Daily Beast: Blame Trump’s Dominance On Matt Drudge

Daily Beast columnist Michael Tomasky today posits that the Trump juggernaut can in part be credited to closeted blogger Matt Drudge and his 700 million monthly site hits. Tomasky writes:

What they’ve been getting for the last six months is a steady stream of pro-Trump agitprop. Drudge’s own weird, quasi-libertarian, crypto-racialist-populist political views have found their perfect echo in Trump’s campaign. If you’ve read the Drudge site over the years, you know how expert the site has always been at finding and promoting news stories that aren’t capital-P political on their face but whose political moral, and the reason Drudge highlights them, is obvious.

A preposterous-sounding grievance from a minority group member; a left-wing academic making some nutty claim or another; some new manifestation of political correctness afoot. These stories are the mother’s milk of the site, and they create the same paranoia that Trump is creating, and among the same audience. And the audience is gobbling it up—and regurgitating it in the hoped-for way.

The more serious question is how much juice Drudge might have in a general election contest. He will want to destroy Hillary Clinton, there’s no doubt about that. If Trump is actually the Republican nominee, Drudge will have his dream match-up: the right-wing nativist fuck-the-establishment candidate versus a Clinton. Destroying, or trying to destroy, a Clinton (Bill) is what made Drudge world famous in the first place, back in 1998.

There’s much more at the link. Worth your time.

  • fastlanestranger

    Stay in the closet you fucker. We don’t want you.

  • JoeMyGod

    We should totally crowd-fund a reward for a photo of Drudge macking on another dude. Then we could sit back and watch the shitstorm in Teabagistan.

    • tcinsf

      Assuming a self-respecting homo has ever allowed him to mack.

      • Octavio

        He gives the Fedora a bad name. 🙁

        • Cuberly

          (sigh) Yep, I’m a hat man. Not sure why but yeah, always loved the fedora.


          • Octavio

            I’ve got several Borsalinos which I wear. They didn’t come cheap. And I look good in them. I, however, am very cheap. 😛

          • Cuberly

            lol…aren’t we all. 😉

            There’s a real old hat store in downtown Oakland that’s been there forever. It’s dangerous to go in there. Likely to leave with a stack of hat boxes looking like auntie mame on a shopping spree.

          • TuuxKabin

            Ahhhh, Auntie Mame . . . maybe time to stream it, a good holiday season movie, and Roz is so divine.

          • Cuberly

            Don’t forget the Poseidon Adventure, a semi-annual event with friends at New Years.

          • TuuxKabin

            hmmmm, not a favorite of mine, tho I do like the part where Shelly Winters capsizes the boat. /s

          • Paige Turner

            I love those 1970’s disaster films. Youve inspired me for this evening.

            Heres Maureen for you.


          • Phillip in L.A.

            somewhere i have a K-TEL collection with this song on it, along with Helen Reddy singing “Delta Dawn” and EJ with “Croc Rock”–as well as Gary Glitter!!!

          • Paige Turner

            I have that album. I was a K-tel kid

          • Phillip in L.A.

            let’s have a 70’s-disaster-film themed party, guyz & dollz!

          • Paige Turner

            Im in.

          • Cuberly

            Awww, thank you! Played that 45 into dust as a kid.

            Amazon has the HD streaming version on sale for ten bucks. Party!

          • Paige Turner

            Can I come over? We are having “The Sound of Music” tonight on Blu ray so we can see all the flaws and play that naughty bit over and over where Mother superior insults Maria. You know the one…. NSFW


          • Cuberly

            lol…so funny, sent that to a few friends and it left them speechless, thoroughly ruining the movie for them of course.

            Sure, what do you want on your popcorn 😉

          • Paige Turner

            Carbs! No can do.

            I have 10kgs of xmas excess to lose before I come to NYC in March.

            That clip does ruin the film. Isnt it fun!

            Its hot here in Sydney tonight so its a BBQ, French champagne and SOM on blu ray plus a few youtube clips of show tunes when I get a little tipsy and try and convert my non theatre friends.

