does not matter whether they support the laws or not. If they are against it, then they are even MORE likely to be calling their Legislators. Just be nice.

      • tcinsf

        Bofa, for example, has announced that they support a repeal.

  • LovesIrony

    I’ll say it again cause some skulls are thick…If you don’t want to be called a bigot, stop fucking acting like one,

    • Harley

      I say transgendered should ignore the law. Go ahead and use the bathroom of which you identify with. What will they do-arrest you? I would like to see that happen. Definitely would be a good test case.

      • gaylib

        I saw a FB page from one guy (full beard, good old boy looking trans man) who had some cards printed up to hand out to women in the ladies room when they freak out seeing him come in. They said something like “I am forced by law to use this women’s restroom. If you are uncomfortable please contact your rep and ask them to repeal HB 2

  • jimbo65

    Quit using ‘political correctness ‘as a cover for your bigotry. Political correctness has nothing to do with the facts at hand. Thanks to Trump, this whole pc meme has become the refuge of cowards and haters

    • boatboy_srq

      Personally I’d blame Limbaugh for twisting the PC meme.

      • jimbo65

        Yeah, I had forgotten about him. You’re right, Limbaugh and his ilk have been pushing that for years. It just seemed to be more prominent lately with Trump using that as knee jerk reaction to any criticism thrown his way.

    • Frostbite

      Well blaming Jeebus wasn’t working out so well for them, now they’re going after PC, next it will be penguins.

    • tcinsf

      That, and I think we need to stop using the term “hater.” That term to me implies someone who hates a successful person because of their success, a type of jealousy. This isn’t what’s going on here, these people are straight up bigots. While they may hate us because we are having success in fighting discrimination, they’re hatred goes beyond our recent success to who we (and lots of people) are.

  • customartist

    “We’re not in favor of discrimination”?

    They ARE INDEED in favor of discrimination. This was the GOAL behind the legislation.
    They created a State Constitutional Amendment to prevent Same Sex Marriage. How did SSM affect any other citizens? It didn’t. Who do those NC Republicans think they are fooling?

    Support boycotts of NC Furniture. Call The High Point and Hickory Chambers of Commerce and tell them your thoughts. Be nice.

  • Reality.Bites

    This just in… Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demonstrates how to balance a budget.

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      those are some nice tight glutes…..

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        They left bruises on me dreaming about it.

    • delk

      Somewhere, Aaron Schock is crying.

      • Harley

        Crocodile tears.

      • Traxley Launderette

        There are lots of reasons to cry if you’re Aaron Schock. One of them probably involves leather chaps, a riding crop, and Saran Wrap.

        • Johnny Wyeknot

          Maybe if he just changed his safe word from “more.”

        • Christopher Smith

          Hey. Don’t insult chaps, crops, and Saran Wrap. They’re some of my best friends 😀

      • That Congressional Office of his was too much. Could it scream FLAMBOYANT any louder? Couldn’t the Log Cabin club have come over and said “Girlfriend! We need to talk! Maybe we should consider toning it down just a wee bit! The Cerise-colored wallpaper has to go for starters!”

    • Hank

      If Hair Drumpf attempted that, it would be interesting to see which way his hair actually falls!!! /s

    • Can’t he do this with this shirt OFF?

    • We Americans have NOTHING to be ashamed of! Here is handsome Speaker Paul Ryan showing everyone what a hot bod he has. He has style just like Justin has! His face is saying “Just you WAIT Donald! I’m coming!”

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Cuomo isn’t telling anyone to stay away from NC. He’s simply refusing to pay for state workers to go there for business that is non essential. It’s unfortunate McCrory is too stupid to know the difference. I’m free to go wherever I please. I made a decision to not go to NC and to stop enriching any businesses in the state all on my own.

    • d

      Well, he’s also too stupid to tell the difference between voting against non-discrimination policies and making non-discrimination policies illegal.

      And, Pat, if you are reading this, that is why you are a pile of shit.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        I have no doubt that he has people reading every remark regarding this issue to see what the response is across the country.

  • vorpal

    “Common-sense” “Common-sense” “Common-sense”

    The cry of one as an appeal to authority when they have no REAL justification or rationale for their opinions and arguments.

