OREGON: Anti-Gay Bakery Finally Pays Up

Despite raising over $500K via Christian crowdfunding campaigns, Oregon’s anti-gay bakery refused to pay its fine. Until today:

The co-owner of a Gresham bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple delivered a $136,927 check that covers the couple’s damages following the January 2013 incident. Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, refused to bake a cake for Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer, saying it would infringe on their religious beliefs.

In July, Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian ordered the Kleins pay $135,000 for emotional damages suffered by the couple. “This case is not about a wedding cake or a marriage. It is about a business’s refusal to serve someone because of their sexual orientation. Under Oregon law, that is illegal,” the bureau’s final order states.

The state will hold the check until the appeals process is exhausted. (Tipped by JMG reader John)

  • Judas Peckerwood

    And to think that they would actually have *made* money if they just baked the damn cake!

    • John30013

      Well, they *did* make money, from all the gullible saps who contributed to their Kkkhristian krowd funding campaign/grift.

      • Gyeo

        God I wish I could make that much money by actively refusing to do my job.

        • John30013

          Ott by actively trading other people like shit…

        • Hal Watts

          Yes, they got $500K, That minus the $135K fine leaves them $365K. And you know, in in these times, $365 grand won’t last many years….

          • StraightGrandmother

            Life isn’t so tough though when you have your mortgage paid off and a new truck and minivan on the driveway with no leins on the titles.
            $365k will do that and MUCH MUCH more, Hell they prolly took the kids to Disney World and stayed on site

      • Marides48

        I wonder if the Kkkhritists Krowd funders realize that 27% of their money will be paid to a lesbian couple? Thank you very much!

      • DonnaLee

        Actually, they will probably go under at some point, due to people not wanting to patronize their establishment. The money they have leftover will keep them going in lieu of actual sales….I hope.

    • vorpal

      Yeah, but that would have been gay money!
      Do most places even accept that?
      I mean, buttsex!

      • Phillip in L.A.

        i heard your post, for some reason, in the voice of Mr. Garrison, from South Park</i

        • vorpal

          LOL now I feel like I should go back and throw some Mr. Hats in there to make it a dramatic monologue.

    • BearEyes

      And Aaron still pings my gaydar.

  • John30013

    It’s about f’ing time…

  • Paula

    Major sadz in x-tiandom tonight!

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Well, they have TV to cheer them up. At 8PM on TLC, there’s Bible Bowl! According to TV Guide, it’s a “look at seven teams of young people preparing for a national competition in Cincinnati that tests their knowledge of Bible verses.”

      • John30013

        And here I thought they’d be hurling holy books down a lane towards ten wooden pins….

      • Ginger Snap

        No thanks I’d rather do some drugs get drunk and go to a gang bang. Isn’t that what the bible thumpers think we do all day long?

        • Phillip in L.A.

          that only happens on alternate Thursdays, though, right?

        • Todd20036

          This might be an appropriate time to tell you what I plan to do new years eve….

        • Ed Burrow

          I dunno, but how in the hell did you know what I’m doing?!

          • Robincho

            Ms. Snap employs TGIGT — Teh Ghey Info-Gathering Techno…

          • Ginger Snap

            The Drag Goddess whispered to me about all the goings on of sinfull gays. Ya know so I can find the party and join in. All hail the power of the Drag Goddess. Please remember to tip her and your contributions are tax deductible.

            Welcome to the Church of Drag.


      • Clair

        In my teens, I used to be on a Bible Bowl team.

        • That_Looks_Delicious

          If you were in it, I’d watch that.

  • TuuxKabin

    Sweet and Just Dessert. I wonder what humble pie tastes like, crow?

  • coram nobis

    I wouldn’t want their cake anyway, it’s no doubt half-baked.

    • Robincho

      As always, I recommend their half-caked bundt…

  • Gyeo

    Funny when it’s time to bake a cake for a wedding the right screams RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, but when a person running for president plans to get rid of an entire religious group the right ain’t say shit.