            I may have started a bit early. Its 3pm here NYE


          • JVB

            I just thought it was urban rumour until I recently watched the Sound of Music and died with laughter when I heard it for myself!!!

          • Paige Turner

            Mother superior has quite the gutter mouth

          • Paige Turner

            And Towering inferno with that insanely good cast. Maureen sang that song as well.


          • Cuberly

            Ooooh, didn’t like that song as much. Thought they where reaching with that one. But the movie, lol, for some reason that one scared the crap out of me when I saw it. Definitely has the Irwin Allen signature campy lines and performances worth checking out though.

          • Jamie Brewer

            Even better is the parody version!


          • Cuberly

            Oh I love that, there’s a few more parodies out there too.

          • Six Pins Delores


          • Paige Turner

            Send my best the the Upsons

          • TuuxKabin

            They got off the elevator as it went Upsons down before I had a chance. Lil’ Glorie looked radiant.

          • Paige Turner

            You’ll hate this but the musical with Lucille Ball is my favourite musical. I fell in love with a boy called Patrick when I was a kid after seeing it. I know its controversial and we may disagree but I loved it.

          • Jeffg166

            The musical is a wonder show. Lucy was way beyond being able to do it justice by the time she did it. It is one musical I’d love to see remade with someone who can sing.

          • Paige Turner

            It does need a redux. I would love to see it on Broadway as a revival. Ive always wanted to see “Mack and Mabel” as well.

            That song “I won’t send roses” haunts me to this day and describes my first husband perfectly.

            I will let the handsome John Barrowman explain


          • Jeffg166

            One regret in my life was while I was going to art school in Philadelphia in 1966 Mame was trying out at the Shubert theater before heading to Boston then Broadway. A ticket for the matinee show was $16.50. That was an orchestra seat. I walked pass the theater every day. Didn’t go to see it. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

          • Paige Turner

            Oh dear. I don’t know what to say.

            Well you must watch the Lucille Ball version and see just how hard the rest of the cast try and hold the whole thing together. They are all from the original broadway cast including Bea Arthur as Vera Charles. Somehow the vitriol just flows with her. Perhaps it was Lucy being in the role instead of Angela Lansbury?

            Heres Bosom buddies to cheer you up. The shoulder pads maker her look like she should be playing rugby not singing.


          • Jeffg166

            Even Lucy said she didn’t have the voice to do it after the fact.

          • Paige Turner

            She was a disaster plus she broke her leg and the production ground to a halt. It went way over budget plus the lenses they use on her are so soft that you can barely see her. Its quite a trip but my god I love it. The fabulous score is of course by the great Jerry Herman

          • TuuxKabin

            Well, having never seen Lucille Ball’s version I can’t comment, but Patrick is a lovely name and I hope it was mutual. Happy New Year.

          • Paige Turner

            I have always loved the name Patrick.

            Patrick Dennis did go on to write some fabulous books which I must get around to reading.

            Its such a great story. The musical is typical Jerry Herman although the movie is condemned.


          • TuuxKabin

            “Little Me” is a Patrick Dennis story I enjoyed as a late teen in the early sixties. Maybe I’ll look for it in the local library for the New Year.

          • cleos_mom

            “Around The World With Auntie Mame” is a true classic.

          • 2guysnamedjoe

            You may have heard that we lost dear Bunny Bixler a few ago.


          • Jeffg166

            I had no idea “Bunny” died. A terrible lost, just terrible.

          • 2guysnamedjoe

            Just ghastly!

          • Jeffg166

            You took the words out of my mouth.

          • Anastasia Beaverhousen

            Oh, dear god, not Bunny….not Bunny. I saw her at the club just the other day drinking daquiris made with honey.

          • charemor

            My favorite movie.

          • Paige Turner

            Oh My. Robert Redford.
            Thank you so much
            Im getting a Fedora.

          • Cuberly
          • Paige Turner

            I saw him in NYC a couple of years ago by pure chance. I was a tourist and visit RL uptown on Madison avenue. He was in the Mens store buying some suits or something and I was pretending to afford things. I didn’t know who it was at first but the voice sounded familiar. Long story short, he stood next to me and I looked at him and I lost the gift of speech. I had to sit down. The staff bought me some tea. He continued shopping and was completely charming to the staff. When he left I said “My god that was Robert Redford” to which they wryly responded “Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about” and gave me a big smile.

