ITALY: Catholic Church & Anti-Gay Groups Stage Massive Rally Against Civil Unions Bill [VIDEO]

Anti-LGBT groups and the Catholic Church have organized a massive rally taking place in Rome today against the civil unions bill under consideration in Parliament. The day began with Anonymous hacking the website of the group organizing the protest, replacing their banner with a “Love Is Love” message. The Guardian reports:

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Rome to protest against legislation that would allow civil unions for same-sex couples in Italy. It is the only major western nation yet to grant gay couples the power to make a legal commitment or adopt children.

The Italian senate began examining the bill on Thursday. Its supporters argue that it must be voted in following repeated complaints from the European court of human rights about the country’s failure to change the law. However, opponents hope their protest on Saturday, backed by the Catholic church, will prevent that happening. A similar “family day” protest in 2007 forced Romano Prodi’s government to abandon a much less ambitious civil union proposal.

The senate is expected to vote on the bill in mid-February before it goes to the lower house of parliament. The Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) said on Friday it was concerned about the “process under way of putting marriage and civil unions on the same level – with the introduction of an alternative to the family”. Last week, Pope Francis reiterated the Catholic church’s opposition to gay marriage, saying that the traditional family was “the family God wants”.

Last week LGBT groups and allies staged pro-civil unions rallies in dozens of Italian cities. Authorities in Rome say they are prepared for a crowd as large as 500,000 today.

  • bryan

    These bigots are anti family. And if they wanted to protect children they would protest the catholic church

    • bkmn

      and stop protecting the pedophiles and their enablers.

    • skeptical_inquirer

      If it was any other organization, Benedict would be in jail not having a chill retirement.

  • Robincho


  • bkmn


  • Lakeview Bob

    Italian Isis.

    Good Christians and ISIS are basically the same.

    • bryan

      ciao qaeda

    • Friday

      Well, at least it makes a good pun, but may as well say ISIL. 🙂

  • kcken

    “Follow the ways of our loving God, or he’ll cast you into a pit of fire to suffer for all eternity”

    • Dan Robinson

      As long as the casting into fire is done lovingly….

  • WebSlinger
    • bambinoitaliano

      They want to forget. That’s how the right wings operate. They will talk about anything else but face with their own woes.

  • WebSlinger
  • Luis De California

    It’s already being deemed a flop. Estimated 200,000 so far when the goal was 1 million and a speaker even said 2 million. The venue itself only holds 300,000 and there are photos of empty spaces. which is running a live article is saying that many people were bussed in.

    • bryan

      They must have studied math with Brian Brown.

      • LonelyLiberal

        They’re working with a basis of “bread + prayer = Jesus.”

        If they can screw up a basic equivalency, it’s not surprising they can’t count.

      • Friday

        Or their boy Mussolini.

        • That_Looks_Delicious

          Mussolini actually could generate enormous crowds. Unlike Brian.

          And he had more than 3 donors.

          • Friday

            Actually, *his* math skills seemed to mostly come up short militarily, was what I was referring to. 🙂

        • Mark Lewis

          Wonder who the scapegoat on the meathook will be this time.

      • Soren456

        Math and Photoshop.

      • JCF

        I read that as “meth with Brian Brown”! ;-p

    • DaddyRay

      You also have to wonder how many of those 200K are tourists who have no idea what is going on but saw a crowd and decided to see what was going on

      • Luis De California

        One comment made me laugh:

        “Soon they’ll run out of space. Where there’s a will there’s a way, maybe the ‘1 million’ will start standing on top of each other to all fit.”

        • DaddyRay

          Maybe they were basing the space requirements on American conservatives. Italians are much more fit and don’t require as much space

        • PLAINTOM

          If that can fit a pair of every animal on Noah’s party barge this is a piece of cake,

    • Robert Pierce

      I wouldn’t mind betting Manif pour Tous is involved with this. They pledged that after their defeat in France, they’d target Italy. If you recall, they over magnified the number of demonstrators which was in massive direct conflict with police estimates.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        The Manif pour Tous story is kind of interesting because the movement got hijacked by conservative politicians, who were looking for an election campaign issue and ended up pushing out the original organizers. The people who started Manif are not the same people who ended up running it.