    • olandp

      Yes they are, they are cheering!

    • vorpal

      They’ll tell each other whatever lie they need to back up their logically inconsistent nonsense.

      In this case, it’s, “Islam isn’t a religion! It’s a POLITICAL IDEOLOGY!”

      • Gyeo

        Kids in high school said the same thing about Christianity. I’m confused as to which bullshit the right wants me to eat up without questioning.

      • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        And ISIS isn’t a place somewhere that US war mongers can bomb. Can’t we please, all just get along?

    • Irishsupporter

      There’s a term for when the religious right do that its called being full of shit!

    • zhera

      Silly dolphin! Religious freedom is for christians. You don’t want to be a christian? Well then screw you and your constitutional rights!


    • Queequeg

      I think you’re right.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        With Mom looking over his shoulder: “You can raise Lazarus from the dead, but you can’t keep a fucking cake from falling? Forget it, I’ll do it myself, or should I wait for one of your MIRACLES??”

        • TampaDink

          I read that in the voice of the most over the top Jewish mother….since Mary with the cherry is the ultimate jewish mother.

          • Oscarlating Wildely

            You forgot to note that “and you don’t even take the time to call me! Out healing the sick, walking on water, turning up fish out of thin air but do you think that you have time to call your mother? Oh no, I’m just the woman who gave birth to you in a shed, that’s all. Don’t worry about me.”

            Noting which, where’s the phone?

          • TampaDink


          • B Snow

            What’s that joke? You know Jesus was Jewish because he thought his mother was a virgin and she thought her son was God? 🙂

          • TampaDink

            It IS funny.

    • SoCalVet

      well, he would just wave his hands and *poof* the cake would appear.

  • There’s no penalties for ignoring and delaying?

  • Marc

    Well we know of at least two generous donors who have $363,000 to contribute to NOM

    • John30013

      I’m sure they have lawyers to pay, and that probably won’t be cheap…. If I were NOM, I wouldn’t be counting on these d-bags for their funding.

      • Marc

        Nor would I expect these d-bags to donate anything! I’m amazed they finally paid up

    • Friday

      BUt that would ‘drive them out of business!’ like the Righties use them to claim. Even if they walked away with more in profit than I ever had for income in my life.

    • Chucktech

      They may believe nutty stuff like Jesus up in heaven, but I doubt they’re dumb enough to give money to NOM…

  • MonochromeMouse

    that’s a good start, but where the hell is the other $363,073 they owe, it doesn’t count as punishment, which fines are supposed to be, if they don’t actually lose money

    • “the other $363,073 they owe”

      ??? They don’t. The fine was $135,000, which they’ve now paid with accrued interest. You must be thinking of the amount they raised.

      • MonochromeMouse

        right, they shouldn’t be allowed to keep or use that money to pay their fine, all that gofundme money morally belongs to the couple they discriminated against or back to gofundme for their breach of the website’s rules that they agreed to when they set up the account

  • kirtanloorii
  • bambinoitaliano

    Is those crowd fund taxable?

    • Mark

      I certainly hope so!

    • Gianni

      If gambling winnings are taxable and inherited money is taxable, I don’t see why a huge gift of money wouldn’t be. Looks like income to me.

    • John30013

      No. It’s considered a bunch of gifts. As long as each individual contribution (gift) is below the taxable amount for personal gifts (last time I checked that was $11,000, but it might be higher now), they won’t owe income taxes on it.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        $14K now

        [Edit: but that is the exemption for Gift Tax purposes–not Income Tax–this is still income to the grantee, unless there is a specific exemption in the tax code, which is possible]

        • John30013

          Thanks for the correction (and for the updated amount).

        • Natty Enquirer

          When the money is given out of disinterested generosity, with no expectation of return, no reward, and no obligation, it’s most likely an untaxable gift.

