NEW YORK CITY: Harlem Hate Pastor James David Manning Meets With Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Harlem hate Pastor James David Manning, who says that “Jesus would stone homos,” was among the black pastors who met with Donald Trump yesterday in New York City. Reuters reports:

Among the meeting’s attendees was James Manning, a Harlem-based pastor who came under fire in June for using the billboard outside his church to post anti-gay messages, including one addressed to gay rights supporters that said: “Cursed be thou with cancer, HIV, syphilis, stroke and madness.” Manning once likened Obama, America’s first black president, to Adolf Hitler and has frequently said the president is secretly gay. After Monday’s meeting, Manning pledged his support for Trump. “Mr. Trump realizes why black people are going to vote for him,” Manning said. “He is truthful – forget about him not being politically correct. He loves America, I believe that he does.”

And here we thought Ted Cruz had locked up the “death to gays” vote.

RELATED: A few days ago I posted video from last week’s protest outside Manning’s church. Manning has now issued his own clip of his “knockout victory over sodomite protesters.” Featured prominently in the clip are the many times that Manning screamed “FAGGOTS! FAGGOTS!” at the protesters. In one relatively amusing moment, Manning shouts, “Where are REST of all the faggots?” A protester gets in Manning’s face to respond, “They’re in your HOUSE!” Watch below.

  • Prion


    • clay

      “I’ve pruned my runting mate.”

      • Hue-Man

        Rutting mate?

  • So when Trump is called out on this, he will say that he had no idea who Manning was, his positions, someone else was vetting the attendees,,,,,etc, etc, etc.

    • Blake Jordan

      Assuming he even gets any flack for it, from the lame stream media or other…

    • oikos

      The base will love James David Manning if they haven’t heard of him before.

  • danolgb

    Yesterday, Trump’s spokeshole was interviewed by Jake Tapper again lying that Trump never made fun of the reporter. One thing that struck me is he slid in a claim that there was a picture of a christian woman killed by having a cross driven through her head. I thought surely that would have been news, so I looked it up. Sure enough there was such a picture. The problem tho was it came from a movie. I have now realized that Trump and his campaign are like that crazy aunt who reposts every thing that comes through their Facebook feed without checking whether it is true. And when called out on it, just replies with it could happen.

    • Sk3ptic

      “The problem tho was it came from a movie.”
      Details, details. Of course, Trump and his handlers know from years of TV experience this is how it works.

    • Red Mann

      We had a President that often refered to things in movies as real life events.

  • Jon

    Sounds like someone was super-drunk on semen “latt-tay” and found a bullhorn.

  • Turds of a feather swirl together.

  • clay

    Didn’t the good pastor also curse us with “itch”?

  • Todd20036

    So much for Trump being the least anti gay of the bunch.

    Whether he hates us is irrelevant. He will have no problem signing an anti gay Constitutional Amendment just so people have a minority to pick on.

  • pj

    surprised the other pastors wanted to be seen with him. guess they dont know about his views either.

    • MickinDetroit

      or they do and think they are just differences of opinion and nothing to get too worked up about….

  • Michael Rush

    It’s just like Kim Davis meeting the Pope .

  • Jeffrey

    I think I will share this for all Trump related posts

  • Jan Wesselius

    Just goes to show where the GOP stands on equal rights.

  • teeveedub

    And this need would be surprising because…?

  • clay

    I want independent confirmation that the number was 100, and not a mere 40.

  • Baby Dave

    Manning needs money- the city’s fining him a fuck ton of money and he’s publicly stated he doesn’t have it.

    Trump has money, and needs endorsements from non-whites to soften his image as a racist. That’s the only way he stands a chance in the general election.

    This is how capitalism works. Manning has a product he needs to sell to get money. Trump needs the product Manning has to offer, and the money to buy it with.

  • Mark

    I’d shove that microphone clear up his ass. Manning can call me a faggot…but I’m not supposed to call him a ni**** ????

    • clay

      No, you’re not.

      • Mark

        I guess I will miss the next ‘higher road’ then.

        • clay

          If you want to attack the group of which he is a part, try defining it by his beliefs, rather than his biological heritage.

          • Mark

            I hear what you’re saying – but i’m simply not going to give an inch, the other cheek, or let the water roll off my back anymore. His attack IS against my biological heritage.

          • clay

            But it’s not his race that is attacking you.

          • Mark

            Not going to work. He has denigrated any respect of race by denigrating my existence. The gloves are off. And i won’t be hurling cream pies.

          • clay

            So, I’m guessing you don’t want any non-white allies in your own little isolated fight? Too bad your punches won’t land well since you don’t seem to know your target.

          • Mark

            It has nothing to do with color. Besides – how fast do you think a KKK rally with a “N******” be hollored through a microphone would get shut down?? How is it we are just supposed to take it and take it and take it? CIVIL dialog is a two way street.

