Log Cabin Slams Hillary On Marriage [VIDEO]

In 2012 the Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Mitt Romney after he signed NOM’s hate pledge to support placing a ban on same-sex marriage into to the US Constitution. Today they have a problem with Hillary Clinton on the same issue. They write:

Not everyone in the United States Senate supported marriage equality in 2004, but few took to the floor of the chamber to hammer home the point the way Hillary Clinton did. Democrats and members of the LGBT community have given Hillary Clinton a pass on past transgressions and even allowed her to rewrite the history of the gay rights movement; Log Cabin Republicans will not. It’s time for the people of Iowa—and the country—to know that when it mattered, Hillary Clinton was wrong on gay rights.


  • shellback

    Some people evolve. Others, like LCR – not so much.

  • millers3888

    Lol while I love that first sentence Joe, I can’t help but agree with them. Sorry not sorry, but Clinton, like most politicians, will say anything to get elected.

    • oikos

      Which ‘evolved’ republican will you cast your vote for in the GE, then?

    • lymis

      The question is whether anyone believes that, once elected Hillary would work to turn back gay rights. Whether or not she was once wrong on the issues, I don’t see any indications that she’d try to back things down or work against us if she got the job.

      On the contrary, the same forces that would force her to be “pro-gay” to get elected would keep her that way once in office.

  • j.martindale

    The irony of a group that supports hosts of politicians who are trying to legislate ALL of our rights away complaining that the supporters of our cause are too slow! Breathtaking hypocrites!

    • Nic Peterson


      • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

        I was thinking Kapos.

        • lymis

          Actually, I think quislings is right. When the anti-gay people ran the show, they wanted to be Kapos. Now that the tide on that has turned, there is no power for them as gay collaborators.

          • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

            Uncle toms are uncle toms no matter what they are called. Waste of time to thinking about their “naming”.

      • ElenorRigby

        yeah, it’s so nice to see the pathetic sniveling lap dogs of the GOP are still crawling around on the floor begging for scraps from their abusive masters while pretending to be upset Hillary Clinton changed her position on something over a decade ago.

      • Dramphooey


      • Oscarlating Wildely

        I see that. Or Judenräte.

    • WebSlinger
      • “I’m just baffled you’d be a part of a club that hates you.

        Somewhere along the line, they’ve learned to hate poor people/blacks/immigrants/non-sammich making women even more than they’ve learned to hate themselves.

        They want to put a white Christian face on their faggotry and get back to grifting for a living, just the way a proper Dominionist should. Just the way Mommy and Daddy taught ’em.

        Log Cabin is just a pile o’ privileged queers who got yanked out of the closet against their wishes….and are too afraid to step out of their Dominionist grifter drag, because dark-skinned people and furriners and poverty is too scary!

        • j.martindale

          They are not only rich queers. They are also the redneck queers here in the South who refuse to be in the same political party as Blacks.

    • WebSlinger

      If you have not seen this episode of American Dad called “Lincoln Lover” do yourself a favor and watch it…the brilliance of Seth should not be missed in regards to Gay Republicans


      • imho that is by far the best and funniest thing Seth ever did.

      • CanuckDon

        Thanks….that was incredible!

        • WebSlinger

          you are welcome…glad you enjoyed it…

      • Piet

        Made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

    • Richard Rush

      I guess their logic works this way: ‘Hillary opposed gay marriage in 2004, therefore it is imperative that we elect a Republican president in 2016.’

      • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

        IF you think it trough, I nearly makes sense. In a twisted way, of course but still; “you want same that Clintons were, vote for repub!”. Just a natural continuum. For repub voter…

    • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

      IF this smear would come from GOP (not from this Hitler Jugend group) itself there would even little creditability but Lock Cabin faggots lecturing about standing with when its mostly needed, thats just a complete joke. Most of this a-holes have said that, for example Texas fag cabiners, removing “Sodomy” ban law even when its declared to be unconstitutional by Scotus over 10 years ago, is a “liberal issue”, in other words, they dont care. And so was gay marriage. So WHAT IS THEIR Agenda IF every gay issue is ” liberal issue “, even having right to privacy without fear of police taking you to prison having consensual sex? Why they want to be identify as “gay politicians” if their politics have nothing to with that. Most of them are these guy bensons and drudges, so whats the freaking point.

