AUSTRALIA: Facebook Launches Marriage Campaign

The Age reports:

Social media giant Facebook has waded into the divisive same-sex marriage debate in an unprecedented partnership with Australian marriage equality advocates. From Tuesday, Facebook will give its 14 million Australian users the option of adding an Australian Marriage Equality banner to their profile pictures, in what AME hopes will demonstrate “the mainstream support” for the reform.

The move comes amid an increasingly heated public discussion about same-sex marriage and LGBTI issues. On Monday, Fairfax Media reported leaked pamphlets – due to feature in an upcoming campaign against same-sex marriage – suggesting children of gay parents are more prone to “abuse and neglect”.

This is the first time Facebook has used the “frame feature” (which puts a prominent banner at the bottom of a profile picture) for a political or social cause in Australia. However, the new feature follows a rainbow “filter” social media users put over their profile pictures last year in the wake of the US Supreme Court decision backing same-sex marriage.

Facebook is also a sponsor of the upcoming Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

  • GC

    How will the anti-gay right-wing conservative religionists get the message out about their boycotts???


    • bkmn

      Smoke signals. Which will be hard to see with all the smoke from the wildfires.

    • Bluto

      If fucktards like Donahue can afford 183k for a full page ad in the NY Times then I’m sure the bigots will find a way to pollute the major papers in Oz. Actually helping peeps is ungodly.

      • GC

        The “purpose” of conservative Christianity is to spread conservative Christianity. Occasionally helping people is incidental.

        (Atheism and secular humanism are “mindware” as well, but arguably with much more beneficial effects on their human hosts!)

      • GC

        The true “purpose” of conservative Christianity is to spread conservative Christianity. Occasionally helping people is incidental.

        (Atheism and secular humanism are “mindware” as well, but arguably with much more beneficial effects on their human hosts!)

        (cartoon found on the web)

  • bkmn

    Warning Australia – be prepared to host lots of overseas bigots wearing crosses.

    • Richard, another Canuck

      The American RWNJ’s have had a continual dialogue going with local Oz haters for a while now…

      • David L. Caster

        Time to shut the foreign christianist rabble rousers out.


      I pity the poor fuck who is going to be sitting next Brian Brownstain on that flight to 0z

    • douglas

      American organizations were the most active against same sex marriage here in Canada back in 2004 too. They failed.

  • GayOldLady

    Those beautiful young faces make me remember way back when!!! Buckle Up Australia LGBT community, you’re in for the fight of your life, but LOVE WINS!!!!!

    • another_steve

      The Aussies are a wonderful, kind people. I’ve traveled there; I know. Their society hasn’t been thoroughly infected by the scourge of religious extremism, as ours here in the states has.

      Just a matter of time, and love will win out there. 😉

    • Paige Turner

      Oh – its started already.
      The bigots are trying to shut down the “Safe schools” program which is a part of the anti bullying curriculum and addresses LGBTI people. Its getting ugly very quickly.

      The Australian Christian lobby are starting the push and they are anything but Christian and are looking for martyrs for their cause like Mothers taking taking their children out of school because boys will use girls bathrooms.

      Sound familiar?

      • GayOldLady

        It sounds very familiar

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  • kirtanloorii

    The inevitable conservative response:

  • zhera

    And yet, all the haters and bigots will still use facebook. Because they can’t drop it without losing their base.

    • Todd Allis

      I wish they would seriously boycott Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. For starters. Soon they would disappear from the news entirely.

      • NZArtist

        It’s not hypocrisy if you’re doin’ it fer jeezus.

      • Reality.Bites

        They don’t even boycott the ones they say they’re boycotting.

        They may have a lot of followers, but I sure as hell don’t do everything the people and organizations I follow want me to.

        • bkmn

          Much like the Pope telling Catholics not to use birth control.

          • GC

            Also, people doing opposition research. If the Catholic League or the NRA support certain politicians or bills or whatever, there’s a good chance I’ll be against them.

        • Todd Allis

          I could say I avoid Chick-Fil-A… but then again, I’m vegan and have never been to one, lol.

    • yup, if NOM doped facebook they would have nothing left, that is their last place where they actually engage with their followers.

  • NZArtist

    C’mon Australia. You can get there. We managed to get Marriage Equality in New Zealand. You guys aren’t *too* much slower than us. 🙂

  • Ninja0980

    As others have said, I hope LGBT people down under are ready…the bigots are going to be showing up soon and it won’t be pretty.
    It will be ugly, very ugly, I just hope we’re ready for that.

    • the infuriating thing is that it should not have to go to a public vote, if the parliament would just do it’s job it would save a heck of a lot of money and avoid the nastiness that will follow.

      • Ninja0980

        Not only that but the public vote isn’t binding and several of the bigots have made it known they will vote no regardless of what the outcome of the public vote is.
        Have the vote done and be done with it.

  • Reality.Bites
    • bkmn

      Sickening. I’d lay money they rationalize this by telling themselves they are lying for Jeebie.

    • zhera

      Shirtless sodomites, snatching babies out of their mothers’ wombs!

    • Robert Pierce

      We had something similar in the UK but really didn’t get that much interference if any from American organizations, certainly not NOM, but just a few rants from the small home grown group Christian Concern, a few clerics (much harsher rhetoric from Catholic bishops) and a scattering of right wing Tories whose absurd speeches were shot down in flames as were every one of their wrecking amendments in all three readings. They all failed massively. We only had one demonstration of roughly 1,000 people in Trafalgar Square, yet another fail. The right wing Daily Mail or Fail as we call it over here predicted it would be slaughtered in the upper chamber where it passed by acclamation. I never gloated so much. The bigots will fail in Australia too.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Koalas will marry womabts! and Kangaroos will marry dingos!!


  • Big thanks to Facebook. time to get this done in Australia!!!!!

  • Having lived and worked for years in Perth, Western Australia, in middle 1970s, I can confidently say that someday they shall overcome the lethal myth of heterosex-supremacy.

    Welcome VIDEO: