Caitlyn Jenner: Hillary Doesn’t Care About Trans Rights, Unlike The GOP Which “Doesn’t Hate Trans People”

Oh brother. Via Pink News:

Caitlyn Jenner has claimed that Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton only cares about herself. The former Olympian, who is a staunch Republican, made the claim on her reality show I Am Cait, which has just begun its second season.

During the show, Jenner is discussing politics with her transgender friends, when she insists that the former Secretary of State won’t do anything for trans people, and that Republicans would.

The former Olympian said: “[The Democratic Debate] is the last place I want to be.” Of the struggle for trans rights, she said: “We need both sides… if we’re unfortunate enough to get Hillary as our next President, we need her on our side.

“Although she won’t be… she couldn’t care less about women. She only cares about herself.” When asked exactly which Republican candidates would help trans people, she claims: “All of them. They don’t hate gays or trans people.

“They are more ‘I want a thriving economy so every trans person has a job’.”