          Commissioner v. Duberstein 363 U.S. 278, 285 (1960)

          • agcons

            I’m going to guess, right out loud, that with the increasing popularity of “gift” drives that legislation will be reviewed at some point.

          • Phillip in L.A.

            Duberstein does not support this statement, because the Court reversed the Court of Appeals and reinstated the Tax Court’s judgment that the property (a Cadillac) was taxable as income.

            However, 26 U.S.C. section 102 does clearly state: “Gross income does not include the value of property acquired by gift, bequest, devise, or inheritance.”

            So you were right, Natty Enquirer, in the end!

            P.S. Just goes to show that legal advice gleaned from the internet is worth what one pays for it….. ;}

          • Phillip in L.A.

            Here is a good discussion of the issues involved:


            bottom line: be careful & consult a competent, licensed tax advisor

    • StSean


    • Phillip in L.A.

      good question, bambinoitaliano!

  • sherman

    I would hope that interest would continue to accrue through the appeals process.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      probably not, since they paid the liquidated amount

      in fact, that might have been one of the reasons they did pay–the labor commissioner’s office informed that interest would accrue during appeals if they did not pay now–but I didn’t research OR law

  • Gianni

    Maybe they like to try that stunt again and lose the rest of the money on their precious screwy religious principles.

  • hiker_sf

    We should order a ‘fine finally being paid’ celebration cake from them.

  • MDB

    Well now, that was the MOST EXPENSIVE wedding cake EVER !!!!!

  • BearEyes

    Guess the xtian version of the gofundme topped out so they had no choice.
    Yes it sound cynical, but these grifters have milked this thing for all it’s worth, so it’s time to move on to the next gravy train.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      nailed it!

    • Friday

      They got theirs.

  • EqualityForAll

    I wonder if they bake gay wedding anniversary cakes (or not.) I could use a check like that.

  • Michael Rush

    There’s no picture of Melissa …
    ( I’m still pissed at them for sending out ” We Love You ” cakes to gay groups last year , one of the great asshole moves of the year )


    • bkmn

      Melissa specializes in the small cakes (don’t let her husband know.)

      • johncAtl

        She has to because “little Aaron” really is little.

      • DisT

        Hi, we would like to order a box of Melissa’s roses.

        Melissa’s six roses for six days of the week. Sundays we abstain from from Melisa’s roses for the sake of our savior.

    • Ginger Snap

      Muff diving anyone?

      • TuuxKabin

        Bette Midler quoted some rock n’ roll band leader: “No sky too high, no sea too rough, no muff too tough.”

    • Todd20036

      That cake looks so wrong and so good at the same time

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Fingers OFF!

  • bkmn

    Never fear – I saw a report today that Cottonelle, the Washington florist, is still holding out in her case.

    My guess is the Kleins decided to pay up after consulting a non-Liberty Counsel/ADF lawyer who told them the consequences of not paying the fine.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      a keeper or till-tap!!! ;}

    • Robincho

      And here I thought the last of Cottonelle had been flushed…

  • Blake J Butler

    Funny how , the right thinks is ridiculous, but the rational people see as a basically a common sense thing to do. Basically the right wing has evolved into a American sector of the Taliban, if it wasn’t obvious in their views, they already are starting to dress like they belong to a terrorist organization. especially when they think they can carry AK-s with them EVERYWHERE.

    They could still be in business if they would toughen up and do their goddamn job, and just perform a simple business transaction. If they want to be allowed to refuse service to people in name of their beliefs, then work for the church, start a band called Nuns n Moses for all i care, just leave your beliefs outside where they belong, some people just want service for their needs, and thats it, just a business transaction.

    But no… they got to play the persecution card, like they have for YEARS…. yup… the American christians are persecuted all right, they got it bad!!!!! (rolls eyes).

    • Friday

      Greed, they made half a million for not doing anything at all.