          • Cuberly

            Great story. To be honest I’d have a hard time not talking to him. And I hate being the “fan” but he’s made so many movies I’ve loved, let alone his performances.

          • Paige Turner

            But what do you say?
            I couldn’t speak and Im chatty Kathy at the best of times.

            It happened again last time. I was on 43rd street in NYC and Matthew Broderick stood next to me crossing at the lights. He was on the way to whatever he was in that was playing. I looked at him in the eye because he seemed familiar and I stood there with my mouth open like an idiot.

            And the next night I was in the foyer of a theatre with a friend whom I though was standing next to me and I turned to speak to them and it was Patrick Stewart. Again. Couldnt speak.

            What is it with me and celebrities and becoming mute?

          • Cuberly

            Yeah, I have a Sally Field encounter where I did the same thing. And a Robin Williams story, and a Grace Slick and Paul Kanter, Elliot Gould, Danny Glover, etc…. story….the Robin Williams story, whoa, that’s a story…..the Danny Glover story made me a minor celebrity….lol….meeting Phillip Kaufman, and his wife Rose, that was, well, sad in a lot of ways. Then Brian Boitano, and his creepy lookie-likie boyfriend. Sold a colander to Julianne Moore when she was still working theater in SF.

            Ok, ok….lol….yeah, I never said, what I wanted to say……you win.

          • Paige Turner

            No Sir, you win. That is quite the list. Im very impressed. My brushes with fame only happen when I visit NYC and I have an ongoing discussion with my NYC friends about which celebrity is was that day.

            I have a “Hugh Jackman” at the beach story though from here in Sydney. He was with his son and had just been for a swim and was buying an ice cream for both of them and was served out of line. In typical Aussie style the guy who was next in line said
            “Oy, Hugh, Mate I was next.”
            Hugh laughed, apologised and bought ice cream for himself, his son and the guy who he jumped in front of.
            Yes, he’s really like that.
            And yes, Aussies are also just like that too.

          • zhera

            I love this story more than I probably should. ♥

        • olandp

          The Fedora, like all hats must be worn properly positioned, despite liking the gunge with other men, Matt doesn’t have the requisite style.

          • Octavio

            The Fedora also requires a good trench coat or, in the case it’s an expensive dark charcoal beaver, a very heavy full-length black wool business coat. The hipsters of today don’t seem to understand that and just flitter about wearing an old Good Will suit vest in lieu of real clothing. The Front Page was a great play, but even journalists don’t dress that way anymore.

          • olandp

            I always liked wearing a hat, but I get horrible hat hair and would not ever dream of wearing my hat indoors.

      • dcurlee

        I figured that’s why he’s so hateful and self loathing

    • teeveedub

      Isn’t this enough gay-face to send them into a tailspin?

      • Hi teeth look very sharp, his mouth is like looking at Carly Fiona’s vagina which I bet is also lined with teeth. That is one scary orifice!

        • MattM

          Maybe if he removed his teeth guys would finally give him a shot. It’s hard to give a bad blow job when you’re all gums.

          • I remember this movie I saw during my tender years — when some older guy who had no teeth used that as a ploy to get some hot young marines interested in coming over for some fun. I was so turned on by this scene. I wasn’t even officially “out” but my reaction to that movie helped me decide lol.

      • TuuxKabin

        He looks like Flipper, no offense to Flipper and his species.

      • Paige Turner

        Elaine – ready.

      • Todd20036

        Desperate gay face.

      • Blake Jordan

        If gay face counted, it would discredit a significant portion of their most vocal advocates…

    • Michael Rush

      Who is willing to take one for the team ?

      • Dude….I just ate lunch…don’t make me lose it

      • Would he be wearing the Dick Tracy hat?

        • Michael Rush

          ” hat ” or ” no hat ” , which one is your dealbreaker ?

      • Cuberly

        Well, I’ve heard Aaron Schock could use the work.

