MEXICO: Gunmen Kill Three At Acapulco Gay Event

Agence France-Presse reports:

Three people were killed and five more injured when armed gunmen attacked a gay festival in Mexico’s southern tourist resort of Acapulco, police said on Monday. Attackers stormed the “Reina Gay” festival taking place in Tres Palos on the edge of Acapulco on Sunday, opening fire on the crowd, a local police official told AFP. Three men aged 23 to 33 were killed and five others were hospitalised with injuries, the official said.

The above-linked report does not say if the killers were apprehended or what they motive may have been. According to Spanish-language media, the event appears to have been a drag pageant. I’ll update this story if more is learned. (Via Towleroad)

  • Sk3ptic

    Oh, no, the gunmen are DEFINITELY not going to turn out to be religious. Say all the not-so-Breitbarters.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      Of course not. It’s obviously a trans, libtard, obamabot. Duh!

      • I.Smith

        Trump has video of LGBT people celebrating in New Jersey.

      • Homo Erectus

        Probably a mooslim.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I’ll check the id and make sure they are not from murica.

    • Paula

      No, cartel. They just want to show how much they the jotos.

  • Sam_Handwich

    has Carny Fiorina claimed victimhood yet?

    • safari2bongaloo

      She’s waiting for Ted Cruz to declare the shooting a bank robbery gone wrong perpetrated by a transgender liberal.

    • TampaDink

      To quote Wednesday Addams,

      “All your life.”

  • oikos

    Would I be surprised if they were evangelicals or other religious nutjobs? No and that is a sad state of affairs.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      I would be shocked if they weren’t.

    • Robert Conner

      Ordinarily I would agree, but I would say that violence in Mexico has taken on a life of its own, violence for its own sake. This psychosis has even invaded Mexican-American communities in the US. I’d refer you to the film Narcocultura which is almost too depressing and horrifying to watch.

  • What is wrong with people? How does someone being LGBT impact on straight people?

    • oikos

      If it impacts them, then they are not straight.

      • Then they need to get a grip and stop hiding in that damned moth ball scented closet.

        • Octavio

          You just reminded me of something I haven’t thought of since I was seven years-old. I was handed upwards to a better piano teacher (Mrs. Pardhun) whose house stank overwhelmingly of moth balls. The stench was so strong that my parents refused to let me study with her because I smelled so bad after spending an hour in her house. I smelled to high heaven when picked me up.

          Mrs. Pardhun’s husband was the local dirty old man who was always good for a blow job at the town pool hall. He smelled of moth balls, too.

          • So much “ewww” in that story!

          • Octavio

            Yup. Just imagine what I have to live with in my addled head. ;-P

          • Johnny Wyeknot

            Memories…. 🙂

          • Robert Schaaf

            Unsavory, but a good story!

      • RaygunsGoZap

        Imma impact your prostate

  • Phillip in L.A.

    Que horible! Mi corazón llora por Acapulco y la gente Mexicana

  • TuuxKabin

    This makes me sad. Kidnapping, murder, rape, disappearances and so many crimes go unsolved in Mexico. It’s a sad state of affairs there. But I do hope there will be some justice and not scapegoating. My thoughts for family, friends and the community are with them.

  • billbear1961

    Well, are the Christers satisfied?

    WHO is being bullied, you ruthless, EVIL advocates of hatred and discrimination and now MURDER in the name of your God of “LOVE”?!

    God DAMN you AND your precious “religion,” you primitive, two-faced, barbaric SAVAGES!!

    • shellback

      Well said.

  • Robert Conner

    Given the horrendous level of violence in many Mexican cities, not surprising. The murder of women in Mexico has been accurately characterized as “femicide.” US drug policy has pumped billions into violent drug cartels and corruption in Mexico has always been ceiling to floor, wall to wall in extent. Mexico is a lethally dangerous country.

    • bambinoitaliano

      It’s one of many countries I have no desire of visiting. Never mind what just happen, the drug wars alone stop me cold.

  • MDB

    We shall never forget….

