Breitbart Punishes Starbucks With $10 Plastic Cup

Breitbart is putting the Christ back in Christmas with an ‘in your face” $10 plastic coffee cup meant to punish Starbucks. They write:

Starbucks’ decision to rip all Christmas symbols off its coffee cups further alienated conservatives who were already fed up with the Seattle-based company’s liberal politics. However, in the wake of the Starbucks red cup controversy, which was first reported by Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, a new coffee tumbler stands to reignite the latest battle in the War on Christmas.

Just in time for Cyber Monday, Breitbart News launched today its first-ever, limited edition Merry Christmas coffee tumbler. The bright red tumbler is emblazoned with a snowflake-encircled Breitbart ‘B’ donning a Santa hat with “Merry Christmas” printed in bold across its face. The cup’s back features tongue-in-cheek barista boxes denoting the strength of one’s brew, with “Honey Badger”—a Breitbart community mantra for being “in your face,” based on the viral Internet video—representing the strongest blend. “Caution: This beverage contains common sense,” appears at the bottom.

Many Breitbart commenters are questioning the cup’s design, its cost, and that an unnamed veteran’s charity will allegedly get a “portion” of the proceeds.

  • RealityBass

    This is what the modern conservative movement has become — a way to make easy money selling worthless crap to rubes.

    • bkmn

      When the grifting is this good how can they pass it up? With a little more work they can form their own non-profit to pad their pockets almost as much as preachers do.

  • JaniceInToronto

    So does the “B” stand for “Baby Jesus”?

    • Rebecca Gardner


      • GayOldLady

        Oh, I thought it stood for Blessed Virgin.

        • Rebecca Gardner

          Blood of Christ? It is a red cup after all. 😉

          • grada3784

            That’s when they bring it back for Easter.

      • JaniceInToronto

        Guess I should have used the /s

    • Igby

      Um…that would be B.J.

      • Chucktech

        Well! I know perfectly well what “BJ” stands for…

        • clay

          low prices for large loads?

      • grada3784

        Beat me by 5 minutes.

    • grada3784

      That would be BJ. Conservatives are tone deaf enough to go for something like that.

  • Gustav2

    Honey Badger and red Christmas cups are gay.

    • GayOldLady

      Should we tell them?

      • Gustav2

        Nah, just laugh.

    • bkmn

      Hell, half the staff at not-very-Breitbart are gay.

  • TuuxKabin

    Breitbart commenters are questioning . . . ? How dare they!

    • GayOldLady

      Really!!! Questioning Breitbart is unAmerican! Why doesn’t Breitbart just run a headline that says “Buy the Fucking $10 cup and Shut Up”

    • Enrico Webers

      Not to worry, Breitbart is very quick with its BLOCK button. Soon all commentators on Breitbart will agree again (once the rest have been removed).

      • Bad Tom

        If there are any left.

    • B Snow

      That’s my favorite part of the story.

  • oikos

    Pretty much.

    • GayOldLady

      Because too many people who call themselves christian focus on foolish things, like Starbuck cups, while WILLFULLY ignoring things that really matter. They send money to Evangelical preachers like Joel Osteen so he can live like a King, instead of sending their money into their own community where the needs of the poor, sick and disenfranchised are barely being addressed. IDIOTS!

      • McSwagg

        Well, it is the season of giving grifts. It’s even in the famous song ….

        “We Three Kings of Orient Are,
        Bearing Grifts, We’ve Traveled Afar.
        … “

  • Alaska

    This is basically conservative welfare 101

    Step 1: Generate outrage over non-existent issue
    Step 2: Money Beg for donations to combat non-existent issue
    Step 3: Use outrage over non-existent issue to sell product
    Step 4: Profit!

    • Rambie

      Agreed. that’s their real plan.

    • nocadrummer

      That sounds like the South Park underwear gnomes:
      Step 1: Steal underwear.
      Step 3: Profit!

      (Personally, I think the stealing underwear gig is probably less dirty and causes less harm. And step 2, which is never described, is probably “sell on eBay or Craig’s List.”)

    • BlueberriesForMe

      If someone isn’t “outraged” about something, life just isn’t worth living.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    “in the wake of the Starbucks red cup controversy”

    There is no controversy. It’s just you guys screaming among yourselves. The other 97% of society doesn’t give a fuck.

    • vorpal

      These people have the emotional maturity and coping mechanisms of three year olds.

      Any time someone does something that isn’t all about them, they find a way to make it all about them and scream like they skinned their knee, and threaten to cry until society bends over backwards to kiss it better and buy them ice cream.

      • JT

        Gotta keep the crazies riled up.

        • vorpal

          I do my part.
          I like to hunt them down online and jab them a few times with a nice, sharp verbal stick.
          Then I sit back with some tasty popcorn and watch the eruptions.
          (In this video, for once, I am not the kitties.)

          • Chucktech

            Thank you for your service to our community, vorpal!

          • Rambie

            I hope you take a bath after treading into their territory. Never know what you may pick up.