    The things, for example, that Breitbartians and BarbWhiners have stated constitute “common sense” make my brain seize up from the onslaught of ridiculousness.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      I think it’s common sense that when you have some accumulated vacation time and some money to burn, you don’t go spend it in NC.

    • Clive Johnson

      I had the opportunity to talk to a scholar on critical thinking a number of years ago. I asked her, “In your estimation, what proportion of public schools in the U.S. do an excellent job teaching critical thinking?”

      She replied that there were only a few that she knew of.

      • McSwagg

        There is NO critical thinking on the standardized, multiple-guess, minimum competency tests that are administered by most states these days. Why would a teacher whose job depends on the results of those tests teach critical thinking when it is much more productive (in terms of the desired test results) to teach “answer selection strategies” (i.e. guessing methods). No child left behind means no child gets ahead. Aim for the lowest common denominator. Thanks “W”.

    • The Milkman

      Mr. McCrory’s definition of common sense is neither common nor sensible.

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        Nor definitive

  • Blake Jordan

    How much damage do we think it will cause to the “anti- LGBT+ discrimination movement”, if North Carolina calls these businesses’ bluffs, and the businesses fold and do nothing to “punish” the state for this new law?

  • MikeinATL

    Why will none of the media pin him down on the contradiction where he says all of NC is against discrimination but this new law bans non-discrimination policies?

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    I’m curious how societies where the transgendered are more traditionally accepted (like the hijra in India) handle this. Are there bathroom problems in India? Does anybody know?

    • gaylib

      Most people aren’t as prudish as Americans when it comes to relieving themselves. I remember visiting the old walled city of Marrakesh and being kind of prudishly horrified myself to see all the people (men and women) squatting to do their business right outside of the wall in the desert.

    • There is a push in India to build public bathrooms, as there are very few restrooms, especially in the more rural areas. I’ve been told the city streets are filthy due to all the waste, human and animal.

  • Cosmo Tupper

    Dear Mr. McCrory, STFU is your best defense for each time you open your mouth, you add lies to your cache. The world knows who you are now and nothing you say will change anything because your credibility is zero with the humane world. Your actions define who you are, not your words and your actions are LOUD and CLEAR to those of us LGBT HUMAN-BEINGS who want to get and/ or hold onto a job, rent and/ or not be evicted or not be humiliated at your so-called “closely-held christian beliefs” business owner’s establishments.

    • David F.

      Let him spout off – he just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole. Assholes like him are their own worst enemy.

  • Cosmo Tupper

    And don’t forget, he IS the face of today’s GOP! They will not stop until this country is a christian theocracy forcing atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc into adopting christian law, or else face legal prosecution. Man, does that sound almost like ISIS or what? They do want us d3ad after all.

    • It is identical to ISIS, just with less beards. Oh, and so far they don’t require their women to wear a burka.

      • Cuberly


  • JailhouseRob

    Governor McCrory is an out and out bigot. Prior to becoming governor, McCrory was mayor of Charlotte for 14 years, where his bigotry and animosity towards LGBT citizens were well known.

  • justmeeeee

    Hmmm….NY or NC? NC or NY? Eh, eh, eh…NOT NC…Fo sho!!!

  • CJAS

    One thing is true–bigots from New York and Pennsylvania have been moving North Carolina. Their school re-segregation fight proved that.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      And there are plenty of them. For sure.

  • Traxley Launderette

    When will conservatives understand that “political correctness” is simply treating others with respect and decency? Didn’t anyone teach them social skills and good manners?

    • Christopher Smith

      You KNOW that’s a rhetorical question…

  • sword

    McCrory should be proud of his state legislature…he should wear his white sheet while defending his bigotry.

  • Steven H

    Wait… so if someone doesn’t want to do business with you they’re engaging in a “politically correct smear,” but if you don’t want to do business with LGBT employees, tenants and customers, that’s “freedom?”

    • Johnny Wyeknot


  • Ninja0980

    If you want to know why local and state elections matter, crap like this should show you why.
    There would be no hate bill for McCrory to sign if Republicans didn’t control both the State Senate and House.
    Vote Blue whenever you can, simple as that.

    • customartist



    Post a warning on as many travel sites as possible. The North Carolina legislature had to call an emergency session to address the vast number of heterosexual predators who are attacking women and girls in public bathrooms. Make certain vacationers don’t go put their family members at risk. Protect your family members and cancel ALL reservations immediately. You owe it to your family.