        • LOL you just made me crack up bad :). Can’t you see Aaron being all pissy and saying something like “OKAY Matt you can feel my abs and taste — but you owe me a headline if I ever decide to run for office again! Watch your teeth cowboy!”

      • Phillip in L.A.

        down-vote for even suggesting it–sorry!

    • I live in Florida one hour north of Miami but I will not put my member in his mouth. Can you imagine the diseases one might get?

    • Captain Jack

      And have some one find the kick back that drudge is getting from trump

    • Phillip in L.A.

      i’ll buy that for a dollar!

    • McShane

      Say cheese!

    • Blake Jordan

      Would him kissing Ann Coulter count?

    • Six Pins Delores

      Like his buddy Ann? Yeah, I’m in


      I’m in.

  • bkmn

    This is obviously for the section of the right wingers that aren’t aware of what makes tRump so popular.

  • kaydenpat

    Well then thank you Drudge. I have zero doubt that Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders can beat Trump next November. Fingers crossed that he’s the Rethug nominee.

  • Outlaw Woman

    The crypto-gay gentleman obviously doesn’t put much effort into his website, doesn’t provide any original content (just links), and really doesn’t promote himself much over the right-wing blogosphere/media outlets.

    Yet, he personally probably makes scads more money than any of the other self important boobs in conservative-land.

    The only reason I like Matt Drudge is for the heartburn and rage he no doubt induces in the likes of Tony “No I wasn’t in Psycho” Perkins, Fatt Barber and Benny-boy Shapiro.

  • TKW

    I am still scared that Trump could make it into the White House (and rename it the Trump Palace) because the Repugs are much more driven to vote – especially the Teabaggers. Democrats tend to be more apathetic about voting. We need to make sure everyone votes!

    • The one thing that scares me about Trump is that some Democrats actually like the guy. And I promise you this — if Trump gets the Republican nomination he is going to move to center and even the left with political positions so fast — including universal one-payer health care and equitable taxation on the super rich — that he will become more competitive. He’s already stated some positions during debate that are closer to Bernie Sanders than Ted Cruz.

    • Paige Turner

      You guys need compulsory voting and automatic registration as a matter of urgency.

      • TuuxKabin

        And a law forbidding the changing of the name of The White House.

  • teeveedub

    I can’t figure out which is more upsetting – that Trump is in the lead as a serious GOP contender or that The Drudge Sludge Report gets 700 million hits a month.

    • CottonBlimp

      He made a living preaching puritanism to people logging on to hear the sordid details of a blowjob. Hypocritical sanctimonious titillation really appeals to the sexually repressed, whether it’s FOX news or the Twilight Saga.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        good analysis, CottonBlimp!

        • CottonBlimp

          Well thank you kindly!

  • No, I blame Fux Noise (aka ‘Fox News’ (sic)). Have you actually seen Trump supporters? Easily half of them look like they can barely dress themselves, never mind operate a computer to go read a schlock site like Drudge’s sludge report.

    • MattM

      learnin’s for elitists

  • FLL

    So happy to hear that the British Parliament is going to debate banning Trump from entering the UK now that a petition has the requisite 500,000 signatures. Trump owns a golf course near Aberdeen, Scotland. Read about how he mistreated locals, bullying those who wouldn’t sell him their land and leaving others “without proper water supply for years.” Here’s the link:


    Trump banned from entering the UK? The plot thickens. Pass the fish ‘n chips.

    • TuuxKabin

      Trump, Reagan and Thatcher . . . belong together, and we know where Reagan and Thatcher are.

    • Paige Turner

      This will either be really bad for his campaign or really good for his campaign and galvanise his already nutty voter base.

      The one good thing is that its the UK debating to ban him and not a bit player. small country. The UK is one of the closest allies of the USA. Its times like this that I wish Australia was governed by the UK like we used to be. I take a ban on Trump for Australia any day.

      The rest of the world is shaking its collective heads in disbelief at Trump. Even our right wingers are flabbergasted.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        this will be red meat for the trumpster, I do believe

        • TuuxKabin

          rare red meat.