      • Versailles

        They absolutely are. They are rapidly losing any punch whatsoever in France as many politicians, including Sarkozy, switch positions again and say they don’t think challenging any gains by LGBT citizens will win them any favours. Let us not forget that LMPT is the church, Opus Dei and the extreme rightwing.

    • That is what I am seeing as well. Classic anti-gay math is to add at least one place value to their count so if they get a hundred thousand they claim a million. They always engage in absurd over inflation of the numbers.

    • Circ09

      Love your updates, Luis. Thanks for always being here.

    • I have seen a lot of news sources saying only 10s of thousands.

      either way far short of their goal….would be interested to see what the official police count is when that comes out.

    • DonnaLee

      And we know many times people bused in are there for the free ride.

  • skeptical_inquirer

    I wish there were anti-church-meddling-with-politics rallies. Also, if they’re so concerned about “family values,” I’d appreciate it if people had marched en masse in the streets against a church that destroyed countless families and protected the destroyers by shifting them around so they could destroy more families. Why don’t they rally around Vatican City and demand justice?

  • Steven Leahy

    Just goes to show what we’ve always known, again, that this was *never* just about some narrow defense of “scripturally” sanctioned marriage (not that they have any standing to define THAT, either). It’s about pure, unadulterated dislike – no, hatred and demonization of LGBT people.

    • Goodboy

      Just like when (it’s all about marriage) Brian Brown travels to Russia to help out in the discrimination of gays.

      • Schlukitz

        As well as the criminalization of gays.

    • vorpal

      They demonstrate it again and again:

      “EVERY CHILD DESERVES A MOTHER AND A FATHER! Well, except for children being raised by single parents. We have no issue with them and have never said that they should be ripped from their homes.”

  • Michael Rush

    Anti-LGBT groups and the Catholic Church …
    We will tolerate your existence , nothing more.

  • Sam_Handwich

    what do the signs say?

    • wineflask

      “Wrong, wrong, even if it were to become law”. I’m amazed they could find *one* anti-equality person able to use conjunctive correctly.

      • Sam_Handwich

        thanks. sounds like they’re already admitting defeat

        • wineflask

          I agree. What they’re trying to do is strip the law from any reference to marriage and family whatsoever, and forbid adoption. There will be a lot for courts to do.

      • cheakamus

        Congiuntivo is used a lot more in Italian than in English.

        • wineflask

          It is also very commonly used wrongly, especially by right-wing people.

      • GanymedeRenard

        That’s what I thought, too.

  • Dear Italy,
    Aw, gosh, guys– a rally about us?
    Gee, thanks! You shouldn’t have!
    the omos

    • DaddyRay

      It is a Gay Parade

    • JCF

      Aw-ing over the Golden marriage equality supporter! <3

  • wineflask

    They got money and advertisement from the church, they organized buses and gave out instructions leaflets “do not talk to the press” and still they failed. Last Saturday’s “Family Gay” pro-civil union rallies in almost every Italian city were all grassroots movements – mostly born out of Facebook pages and word of mouth – and they had about the same number of participants. The only reason these people get *any* support is through shameless, blatant lying.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    Pedophilia = sbagliato

    Harboring and protecting pedophiles = sbagliato

    Amassing tremendous wealth and spending it on finery, decorating your buildings and yourselves, instead of feeding the hungry = sbagliato

    Mind control = sbagliato

    Teaching innocent children they were born with guilt and will burn for eternity unless they submit to the Church = sbagliato

    Catholic Church = sbagliatissimo

  • DaddyRay

    That looks like the most boring event ever – just people standing around holding hateful signs.

    • Schlukitz

      How they must yearn for the days of witch and heretic burning in the public square.

  • Steverino

    With the ROC, it’s all about sex and children, not love.

    Case in point: child molestation and rape of children by “chaste” priests, which perversely proves my point precisely.

    • zhera

      It’s disgusting that those people are out there protesting love and loving families, but not protesting the abuse and theft by the church.

      • Schlukitz

        It really shows just how powerful and long-lasting the brainwashing of the RC Church is.

        It defies all reason and logic…two words that Christians would consider heresy and the devil’s work since the entire body and concept of the church is based on neither.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    “Oh woe is me (us), the queers are going to be treated with respect….we can’t have that”

    Bitches please! Climb off the Cross, someone else needs the nails and the wood.