    • Hypocrisy? Well yah, there’s that. XD The Log Cabin Republicans inspire weird thoughts. Like wow,wasn’t Hillary a cutie! And, Let’s all go camping!

  • Texndoc

    I was reading Trump has scheduled an event in Arkansas and it looks like the Huckster is going to endorse him in a pathetic plea for the VP slot. So basically you can have that, or Hillary.

    • I would not be at all surprised to see Huckabee do that if nothing else out of spite for Cruz getting the religious right blessing that he believes to be rightfully his. He is livid that he was passed over for Cruz so endorsing Trump would be the logical continuation of that.

      • Texndoc

        Yep, especially when Kim Davis was the Huckster’s prop and he kept Cruz off the stage 🙂

  • Jude Newton

    A true leader learns and grows with their people. One who can admit they were wrong on a personal belief is far more desireable than one who cannot or will not.

  • Elliott

    It’s time for the people of Iowa—and the country—to know that when it mattered, Hillary Clinton WAS wrong on gay rights. Not STILL IS.

  • Michael Rush

    What point in history do these idiots want to go back to ?

    • lymis

      Conception, in the hopes their parents have a different baby.

      • no, that’s actually a valid question. think of quislings throughout history, in times when being a Roy Cohn like figure ‘worked.’ at least, for the quislings.

        minority populations always have a complex expression over time. there’s never been any period when we have not had members of the community benefit from selling all of us out. this is a simple money thing, imho. these poor slobs are watching paychecks die. it must be scary. the hater gravy train was rich for many years, but now the earmarking is going to include less and less for the homocon. it’s just not working anymore and they know it.

        tl;dr: this history they want to go back to is the 50s. oh, the games that were played, the power and money, for homos and homocons, then. it’s a little heady, if that’s your kink.

  • DaddyRay

    So by their logic we should not support candidates who have evolved on the issue but to support their candidates that would undo all of the progress made on LGBT equality.
    LCR carry no weight or credibility

    • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

      I think they should come out from the real closet; that they practically fund fcr, afa and other “family groups”…

  • Prion

  • Michael

    It is ironic that his comes from the LCR. Terry Gross was right when Hillary was on Fresh Air. I always get the feeling that she just “evolved” to get votes.

    • There’s no point trying to determine what politicians really think. They spend so much time surrounded by pollsters and advisers I’m not sure even they know after they’ve been in the game a few rounds. Did she wait to evolve until it was safe or does she still not like gay marriage and had to be dragged along. I have no idea. I do know that among Democrats she was among the last to the party. Meanwhile she’s still ahead of every Republican candidate.

      • Friday

        One thing’s pretty clear to me: she sure came out pretty strong for full equality once that wouldn’t put her ahead of the administration she was serving at the time. (That wouldn’t have been very helpful if she had, really. It’d have only made POTUS look like he was really pushed into it.)

        • We mostly have Joe Biden to thank for all of that. Both Clinton and Obama were too chickenshit to lead on the issue of marriage equality. Leave it to Biden to open up his mouth and speak from his heart rather than from the pre-approved focus-group tested talking points. There’s plenty to criticize Biden for, but he is authentic which is rare in politics these days.

          • Friday

            One reason I like him. I hadn’t forgotten. Still, in a way his position kind of allowed that. And he might have picked his moment in his own Bidenish sort of way. 🙂 He was being portrayed as the ‘Gaffe-master’ anyway, until there didn’t seem to be any point for the corporate media to go after him that way.

          • I doubt there’s much difference between the public Biden and the private Biden.

          • Friday

            Oh, I wouldn’t say so either: but he’s smart enough to be like, ‘Here’s a time to speak up on this.’ It’s not like he actually has zero filters either. 🙂

          • He was asked a question. It’s not like he brought up the topic. He answered honestly. I know some people think that was all scripted but I don’t think so. I think the Obama administration would have been happy to dodge that question until the end of his second administration. (They couldn’t know when the various cases would get to SCOTUS or if they even would or how the court would rule.) I voted for Obama but his first term was frustration as his administration continued to depart gay people who were in relationships with US citizens and other things. I kind of doubt Biden planned to say that but I do think it was what he had thought for quite some time. How sad that our politics forces people to take positions they know are wrong. What kind of leadership is that?