          • vorpal

            I roll around in a tub of Cipro for a few minutes afterwards.

            I’m not too worried, though, that what they’re dishing out is remotely contagious.

          • Rambie

            Contagious no… but the smell. 😉

          • Eriq von Hagen

            You look into the abyss, and the abyss looks into you.

          • Queequeg

            I’d do that, except that I feel dirty every time I go to a right wing site. One can only take so many hot showers on a given day.

          • Doug105
      • Chuck in NYC

        Exactly — brats. Whoever started calling it Bratbart was right on.

        • JaniceInToronto

          Actually, I thought DEAD BRIETBART would be more to the point.

          • Janice Owens

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      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        unfortunately thats most of the american public. not just the crazy right wing. America has become the land of the selfish entitled.

    • sw42

      I went into a Starbucks after the non-existent controversy started, and asked the people behind the counter what they thought, and they said “it’s a non-issue, it’s a handful of crazy people online, but none of our customers care”

    • Dramphooey

      Yeah, didn’t this blow up in their faces? I think even Sarah Palin tried to sweep it under the rug.

      • Prixator

        I know Bristle did.

        • Christopher Smith

          That’s Barstool 🙂

          • Prixator

            Only when she’s upside down!

          • agcons

            Which is . . . always?

  • BobSF_94117

    It’s not very Jesus-y.

    • Chucktech

      Whaddaya mean, it says CHRISTmas, right there on the side. Ain’t that Jeezy enough??

      • JW Swift

        But that’s only ONE mention, and Jeezy absolutely MUST be THE reason (the one and ONLY reason) for the season. Or else. Or something.

  • j.martindale

    Yes, you could certainly fill a red cup with all of the common sense you are likely to find at Breitbart.

    • RaygunsGoZap

      It comes pre-filled

      • nocadrummer

        That’s why it’s empty. It’s filled with the common sense at Brietbart.

        • RaygunsGoZap


  • bambinoitaliano

    $10 and there’s no coffee come with it? Makes Starbucks look like a generous charity.

    • JW Swift

      Don’t forget shipping and “handling” charges…

  • Mike Carey

    Is that an actual cup or a flat red thing? The words ‘Merry Christmas’ look like they are printed on a flat piece of paper rather than a curved coffee cup.

    • JW Swift

      Bad Photoshopping.

  • BobSF_94117

    I assume one of the check-boxes on the side says “no semen”.

    • poose

      Sir, you win 1000 internets!

    • Maggie 4NoH8

      ONLY at the Harlem branches of Starbucks…

    • douglas

      What about extra shot? Some of us need that extra pick me up.

  • Dale082

    These people are just too fucking stupid. *Massive Eye Roll*

  • GayOldLady

    So, what are the Breitbarters going to do with their Red jesus cup, take it to Starbucks and have them fill it up?

    • RaygunsGoZap

      Yes, Girl. And tell them”My name is Merry Christmas” and just laugh laugh laugh at having one this round while shooting up hoody wearing – red, because it’s Christmas – targets down at he Shootin’ Shack

      • nocadrummer

        And, in typical Starbucks’ barrista style fo getting names wrong, they can call out “Happy Holidays! I have a half-caff double-espresso fat-free vento latte for Happy Holidays!”

      • vorpal

        I would just yell, “I have a drink for Mary! Mary? …Mary?”

      • John Masters

        I say, tell them your name is “The Anti-Christ.” When they call that out, that should clear the store of any fundamentalists.

    • McSwagg

      Actually, Starbucks will give you a small discount (5 or 10 cents) if you use your own cup or travel mug.

  • Paula

    If you don’t want to drink Starbucks, don’t. Why do you people keep bringing it up. Say Merry xmas, or don’t. Nobody cares.

    • clay

      I had a self-proclaimed fundamentalist Christian student complain that people want him to shut up about it, but they also want him to shut up about abortion. His claim is that the others are hypocritical, since it doesn’t matter what he’s bitching about, they just want him to shut up. I tried to explain to him that the others were being consistent, not hypocritical, in that they want him to stop telling them what to do on every issue.

      • vorpal

        They honestly seem to believe that the constitutional right to free speech guarantees them a captive audience and a freedom from criticism.

        Given that they’ve never even read their holy book, though, the chances that they’d browse the first amendment and try to actually understand it is pretty close to zero.

      • Paula

        That’s just it. All I want them to do is STFU and leave me alone. They can’t do it.

        • vorpal

          It’s because they love you TOO much to let you continue to live in the darkness of not thinking that they know what’s best for you.

    • poose

      I’ve wondered many times the allure of Starbucks. All they’ve got to show for it is clever marketing and halfway-decent coffee loaded to the gills with sugar and lactose.

      I don’t frequent them for a simple reason-and it has nothing to do with their politics. It’s that sugar (to them) is a primary ingredient, and (as a pre-diabetic…gotta get working on that…) don’t need it.

      I’m also lactose intolerant. Double whammy.