        • Paige Turner

          I think you would be correct. Im sure David Cameron and his team would be having some interesting calls with the white house about this.
          Trump may be allowed on to UK soil but he would never be afforded any meetings with anyone of any importance especially the queen. She doesnt suffer fools.

          • Phillip in L.A.

            She would never even acknowledge that such a “person” might exist.

          • Paige Turner

            Indeed. Liz is brutal with protocol and is overt with her opinions of those she doesn’t like. Many previous British PM’s have been on the receiving end of her wrath and they have a weekly “come to Jesus” with her and always have.

            Trump wouldn’t get past the front gate of Buck palace.

  • fuzzybits

    I can say I’ve never visited Drudge’s site. Should I change that?

    • I found it had a good beat, but you can’t dance to it. Seriously, I don’t get it. It’s all links to other stories. I don’t know if he produces original content.

      • TuuxKabin

        Oh, well, if we can’t dance to it, why bother. I mostly get all the news I need from youse guys n’ dolls here at JMG, that and what el husbian fitters to me.

  • Octavio

    With a name like Drudge he has to be one.

    • Paige Turner

      Its not a nice name is it? Drudge. It sounds like something you do when you don’t want to do it. Fitting I guess.

      Its like having the last name “Hore” or “Death”. Its not something that you can ever sugar coat. Best off changing it.

      How about “Finish”for a last name. Matt Finish. Much better.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        Matt Finish–good one, Paige Turner! ;}

  • A face even a mother wouldn’t love.

    • MattM

      But Ann Coulter’s fond of it.

  • olandp

    and yet, this wasn’t enough…

  • Honest question — how come a progressive blog never has gained traction to challenge Drudge? I read JMG (of course), and Kos, and New Republic, and Huffington Post, but there is no short summary of events like Drudge which I have to admit I do read daily since it takes about 10 seconds to see that is there. And out of all these, this blog comes closest to what I am looking for — but is there a quickie summary out there that you can look at on one short web page?

    • Octavio

      Drudge’s signature small Pica typeface appearance annoys me. I prefer not to wade through suspect crap that looks like my great grandfather assembled it. Then there are the Drudgers who rant and rail about their loss of personal freedoms, liberty, and how bad all us homos are. Nope. Not a fun romp for an old faggot such as myself.

      • Paige Turner

        I highly recommend Breibart. Its hilarious and more than a little scary. They are very ignorant and angry over there.

        • Octavio

          But after visiting you need to bath in strong ultra violet light and then get a chemical peel. Nope. I’ll stick to JMG, the LA Times, Towel Road, SLTrib, etc. Too many scary mentally ill people at Breitbart and Drudge.

          • Paige Turner

            I had to scrub myself down with a wire brush and dettol afterwards.

  • Queequeg

    I’m actually glad that Trump os popular because he has thrown the entire Republican Party into total chaos.

  • SorryNotSorry

    Breitbart was gay, too, right? What the fuck, conservative gays?

    • Octavio

      Breitbart, I believe, was also much crankier. He died of heart disease often known to be a problem with people who have bad attitudes. But if he was gay or not, we can say he was. And by doing so he is, ’cause now it’s out on the internet and everything on the internet is true. 🙂

      • Bad attitudes and a love for tumblers full of cheap whiskey.

        • Phillip in L.A.

          i believe there was a crack or other cocaine variant angle to his death, as well

          • Porkie

            I heard that it was a secret government death ray.

          • Phillip in L.A.

            oh, that too!

  • JCF
  • Vote In A Coat

    So the bottom line is all this political pit sh?t is staged. No one really gives a Wham about helping ALL the people.

  • AJ Drew

    700 million monthly hits? Please tell me that’s a typo.

    • Halloween_Jack

      IKR? I had no idea that that many people would be even remotely interested in his shtick after the Clinton impeachment collapsed. And then there were the crazy tweets that JMG has highlighted in recent years.

  • Secure

    I think 2016 is going to be crazily entertaining.

  • Matt Drudge – no matter how much you parrot his racism, no matter how much you agree with his anti-gay rhetoric, no matter how much you suck up to the Right, your father will never ever be proud of you. Ever.
    Drudge is a coward, a wimp, and a professional doormat.