      • Blake J Butler

        It sets them up for life financially,and tries to make us look evil. Franklin Graham is the one that saved their ass, if it wasn’t for his charity, they’d have to have made due with what they were allowed to keep from their Gofundme account that was shutdown.

        And the anti-gay lobby is using them and people like them, to turn over ordinances across the country pertaining to LGBT people, because they couldn’t get away with discriminating against people they flat out do not like.

        • fandancy

          Franklin Graham is Jim Bakker on steroids thanks to his last name. Just another sad example of head-in-the-sand Christian values running amuck.
          Hate trumping love.

          • Blake J Butler

            And they have millions of followers to eat up their bullshit, that they feed their followers on a weekly basis, if they lie enough, eventually, to them it becomes the truth in their circle.

            And new ones come along, like that Josh Feuerstein, the one that looks like Kevin James, but psychotic, that tell people to buy up guns, because pastors would be forced to marry gay couples, and thus must shoot them, on the basis because he said so, and so it wasn’t true at all.

            Their brand of christianity needs to die , so less people get killed from the nonsense that people like this motivate people to go out and do, over news that isn’t true, its just true because they (like Josh) say its true.

          • fandancy

            I was raised as a Baptist by my parents.
            I finally refused to attend church with them when I was 18 years old. My dad told me to attend church with them or move out.
            I moved out and have never attended any church since.
            I’m sure some churches may teach love and acceptance but I read and hear about too many examples of the hate and ignorance we so often witness.
            These days I just look at most religions as nothing more than brainwashing for people who are easily manipulated and bilked out of their money.

          • Blake J Butler

            I can relate somewhat, i was raised in a baptist household, and spending an entire day of the week to hear all about going to hell, follow and love god, put your money in the collection plate, etc. As a millennial, i think religion in general is pointless and stupid, because you dont need to go to church, or believe in god(S) to be a good person.

            I don’t mind people that are religious, but when they are racist, sexist, homophobic, and demonizing the poor for the problems of this country, that i can’t follow, you can believe, that and i will debate that with you, but that doesn’t make your point right. And that i will rightfully criticize those that use their religion as an excuse for treating people like shit.

            And whether or not most Americans will agree or not, this country needs to get with the problems this country is really facing, and stop trying to appease some religious nut that wants his pews filled every Sunday, and his collection plates full of cash. Especially religion needs to be as far away as possible from politics, is concerned.

          • fandancy

            I completely agree.

          • Paige Turner

            Im totally with you on all that. I even struggle with weddings at churches for the same reasons as you have for not attending. Its the law in Australia for a line to be read at weddings (even secular ones) which states:

            Celebrants must tell the gathering: “Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life” – or words to that effect.

            Naturally we have ways to nullify its intent.


          • GC

            Thanks for sharing “eargate” and other ways couples have protested that requirement of Australian law!

      • Paula

        I’ve begun to believe that greed is the driving force behind life.

        • Tallulah

          If you want to get ahead, start a church;

        • unsavedheathen

          Careful, you’ve just stated the central theme of every Ayn Rand novel and a major plank in every Republican platform since 1968.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        The free market paid them to STOP making those cakes.

    • chrisinphx

      It’s the damn Y’all Qaeda

    • sw42

      Totally starting a band called Nuns and Moses. (Thanks for the laugh.)

    • Paige Turner

      Thats the most cogent thing Ive read about the right wing ever.

    • GC

      Andy McClure traces the full circle of conservative Christian “logic”:
      (click to enlarge)

  • bkmn

    A reminder that the fine for emotional damages was because the Kleins posted complete contact info for the two women on the internet and they were constantly being yelled at and harassed by the gentle, loving Xtains.

    • lymis

      Absolutely. This is going to be framed as the couple getting thousands for a missed cake – and that alone should be enough. But the harassment they went through was the basis of the monetary fine.

      • melindamnolan

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        • agcons

          Your neighbour has a “stride mother”? I’m so jealous; I’ve wanted a “stride mother” for years.