  • JT

    Politically, they are correct, moron.

  • customartist

    Share these emails with your friends:

    [email protected]. Chief Operating Officer Rachel Moss Gauldin
    [email protected]. President Danny Hearn
    [email protected]. President Bob Morgan
    [email protected]. President Tim Giuliani
    [email protected]. President Debora Hooper
    [email protected]. President Gail Anderson
    [email protected]. President Kit Cramer
    [email protected]. President Connie Majure-Rhett

  • SFBruce

    So many lies, and some strange guy pretending to be a journalist there to enable it. Disgusting. If you abhor all kinds of discrimination, Gov. McCrory, why did you just sign a bill which invalidated local provisions that prohibit said discrimination?

  • customartist

    Furnitureland South, world’s largest furniture retailer, Jamestown, NC

  • boatboy_srq

    RELATED: this is rich. . From the Greensboro News and Record:

    NC Values Coalition, which urged passage of the law, claimed in a Tuesday news release that it had a list of more than 300 North Carolina businesses which had pledged support for HB 2. Claiming that most businesses feared retaliation if their support was made public, the group released a list of 17 companies it said had agreed to openly support the law.

    But the largest and most influential of the companies on that list — HanesBrands of Winston-Salem — said it doesn’t support the law and asked to be removed.

    When asked about the veracity of the rest of the list, [NC Values Coalition spokesperson Kami] Mueller clarified that it actually represents more than 300 individuals, not businesses.

    Full story:

    (H/T Steve Benen at Maddowblog)

  • gaylib

    We need to tie this together with the GOP’s refusal to expand medicaid. As awful as this bill is, that bit of obstructionism is literally killing people.

  • Richard B

    Gov. McCrory is being disingenuous, deliberately lying, and is obfuscating the truth. The republicans are using the “burly man in the girls bathroom excuse” because it riles up the public, but what McCrory and his legislature really did was roll back every single LGBT protection the cities of North Carolina had passed in the state. The wipe out of all LGBT protections is the heart of this controversy, not bathrooms. For background, the Christofascists got away using this stupid bathroom strategy in Houston a few months ago when they forced an election on LGBT protections the city counsel had passed. Our enemies learned a valuable new lesson and are exploiting this effective strategy in other republican states. Now that the republicans are all divided with the presidential campaign, a group of republican states are using this bathroom lie as a strategy to anger their base and roll back gay rights nationally. Why do this now? I see this as blowback from the Supreme Court decision, Obergefell v. Hodges, that gave the LGBT the right to marry their partners.
    Our big business allies are our most effective tools we have to push back on the republican Christofascists enablers. The best tactic we have going for us is to implement a long devastating boycott of North Carolina businesses, particularly those that enable McCrory’s team and hurt them in the pocketbook till they capitulate.

    • McSwagg

      Don’t forget that the GOP-TP masterminds behind the Houston “Bathroom Ordinance” campaign are part of the inner circle of Cruz’s campaign apparatus. They are planning to roll this out nationwide if Cruz wins in November. It is imperative that we keep this in the news through November.

  • Cuberly

    Again, he goes to a friendly venue to be interviewed by the most addlepated of the 3 couch cysts. Though admittedly, the newest blonde is giving Killmead a run for his drain bamaged money. And, again Gov. Bigot deflects & misrepresents the breadth of the legislation.



    Such a punchable face.

  • popebuck1

    “Go Tarheels!”?

    That’s a sure sign he’s on the ropes. Invoking the local sports team is a sure sign that a politician is desperate for ANY positive response, however cheap.

    • TrollopeReader

      well, they’re the team playing in the final four in houston … and if they make the finals, look for him to bet bbq-ribs and stuff against the governor of the other team …. cheap theatrics that the supporters love ….

  • One of the CA 36,000+

    So McCrory is pulling the old “if New Yorkers are moving to North Carolina, everything we do must be superior to New York” false argument?

    Let’s think about this for a minute. How many current New Yorkers are recovering Southerners who have fled North Carolina? I bet MANY, MANY more than those who have fled New York for the genteel racism, homophobia and cracker mystique of the Tarheel shithole.

