BRITAIN: Government Hints At Backing Trump Ban

After more than 500,000 signed a petition calling for Donald Trump to be banned from entering the UK, Parliament is now bound to debate such a move. Today the Cameron administration issued a statement which hints at supporting Trump’s banning. Via the Guardian:

The government has responded to a petition calling for Donald Trump to be banned from coming to Britain by pointing out that it has powers to exclude foreign nationals if their presence is “non-conducive to the public good”.

In what will be seen by some to be a pointed statement, it added that the home secretary “may exclude a non-European Economic Area national from the UK if she considers their presence in the UK to be non-conducive to the public good.

“The home secretary has said that coming to the UK is a privilege and not a right and she will continue to use the powers available to prevent from entering the UK those who seek to harm our society and who do not share our basic values.”

The statement also makes it clear that David Cameron “completely disagrees” with Trump’s remarks. The petition was set up in response to Trump’s call for a moratorium on Muslims entering the US.

It’s not yet known when the issue will be raised in Parliament.

RELATED:  About 20 Americans are currently banned from entering the UK. Those banned include Shirley Phelps-Roper, Pastor Terry Jones, Pam Geller, Michael Savage, singer Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, and Stormfront founder Don Black. Martha Stewart was banned following her insider trading conviction.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Take that in, wingnuts. Your candidate is so toxic that a nation’s government is going to debate excommunicating him because of public outcry. Where’s your screams about liberal media bias now?

    • Bad Tom

      Relish the thought of an American President banned by law from entering an allied country.

      We have never yet experienced such a humiliation.

      America. We are not in danger of becoming a 2nd world nation.
      We are in danger of becoming a world laughingstock.
      Goddamn fucking vote.

  • Phillip in L.A.

    Dear Elizabeth Regina:

    Mr. Trump just eats this stuff up–please stop feeding him!

    • barrixines

      As much as it amuses me that it might happen you are right. His audience will just think its an attack from those Commies over in Europeland.

      • MDB

        More than likely correct. Next we know, he’ll belittle the Brits for speaking the wrong kind of Jesus-English. (I am 1/2 British, but my Irish. and British American ancestors ensured the family put the uppitiy high-brow inflection/accents back in the bottle.)

  • bkmn

    It is a logical extension of Thatcher’s fear of anal sex, right?

    • TuuxKabin

      Yes, and a good follow up to Thatcher’s post. Whew.

  • fastlanestranger

    Don’t just hint! DO IT!

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    LOL, I missed the word ban on my first glance and was horrified for a moment.

    • I was so horrified I had to read it several times to get the real meaning of that headline.

  • Kelly Lape

    The GOP base strikes me as the kind of people who would take pride in being banned by a foreign power. Even THE foreign power that has been our most important and reliable ally for a century.

    The debate part should include the ramifications if Trump actually wins.

    • Paige Turner

      The English may be more demure in their response and whilst allowing him on their soil, just decline meetings.
      The queen did it recently with a former PM from Australia. Her diary is published on her website. He requested a meeting (quite common for a former commonwealth PM) and she declined even though the day he requested the meeting she was free.
      A royal snub. Not good.

  • Rocco Gibraltar

    Trump says, “what a bunch of low life losers. They are stupid and have no class. My numbers in the UK are huge!”

    • Anybody who disagrees with him are what he classifies as low life losers.

  • I was one of the first to sign the petition. I am a Brit living in the US. I see the escalation of hate here in the US, relating to Trump’s rhetoric, and I wouldn’t want that to migrate over to the UK any further than it is. I am very concerned where this is all heading too.

    • TuuxKabin

      You are a good citizen of the world and a good man! Cheers.

    • Mark

      Unless there is a landslide election for Democrats in this country – it is headed for the streets. The rwnj’s will get their comeuppance. Not since the 60’s will you see such a blood letting.

      • Gustav2

        I am not looking forward to the convention in Cleveland after the Tamir Rice travesty. Hell, I might take a Greyhound and join the protests if they weren’t in a “protest pen” so far away from the site it might as well be in Akron.