          • Paula

            Today in poor Google translations.

          • Melissa

            Someone clearly can’t math. $87 p/h is a little over $180,000 a year, working 40 hours a week. That’s $15k a month, not $17k. She says she works 3-5 hours a day. Let’s be generous and say 5 hours a day at $87 p/h. That’s $435 per day, $2175 p/w. That’s only $113k a year. Definitely not enough money to buy a McLaren F1 which costs 10.5 million.

    • leastyebejudged

      This really can not be stressed enough. The business and the individuals involved should have been fined a great deal more; imagine a bank doing this or a doctors office. The media on both sides of the issue ignored this detail, why should the media get a pass for that ?

  • FAEN

    Dear Kleins-Fuck you! Maybe you should think of moving to Alabama. Or maybe Russia will fit your bigotry better.

    • BearEyes


      • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Since they like to “fight”, how about Syria?

  • zhera

    Really? Shouldn’t they hold out until they lose all their possessions and are hauled off to jail?


    I guess their religious convictions don’t go that deep, after all. Tsk tsk.

    • David Walker

      One’s convictions can afford only so much free money.

  • David Walker

    He pouts so cute.

  • Rick

    Aw, poor Aaron. Looks like someone’s going to be trolling for pity fucks at STEAM tonight!

    • Robincho

      I’d hatefuck it…

  • ben-andy

    Just remember, every penny the Kleins got, isn’t going to Bri-Bri. Those “nice” people are living on it and probably will for several years to come.

  • johncAtl

    He might want to take off the Vans t-shirt. They’re one of VF’s brands, and VF’s code of conduct includes this….

    • Ed Burrow

      Reminds me of Vinny’s line in My Cousin Vinny….
      You were serious about Dat?

    • Lumpy Gaga

      I see that shirt and I think the same thing as when I see thirtysomethings with skateboards: “Aren’t you a little OLD for that?”

      (In fairness to the skateboarders, maybe they lived a hard twenty.)

  • Douchebag hat fits douchebag head perfectly.

  • delk

    The idiots that gave these bigots money are the reason that NOM and FRC are hurting. And for the first time, those very same idiots probably felt like their money was actually doing something instead of paying the salaries of blowhards.

  • More like Bitter Cakes for having to give up their Jesus cash.

  • Gigi

    Ain’t nothin’ sweet about those dry cakes.

    • Paige Turner

      Her cakes arent the only thing thats moist free

  • DumbHairyApe

    She’s a witch!

  • JCF


  • DisT

    No loss to them. 135k at the expense of bigoted herd of sheep. Juiced another 365K for personal gain.

    • People4Humanity

      May they lose the 365K as quickly as they grifted it.

      • Paige Turner

        They will. People like this are like lottery winners. They will blow the lot and end up on the news living in a homeless shelter within a year or so.

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    They sgould have been charged interest for every day the debt was not paid

  • GanymedeRenard
    • johncAtl

      Not that she had much of a career before, but her anti-gay activism in the late 70’s ended what career she did have.

      And I was 21 when that pie was shoved into her face, and I never tire of watching it again.

      • GanymedeRenard

        Good riddance!

        I REALLY enjoy watching her cry after being “pied”.

        Last but not least, much respect to you. I wasn’t even born by then. But I’m pretty much sure that at 21 I would have been politically naïve as well.

      • Reality.Bites

        She was a well paid national spokesperson. It may not have been art, but it sure paid the bills and made her a household name.

    • bdsmjack

      Hahahaha! LOVE that! Enjoy your FRUIT pie, bigot.

  • DaddyRay

    I’m sure they will find a way to grift a little more wool off the sheep

    • johncAtl

      Well… the bear may go for more than a little wool.

      Edit: At least if the bear is in Texas.

  • JohnMaynardKeynes

    I’m glad he paid up at last. It’s sad for all involved that he wasn’t in possession of the adequate cultural competency back on that fateful day to know that as a purveyor of empty-calorie-laden baked sweets, feeding his product to members of the lesbian community (where eating disorders exist at a notably high prevalence) would garner him a loyal and hungry client base who would come back for seconds and thirds and ….

    Be a good capitalist, ‘y’all!

    • TampaDink

      He was also not in possession of understanding that disseminating the personal details of the couple who they’d denied service to was illegal.

      • JohnMaynardKeynes

        Illegal? Was he charged with a crime?

        Links to the relevant Oregon criminal code and/or media reports about his arrest/citation for violation of said law would be helpful and much appreciated!

        • TampaDink

          Excuse me. It isn’t illegal to distribute personal information about someone else…but it isn’t exactly ethical….and certainly not the xtian thing to do.

  • Dale Snyder

    AAH Let them eat cake.

    The fat christian cunts lost.

  • justmeeeee

    So, it’s nice to think that more than 20% of each x-ian’s donation went to the those lebesians.

  • That’s quite a profit for people who have been “persecuted”. The right wing (and also homocon) meme on this is that gay bullies ran them out of business. Obviously not.

  • lynden55

    Wow. Are those his cakes in the pic? Hideous.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    I want a loser-trumpet ringtone to go with that article picture of sadz.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Maybe it’s just a trick of the light, but I can no longer unsee his girly wedding ring.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Looks like interest has been added. I would guess that clock stops when the appeals process begins grinding.

  • People4Humanity

    The pink they painted the interior is all wrong.

    • DaddyRay

      Pepto-Bismol Pink

      • TampaDink

        They were torn between “Blush” & “Bashful” so they compromised by opting for Pepto.

        • DaddyRay

          It is probably what their customers drink after eating their cakes

          • TampaDink

            Or after close inspection of the premises. (Which is no longer an issue since they had to close up shop & work from home.)

          • Lumpy Gaga


          • TampaDink

            Good one, L.G.!

      • coram nobis

        I think, given my natural sense of interior decoration, that Maalox white would have been more subtle.

    • Paige Turner

      It is ghastly isn’t it? It looks like barbie exploded in there. I bet its her favourite colour. Meanwhile Hubby looks completely pussy whipped.

      • People4Humanity


    • billbear1961

      Happy Holidays, dear P4H!!

      • People4Humanity

        May your winter festivals be … festive!

        • billbear1961

          So very happy to see you, P4H!


  • Randy503

    I wish the news article would have mentioned that he raised half a million.

  • DaddyRay
    • William

      I hope his extradition takes a few months.

    • TJay229

      On one hand, I’m happy he was caught… But on the other i have very little faith in this system that allowed him and his white privilege to get away in the first place.

      I wonder if it will work for him again.

  • Matt

    Dose he makes cake for hair dressers, female teachers, people who been divorced or had sex before marriage?

    • DaddyRay

      Of course they do, they cherry pick what offends them to suit the money they can grift

      • Paige Turner

        Thats the Christian way. Pick and Choose. Like a buffet. And like a buffet its costs money and makes people sick and attracts the wrong crowd

    • billbear1961

      They’ve made cakes for people celebrating divorces, the birth of an illegitimate child, and for witches (Wiccans) celebrating the solstice (I don’t know which one).

      Only WE have to pass their religious test.

      These two-faced “Christians” never seek to punish ANYONE who breaks biblical rules unless the “transgressor” is GAY.

      Only WE must be turned away.

      Everyone else gets a fucking FREE PASS–no questions asked.

      The single most GALLING thing about these canting FRAUDS is their stinking HYPOCRISY!!

  • John T

    With all that money left over they can afford to move their bakery to one of the dozens of states that don’t have or don’t enforce LGBT discrimination protection laws. Mr. and Mrs. Klein, please show the world how committed you are to religious freedom, and move out of Oregon!

    • TampaDink

      Wherever they might relocate, let us all hope that the shitty laws will not remain intact for too much longer.