  • TexasBoy

    Let me see if I can sum up the position of the Church…

    We are all born sinners thanks to an ancient ancestor that ate an apple. God doesn’t like us, but we have to do all in our power to win the favor of this deity. You know, that Old Testament deity that killed 42 young boys for acting like… young boys, ordered Abraham to kill his son Isaac just to prove he loved God, and approved of the incestuous marriages of Abraham to his sister Sara, and Amram to his auntie Jochebed. This deity was also okie dokie with Righteous Lot knocking up his two young virgin daughters at the Sodom and Gomorrah after party, I mean He did destroy two cities full of people, so it was time to celebrate his love. When people began questioning all this, they invented a Demigod son, AKA Christ, who was the product of Holy Rape. And then all is forgiven…almost…I mean, we still have to strive for the approval of this deity throughout our life and all, he just doesn’t kill us as much as He used to. And just to be safe, we have to eat his flesh and drink his blood every Sunday…don’t forget giving generously to the church because being an all powerful omnipotent deity ain’t cheap.

    • grada3784

      Actually the virgin daughters knocked up Lot. Virgin? Really?

      • TexasBoy

        As the adult in the situation, poor Lot was helpless. No doubt they held his mouth open and poured the booze into him.

  • So they are having a family day…with the goal of preventing certain families from having recognition in the law. It is about as absurd as it gets. Also I would not yet another international trip that Brian Brown missed out on.

    • DaddyRay

      Brian Brown is a bit short on funds right now

      • Exactly which is why he can no longer go to these kind of things. You can bet that if they had the money he would be there, especially given how much he loved the anti-gay protests in France.

      • zhera

        Given Bri Bri’s track on fighting equality, WE should fund his trip to Italy. 😀

  • Roger

    If the italian gays, specially the gay sex workers decided to make a massive outing of the RCC hierarchy and clergy, the church would revert its opposition to gay people in a matter of minutes… believe me, I know what I’m talking about…

    • cheakamus

      Fun fact: the largest bathhouse in Rome is in the basement of a Vatican-owned building. Upstairs are the luxury apartments of some thirteen Catholic cardinals.

    • Hypatia

      I’m curious; why don’t they out them? It would only take a few sex workers to do it.

      • Roger

        Simple: MONEY. Boatloads of it.

  • Alan43

    Odd, normally when you think Western Europe you think socially progressive and secular, but in Italy the Vatican still holds a lot of sway it seems

  • Marc

    The civil unions bill is dead, the Senate will vote it down.

    • GanymedeRenard

      Please, tell us you’re joking. Please!

      • ChrisMorley

        Most observers expect it to pass.

  • And the absurd over inflations have already begun as organizers are claiming that they have over 2 million people there. Same thing they did in France, they take whatever they do get and vastly over-inflate that.

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    It’s amusing that people that engage in weekly symbolic cannibalism think they have the high moral ground. It’s disgusting that the church that engaged in and then covered up decades upon decades of abuse and sexual abuse against children would have the chutzpah to partake in this travesty. Clean up your own backyard and then maybe you’ll have a tiny patch of moral ground to stand upon.


    • zhera

      I know it’s not likely to happen, but wouldn’t it be amazing if the Italian people did what the Irish people did? That would be such a kick in the balls to the poop and his ilk!

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        I think part of the reason the Irish “revolted” was due to church abuses against their people. I don’t know how much has come out in Italy about abuses against the Italian people. It may be a case of not shitting where you eat and there weren’t any abuses. Or, they were so well covered up, we may never know. If the types and depth of abuse against Italians ever did take place and does come out, then, and only then will we see the Italian people doing what the Irish did.

        Right now Italy is having severe economic problems as well. That plays into this in my opinion. Has any group called for a boycott against Italy? That might tip some scales that they must join the 21st century. Unfortunately, this smiling pope will embrace you with one arm while stabbing you in the back with the other.

        • Raisinhead

          Ireland is not Italy. Ireland changed regardless of the Church abuses. Don’t make the mistake. ireland is now much more like a northern European country than anything else.

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            I think Ireland changed because of the abuses. The anger the nation felt as a whole allowed them to throw off that yoke they’d been saddled with for centuries. That is not the entire reason as nothing is ever that simple, but it’s my belief that was the tipping point for them.

