Cruz Campaign: He’s No Gay Basher

Despite many inquiries from the press, Ted Cruz has continued to refuse to denounce Pastor Kevin Swanson’s calls for the genocide of LGBT Americans. Last month Cruz was interviewed by Swanson on the same stage from which Swanson twice endorsed the biblical call to execute homosexuals. Yesterday the right wing Washington Examiner got a quote about the controversy from the Cruz campaign:

Recently two left-wing media mainstays, MSNBC and The Daily Beast went after Cruz’s appearance at a religious freedom conference that he and two other candidates were invited to. The two liberal organizations played a video clip from another extreme left group, People for the American Way’s RightWingWatch, and imagined the conference a “kill the gays” event.

Cruz’s response to their misrepresentations was simple. He elected not to respond, “acknowledge or take their bait,” the staffer explained. “We’ve seen their follow up attempts and accusations to place Cruz into their definition of gay bashers, but that’s not even close to who he is. You have to look at his record and history, not what the left wants him to be.”

There was no “imagining” that Swanson’s event centered on “killing the gays.” Swanson’s supporters even distributed pamphlets calling for exactly that.