        • Bj Lincoln

          They are keeping people from protesting by penning them up far from the site? That sucks! I do feel sorry for Cleveland hosting the rwnj GOPer convention. I’m sure that bunch will not spend much except on hookers. I am so glad I am not in Ohio anymore.

          • Gustav2

            That is standard procedure now for all the conventions. Have to be careful, terrorists, you know.

    • Wynter Marie Starr

      I have an English friend who begged her American friends to please do something about him. She is equally concerned. You can imagine how concerned we are.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Good on ya mate…..but if you’re worried, imagine how we Canadians feel. Trump et al scares the hell out of us. The not-at-all-subtle xenophobia, hatred, irrational denial of science and intellectualism is truly horrifying to witness.

      • JaniceInToronto

        Build the wall immediately. 17 trillion lego blocks from Nfld. to BC. With bouncy castles on the top. Keep the southerners out.
        The U.S. scares the hell out of us.

        • John30013

          Scares the hell outta me too, and I live here!

        • canoebum

          All of us? Can I get a pass? I love Canada.

      • deaconrta

        Seeing your young (and handsome) Prime Minister welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada was so inspiring; it reminded me of the hope I felt in 2008 (after the 8 long, dark and sordid years of the Cheney/Bush administration) as an American who gave it all I had and worked twice to get President Obama elected,

        • Paige Turner

          Please do. The rest of the world is genuinely concerned about him becoming President. Whilst its being laughed at from across the other side of the world its not funny.

    • kaydenpat

      Sad that so many fellow US-ians support a blowhard like Trump. The man is an embarrassment to the civilized world.
      Waiting for him to call British people “losers” for creating this petition.

  • barrixines

    Oh this made me want to sing “Jerusalem”.

    …sniff… I am so, so proud of my people.

    • Sam_Handwich
      • Paige Turner

        Thank you. I was about to post a Rule Brittania from the Proms. I just love this.

      • billbear1961

        Vivat Handwich!

        • you begin now to understand my support for him, instead of that filthy pickled pepper person.

    • TuuxKabin

      As well you should be. But I’m anxious for the decision/vote. Any idea, other than what Joe’s posted, as to how long it’ll take? I know you’re living else where but thought you may have an idea.

      • barrixines

        I’d actually be flabbergasted if they went through with it and banned Trump. Let’s not forget that Britain currently has a government further to the right possibly than the Thatcher government. Having said that they banned Martha Stewart so anything’s possible. I’d left the UK long before they introduced this petition thing so I really don’t have any idea how it works.

        • bambinoitaliano

          Martha Stewart is non consequential but banning a possible POTUS candidate could have diplomatic crisis in the making.

          • ChrisMorley

            I think even this rightwing British government has enough sense to work out that Trump won’t win, so that’s a risk they can safely take, if he were to appear at a British immigration desk at the airport.

      • ChrisMorley

        There won’t be a banning proclamation read by the Royal Heralds.

        Nothing will happen publicly unless Trump attempts to enter the UK, which he might well do since he owns a golf course near Aberdeen in Scotland.
        If he has any sense, (I said IF), he’ll take the pretty broad British government hint given here that he simply won’t be welcome.
        If he then leaves it long enough and doesn’t make a fuss he’ll be allowed back to upset the Scottish locals and eventually visit his golf course again.

        • canoebum

          After all the trouble and insults he’s heaped on the Scots, I’m pretty sure they don’t want him back either. If there were a way for them to reclaim the property (eminent domain perhaps?), and let a sane person manage it, I think many would be in support of the idea.

    • MDB

      (stands) God save Her Majesty ! Long may she reign.

      • charemor

        God, I love me the queen. What a wonderful person! and this is my all time favorite piece of choral music, so wonderfully British for a state occasion. Thank you for sharing this particular YouTube version.

      • billbear1961

        Vivat Regina!

    • Robincho

      Messrs. Blake and Parry, holding for barrixines on line one…

      • barrixines

        I think it should be noted that I picked Jerusalem over God Save the Queen, Rule Britannia or Land of Hope and Glory. It’s a much more revolutionary, left wing kind of anthem that speaks of social change rather than warmongering and self-aggrandising. It says we can be better rather than we are better than you.

        • Robincho

          The order of your choices is duly noted withal. Bring me your bow of burning gold and your Chariot of Fire over the bellicose drivel of Francis Scott Key any day. Hell, dude — you might even find me to be a happy quiver for your arrows of desire!…

    • Gustav2

      Why, are you getting married today at St Martin-in-the-Fields?

      • barrixines

        Who guv’ner? Me guv’ner? I should cocoa. It’s taters out there

        *does drunken Cockney knees-up until falling face down into a plate of jellied eels…

        • owm gettin mayreed in ta mornin! diyngh dohng ta bales ah gunna chuyme!

  • dcurlee

    Can we sign one banning him from the U.S.

    • Mark

      And Cruz. And Rubio. And Frothy Mix. And And And…..

  • Mark

    Amazing how one insect can damage so much grain….

    • kaydenpat

      Get the Raid.

    • Robincho

      Goddamn faulty pyramids. There’s your problem right there…

  • Cackalaquiano

    Martha Stewart was banned? Really?

    • barrixines

      The British have very serious laws about egregious floral centerpieces.

      • geoffalnutt

        Yes. I believe it’s pronounced “eucalyptus”.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Just like the U.S. bans convicted criminals from entering.

  • marshlc

    Lord knows I don’t want to say anything that could possibly be interpreted as defending Trump, but banning someone from entering a country because he has mused about banning people from entering a country doesn’t really seem the best way to deal with the situation.

    • ChrisMorley

      Britain (like other European countries) has a much larger proportion of Muslims than the US and they are our respected fellow citizens.
      1 million more arrived this year, many as refugees and probably a similar number will arrive in 2016.
      Trump is stirring up xenophobia and Islamophobia and Europe really doesn’t need an inflammatory firework like Trump setting off riots and social unrest.

      • Paige Turner

        You guys have 0.9% muslims and 70% christians. If that was a business it would be regulated due to monopolistic behaviour.

  • Alan43

    While my libertarian side is reluctant to see him banned, another side would love to hear

    “Sorry old chap, don’t allow your type here, wot wot”

  • Kevin Perez

    Dammit! I had to turn off my Trump Filter to view JMG

  • Eriq von Hagen

    Damn, the Trump Filter does not filter photos!

  • Cuberly

    What? Ya mean our aristocrats aren’t as good as the brit aristocrats? Commie soshulists!

  • coram nobis

    They seem to agree with The Donald: don’t admit dirty nasty noisy immigrants to their shores. So, he’s persona non gratin.

  • billbear1961
  • billbear1961

    And if the ONLY way to prevent fascism in THIS country is the following, SO BE IT . . .

    • BearEyes

      Needs a blue maple leaf.

    • ChrisMorley

      Is there some reason why you’ve missed out the diagonal red cross, Northern Ireland enquires?

      • billbear1961

        This one?

        Both claim to be the flag of the Grand Union, one of the last flags used by the 13 colonies before their rebellion against Britain.

        But most of the examples I see don’t include the diagonal red cross, Chris.

        • ChrisMorley

          I hadn’t realised that this is an existing American historical thing, I thought this was a fresh invention.

          • billbear1961

            Nope, it’s for real!


        • coram nobis

          British East India Company?

          • billbear1961

            I found this in Wiki, CN:

            The “Grand Union Flag” (also known as the “Continental Colours”, the “Congress Flag”, the “Cambridge Flag”, and the “First Navy Ensign”) is considered to be the first national flag of the United States of America[1] – and previously, that of the United Colonies of North America – until 1777.

            This flag consisted of alternating thirteen red and white stripes with the British Union Flag (Union Jack) – the variant prior to the inclusion of St. Patrick’s cross [the diagonal red cross that ChrisMorley asks about] for the 1801 unification of Ireland into the United Kingdom – in the canton.

            And . . .

            The design of the flag is strikingly similar to the flag of the British East India Company (EIC). Indeed, certain EIC designs in use since 1707 (when the canton was changed from the flag of England to that of the Kingdom of Great Britain) were nearly identical, though the number of stripes varied from 9 to 15. That EIC flags were potentially well known by the American colonists has been the basis of a theory of the origin of the national flag’s design.[6]


      • billbear1961

        Hello, again, Chris!

        Please note my reply to coram nobis below, where I quote from an article in Wikipedia about the Grand Union Flag.

  • billbear1961

    Another possibility, IF it becomes necessary (thank you for the map idea, Pickypecker) AND we can persuade Canada to agree . . .

    EDIT: Not showing on the map as part of the U.S. of Canada: Hawaii.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Nice idea, but do you think those who join Canada could handle our strict gun laws?

      • billbear1961

        If not, JM, there will be NO DEAL.

  • Sam_Handwich


    At rally, Trump Calls out Queen Elizabeth’s “Cobweb Infested Lady Hole”

    Crowd Goes Wild…

    Donations Pour In…

    Jon Hunstman Hangs Himself….

    More soon….

    • MDB

      NK / I JUST read that on the internet, too.

      • Sam_Handwich


        • MDB


        • MDB


    • billbear1961

      To the tower–the TOWER, Trump!

    • Jimmie Z

      Does Candidate Jalapeño have a timely response?

      • billbear1961

        I’m sure he will when he recovers from the appalling shock!

      • of course not. he’s too busy picking pickled pepper product out of his… well, nevermind.

        Handwich ’16!

  • TheSpinMonkey

    This has been the most interesting election I can remember and the voting has not even began!!! This is gonna get much juicier once Iowa and NH take place. I will have popcorn on hand.

  • Ninja0980

    This is the reality that Republicans and others don’t realize.
    You put someone like Trump or a Cruz into power and ISIS or the next extremist group will have a gold mine for recruiting, simple as that.

    • billbear1961

      A fascist USA will find it has few allies, and MANY citizens who will NOT countenance a GUTTING of our Constitution under ANY goddamned circumstances, EVER!!

      The map of the U.S. of Canada I just posted (lifted from a pickypecker post), or something like it, is a REAL possibility.

      No TRUE American is obliged to bow down to the ILLEGITIMACY of FASCISM, to accept that MILLIONS in this country would be stripped of their constitutional RIGHTS by a government, NO, by a REGIME of fanatical religious FRAUDS and corporate GANGSTERS!!

  • coram nobis

    The Donald’s hair sort of looks like Margaret Thatcher’s, doesn’t it, squire?

  • BudClark

    Who’s he going to sue? Her Majesty the Queen?

    • MDB

      O lord God arise,
      Scatter our enemies,
      And make them fall!
      Confound their knavish tricks,
      Confuse their politics,
      On you our hopes we fix,
      God save the Queen!

      • billbear1961
        • johncAtl

          Harvey Fierstein has his own song? Who knew?

          • billbear1961

            No, John, gracious as he is, HF is not Our Sovereign Lady!

          • johncAtl

            I forgot … it passed to a new generation. It’s now Neil Patrick Harris.

          • billbear1961

            He’s adorable!

          • johncAtl

            Yes he is. And CBS should just make him the permanent host of the Tony Awards. Nobody does it better.

    • billbear1961

      Oh, just let the SOB try!

    • LonelyLiberal

      “We are not amused. Also, you’re a dick.”

  • Steven B

    This would be YUGE! if it happens. Imagine the message it sends to voters that perspective President Trump would hit the “foreign relations” road with a giant thump if an allied nation has determined that America’s perspective leader is unsuitable to even enter the country.

    • billbear1961

      He IS unsuitable, grossly unsuitable.

      This fascist excuses and thus encourages actual physical violence against protesters at his rallies.

      He has not denounced cries of Sieg Heil at one of his rallies.

      He has excused Putin’s murders of Russian journalists, saying that they show he’s a “strong leader.”

      And these are just SOME of his many OUTRAGES!

      • Steven B

        If course he’s unsuitable. But he’s like Teflon and nothing seems to stick. I was trying to point out that perhaps the opinions of other ally nations might make a dent in that Teflon.

        • billbear1961

          I hope something does and SOON, Steven.

  • Oh pleasepleaseplease!

  • Desmond Rutherford

    Can Aussie politicians, Abbott and Turnbull be put on the ban list, please?

    • Paige Turner

      Oh you. Malcolm is fabuous. Early election pending to flush out the rest of the loonies. 2 gone this week and a few more to come.

  • coram nobis

    The UK is catching up to the US in political crassness, fear not. They just gave “honours” to one Lynton Crosby, a Tory campaign consultant who was called an “Australian rottweiler.” I suppose that’s like giving Lee Atwater or Karl Rove a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    So that’s Sir Rottweiler of Kennelshire, I suppose.

    • Dazzer

      I’d be amazed if anyone bothered to call him ‘Sir’ in the UK. I suspect that whether it’s convention or not, he’ll be deliberately snubbed by most people who’ll still call him Mr Crosby.

  • Rocco

    Maybe this will wake the American populace up, but I’m not optimistic. We have so many “low information” voters and lots of non-voters. Sometimes it takes an outsider or a stranger to jolt one back into reality. Many also have a very high level of denial. We elected Schwarzenegger twice here in California. I realize they are two very different men, but Ahhnold brought out many first time voters and tapped into a lot of anger in our very blue state. Most thought he didn’t stand a chance, “surely the polls were wrong,” etc. not unlike our Prop. 8 debacle. This can happen (shudders)! We need to pay attention and get to work! God help us….

  • BobSF_94117

    Well, I guess this means 500,000 in the UK don’t understand what delights Trump and his followers.

    • Dazzer

      I’m one of the British people who signed the petition.

      I understand entirely the potential ramifications this petition might have on US politics. But the point is that I AM British and don’t want this fascist on my shores

  • Blake Jordan

    First off, I totally agree that trump, the majority or rethuglicans and most right wing governments should be isolated from the rest of the world.

    This could be seen as foreigners interfering in American politics*, and could push some independents to vote rethuglican (trump)… Americans will often harm themselves if they feel forced to do something, even if it is the right thing…

    *it is basically telling the American people who they are and are not allowed to vote for…

    • e jerry powell

      No, it’s really not, no more than John Oliver did with the Canadian elections. The UK bars entry to people who engage in hate speech, and that has nothing to do with the American elections. Unlike Canada, America doesn’t have laws about foreign interests intruding in electoral politics (hell, all the dark money going into PACs is evidence enough of how little Americans care about foreign interference). The UK can decide to bar Trump from entering the country in accordance with their own extant law, his current political ambitions are a complete non-issue to them.

      • Reality.Bites

        Canada’s laws were misrepresented by Oliver for comedic effect.

        The good news, for Oliver: he need not fear being sent to the slammer. The law he made fun of is actually not all that different from the U.S. ban on foreign political donations, although that country’s politics has hundreds of millions of harder-to-track dollars sloshing around in political-action committees.

        Canadian elections authorities explained Monday that there’s no law against foreigners expressing an opinion. They said the legal provision in question — section 331 of the Canada Elections Act — has been on the books since the 1920s and it doesn’t cover people stating their view.

        “The expression of personal political views by Canadians or non-Canadians as to which parties or candidates they support is not an offence under the Act,” said Elections Canada spokesman John Enright.

        “This also applies to Mr. Oliver.”

        He said the key provision refers to people who “induce” Canadians: “To induce there must be a tangible thing offered. A personal view is not inducement,” he added.

  • e jerry powell

    Just to clarify, though: Brown and Tyson have convictions on criminal records, so there are other places that neither of them are welcome too. Hell, there are countries that Americans with DWI convictions can’t go. Trump would be a different thing from them, because similarly to the others you mention, they have the hate speech thing going.

  • Stuart Wyman-Cahall

    Michael Savage wears his banishment as a badge of honor. Sadly this will only empower Trumpites while the rest of us stay home on election day. Not me, btw, but well… You know what I’m sayin.

    • neverevernosanity

      I’m going to vote for the first time in 2016 after 8 years of apathy. I’m not the only one.

      • Stuart Wyman-Cahall

        For Trump, I suppose?

  • i love this. the saner nations of the world should ban all our nutjobs from visiting. esp the rich ones. make it so he can only visit dubai or something horrible and not fun.