        • GayOldLady

          Italians are going to be slow to shit-kick one of their most popular tourist destinations, the Vatican. Sort of like how protective the British are about their Queen and Buckingham Palace, the Italians are about their Queen and the Vatican.

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            I agree. It would take something extraordinary for the Italians to throw off the centuries of RCC control. Recall, however, the horrible abuses the Irish suffered. I think that allowed them to begin the process. We have yet to hear of abuses to that extent in Italy. If such abuse did take place in Italy and it comes to light, I do think it would be the beginning of the end of RCC control over the population. Of course, things are much more complex than that, which is why I qualified my statement with the phrase “part of the reason.”

            I understand why the Italians would be protective of the Vatican. It’s an amazing place, filled with amazing artwork. But, no artwork, no matter how beautiful or amazing gives any country or culture the right to deny rights to their citizens. We are seeing something extraordinary, GOL. We now have some countries living in the present and the rest of the world living in the past. Technology will widen that gulf as will the freedoms that are granted or denied.

        • Stev84

          Despite the Vatican being located in Italy, the Catholic Church never had the direct stranglehold over the country as they did in Ireland.

          • GanymedeRenard

            Oh but they did and still do! There was no separation between Church and State before Mussolini. And even after that the Church has had an enormous influence over Italian politics. So much so that the name “Vaticalia” was coined to describe how strong the Holy Mother Church is intertwined with “il bel paese” – and even with the Mafia.

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            Which makes the victory in Ireland all the sweeter. And is also the reason that they got away with such abuse for so very long.

      • Versailles

        I get quite verklempt seeing what my italian niece and nephews post without any prompting on my part. The bambini are alright.

      • jerry

        …not likely to happen…yeah, it only took the Catholic Church 335 years to admit they were wrong to torture and imprison Galileo for daring to suggest that the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth.

    • Schlukitz

      It’s called a “diversionary tactic”, designed to take away the focus on the Church’s wrongdoings and paste them onto someone else’s innocent back.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        Oh, yes, deflection is a time honored tactic, isn’t it? I’ve asked people how they can remain loyal to a church that engaged in such behavior and then a coverup. The answer I usually get is that every victim is a lying bastard out for a payday. I must admit those answers come from men. Women just tell me it didn’t happen in their local church and not with their priests. They have no answer if pressed about the victims. It’s fascinating from a social science POV about the lengths people will go to in order to justify that which can’t realistically be justified.

        • Schlukitz

          Ain’t that the Gawd’s awful truth!

  • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

    The movie “Spotlight” opens in wide release in Italy on February 18th. Let’s check back with the church’s stooges then.

    • What a powerful movie Spotlight is. I hope it opens some eyes in Italy.

      • vorpal

        What is the premise?

        • The Boston Globe has a section that investigates corruption and criminal activity. One of the journalists hears about a defrocked priest who has had several parents accuse him of molesting their children, but the charges never seem to stick. As their investigate unfurls they find out just how deep the level of control the catholic church has in Boston. This is told mostly through the eyes and lives of the journalist and not the victims.

          • Schlukitz

            Thank you for both the synopsis and the trailer, biki.

            A definite must on my list of movies to see.

    • Stev84

      They already know that they are child rapists. And they don’t give a shit.

    • ChrisMorley

      ‘It is difficult to ascertain the correct statistics for clerical sexual
      abuse in Italy because the Italian government has a treaty with the
      Vatican that guarantees areas of immunity to Vatican officials,
      including bishops and priests.[89]

  • Bluto


  • David in Palm Springs

    You (religious zealots) want to stake a claim on the “sacrament of marriage”, that’s fine. But you hate-mongers don’t OWN secular civil marriage. If non-religious straight couples can get married, then how can you claim that ALL marriage is sanctioned by (your chosen) God? Here’s a hint: It’s not.

    • Schlukitz

      Well, the truth is, the religious zealots cannot, in all honesty, stake a claim on the “sacrament of marriage”, because marriage existed long before the RC Church was created.

      They didn’t create marriage and they certainly do not “own” it.

      • GanymedeRenard

        Not only that. It wasn’t ALWAYS a sacrament – they declared it was in the Middle Ages!

        • Schlukitz

          There ya go!