    ~ Let light perpetual shine upon them,
    and light this darkened world for all those who loved them ~

    • TuuxKabin

      Thank you MDB.

      • MDB

        I’m torn between anger and grief….this is so senseless.

        • TuuxKabin

          It hurts.

  • Octavio

    Two nights ago (Saturday) another group of gunmen walked into a popular bar in Acapulco killing ten men and leaving four wounded. No one has been arrested. The police suspect drug gang violence But this new shooting is definitely a hate crime. The gunmen apparently were looking to kill them some drag queens and faggots. However, the police have no real comment. The state of Guerrero has the highest crime rate for gang and drug cartel violence in the country. Sinaloa is second. We’re in Sinaloa right now and keeping inside because of the shootings in Acapulco (again, in the state just south of us, but only a half-day drive). There are tourist warnings at all of the beach hotels here in Mazatlan, but no one seems to be paying any attention. And there is plenty of crime to be a victim of here, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s cold and humid. The ocean is too cold for dipping a toe into. We return to Vegas early tomorrow morning. I was trying to convince El Squeeze to fly to Mexico City for a few days, but he’s having nothing to do with “Esos mexicanos locos” — although he does like the food. 😐

    • johncAtl

      Stay safe.

      • Janice Owens

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    • MDB

      Stay safe Sr. Octavio.

    • coram nobis

      Do stay safe. There’s also the two Australian surfers whose van went missing between Topolobampo and Acapulco.

      Something may be up. Take care.

      • Octavio

        It appears the two surfers’ bodies were in the van. No word if they were shot first. Yup. It’s just the way life is in Guerrero these days. And that’s sad, because the gay community and clubs have really grown in the last few years in Acapulco. Lots of LGBT folks drive from Mexico City for long weekends, but it’s getting a bit dicey.

        • pch1013

          Acapulco is currently the murder capital of Mexico (and that’s saying something).

          • Octavio

            According to police reports it has. It is only a six-hour drive from Acapulco to Mexico City.

    • TuuxKabin

      We lived in Merida for about four years, el husbian off and on. It’s hot as hell but truly tranquil. When we returned to NYC there was word on the street, in Merida, that some of the crime syndicate was moving to Merida because it was so relaxed and easier to commit crimes. We often visited Mexico City and never had a problem any hour, day or night. It’s truly a great city. I love Mexico, especially Mexico City and the people in general.

    • billbear1961

      The sooner you leave the better.

      Your husband is RIGHT, Octavio.

      Glad you’re flying out tomorrow!

      • Octavio

        I dunno. One morning in Buenos Aires El Squeeze got in our smart little Peugeot and when he pulled out of the garage he had a gun pushed into his mouth. Seconds later we were less one Peugeot. But Argentina hasn’t seen the crime happening in Mexico in a very long time.

        • billbear1961

          Oh, my GOD, Octavio!

          Thank God the only thing you lost was the car!

          • Octavio

            Six years ago El Squeeze and his former employer were car jacked on their way from Buenos Aires to Córdoba, AR (only about 300 kilometers). They were forced off the side of the road, robbed, and left to fend for themselves. Jacqueline, his one-time employer even had her wheel chair taken in the robbery. All of her jewelry, clothes, cell phones . . . it was not much fun. His car was eventually found zooming about the streets in Paraguay. It happens.

          • billbear1961


          • bambinoitaliano

            Remind me not to travel with you and your El Squeeze. 😛 Your El Squeeze need a full body scan for crime magnets in his body.

          • fuzzybits

            Someone needs to be lighting some sage around you all.😜

          • Octavio

            Where we live we just go outside and burn it down in the yard. Smells good.

          • fuzzybits

            That and pinon are two of my favorite smells.

          • Octavio

            And old dead cedar wood from the red rock canyon country. Great smell. I’d rather smell like that than soap.

          • Bj Lincoln

            I discovered pinon at a hot spring in NM. Wonderful.

          • fuzzybits

            A old friend that moved to NM turned me on to it a long time ago.

