TRAILER: Gaycation

Via press release:

VICELAND, VICE’s new TV network, launched the first trailer for GAYCATION, a brand new series hosted by Ellen Page and Ian Daniel. Ellen and her best friend Ian set off on a personal journey to explore LGBTQ cultures around the world. From Japan to Brazil, Jamaica to America, they discover the multiplicity of LGBTQ experiences, meeting amazing people and hearing their deeply moving stories of struggle and triumph. GAYCATION celebrates the state of LGBTQ identities across the globe. The series premieres on Wednesday, March 2nd at 10PM.

  • DaddyRay


  • Guest

    I think this looks promising!

  • David From Canada

    In the photo, Ellen and her friend look like extras’ from Star Wars. May the Force be with them – and you!

  • bkmn

    So a gayer version of the NYT “36 hours” series hosted by Kirsten Kish and some guy who played soccer in Europe.

  • Todd Allis

    Sounds a lot like the film “Out & Around,” also recommended.

  • anne marie in philly

    OMB, another show for the one miserable mom to complain about!

  • Drayfield

    How do I get that channel? Is it web-based? This looks great!

  • Michael Rush

    Be sure to check out FOX’s ” One Million Moms ” where dimwitted sheltered women talk about how kittens are cute and stabbing babies is ‘ just wrong “

  • Hue-Man

    Sounds like the series Bump!, hosted by another out Canadian actor, Charlie David.

    “Bump! is the world’s first gay and lesbian travel and lifestyle
    television series. It is unique and international in scope. In each
    episode Bump! presents a new gay-friendly destination in a stylish and
    upbeat format. Bump! travels the globe in search of fascinating gay
    human-interest stories. From gay tourism hot spots like Miami and
    London, to urban centers such as Montreal and Los Angeles, Bump! focuses
    its lens on gay and lesbian communities around the globe.”

    The picture is in case you’d forgotten who Charlie David is.

  • Phillip in L.A.

    Good! I’m a bit tired of that queen PBS has doing it now

  • Strepsi

    Loved it.

    Thanks Ellen!

  • Acronym Jim

    Cross-posted from Towleroad.

    “In case you’re wondering, Viceland will be a new cable TV network (as opposed to strictly online programming). According to multiple sources, the new cable channel will be a “rebranding” of the existing H2 (formerly History Channel International) and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, will be available to Direct-TV/AT&T, Comcast, Dish Network, and Time Warner Cable subscribers.

    It’s set to launch on February 29th, 2016.”

    • Octavio

      Thanks for the heads up. We get LOGO and PIVOT and I have no idea what they are or who their audience is and who they pretend to represent. And A&E is just trailer trash programming. What happened! :-0

    • Yann

      And for those in Canada, Viceland will take the place of The Biography Channel and will be offer by Bell, Roger, Videotron, Shaw… In Canada Vice has team up with Rogers to make Viceland and in the USA, with A&E…

  • pablo

    Being on Vice I expect the this vacation show to tell me why I’m responsible for deplorable conditions within these countries.

    • Octavio

      Yup. It’s going to be our fault that traditional Mexican tchotchkes are made in Taiwan and no longer manufactured in Guadalajara. Hhhhrrrmph!

    • EqualityForAll


    • David Walker

      But you know what’s coming, pablo, so you know what to ignore.

  • kaydenpat

    This sounds like an interesting series. Looking forward to watching it.

  • David Walker

    I approve of Ellen’s best friend. He’ll be worth a look at episode 1. Then I guess I’ll have to think about content.