          History is not one of their better subjects. 🙂

          • GanymedeRenard

            Never has been. Never will be.

  • Blake Jordan

    When your life means nothing, this is what you do with your time…

  • goofy_joe

    It always irks me when I see people protesting against equal rights and smiling like they’re having just so much fun! -_-

    • JCF

      That’s called “psychosis”.

  • xixixi

    Catholic child rapists…

  • Ah, yes. Our old friend the Catholic Church. I owe it a debt of gratitude for making me an atheist. Life is so very much better now.

  • Aman InAmsterdam

    Omophobia? As in fear of Omo, the washing powder? Ts, ts… weirdos!

    • GanymedeRenard

      It’s the Italian spelling.

  • JT

    It’s so much better to give over your kids to pedophile priests.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Ack! La Stampa has an article about gays who are/were at the “Family Day” event hooking up with their phone apps (i.e., Grindr, etc.). One of them told a reporter, “If they catch us, we’re screwed.”

    This is…. I don’t know what to say…. Funny? Sad? Ironic? So Italian?

    • GanymedeRenard

      Wow! Their hypocrisy is beyond belief!

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        That was my first thought. But then again, it’s probably not much different from what goes on at a Republican convention.

    • ChrisMorley

      It is possible to use Google Translate.

  • CottonBlimp

    Last week, Pope Francis reiterated the Catholic church’s opposition to gay marriage, saying that the traditional family was “the family God wants”.

    The Advocate’s man of the year, everybody!

    • Schlukitz

      Christ is a dead “issue” too, but that doesn’t stop them from shoving him in our faces. 😉

      Come to think of it, that seems to be a passion with these people, doesn’t it?

      Beating on dead things?

  • EqualityForAll

    When is the rest of the world gonna figure this out?

  • Schlukitz

    Additional proof, as if any more were needed, showing that the Christian bigots and haters are not against SSM, but against gay people themselves. This is a sickening display of pure animus against LGBT people

    When all of this bru-ha-ha started, they were the ones who said that they would have no problem with civil unions….they were just against using the term “marriage” or having such services performed within the church.

    Now, they have done a full 180-degree turn. They are against any form of union that recognizes and upholds the civil (not religious) rights of LGBT people.

    Fucking hypocrites, the lot of them.

  • MrRobotoLA

    Oh look, another parade of Catholic bigots. I didn’t realize they celebrated St Patrick’s Day in January in Italy.

    • Circ09

      whoops. wrong place.

  • Silver Badger

    Omophobia? I thought it was the English who dropped their H’s.

    • Circ09

      Hispanics pretend the ‘H’ is not there. So I guess the Italians think “why have it at all”?

      • GanymedeRenard

        There’s no “pretending” that the ‘H’ is not there in the Spanish language. It’s a letter that’s mute in most Romance languages as it was already silent in Latin. If anything, it’s the Germanic languages (English included) that assigned a sound to the ‘H’ which wasn’t originally there.

        • Steven Leahy

          True, but if a letter doesn’t make a sound, why have it at all? Of course, English is FULL of letters that either don’t make sounds, or make different sounds with no consistency.

          • GanymedeRenard

            Why have a letter if it doesn’t make a sound? Good question. For aesthetic purposes, maybe? 😀 I don’t know, to be honest. (And in this precedent sentence alone I’ve used two soundless letters: the ‘k’ in ‘know’ and the ‘h’ in ‘honest’! This is “youuuge” – ‘h’ omitted in Trumpanese).

          • Steven Leahy

            True. and to be fair, some letters do make special sounds when combined with other letters. Like “ch”, etc.

            Interestingly, the “k” DOES make a a sound in most germanic-language cognates to their English counterparts, before an “n”. Only English seems to have silenced it before the letter “n”.

    • GanymedeRenard

      That’s the Italian spelling.

  • GanymedeRenard

    Ugh! How I detest those pharisees! One of the interviewees (the bearded man who was sitting) just wasn’t able to articulate why or how civil unions would “endanger” The Family (TM)! And yet a woman had the nerve to claim “abbiamo il massimo rispetto per queste persone” (“we have the maximum respect for these people“, i.e., us icky homosexuals). Well, I have the maximum disdain for them. Karma will get them eventually.