          • Friday

            I wasn’t saying ‘scripted,’ I was saying, he could see ‘OK, here’s the moment for this.’

    • lymis

      I wouldn’t be prepared to dispute that.

      However, the Republicans haven’t evolved on it for any reason.

      It’s certainly not a reason to vote Republican, and that’s what the LCR is claiming.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Yet when it came to the “federal marriage amendment” vote in 2006, the vote split along party lines…. Hillary (and Obama) voted against it, and nearly every GOP senator voted for it


  • bkmn

    These Mary’s obviously don’t have a mirror since they can’t see how full of hypocrisy they are.

  • Prion


    • sherman

      Are you coming out as a Log Cabin boy?

      • medaka

        Prion posts some wonderful political cartoons here, but it’s increasingly obvious that he really dislikes Hillary. I do hope that if she’s the Democrat’s candidate he can hold his nose and vote for her, because SCOTUS.

        • gaylib

          No, he posts sexist, right wing political cartoons. Definitely a log cabin boy.

        • sherman

          And he’s perfectly willing to push dishonest Republicon attacks – just like the LC boys. He’s lost any respect from me.

        • sherman

          And because the votes in Congress from Hill and Bern are the same the huge majority of the time. I really don’t understand the idiots who won’t support the Dem candidate unless their precious flower gets the nom.

  • WebSlinger
    • ColdDesert

      Back when the gay marriage ban was on the ballot in Colorado, I stood outside a gay bar in Denver for a get out the vote event and a group of us were talking about the ban. At one point an acquaintance says something to the effect of “well not all of us are opposed to the initiative.” I had to walk away.

    • It’s very simple actually. They live in deep blue cities where they have the rights that Democrats worked very hard to obtain but don’t want to pay taxes on the money they think they are going to inherit from their families.

      • key words being “they think.” trust me, trustafarians of conservative or religious families: don’t count on it. just don’t. jeebus will fuck you over every time, or something else they hate about you.

  • Bluto

    So let me get this straight, so to speak. A gay advocacy group is saying a presidential candidate who vows to not only stop us from obtaining full equal rights but also eliminate the rights we now have is preferred over a candidate who, at the very least, will not impede our cause. What a bunch of delusional, self-loathing assholes.

    • sherman

      “Gay advocacy group” – LOL

      But yes, they have the Republicon hypocrisy thing down pat.

      • Bluto

        Well, “technically” there are, lol. Or so they claim to be. Perhaps “House Faggots United” was already taken.

        • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

          I think “Lock cabinets”was just too long for starting form for group. Or then fellow GOPers threatened to sue Lock Cabiners for stealing their idea to name…

      • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

        They didnt claim to be a “gay RIGHTS advocate”. ” advocate” for bashing gays is techinacally “gay advocate”, right?…

    • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

      What they meant to say was: “Clinton flip floped on gay issues. So she’s not a REAL gay hater like us!”. Just reminder to all homophobes, “dont vote for her IF you want to pure homophobia, vote for our candidate!”. You have give them some Crédit for that most lock cabin faggots have been consistently anti-gay since they started. No flips or flops in their clos.. Cabins!…

  • Boy Elvis

    Sure, LCR, as opposed to the entire slate of GOP candidates, who would not only take marriage away, but would criminalize our lives entirely if they could. Good call, idiots.

  • Prion


    • aar9n

      If you think bernie has a chance in the general election, you are fooling yourself

  • Robert Pierce

    How many of their candidates support SSM and full equality for LGBT people? Yet, one of them they will vote for whoever the nominee is. Breath-taking!

  • WebSlinger
  • Prion


  • Attacking someone as not being good enough on gay rights only works when one has a candidate who is better on gay rights. None of the GOP candidates even come close to that so this line of attack is beyond absurd. If they want to be useful they should focus on reducing anti-gay influence in their own party.

  • gaylib

    If you’re a Bernie supporter who is pushing this same crap, here’s your proof that you’ve been co-opted by the right wing. Same talking points, same goal: tear down the Democratic Party.

    • The problem is…they’re not wrong. Stopped clocks and all that.

      They just have the dumbest conclusion about it.

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    The very definition of irony, hypocrisy, and stupidity. Their own party would like to see them back in the closet, if not behind bars or dead. Since they are already shunned by their own party, it’s time for the rest of us to shun them whenever and wherever possible.

    • skeptical_inquirer

      A couple of the current GOP candidates partied with a preacher who bluntly screamed for them to be exterminated. I honestly think they have a self-loathing so deep it’s a death wish.

      • Friday

        Or think their money makes them an exception, and that means they get to *use* other gay people if they can’t get too uppity or expect better.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        Yes, that was one of the things I was referring to. And I agree, they might as well have a death wish; many in their party certainly wish for them to die. I have to be honest and tell you I don’t get it. I’m a straight woman and I have no desire to keep the LGBT community from obtaining the same rights I have. I don’t understand the hatred. I know many will say it’s all about religion, but I feel it goes much deeper. I don’t understand the energy expended in hurting American citizens. I don’t understand the attitude that because one is straight one deserves to crap on those who aren’t. Perhaps I’m naive, although I don’t consider myself so. The people engaging in this type of behavior have pushed me to the point that I despise them and everything they stand for.

        • Ray Taylor

          Thank you.

  • DaddyRay

    This just highlights how ridiculous the Log Cabin Republicans are. I am sure in some LCR strategy meeting this sounded like a good idea.

    • CanuckDon

      Sounds like they need to scrape the bottom of their barrel to come up with some sort of defense in keeping with their GOP love affair. “He hits me but remember that time, long ago, when you were with someone who almost hit you?”

    • Well they know that the GOP loved attacking Hillary so they figure that if they do it to the GOP will like them more. What they don’t get is that the way they do it is absurd and so everyone just looks at them like they are insane. In short they don’t have any consistent argument to make and so they are ignored as foolish.

      • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

        Funny thing is that they show Bernie Sanders in very positive light in that vid. Maybe they are closet Bernie fans?

        • Ray Taylor

          They are following the repug agenda: Break up the Democrats.

    • b

      They did it because they want influence in the GOP. But they are Cinderfellas. They want to increase their status with the leaders. Good luck. You ALWAYS be urinated on, you delusional fools.

      There will be no reward for Log-Brains.

    • Chris Baker

      Ted Cruz: Opposed to gay marriage in 2004, still opposed to gay marriage! Vote for him because he has more integrity on the issue.

      Ironically, when Romney wrote to the LCR in MA when he was running for Governor, he said gays should be treated equally, but then changed his position when he ran for president. So their own logic fails them.

  • Does anyone pay attention to LCR any more?

    • DaddyRay

      Nope – not even republicans

      • Ed Burrow

        Not even logs. Or cabins.

    • Just Sayin’

      Good point. Perhaps JMG and gay rights groups should try a little experiment and ignore them and see what the consequences are. The media doesn’t give a shit about them.

      • medaka

        Ignore our enemies? Not happening here.

        • DaddyRay

          So much more fun to mock them

          • medaka

            Ain’t it just though!

        • Just Sayin’

          I did not say permanently. I was thinking provisionally and experimentally, but generally, the sentiment is understandable, Starkist.

          • medaka

            Gotcha 😉 Only the best tasting tuna….

    • Did they ever?

      The only positive thing LCR ever did was legal support in the fight against DADT. I will give them credit for that. But otherwise they have served only to provide cover for candidates running on anti-lbgt platforms. Not only have they not served to help win over Republicans on our issues, the party has actually regressed. Complete fail.

  • bryan

    hey, self hating, bitter clinging, log cabiners, it’s not 2004 anymore. it’s today !


  • By that standard there’s not a single Republican they can endorse. They will of course because they have different standards for Republicans than they do for Democrats. The Dems are not perfect by any stretch but they are so much better on lbgt issues than Republicans that I search in vain for a superlative to describe the difference.

    • David L. Caster

      Profoundly, vastly, wildly, stunningly, incredibly different. Polar opposites.

      • SunnyDay

        Diametrically opposed?

        • David L. Caster

          Good one. That too.

          • SunnyDay

            I thought making it sound extra “lefty elitist” would piss’em off more. 😉

    • LonelyLiberal

      By that standard, there isn’t a single person running (now or ever) that they could endorse. *ALL* either evolved on the subject–or they’re Republicans who don’t believe in evolution.

    • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

      Well, that seems they thought this half a way; they thought that “showing” Clintons (like somebody who would care didnt already know..) flip flop they would seem better. BUT they “forgot” that they are STILL doing same they are whining about others HAVE done. Well, They decided to do it anyway. Shows whats their “strategy” for everything really. First say spmething, then go do the exact opposite. I call it “Televangelist way”. I guess thats why they think they belong to GOP.

  • DaddyRay

    Every family has that embarrassing relative and in our LGBT family it is the LCR

    • Vista-Cruiser

      Always remember, Log Cabin is part of the Republican family, not the LGBT family.

  • oikos

    LCRs: utterly irrelevant, self hating kapos. Even their so called allies laugh at them. They have nothing to offer anyone…..ever.

  • i always find it funny that these little tricks think anyone but their Sugar Daddy cares about what they say. as if, you silly hos.

  • vorpal

    Imagine that: people change their mind on issues as they learn and grow.
    …unless they’re conservatives, that is. Then stubbornly blind and unwavering adherence to a viewpoint, even in the face of new information, is lauded.

    Learning is bad, mmmmkay?

  • D. J.

    How did they enjoy their participation at CPAC? Oh, wait….

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Reality.Bites

      Bill Purdue would make an excellent Log Cabin Republican. I mean, to the limited extent he’d make an excellent anything.

      • medaka

        Shhh! You’ll wake him up from his casino nap…

      • Acronym Jim

        How do we know he isn’t one already?

        • Reality.Bites

          He doesn’t do well in groups.

    • Friday

      Uh, yeah. There’s a reason we’re ‘ignoring’ that, houseboys. That’s cause you’re *still* against our equality, as are all those you support.

  • Jamie Brewer

    Log Cabin Republicans brings to mind the web series “Log Jam”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gbbEGhwsCg

  • S1AMER

    Go to hell, LCR!

  • Steverino

    So, when do we get to shave their heads, and frog-march them through the streets of Washington, as was done with the collaborators through the streets of Paris after World War II?

  • Friday

    Wow, the Log Cabinboys are such puppets you’d think they just love having preachers’ hands up their arses.

  • rkwright

    I don’t agree with the Log Cabin Republicans ever, but on this statement I see their point. Not against Hilary Clinton, and if she’s the nominee I will gladly vote for her, but she has tried very hard to rewrite the history of DOMA and other gay rights issues to put herself on the right side of history. Her rememberances of the how’s and whys does not correspond to the actuality of the matter and the news accounts of the times (not to mention my own recollections). I’m supportive of her candidacy, but I’m for an accurate telling of OUR history. As reprehensible as the Log Cabin republicans are, and were for endorsing Romney and ignoring his stances we run the risk of doing the same by allowing political figures to whitewash their past stances. Now that being said, she did come around, whereas Romney did sign that heinous pledge. She’s been better in her behavior, but the truth is in this video. She did not stand with us until it was politically expedient.

    • Friday

      Really, when anti-equality people try to get us talking about how long it took someone to be fully supporting us, it’s inherently irrelevant. When it’s quislings who are *still* against their own civil rights to support the oppressors, it’s just pathetic.

      • rkwright

        Still, when Clinton is asked about her past support of DOMA and her stance against marriage equality, she tries to act as if she was somehow working to help us. She wasn’t. That’s the only real gripe I have against her. Not that she had to “evolve” on the issue, but that she can’t own up to where she was when asked.

        • Friday

          I’ve seen that interview but don’t really see where you’re getting that theory. She said where she was on the issue when asked, but that was about a time when she wasn’t actually President, you know? Whatever else, we were still the ‘third rail of politics’ back then, for Democrats, anyway.

    • Steven Leahy

      I think somehow, in their warped way of thinking (let me reiterate *THEIR*), they’re betting that if people vote against Clinton and for Sanders, Sanders would be more easily defeatable in the national election – so they can endorse a candidate who REALLY hates gay people.

      Everyone knows that LCR’s never have and never will vote for candidates with actual LGBT interests at heart, hard as they try (in vain) to be accepted gay uncle Toms for the right wing.

  • Matt

    Guess it’s not ok to change your mind on a subject, but only if you’re on the left. 2004 was a long time ago, especially where social issues are concerned. If you haven’t changed your mind about something, I’d say there was probably something wrong with YOU and not those surrounding you who aren’t 100% the same.

  • Blake Jordan

    Silly, silly faggots… no one cares about your opinions.

  • Tim&EarlSince1976

    Seems the internalized damage from Minority Stress Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome got married big time at the LCR!

    • Friday

      I’m increasingly convinced that more than that, it’s the gay analogue of conservative *misogyny.* They don’t want their f-toys having civil rights or expecting anything better than the furtive ‘partying’ they want to use their money for.

  • Everyone INCLUDING GAYS flipped on marriage equality! It used to be an impossible dream.

    But yeah, the Logheads are being dicks.

    • Friday

      Huh? No, ‘gays’ weren’t in opposition to our civil rights, …actually the Christian Right used to make that false claim to justify other oppressions. When they tried actually *denying* what we thought was decades away, they found they had a fight on their hands, and pivoted to claiming ‘Now they’re trying to destroy marriage by ….getting married! Gays can’t get married! They’re too promiscuous, that’s why we’ve got to spend billions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours trying to bar them from monogamy!’

      • Ray Taylor

        Forty plus years ago ME was the impossible dream. We had no rights at all; we were illegal.

        • Friday

          Yeah, and twenty five years ago a lot of us still thought ‘Maybe next lifetime’… Sure doesn’t mean the LGBT community was ‘against’ marriage equality, being the main point.

  • GayOldLady

    This should tell everyone which candidate the Republican Party fears the most in the GE. The Log Cabinettes are whores for the GOP and they couldn’t care less about Marriage Equality or LGBT equality. Hillary has done more for the LGBT community then these guys have done from the moment they drew their first breath. She has attended Pride Marches since 2000. She stood before the U.N. and said “gay rights are human rights” 2011. She voted against a Federal Marriage Amendment in 2006 that would have banned gay marriage. What have these guys done except suck up to the people who hate us and would deny us equality? The Cabinettes need to STFU!!!

  • John McKee

    This is probably naive of me but now that marriage is settled constitutional law, I just don’t care. I’m not going to discount the fight to get there but evolved or didn’t evolve, as long as you aren’t currently opposed to it or worse, working to roll the right back I don’t really care what your position was in the past, people are allowed to change their minds.

    Plus honestly I was a sympathetic to the idea that perhaps the case was brought too soon, the only reason we have marriage equality in my opinion was the huge shift in public opinion, DOMA or not I don’t think we really had the chance to get marriage equality any quicker than we did and at worst we took a risk asking for it as early as we did with public option still quickly shifting.

  • Acronym Jim

    Regardless of whether one is a Sander’s supporter or a Clinton supporter, the LCR’s comment just reiterates their continuing lack of self-awareness.

  • The Professor

    Sort of a cheap shot, even though seeing her say those words is infuriating. Sanders has been using similar attacks, but It is easier now to advocate for what everyone considered a politically damaging fringe issue at the time. Including our own community by the way – remember how we didn’t want to take a case to the Supreme Court yet because it was “too soon”? It would have been suicide for her then. Hindsight, as usual is 20/20. Can you imagine Obama, who said substantively the same thing in 2008 (a flip flop from when he was a senator from Illinois) coming out for marriage equality? He would have lost. Do we think we would have done better under a President McCain? One of the things I like best about Hillary (though I haven’t completely made up my mind yet) is that she is pragmatic. Burned by trying to push through something too huge – Universal Health Care – I think she will get things done at the pace of the political system… glacially.

    • Oh please. If we had to wait for people like Hillary to get gay rights, the polar ice caps would melt before our marriages would be recognized by the fed.

      • The Professor

        You think we would have done better with McCain or Romney? Think McCain would have nominated Sotomayor or Kagan?

        • One can say that the Log Cabin Republicans have a point (they’ve stolen that point from other liberals; a point so entrenched that even SNL agreed with it and said it to Hillary’s face on national TV), even if you don’t support the Republican Party.

          Hillary wasn’t being pragmatic. She was wanking off until the decisions were made for her.

  • Steven Leahy

    I don’t think anyone cares what the LCR’s think about ANYthing.

  • skeptical_inquirer

    I disagree with Hillary on certain points like Wall Street and the minimum wage (she needs to start higher in her negotiations) but this is one of the stupidest attacks I have ever heard. THAT’S the issue they want to attack her on? When their top party members proudly hangs out with Kim Davis, preachers who want gays killed and keep pushing those “religious freedom” laws that would make it OK for people to withhold services from them RIGHT NOW?

  • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

    Like Lock Cabiners would have been there then. Or even now… http://www.texasobserver.org/gay-republicans-brave-hostile-climate-texas-capitol/

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Let us review the facts, for the purposes of accuracy:

    The LCR supports gay rights and marriage, at least they claim to do so.

    Hillary Clinton, who once did foolishly believe in hetero marriage only, has now come around and now stands for SSM.

    The Republican Party still maintains the One Man/One Woman construct is the only one there should be and further has, within it’s platform, many anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-minority clauses and stances.

    The Democratic Party has none of these, in fact, quite the opposite.

    So, the facts are as follows:

    The LCR supports, regardless of their own orientations and against their own best interests, the Republican Party.

    Hillary Clinton supports the Democrats and is running to be their nominee.


    The LCR has zero integrity nor any moral leg to stand on when calling someone else out on the issue of Same Sex Marriage.

    Simply put: You’re full of shit you republican cocksucking Kapos.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      Log Cabin Republicans or, as I like to call them, The Chickens voting for Col. Sanders.

  • Octavio

    Log Cabin Republicans are Gay In Name Only – GINOs are not gay. They not only recoil at the thought of anything Hillary they also spew the same tired zombie memes of the regular GOP such as: Tax cuts for the rich will reduce the deficit; climate change isn’t real; and they really know how to govern.

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      So, there is a tiny difference between a GINO (Gay in name only) and a Gino (definitions from Urban dictionary)


      • Octavio

        Republicans don’t speak Italian.

        • TuuxKabin

          Like I always tell el husbian, ‘you’ve always got an answer, don’t you?’ s/

          • Octavio


        • grada3784

          With what’s going on in Rome, are you really sure of that?

  • Friday

    Meanwhile, back in Republican land, where no one ever flip flops on anything:


    • Jarkko Ala-Pakkanen

      But dont you get it, thats way he is not a REAL con! Real con lies better…

      • Friday

        They’re all pretty brazen about it these days, …They know they aren’t appealing to anyone with an attention span. 🙂

  • Bryan

    Then, O/T, NYTimes just endorsed Hillary Clinton.

  • Alan43

    I’ve always wondered, how much of the LGBT community does the LCR REALLY represent? I know LGBTs vote Democratic about 75-80% of the time, vut how many of the remainder of them align with the LCR?

    • Ray Taylor

      .001% I will guess.

  • Silver Badger

    In our country, the LCR has the right to its opinions and freedom of speech. Just as I have the right to believe a gay Republican really needs therapy and possibly medication.

  • Bryan

    I’m also reminded that Harvey Fierstein says it’s okay to change your mind.

  • 2karmanot

    Never overestimate the Hog Cabin

  • Tor

    Ok. I’ll play. Look at her stand TODAY and compare to any Republican.

  • bob

    The oxymoron’s are at it again. Most sensible people have come around to accept gay marriage. And then there’re the cavemen in the gop!

  • WillMoor

    Are they KIDDING? What Candidate that they have EVER endorsed EVER been RIGHT on marriage? This has GOT to be a joke.

    • And it’s not like marriage is the ONLY lbgt issue! The GOP isn’t even for employment nondiscrimination.

  • houstonray

    As a Gay man, the Log Cabin Republican’s are embarrassing to me. I’m ok if a politician “evolves” or admits something in the past was a “mistake” and have a different opinion now, at least they came around. The LCR’s are NEVER on the right side of history. They live in some fantasy world where they think the Republican party agrees with them.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    What? Someone used critical thinking in today’s world and changed their mind?

  • houstonray

    P.S. Gosh, Hillary looked so young! She still looks great but wow, she looked different.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    People who have suppressed their sexuality to such a degree that they believe that ever bringing it up is “identity politics.” Uncle toms, every one.

  • KnownDonorDad

    So are they Trumpeters? It’d be hard to believe they’re for Cruz, who openly hates them.

    • It’s not hard to believe at all: The LCR Toms always claim their candidates’ currently rabidly anti-gay positions don’t matter. It’s always the same every election cycle, the self-hating gay hypocrites claim they “aren’t one issue voters.” They’re masters of self-destructive cognitive dissonance and double-think.

      Even if Santorum or Huckabee were the nominee, two of the most vehemently anti-gay candidates the party currently has, the LCRs would support them anyway.

      • Gianni

        Not being a “one issue voter” is fine. I believe it’s fair to say that most fundies/evangelicals are sincerely “one issue voters” – the issue being “We have to crush any legal equality that gay people have won and send them back to being considered the most shameful, disgusting, perverted, low-grade humans they always were. If LCR members think their loyalty will somehow be rewarded with gratitude by the GOP, they are completely delusional. That “one issue” they shun is their and our full, legally recognized equality as citizens and protection from discrimination just like the rest of the population. It’s a really sad reason/excuse for willingly voting with that anti-gay, bigoted party.

  • 2patricius2

    So what justification will the LCR use for supporting whatever antigay politician the Republicant Party nominates for president? They are not so bad? They won’t really harm us? They don’t really mean what they say? They will change their mind when they are elected? Supreme Court Justice appointees don’t really matter?

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    Courageous LCRs. Comments are disabled on their YouTube page. There would probably be a majority of comments pointing out their hypocrisy.

    Many were against marriage equality in 2004. HRC, Bernie and the majority of big names in the Democratic party support m.e. in 2016. The same can’t be said of the GOP.

  • And yet these self-hating gays will go ahead and support a GOP candidate who will vow to ban same-sex marriage equality and literally attempt to re-criminalize homosexuality itself. Their own chosen party regularly bans them from attending their major events. And they have the sheer gall to complain about a position the Democratic party candidate has since disavowed?

    Well done, assholes. Well done. Now get back in your goddamned closet where the Republican party wants you to stay.

    • Gianni

      My jaw dropped as I read that thinking the same thing as you. They wholeheartedly support a roster of candidates any one of whom hold the view that any legally attained equal rights for gay people need to be reversed, stopped, trashed, overridden, etc., and all for the sake of an asinine idea that gay equality puts religious ‘freedom’ in jeopardy. I’d like to know what answer these braniacs get when they add 2+2? (couldn’t be 4)

  • Ninja0980

    Who gives a fuck what these kapos think?

  • SammySeattle

    When it really matters is today. Remind us again LCR, which republican is supportive of gay people in any way?

  • Jim

    But according to Hillary, she’s always supported equality for gay people and has never wavered in the commitment by an iota. Not even when she publicly opposed equality for gay people. Just like Obama.


  • There are genuine, significant differences in policies & priorities that keep me on the Clinton/Sanders fence. But for LCR to go into fear monger mode and bring up these old Clinton statements – when candidates THEY support are practically demanding America become a Christian theocracy where homosexuality is re-criminalized – leaves me with only one question for the Loggers: How stupid do you think we are?

    For the record, LCR, I know how stupid I think you are. Stupid enough to think “Let’s torpedo Clinton’s campaign! There’s no way Bernie could win the general!” Silly wabbits!

    Bonus: My periodic nag to pay attention to state and local races and to do what you can to keep your neighborhood nutters from getting elected to office.

  • Falconlights

    Typical of the hypocrisy of the LCRs. They’re part of a party that does NOTHING for LGBT people, and in fact would be happy to roll back what rights we have–and they have the nerve to criticize Clinton.