    I am a recovering Southerner myself, and wouldn’t move back there for love or money. EVER. I miss the family I have there, but I can’t deal with the blind, ignorant redneck hate. Sorry.

    • Hank

      Perhaps, the relocated NYers, along with an increasing Hispanic population is what is turning NC purple!!! Which will force him and his ilk out of power sooner or later!!!

    • Octavio

      This is harsh, but I know a whole passel of queens from Arkansas who escaped to NYC in the 70s. They are now all die hard New Yorkers and never stop letting me know how superior they truly are. It think it’s a southern thing. I was amused when El Squeeze told a pair of them staying with us that he had made reservations for them to spend the rest of their vacation at the Station Casino/Hotel, called a taxi and helped them out the front door. (true story)

      Have I bored everyone with how fond I am of El Squeeze? If I haven’t, let me know. 🙂

  • customartist

    High Point Furniture Market Authority
    (Be nice)

    Tom Conley, President & CEO
    [email protected]

    Tammy Covington Nagem, Chief Operating Officer
    [email protected]

    Krissy Singleton, Director Operations
    [email protected]

    Robyn Dezego, Senior Market Advisor
    [email protected]

    Beth Brondolo, Market Advisor
    [email protected]

    Ashley D. , Manager Communications
    [email protected]

  • Octavio

    Well, to be fair, Gov. McCrory is superior to everyone else because: he’s a Southerner, has Jeebuzz on his side, is a devout christain and is well versed in twisting his buybull to explain how white is black, purple is yellow, and only his penis has the right to poke all the milfs in the church choir. Why can’t everyone just accept how superior he and his white race truly is. /s

  • Sean

    “but that doesn’t mean we overturn basic common-sense expectations of privacy that men and women and children expect when they go to a locker room or a restroom or a shower facility.” …except when the privacy of transgender men and women and children are in question but still tax them for the privacy being denied them as trans women/girls are forced to use a men’s/boys rest/locker room where they could be subjected to being harassed, raped, beaten, or killed.

    Tarheels will not be getting any business from me. I was looking for manufactures & suppliers in NC, they have been scratched of my list.

    Nope. Your Jim Crow & Nuremberg law loving savagery against LGBT tax payers whose tax dollars you continue to fill your bank account with is demagoguery Herr McCrory, you insubordinate Himmler wannabe INGRATE bigot filth.

    P.S. Are you one of the Reichpubs who support the travel ban to Cuba? PWND.

  • ceeenbee

    If nc wants to protect women and children, they need to start drafting legislation that no priest or clergy be allowed within 100 yards of a child. Their is ample evidence of pervasive sexual assault of children by clergy. There is absolutely zero evidence for sexual assault of children by transgendered individuals.

  • zeddy303

    Wow, just wow. Talk about dangerous. Why not just get out the gas chambers already NC?

  • Carl

    I swear the only people who use the term “politically correct” in a sentence anymore are bigots setting up a strawman.

  • William

    I wouldn’t buy a used goat from this guy.

    • DaddyRay

      The correct term is experienced goat

      • Reality.Bites

        Oh it would be used all right.

  • 2patricius2

    PC – political correctness, or just plain courtesy? Seems to me that serving customers and allowing customers to use the bathroom is just plain courtesy.

  • 2patricius2

    Just now:

    I support Gov. Pat McCrory’s signing of the bill. 1.57% (6 votes)

    I think the law discriminates against people who are gay or transgender. 98.17% (375 votes)

    I’m not sure. 0.26% (1 votes)

    Total Votes: 382

  • Eric in Oakland

    “He added, “We’re not in favor of discrimination, but…

    Right. They’re not in favor of discrimination but they just removed anti discrimination protections statewide. That makes a lot of sense.

  • customartist

    “We’re not in favor of discrimination”.
    But remember, they created a Constitutional Amendment against Same Sex Marriage,…which harmed no one. No threat of rape. No victims.

  • JCF
  • B Snow

    I hope he still believes in common-sense expectations of privacy the next time the NC GOP tries to crawl into a woman’s uterus.

  • Ronni Taylor

    McCrory and his supporters are Dinosaurs; relics from an earlier time of crass open bigotry and with the passing of his generation we will be rid of you bigots once and for all. America has created the fear of “different” people but soon we will all use genderless bathrooms anyway; just like we do at home.