          • Natty Enquirer

            Because retaliation and name calling don’t make the world a more civil place. Go punch a pillow.

          • Mark

            Well it sure as shit does seem to be working in a couple of those republican campaigns…..

          • olandp

            The proper response would be, “THAT IS ‘MR. FAGGOT’ TO YOU!”

          • JVB

            Most black people detest the gays. So no, not really an ally.
            However I don’t stoop to use the N word.

          • Mark

            I will never stoop to use the word. But I will stand up and hurl the vile insult right back.

          • THEBEARCUB

            Make sure you hurl it back at the right Black person!

          • JCF

            “Maybe we could learn a lesson or two from those who’ve been through it.”

            And are you going to call your “teachers” here the N word? I get your rage. But if it has anything to do w/ extrapolating beyond Rev Semen Lattes here to EVERYONE who shares his color/ethnic origins, your rage is misplaced. FOCUS!

          • clay

            Most black people oppose businesses being allowed to discriminate against us in housing and public accommodations– more supportive than whites. Most blacks support us more than most GOP and most white evangelicals. If you’re focusing on his race, you’ve lost focus.

          • Derrick Johns

            How do these “most black people” feel about Black Gays/Trans? Who bears the brunt of their anti-Gay/Trans venom? Did the question ever cross your mind? Probably not.
            And I’ll use the n-word anytime I feel like it. Look at Massa’ Trump with all his foolish n.g…n-words surrounding him. I chickened out.

          • GanymedeRenard

            “Most black people detest the gays.” How do you know that? Do you also know that there are (MANY) black LGBTQ folks?

          • THEBEARCUB

            Nah he just told on himself.

          • JVB

            Yes, and many are on the DL and in churches that preach that they are horrible people.

          • THEBEARCUB


          • THEBEARCUB

            Strange I didn’t know you knew MOST BLACK PEOPLE!

          • JVB

            Yes, I know every single one of them. . I’m the all seeing, all knowing Wizard of Oz.

          • THEBEARCUB

            Well maybe Oz needs to be destroyed.

    • Acronym Jim

      No, but you can call him niggardly. He is certainly being stingy with his humanity.

  • oikos
  • ben
    • clay

      “We are biblically ordered not to be afraid,” Rubio told supporters. “You know why? Because God is telling us that no matter what happens, ‘It is part of my plan. I will give you the strength to endure it whether you like it or not.’”

      It will give you the strength to endure saying, “fuck God, I’ll take care of this, myself.”

    • Gustav2

      And David Body from Christian Broadcasting has been all over the cable news lapping up Rubio’s sermon.

      • David Walker

        Lapping up his sermon or semen?

    • LovesIrony

      I guess gay marriage is, also, part of god’s plan.

      • oikos

        For some reason their all powerful deity needs help to defeat the Gay Agenda.™ So much for omnipotence.

    • bryan

      He has made the same disgusting comments before, suggesting that his god allowed the Paris attacks, in the same way a parent allows a child to have a vaccination : The kind of thing you would expect to hear from ISIS. Shame on him.

    • Herald

      Sadly the religious RWNJ will lap it up and support him all the more.

    • David Walker

      The part of me that never grows up always gets a chuckle when the phrase “god is sitting on his throne” is bantered about. “Where was god during 9/11?” “God was in heaven sitting on his thrown.” Do not disturbed The Big Guy when he’s on the throne. He’s reading. He’ll come out when he’s done.

    • JCF

      Rubio may self-destruct, but that ^ is not going to do it. Many Christianists would put it similarly.

  • i can’t help it. it’s like a train wreck or a freeway accident. you just have to look. Manning? rilly?

    again, expect your disgust levels to hit new highs, as “our liberal media” utterly fails to say anything about what such an association means, for both of them. we know what it means, but they will never, ever say that truth.

    • RaygunsGoZap

      Yes. It’s like a freeway accident that causes the elevated freeway to collapse onto the tracks below derailing a commuter train going one way and a chemical transport going the other – flooding the surrounding area with bodies and toxic sludge. Reviewing this carnage, Trump does that little bored sneer and half shrug before walking away.

    • billbear1961

      No, because speaking the truth about conservatives when it reveals how evil and corrupt they are–what liars and extremists they are–means you’re biased.

      In the world DISTORTED by the right, Truth=Bias!!

      The “journalists” who don’t fight back against that baldfaced LIE, that fucking PERVERSION of REALITY, disgust me–they DISGUST me!!

      It has GOT to STOP!

      Democrats should be on the attack, nonstop, DENOUNCING these double standards, which ensure WE must answer questions and WE must be held accountable for our words and actions, but Republicans DON’T!!