          • canoebum

            My sweetie’s brother was fatally shot in the head in such a car jacking in Caracas. My trips to South America have been confined to Cartagena, which seems to be pretty safe. I love the Latin culture, but it does have its dark side. He lives in Maracaibo. I wouldn’t dare to set foot in that country now, with my face. Hopefully, someday, Venezuela will be safe enough for travel for us together. There is much I’d love to see there. Merida, Los Llanos, the Orinoco and Amazonas. He told me, when he was in junior high, he belonged to an astronomy club. They went to the far south, to the Canamias, for an astronomy trip, but had to be escorted by soldiers from the Army, to protect them from them the indigenous peoples, who would “disappear” outsiders who arrived unprotected. It’s a wild world, still.

          • Octavio

            Yes, it is.

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            one of my moms good friends had that happen to her and her husband in Italy. They were in a rental car on the way out of rome and four motorcyclists surrounded the car, forced them off the road and robbed them at gunpoint. So its not just central and south america. That kind of violence happens anywhere. unfortunately

          • Octavio

            In Argentina it’s rare that car jackers ever shoot and or kill their victims. It’s REAL hard to buy a gun in Argentina. It’s possible, but REAL hard.

          • NancyP

            Not so commonly in most locations in the USA. This is just one reason why I am Seeing America First. (The real reason is that the state and national parks systems are great, and I like camping and hiking. Canada comes after the USA – Banff!)

        • Joseph Miceli

          Jesus! You stay safe, Sir. I’d miss your stories!

    • Dagoril

      If it’s Mexico City he’s disapproving of, doesn’t he mean that he wants nothing to do with “esos chilangos locos?” 😉

      • TuuxKabin

        Claro que si!

      • Octavio

        Chilangos son una parte de la población de la Ciudad de México, pero hay nativos, campesinos y montones y montones de chavos, también. But the worst are Iztapalapateros who live in that D.F, neighborhood. Many go in. Not as many walk out. =8O

    • I was trying to figure out what the motive was because the reporting doesn’t say if the criminals came in yelling gay derogatory gay statements or if it was a drug group claiming their territory or something else. But you think it was a direct target against gay people? Not good. Get out of there if you can.

      • Octavio

        Police are tending toward the shootings as hate crimes against gays. But there are lots of gays selling tons of drugs down here, too.

      • Octavio

        That’s what the locutora implied on this evening’s news.

    • Paula

      I haven’t been to Mexico in 12 years. I don’t feel it is safe. Especially, living across from Cd. Juarez.

      • Octavio

        I wouldn’t feel safe in El Paso, either. But once you’re a couple of hundred kilometers south of Juarez it’s more or less safe — as long as you speak Spanish. I’ve only encountered danger a couple of times and that was in the 1970s when locals, in cahoots with Federales, would give us “free” weed then punch our car headlights out so we couldn’t sneak out of town at night, leaving us open targets for the local police and Federales to arrest us and confiscate all of our property, auto, funds etc. But there’s not much money in that scam these days (which, by the way, was approved of by the US government). Still, there’s always a first time. The tourist industry has been hit so hard here in Mazatlan that we’ve pretty much lived like royalty for the last six days. Everyone has fallen over them self to be welcoming and our “best friends.” El Squeeze is a rarity. They never see or encounter Argentines in this part of the world.

        • Paula

          The road from Cd. Juarez to Chihuahua is no man’s land. They are constantly robbing travelers along Highway 45/450. It is still common to hear of gunmen stopping buses and robbing everyone.
          Juarez has gotten better over the last couple of years. The cartel violence has dropped significantly. A few years ago, they were having 7-9 murders a day. Now it is like 7 a month.
          I miss going over there to eat dinner. It was always a blast. The best thing was to go to a tortilleria and buy a fresh, warm pack of corn tortillas and just sit and eat them when they were hot. That was so good.
          I can still do that, there are several tortillerias with a few minutes of my house. It was different over there.

