Samantha Bee Goes Off On Ted Cruz [VIDEO]

Last night Samantha Bee totally educated her audience about Ted Cruz, his batshit father, and his buddies David Barton and Pastor Kevin “Kill The Gays” Swanson. Watch this. Raw Story recaps:

Samantha Bee examined Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) faith on Monday’s episode of Full Frontal, saying that it was significant that it was allies or his relatives claiming to receive divine messages calling for him to be president. “Guys, the message is clear: even God cannot stand to have a direct conversation with Ted Cruz,” Bee argued. Unfortunately for Republicans, she noted, the Tea Party lawmaker is the party’s only hope at the moment of avoiding having to nominate Donald Trump as its presidential candidate. Cruz is so disliked not even party stalwart Bob Dole could say that he liked him. “Bob Dole singled Ted out for hatred — and Bob Dole has fought actual Nazis,” she said.