      What the HELL is WRONG with Democrats?!

      Why don’t they FIGHT?!

      Why do they ALWAYS let the GOP set the agenda, manipulate reality and suppress the TRUTH?!

      Are they stupid, cowardly or COMPLICIT with what the GOP is up to?!

      What kind of world IS IT where you have to SPELL OUT that respect for the truth and facts is the OPPOSITE of bias, the OPPOSITE of subjection to LIES, of subjection to uninformed or misinformed prejudice and bigotry?!

      Are we through the LOOKING-GLASS?!

      EDIT: Those goddamned LIES are now getting people MURDERED, and STILL the press and responsible politicians will not stand up to these MONSTERS and denounce them for the outright FASCISTS they ARE!!

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Turds of a feather, flock together.
    And Trump is the loudest turd of them all.
    He’s become a magnet for all the nasty RWNJs.

  • Blake Jordan

    This whole meeting means nothing positive for Trump, but only negative for the collection of black pastors!!!

  • bambinoitaliano

    Aside from Stockholm syndrome some of these black folks conditioned for over a century, there’s no explanation why they are enamored to a fluff like Trump.

  • pj

    im surprised the new york gay puts up with this thug. shine a light on him boys, seems that is what he wants. trump is his soul mate….look how subdued he looks.

  • TuuxKabin

    O/T: NYTimes, 1220pm –
    Chicago Police Superintendent Fired; Force Faces a Review

    • RaygunsGoZap

      Great news! Rahm needs to go.

      • TuuxKabin

        I was just about to post that too!

      • Ray Taylor

        Rahm fired him.

        • RaygunsGoZap

          Yeah, trying to save his own ass. Rahm covered up the murder of a constituent. He needs to go.

          • JCF

            Ya know, we talk about Prez O going to (maybe) SCOTUS after his term is done. He would REALLY be Saint Barack if he were to take on the fustercluck that is his chosen hometown…

          • clay

            Actually, I think that Mayor of Chicago might me more Michelle’s bag than his.

  • toutwest

    Isn’t that Omarosa in that picture?

  • TampaZeke

    How ironic to see female pastors using literal interpretations of the bible to put gay people in their place. Just more proof that Christian bigots love to hold others to biblical proclamations, but not themselves.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    And the cavalcade of ridiculosity rolls on.

    • Acronym Jim

      It’s just too bad it’s politics and religion rather than a 1950s variety show.

  • zahbudda

    Barry is gay..just axe Larry:)

  • Marides48

    I listened to this bigot for 12 minutes. That’s as long as I could take his hate.

    • Dont.Back.Down.

      Well then you probably missed the part where he said he was going to round up Muslims and have them throw gays off the rooftops.

  • lattebud

    Hey Rev… Know who else speaks the truth according to you? Jesus. Here is one of his gems you should remind yourself of..

    Matthew 25

    34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

    40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

  • metrored

    Trump finally found a black person to endorse him.

  • Gene Perry

    Isn’t it interesting to see Omerosa in the background? Everybody else from the Apprentence has moved on, but she’s still hanging on to Trump.

  • Jimmie Z
  • Jimmie Z

    This is equivalent to Dim Kavis meeting The Poop, except with piXXX.

  • GanymedeRenard

    You’re only as good as the company you keep. ‘Nuff said.

  • Tom G

    How is it that this isn’t big news?

  • BestOfTheBest

    how foolish of them all (black ministers meeting w/Trump), it must be a monetary incentive or something, because this bigoted SOB has more than made it clear of how he feels about minorities.

  • 2guysnamedjoe

    NOM once had a strategy that involved bringing in black clergy as allies. Unlike NOM, tRump might have the bucks to meet their price.

  • Halou

    So, how many Republican candidates are now courting kill-the-gays religious extremists?

  • fubho

    Go, Trump, Go! God Bless you, Pastor Manning.

    • JCF


      • clay

        He’s even wearing a tin foil hat!

  • Jean McLeod

    Trump has liberals peeing in their diapers.. Oh, wow, some people aren’t politically correct. Now we can’t have that, we must kill free speech; it’s the liberal way or no way. Hay liberals, it’s a new day and you’re being exposed as BS.

  • Jean McLeod

    Yes liberals will have to actually pay attention to problems instead of throwing money at them and pretending they don’t exist. Oh happy day.

  • He didn’t come with enough checks for their endorsement.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme
    • JCF

      “My company’s HUUUUUUGE!!!”

      • clay

        his company’s gone bankrupt four times.

  • bb333

    and The Left supports Islamists at every turn and will import hordes of those that like to throw “Happy People” off of buildings…… liberalism……such a horrifically dangerous mental disorder

  • JCF

    “Don’t bother putting your semen in the latte, Mr Trump, I’ll take it direct” {mouth agape}