Fox TV And A+E Threaten North Carolina Boycott

Variety reports:

A+E Networks and 21st Century Fox may refrain from filming future projects in North Carolina if the state does not repeal a controversial law that bars local LGBT anti-discrimination ordinances.

The companies have stopped short, however, of withdrawing current projects from the state. Principal photography on “Shots Fired,” a drama series for Fox Broadcasting produced by 20th Century Fox Television, began yesterday in Charlotte, with production expected to continue through July. Production in the state is also already under way on “Six,” a History miniseries about the U.S. Marines who killed Osama bin Laden, produced by A+E Studios and the Weinstein Company. There are no plans to relocate either project.

Fox indicated Wednesday that it would “reconsider” shooting future productions in North Carolina. A+E has ruled out future shoots in the state.

“Production on ‘Six’ is already under way, however we will not consider North Carolina for any new productions,” an A+E spokesperson said in response to a question about whether the company had considered withdrawing the production from the state in response to public outcry over the law.

  • Steven Leahy

    Is this the same A&E that filmed Duck Dynasty and gave a platform to a bunch of openly homophobic bigots, despite the protests, in the name of profit? Oh, and they won’t change any current production, just some vague promise not to do anything going froward? Sorry, anything they have to say on these issues is hollow and meaningless.

    • Gustav2

      They were documenting the bigotry, not promoting it.

      Yeah, that’s it! Documenting.

      • It was educational. Like 60s sexploitation films.

        • Gustav2


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  • Baby Dave

    The South is determined to refight the Civil War, and they want to do it while a Black man in POTUS. As we approach the end of Obama’ Presidency, They can’t make this about restoring slavery, since this would mean worldwide condemnation. That would also be politically impossible, given the high number of prominent Black politicians in these states, although they would if they could- remember that 1 in 5 South Carolinians regard the abolition of slavery as having been a mistake.

    So, they’ve decided to attack the least politically powerful group in America- the Transgendered community. Extremely small in number, poorly organized and represented publicly only by clueless reality show stars and celebrities rather than politicians or leaders of mass movements, the Trans community’s only organized political support comes from the GLBT community at large- ourselves, small in number and vulnerable to frequent infighting, “led” by the HRC’s Beltway Bandits, which functions more as a GLBT outreach wing of the Democratic Leadership Council than as an independent advocacy group- we have little in common with the Trans community, which defines itself on gender and not sexuality, other than a mutual desire to be treated fairly. We (myself included) steadfastly refuse to abandon the T, based if nothing else on moral principle, regardless of the odious “drop the T” nonsense and Caitlyn Jenner’s frequent acts of self-humiliation. That said, we’re the unlikeliest heroes one could imagine politically.

    Much as Putin attacks GLBT in his own country as a surrogate for his anti-American and anti-Obama sentiments, those arrayed against the very fact of Obama’s Presidency see the GLBT community, and the T in particular, as the only viable target, partly because of the President’s strong support for us, and partly because of our disorganization, leaderlessness, and perceived political weakness.

    I imagine this most recent wave of attack will subside after the next President assumes office. Its going to become awfully intense right up to that day, however.

    • SelectFromWhere

      Please don’t make this a “South fighting the Civil War blah blah blah” thing. It’s the resurgences of the Religious Right digging in their heels as GLBT and other socially progressive movements breeze past them. A large chunk of NC and Southern voters are African-American, so this is not about race, but religion, since many of those same AA voters are very religious and even though they are Democrats, their churches can get caught up in the whole “GLBT is icky” meme.

      Almost all of the 11 Democratic state reps who voted FOR this bill were African-American.

      • NancyP

        This reflects our inability so far to educate the voters and legislators. Fact #1: Black transwomen’s rates of unemployment, HIV, injury and death due to hate crime. Fact#2: Extraordinarily high rate of HIV in the black MSM population, high rate of HIV in the IV drug addicted black population, relatively high rate of HIV in black heterosexual women. These are sons and daughters of the community, and if black people as a whole don’t support them to the extent of non-discrimination in medical services at least, things can only get worse (hardly seems possible – current HIV prevalence rate in black MSM is 1 in 3). Some leadership has to come from the black clergy in order to convince the lagging voters – even if in the format of “better unGodly and alive than unGodly and dead”.

    • Hank

      In a lot of ways, this is another iteration of what Rove/Cheney/Melman/Bush did to fight Same Sex Marriage. Having the Rethuglicans pushing against GLBT Civil Rights as a means to hold onto power. They have NOTHING else to offer, their citizens to raise up their standard of living, etc. So, they indeed pick on the “politically weakest” to create an “Agenda”. Truth or Fiction is completely irrelevant in their eyes. There is little difference between them and Nazi Germany in WWII

      However, we have reversed what Bush and Co. did (to avoid the failure of their wars and financial disasters.) so we will continue to “fight” and reverse, what they do today.

  • Todd20036

    Fox. LOL. They actively took part in causing this latest embarrassment, and now they want to distance themselves from it.

    They don’t even own up to their own bigotry. Typical.

    • Reality.Bites

      Fox News and Fox Entertainment are separate companies, although ultimately both owned by Murdoch. Fox Entertainment has brought us things like the Simpsons and Glee.

      • Arasalk

        Companies, maybe but still practically they’re same bullshit. Altrough, fux news is great entertaiment and factually correct compared to Glee or National Geographic’s ‘documents’…

        • Reality.Bites

          Glee wasn’t supposed to be factually correct. It was a scripted show with actors. That’s why every episode had a “Written by” credit.

      • UiscePreston

        20th Century Fox/Fox Entertainment produces fictitious content. The “news” division produces factitious content. The whole company is in the make-believe business.

        • BobSF_94117

          Fox Entertainment produced content Fox News can get outraged about.

          • Rambie

            It’s a win-win

        • JIM W

          Just how do we separate Faux News from Fox Entertainment. Anything that puts a penny in Murdock’s pockets is to be avoided as far as I’m concerned.

          • NMNative

            We feel the same way. We do not watch Fox.

  • SelectFromWhere

    NC used to have the 3rd-largest film industry in the country (Wilmington, especially). Our current state administration cut film incentives to the point that most have located elsewhere already, so there aren’t that many more ways to pull out.

    • Ghg

      I hope n-carolinians start ‘pulling out’ campaign of their own to prevent slimy bastards like McCrory and Berger invading the states legislate in the future…

  • Mark

    Don’t make me pull this car over!

    About the same effect. All bark. No bite.

    • Rambie

      Exactly! With the cuts to incentives that NC has already done to the film industry, I wouldn’t be surprised they were already planning to cut back in NC anyhow.

  • dcurlee

    I truly hope they do

  • boatboy_srq

    When the Reichwing loses Fauxnews, you know they’re in trouble.

    • Stev84

      Fox TV is entirely different and separate from Fox News. It’s the entertainment branch.

  • TuuxKabin

    Lip service is all you’ll ever get from me
    But everybody is going through the motions
    Everybody is going through the motions
    Are you really only going through the motions?

    Elvis Cosello

    Same tune to Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

  • Jack

    May refrain. Here’s hoping that they do.

  • NancyP

    This is reasonable. It would be a ton of work and expense to relocate a “half way in the can” (on the mega-server?) production with significant “footage” (terabytes?) already photographed, but it costs nothing at all to skip checking out a possible location. After all, states compete to get the interest of movie producers.

  • nipper

    Oh the Irony.