Gay Couple’s First Kiss [VIDEO]

JMG reader Michael directs us to this lovely holiday vignette from popular British vlogger Calum McSwiggan. Watch below.

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      Way off topic…

      But great news.

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        not to mention, already posted in an article further on down.

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    what dollingks.

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    That’s nice. I’ll look forward to future videos of these two — first felch, first gangbang, first instance of domestic violence that involves a call to 911. “It gets better.”

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      • I see the trolls are up early today.

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          Looks like the wussy troll already deleted the account.

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      not for you it doesn’t.

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      Oh look everyone, a Dead Breitbart troll has wandered onto our thread, how exciting. I don’t think I’ve seen one in an age. Because it has no avatar or name, does anyone know if they still have those nasty sores on their faces and dicks? Is the odour they excrete still as vile as their Master, Still Dead Breitbart? I’m just asking so as to be sure it’s the real deal……after all, it could be an FRC, AFA or, worst still, a Trump Troll; and everyone knows they’re even more sad, putrid and pustule filled.

      It’s important to always know your Trolls.

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      Oh look, a baby-dicked coward!



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    Very cute.

    Way on the the other side: on youtube the next up video was a weird discussion of gay for pay porn on the Young Turks. Apparently all hetero liberals. Wow. Layers of ignorance and creepiness.

    • I am not a fan of the Young Turks, in general. Something about Cenk Uygur really rubs me the wrong way.

      • JT

        He is a converted right winger. He’s also generally uncomfortable when talking about gay issues. I thought the woman might be better on this topic but no. They do sometimes have good discussions, depending on the topic and guests.

      • Glen

        Cenk’s cool. It’s the guy to the right of him (Jimmy Dore) which I can’t stand. He’s always seemed homophobic to me and also says a lot of inappropriate things.

      • rextrek1

        really..? I find Cenk sexy……..I don’t know why – but I do……

      • Roy Biv

        He’s a liberal blowhard…which, imo, isn’t as appealing to liberals as the Cons love their blowhards ie Rush, BillO, Coulter…

        I also can’t stand Sharpton, Chris Matthews, and Sullivan for the same reason.

    • stephentastic

      Homophobic pieces of shit who don’t conduct any research before spouting out whatever pops into their heads, IM(not so H)O.

  • Don’t mind me. Someone just started chopping onions in here.

  • Randy503

    Well, they cut away from the actual kiss! WTF!

  • Do you remember that first kiss? I had been head over for my brother’s best friend for years. He was straight then and I was openly gay. I worked hard at getting close to him and one night well after midnight we were walking home from a James Bond movie. I don’t know how the conversation rolled to kissing but I asked him if he had ever kissed a guy and he said no. I was scared but I pushed him into a dark doorway and just kissed him. It was pure magic and that kiss went on for at least three or four minutes with hands everywhere and passion flowing. Then I blew it. Holding him tight against me I whispered how much in love with him I was. It was like someone pressed the pause button because he pulled back and said he had to go – and off he went leaving me standing there asking “what have I done?”.

    Every time I kiss him today that moment comes back to me. We married two years later with a lot of learning how to love each other and we knew it was what we both wanted and hoped for. We’re still married today, eight years later, never without the other, and when I think back I remember it was a wonderful kiss.

    • You give me warm and fuzzies.

    • Roy Biv

      My first kiss was with a hulking black military man in a DC nightclub while I was 19. I was sloppy drunk, and at the time, I guess I was young enough that he didn’t mind. We never did anything beyond that, and my second, third, kisses weren’t that much different or sober.

      Who knows though. Maybe the next lips I touch will be one of the last.

    • Hal Watts

      Lovely story; thanks for sharing. Here’s wishing you both a long life together with many more kisses!

    • Scott Holcomb

      My first kiss was with my cousin! Yeah, I was 13 and he came from Oregon for a visit with my aunt and uncle and two brothers. I had bunk beds so he slept in my room and we’d talk about sex – stupid kid stuff. I confessed that I had never kissed a girl. He was two years older, real macho and nasty always playing with himself. He said he’d show me so at night we’d strip to our tidywhites turn out the lights and kiss. We did other stuff too but he was my first real kiss. Ummm good memories!

  • j.martindale

    First kiss of a man I was romantically inclined towards–I was 35. He was sweet. The real love of my life, though, didn’t show up until I was 42. Good things come to those who–are very, very fortunate.