          • Octavio

            Didn’t know that things have been so bad on that highway. I’ve driven to Chihuahua and then four-wheeled around Canyon del Cobre many times, but obviously not in the last 20 years or so. 🙁

            But you’re right. Everything south of the border smells and tastes better. Tonight we’ll take a taxi into the old part of town and spook about for comida autentica.

      • Gene

        I am in Mexico City from time to time Paula. I feel quite safe there, although I admit I am mainly in the governmental and business districts, and the tourists haunts (zocolo, the zoo…great zoo, zona rosa, the area around the Habsburg Imperial Palace, etc. Its a great city, and yes, there is crime, but, if you use common sense, its not bad. I will go back there soon in fact, but, I would not go to Acapulco now for any reason. period. Pity, because its supposed to be really beautiful and have a great gay community. 🙁 But, don’t count out a visit to the capital. Its amazing.

    • Herald

      Please, please take care of yourselves. I am glad you are flying home soon!

      • Octavio

        Seriously, I worry more about the flight home than banditos peligrosos. Thanks.

    • Robincho

      Cuídate, amigo…

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme
  • Jmdintpa

    all this death and all this violence makes one feel quite hopeless.

    • billbear1961

      That’s what these evil fucks WANT, Jm.

      I’m a gloomy pessimist by nature, but don’t let them destroy your hope!

  • Octavio
  • Ninja0980

    Where will the Christians be to condemn this?

  • 3-Star

    More of them darn transgendered leftist activist people. Just like the one in Colorado I know it’s true ‘cuz Ted Cruz said so!

  • Harley

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the gunmen were white US terrorists who bought the guns in the US and smuggled them back to Mexico. Mexico should probably shut the border with the US until American terrorists can be prosecuted and the US pass some no nonsense gun control laws.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Hmmm, didn’t think of that; though I suspect this could also be a cartel skirmish. Either way, I hope our brethren will be safe in this troubled time.

    • Steven Leahy

      Newsflash, but there are homophobes in the world outside the white male population in the US. Usually you post some intelligent stuff but that comment was just stupid.

  • Homo Erectus

    “Mexico needs more guns!” NRA spokesman Pepé Le Pew

  • ExGayTherapyKills

    Mexico is Catholic and the Pope and his terrorist Catholics are to blame for the deaths of LGBT people.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    We love Mexico and we travel there every winter. We usually hit the Riviera Maya and PV and I worry for our friends who live their. The locals are some of the most gracious people on the planet and we are now fearful for them. I hope this doesn’t escalate and that those responsible are caught.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Macho gang culture + “Las Reinas” = trouble

  • teedofftaxpayer

    As a retiree I considered traveling to Mexico on a vacation. But for the last few years you hear a great deal about the mass killings by drug lords and their minions. I think until the Mexican government can get a handle on these thugs the Americans, gay, straight or otherwise should avoid going there. I know we have our own homegrown idiots, but there it seems to be organized by the criminals.

    • Robert Conner

      The Mexican government at the level of mayors and governors is often complicit as are the police and the military.

  • Michael

    I was in Mexico once for a few hours in Tijauana and never went again. This type of article shows me the wisdom of that decision. There’s nothing in Mexico I want to see bad enough to cross that border.

    • zhera

      Because, like, shootings never happen in the US…

      • Robert Conner

        An estimated 25,000 people have been murdered by gangs in Ciudad Juarez. I know a professor who teaches at the university there who has lost two colleagues to crossfire.

    • KarenAtFOH

      My partner’s grandson is living in TJ right now, and he says people there are upset and furious with Americans over Trump’s remarks.

    • TuuxKabin

      Tijuana, not Tijauana, is not representative of the reset of Mexico, just as El Paso or any border town representative of the U.S. If you traveled more maybe you could expand your outlook and absorb more of other cultures.

  • Blake Jordan

    Humans truly are a mistake of nature, not enough good done to compensate for all the evil to each other, and the planet.

  • Janice Owens

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  • rkwright

    Raina Gay would be a Queen Gay competition, so yes, it would have been a drag beauty contest. This is horrible news. Another terrorist attack against us, who thinks this story will get any traction……