Chicago Joins North Carolina Travel Ban, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel Invites Businesses To Relocate To His City

Crain’s Chicago reports:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is issuing an executive order banning official city travel to North Carolina.

And, seeking to gain from a flap over the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people there, Emanuel says he’ll be contacting North Carolina companies that might be interested in relocating to a “more inclusive” Chicago.

In comments after an unrelated event, Emanuel first announced that he would immediately halt any travel by Chicago employees to North Carolina on city business.

Aides said the order is being drafted and will be issued within a day or two. Officials did not immediately indicate how often City Hall sends people to North Carolina to talk to government officials there or for other formal purposes.

Emanuel also indicated he hopes to use the controversy over a new North Carolina law that bans local GLBT-rights laws in that state.

“North Carolina’s values are of exclusion and intolerance, versus tolerance and inclusion,” Emanuel said. “I have already been on the phone and asked my staff to develop a list of companies . . . that would be interested in (being) in a different environment from one of exclusion.”

(Tipped by JMG reader Michael)