Chicago Joins North Carolina Travel Ban, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel Invites Businesses To Relocate To His City

Crain’s Chicago reports:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is issuing an executive order banning official city travel to North Carolina.

And, seeking to gain from a flap over the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people there, Emanuel says he’ll be contacting North Carolina companies that might be interested in relocating to a “more inclusive” Chicago.

In comments after an unrelated event, Emanuel first announced that he would immediately halt any travel by Chicago employees to North Carolina on city business.

Aides said the order is being drafted and will be issued within a day or two. Officials did not immediately indicate how often City Hall sends people to North Carolina to talk to government officials there or for other formal purposes.

Emanuel also indicated he hopes to use the controversy over a new North Carolina law that bans local GLBT-rights laws in that state.

“North Carolina’s values are of exclusion and intolerance, versus tolerance and inclusion,” Emanuel said. “I have already been on the phone and asked my staff to develop a list of companies . . . that would be interested in (being) in a different environment from one of exclusion.”

(Tipped by JMG reader Michael)

  • Gustav2

    After releasing the statement, Mayor Rahm Emanuel had lunch at Chick-fil-A. /s

    • 1Truth1

      Mmmm I used to love Chick-fil-a…. Those sandwiches are so delicious. Who knew that hate could taste so good.

      • I’m with you, I used to eat there regularly in college, they have the best chicken nuggets and dipping sauces. Then the scab got picked off and we all saw the gaping sore underneath that yummy chicken. Haven’t been back since.

        • Reality.Bites

          I’ve never been to CFA (and obviously never will now) but I’ve looked at their menu online and I have to say It really doesn’t tempt me much. Then again, I’m not much of a fan of the chopped and formed chicken patty or nugget. Don’t generally eat the chicken offerings at McD’s, BK or Wendy’s either. Used to get occasional KFC cravings, which have since been replaced by Popeye cravings.

          • B Snow

            CFA’s sandwiches are not chopped and formed, they’re whole chicken breasts, thin layer of coating, very salty. Back when I ate meat, I thought they were delicious.

  • Mark

    I hope every mayor of every city outside of NC sweetens the pot with relo offers to the business community. If it pans out, NC could be the new Mississippi….

    • Todd20036

      You just insulted both states in one sentence!


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        • medaka

          Flagged again, you shitbag. Why aren’t you waiting until the end of a thread? Oh! They promised you five more cars!

      • Reality.Bites

        And with enough words in that sentence that the insultees won’t even know they were insulted.

    • JesterRedPanda

      hey now.. i still live here… and i cant afford to get out…

      • LovesIrony

        You might be able to afford to move if you apply to one of the companies moving.

  • TutuBoi is pure evil. nice to see him living up to his reputation for jumping on other bandwagons that people not at all like him built and bled to see get moving.

    i wish i could believe in Hell. i’d be a Demoness there, and i would ask the Boss if little copsucker Rammie could be one of my Special Charges.

    • Butch

      I was going to say – given Rahm’s history this item is in the “even a blind squirrel” category.

    • LovesIrony

      I, the Boss, would say, Once I Am done, with him…yes

  • Sam_Handwich
  • Reality.Bites

    Let’s see more than lip service. Let’s see grants and tax incentives that help companies and their employees relocate.

    • TuuxKabin

      Lip service is all you’ll ever get from me
      But everybody is going through the motions
      Everybody is going through the motions
      Are you really only going through the motions?

      Elvis Costello

  • dcurlee


  • Jimmie Z

    I don’t trust Rahn further than I could toss him over my left shoulder. But, good move, Chicago.

  • aar9n

    Honestly, I believe all this and the NFL and the business statements are just for PR. No company is really gonna deny Bigot money, they just want good PR.

    • Blake Jordan

      If North Carolina stands its ground, very few if any of these businesses, etcetera are going to live up to their threats…

      The law suit filed by the ACLU, et. al. is what we have to count on to resolve the North Carolina mess, and hopefully result in national protections.

      • CPT_Doom

        It will take a lot longer for companies to feel the impact of this bullsh*t law – when companies find themselves struggling to attract top talent, who are typically drawn to more accepting environments, that will be when they start to really feel the pain.

        • billbear1961

          It will also help if they receive a steady stream of complaints from angry clients.

  • UiscePreston

    Unless it’s a Kevlar sweater vest company – which is very possible in N. Gunolina, I think most businesses will take a pass on up and moving to Murder-ago. Nice sentiment, though.

  • NotTodaySatan

    Nobody is moving their business to Murdertown over North Bigotsville.

  • Queequeg

    I am from Chicago and one of the things I like about the city is its diversity and the cosmopolitan nature of the city. Good for Rahm!

  • Michael Hampton

    I was just starting to get tired of Rahm. Now I might support him again.

  • Octavio

    I like Chicago. Always have. Maybe we visit before abandoning the USA. 🙂

  • JCF

    Thanks, but I’d rather hear this from your successor, Rahm (because you resigned, as you should!).

  • billbear1961