    I saw the movie Spotlight last night. As far as I am concerned the Catholic Church can kiss my ass. This is a very sick institution full of brainwashed members and criminals. I wish I knew how to attach you tube videos. There is a great is one by Tim Michlin singing “Fuck the motherfucking pope.

    • Howdy! Attaching youtube videos is super simple. Go to youtube, find your video and if you scroll down a mite, you’ll see a button that says share. Click that, and then choose “share”. Do a copy/paste of the info that pops up in the box. Come back to Joe’s and paste it into a comment box, hit post and ta-dah! You have posted a video!


        Thank you. Happy Saturday.

        • Any time dear. Have a most splendorous weekend!

      • Stev84

        Just pasting the URL works. Disqus will usually automatically embed the video

  • Ninja0980

    Just a friendly reminder how our “advocate” of the year really views us.. and many of his supporters too.

  • Soren456

    I am deeply pleased that my existence and my simple aspirations for life cause these people so much pain. I will do all that I can to continue.


    Thanks you. Happy Saturday.


    Catholic Inc. and their employees protest

  • Tor

    Why are they so afraid of us? It’s not like we are filled with satanic demons from the bowels of Hell. Oh, wait…..

  • 2patricius2

    I will never understand why a bunch of older unmarried men are so dead set against the legal recognition of the relationships of consenting adults of the same gender. The only possible explanations that come to mind are jealousy, or the attempt to convince other people that they are not themselves secretly homosexual, or an attempt to change the topic so people don’t look at their (the bishops’) behtvior too closely. .

  • BudClark

    Interesting side-note: during the height of the popularity of castrati in church choirs and opera (in opera, they were the rock stars of their day … see the movie “Farinelli” and the novel “The Red Sash”), the Church didn’t consider sex with castrati to be sinful, since they were “neither male nor female,” and sterile.

    Contrary to popular belief, they could still have erections, and achieve a kind of dry orgasm, which made them ideal as lovers for straight women … no danger of pregnancy or bastards.

    There were still two elderly castrati in the Papal Choir when my chant teacher sang in it in the 1930s. Making new ones was outlawed in 1900, but these two were still active as singers.

    There’s an Edison wax cylinder recording of one of them, but of course he was old, and the recording is DREADFUL.

    The lack of castrati is a real problem in performing music of that period. They had a wide range, from the upper notes of the alto register to the very top of the soprano register, and had the lungs, diaphragm, etc. of adult men to support it.

    Today, counter-tenors and baritones singing falsetto are used, or female mezzos, but the effect isn’t the same.

    • Soren456

      “The Alteration,” an alternate history novel by Kingsley Amis, is an enjoyable novel that involves this.

  • Raistlin

    The organizers of this circus claim they were 2 millions.
    Fact: that square can contain at most 400 thousands people, and pictures clearly show that it was half empty, with people sitting on the grass.

    Among the politician championing for this “Family Day” and the “traditional family” we have:
    1) Matteo Salvini, married, had one child, divorced, had a second child with his new partner, then dumped her for a third woman;
    2) Giorgia Meloni, that just today announced she just learned she’s pregnant, so she is even more determined in defending children. Have I mentioned she’s having a child out of wedlock?

    Also, Grindr in Rome seems to be broken at the moment, I guess too many “traditional family fathers” were looking for a brojob.

  • You support pedophiles, genocide, murder, religious extremism, terrorism, overthrowing legitimate governments, torture, etc.. Your arguments are invalid. Please and to kindly fuck off.

  • ExGayTherapyKills

    Catholic Church & Anti-Gay Groups, they are both the same, hateful evil people who are so confused and think they have to harm LGBT people. When people harm and stop others they are also called psychotic people and locked up.

  • Hal Watts

    Some media reports said that “hundreds of thousands” had attended this hate march. The above video certainly doesn’t show it–just look at all of the blank space on the grass. Anyone who would believe that 2 million people attended this bigot-party also believes in talking snakes, birth-by-virgin, all the earth’s animal species floating on one boat, and that it’s perfectly safe to let your children hang around Catholic priests.

  • Eric in Oakland

    What are they smiling about? What kind of sick person is happy about preventing couples from getting even a civil union?

  • Mark Cross

    Circus Maximus. That sums it all up right there.

  • JCF