Tired Old Queen At The Movies #139 [VIDEO]

Clip recap:

Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrea have a field day in the zany Preston Sturges comedy PALM BEACH STORY (1942). With able support from such Sturges comic regulars as William Demarest, Jimmy Conlin, Roscoe Ates and with a brilliant comedic turns by Rudee Vallee and Mary Astor, it’s a happy, slapstick, free for all, loaded with sophisticated dialogue, unexpected reversals and sexy innuendos. The perfect way to start the New Year off with a bang!

  • medaka

    Allay Loo! PTL and pass the Boy Butter!
    No more Ted Cruz at the top of the page 🙂

    Plus I always L O V E me some [email protected] movies!

  • WebSlinger

    it will probably be raining today here in Seattle and this sounds like a perfect movie to snuggle up with my husband and watch today…


  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Watch for Joel’s penis when it accidentally pops out of his pajamas as he springs out of bed. Heard the story why they didn’t edit it out but have forgotten it. Something catty as I recall. Enjoy. It must have been a fairly long one and it is pretty obvious if you are looking for it. 🙂

  • perversatile

    Snarky Fag Watching TMC
    The Wienie King gives scheming ex socialite
    bag of cash after watching her take a shower

  • Michael Rush

    At the premier of ” Kim Davis – The Movie ”


    • Librarykid

      There’s not enough food around her. At least one seat on either side needs to befilled with food and drink.

      • With snack food and soda pop, you mean. You have only to look at her to see that healthy food is not part of her lifestyle.

  • hiker_sf

    Do see any movie by Preston Sturges. My favorites are Sullivan’s Travels, The Lady Eve, Hail the Conquering Hero and Miracle at Morgan Creek.

  • Lakeview Bob

    Claudette and Joel were both gorgeous. He was such a man’s man. Very dreamy. He (as my mother use to say) could put his shoes under my bed anytime when he was in his prime.

  • Robincho

    Joel McCrea was a total fucking knockout! Oh, to have been Frances Dee…

    But I was shocked to hear TOQ announce “sissy Franklin Pangborn” in the supporting cast and then run a clip of Eric Blore. I’ve never known him to, um, blow it like that…

  • Corsair Tact

    I’m sold! Gonna watch it today!

    BTW, ever wonder where Thousand Oaks, Calif., came from? Much of it was originally part of a ranch in Ventura County that Joel McRae bought for pennies and that he sold off to a developer. He was a millionaire very early in his career because of his real estate investments. Also, he was very hot.

  • TKW

    In her later years, Claudette Colbert used to have a place out in the Pines in Fire Island, where she spent her last years. Some friends of mine used to hang with her. I always regretted never meeting her. That she was gay amazed me. Always loved her!