    • coram nobis

      Relocate somewhere like London, where they combine pies and piety. Have a little priest.


  • coram nobis

    Pies can be fun, and I suppose this is an appropriate story to introduce this passion play. Note the classic bit of acting by Anita Garvey (she’s the lady outside the Taft Bldg.)


    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      Anita Garvey… and years later, Anita Bryant. Different Anitas, same pies.

      • coram nobis

        Anita Garvey was more classy.


    Let’s put our minds together and send then a tornado.

  • Ninja0980

    Another friendly reminder besides the harassment this couple endured about why we fight these battles.
    If this cake store had been allowed to ignore anti-discrimination laws, who would be next?
    We’ve seen enough examples to know there are bigots from grocery store owners to doctors who would gladly cite “religious freedom” in order to deny us services or care.
    These laws are on the book for a reason, if we allow people to ignore them, what good are they?

  • billbear1961

    It’s about TIME!

  • I don’t understand the big deal traditional values people make about baking a gay wedding cake. Traditionally wedding cakes were fruitcakes.

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  • Bob Kellerman

    VERY SORRY to see you post this without noting that past stories suggest the bakers collected close to a half million dollars from “Christians”, so the fine is paid from that, leaving a large reward in the haters’ hands

    • Baltimatt

      First paragraph:

      Despite raising over $500K via Christian crowdfunding campaigns, Oregon’s anti-gay bakery refused to pay its fine. Until today:

    • kanehau

      Coffee before reading may help…


    Oh bullcrap people would of found out where these perverts lived any ways as that’s puplic knowledge once they filed the law suit. The Klines should sue them for posting their personal info .

    • Curieux Bleu

      Janet, because people with avatars of your ilk are suing across the land for their “religious freedom rights” to discriminate, bully, fire, refuse service to those who in your cosmovision are “perverts”, pushing your type of bigotry homophobia, misogyny and ignorant hatefulness into their faces and lives.

      America however is a country of laws with a Constitution that guarantees equality in principle at least to ALL. When bigots break the law, they often get sued, and they don’t successfully counter-sue.

      The Kleins hardly showed the light of Christian love, nor do you, no wonder then that greater and greater numbers of American youth are rejecting your sort of pseudo-religious bullshit, turning away from the ugliness and hatefulness of it.

      (Of far lesser import, you do not even do the Kleins the honour of spelling their surname correctly, nor the word “public”.)

      Why bother humiliate yourself by trying to post drivel on an intellectual blog that is light years beyond your own ignorant and poorly schooled mind set?
      Go somewhere where stupid bigots will resonate to your single synapse “missionary” blurt outs.

      You will not collect any “souls” here on JMG for your violently hetero-normative macho/rambo deluded image of Jesus. Jesus stood with the persecuted, (and that included the LGBT, blacks, poor, downtrodden, women, Asians, hispanics, wage labourers, single mothers, etc. etc. )

      You Janet, stand with the persecutors, the oppressors, the fascist ultra rich and the KKK racists who continue to crucify Christ in their daily lives.

      The real Jesus hates your guts, Janet. And you are too thick to realise it, which is a terrible shame.

      • stevenj

        Janet M (a troll) sometimes weighs in here to let us know that she still has trouble comprehending the particulars of this case and/or to wave her cross around like many of the other Xtian perverts of her ilk who are legal and/or homosexual “experts”.

  • Jamsie

    I wonder if the money they raised via “Christian crowdfunding campaigns” is taxable? I sure hope it is and the rate is somewhere around 85%.

    • Macbill

      I think it would be termed a “gift”, thus not taxable.

  • Glen

    Hold the check?

    They should cash it and hold the money is escrow.

  • TheManicMechanic

    The grifter windfall should’ve been taken in its entirety.

  • Darth Darth Binks

    The assholes didn’t pay a dime. The sheep that crowd funded them did. No loss for them.