      • TominDC

        They have plain brewed coffee, without any sugar or dairy. Not the greatest coffee in the world, but pretty reasonable for a couple of dollars.

        • Reality.Bites

          And I never order anything else. I don’t order milkshakes at McDonald’s. Why would I order a hot milkshake at Starbucks?

        • John T

          But that disrupts my narrative about smug out-of-touch liberal elitists spending frivolous amounts of money on shitty faux-sophisticated coffee drinks. I need a good reason to look down on those people!

      • Paula

        The whole situation is funny to me. I don’t drink coffee. I like the smell but, not the taste.

      • Christopher Smith

        Halfway-decent? You’re too kind. Dreck coffee which invariably tastes burnt, with enough sugar and bovine growth hormones to kill you.

        • camel54

          I live in Italy. here, we drink coffee, in tiny but very powerful shots. What you get in Starbucks is a soft drink.

          • Christopher Smith

            Love Italian coffee and espresso. Starbucks, like the rest of Amurrikkkan pop culture, is toxic trash tarted up and whored for a premium.

          • RoFaWh

            Are you aware that Walmart carries “Kimbo” espresso coffee beans, imported from Italy?

          • Christopher Smith

            Still not enough reason to set foot in Wallyworld 🙂

    • Gustav2

      I’m waiting for the Christianists to claim credit for the drop in sales at brick and mortar stores, even tho internet sales increases made up for it.

  • JT

    They won’t make much off their nitwits unless they offer bullshit flavored latte.

  • geoffalnutt

    I thought they were out of dead horses to beat. Wrong.

  • If you’re determined to be a stupid conservative then you’re going to have to buy your own expensive plastic cup. Ha ha! What dolts!

  • Gigi

    How are snowflakes and Santa hats “Christian symbols?”

    • DaddyRay

      We got the rainbow so they are trying to take the snowflake

      • clay

        it better fits their color scheme of black or white.

    • e’ville_globeguy

      Exactly! Why does Breitbart HATE THE BABY JESUS??!!

    • motordog

      I once told a coworker I was an atheist (it came up in conversation)…she said “but you HAVE to believe in SOMETHING!” It was as if any ‘faith’ I had would be okay, as long as I subscribed to at least one of them. I think that’s what’s going on here; they fear (and secretly acknowledge) that there is no god, heaven, etc…it’s all as fake as Santa Claus…so they figure ANY symbol of holiday fantasy is better than none.

      • Allan_in_SF

        My standard reply to these people is to say that I believe in TWO things: hydrogen and gravity.

    • Gyeo

      Can we talk about how snow isn’t exclusive to the month of December?

      • MDB

        Or that in many parts of the world south of Teabagistan, the “Christmas” season is sunny, hot and definitely NOT filed with merriness and bright.

        • Gyeo

          The world is only America. Only.

      • RoFaWh

        Around here, if we get snow at all, it’s usually in January or February.

        Edit: In fact, in many parts of the US and Canada, a white xmas is the exception, not the rule.

    • 2patricius2

      Well Jeebus was God’s little snowflake that floated down from heaven, and Santa was a bishop who crept into people’s houses to give special gifts to little children….

      • Paula

        Yeah, I’ve heard that story. And Krampus comes with Santa to disembowel and eat the naughty kids.
        A Classic!

      • John Masters

        Kirk Cameron…is that you here on Joe My God?

        • 2patricius2

          Lol. Not Kirk. Just someone having a little fun with the silly cup.

    • Gustav2
    • CottonBlimp

      It’s the elf that gets me.

  • A reusable cup. That they would presumably have to have filled at the place they are boycotting if they really want to be “in your face”. Got it.

    • nocadrummer

      Oh, I know… go to Starbucks, pay to get your “holiday” cup filled, then take it outside and dump it. Yeah. That’ll show ’em! You ain’t drinkin’ no pansy-ass coffee from Starbucks!

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    This is just as classy as plastic nativity sets. And, I totally get how it makes a statement for today’s christian extremist. Only, it’s not the one they think.

    • poose

      Ya know, now that you mentioned it, at least the nativity set My ‘rents used was ceramic, and actually quite nice. Dad even made a basswood stable and manger that gave it an extra little cred.

      That said, I know what’s coming…the dreaded, plastic, 1/2 scale lightbulb up-the a$$ lawn nativity scene that given the current weather picture (central Indiana WITH hurricane-force winds) will absolutely require extra anchoring this year.

      Being an atheist here is hell, but at least I don’t live below the Mason-Dixon (or is that Manson-Nixon?) line.

      I’d say “plastic” is a hard limit for me, but I do love my parents.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        I’m an atheist as well and some of the nativity sets that are put out are lovely. I have a great-grandmother’s nativity and it is well made and in really good shape considering how old it is. (I don’t put it out, but I have it as part of my family history) I live in a very catholic nabe, so you basically can’t spit without hitting a nativity scene. That being said, I don’t understand how a tacky plastic nativity scene honors your religion. Think about the art and buildings that have been created over the centuries in the name of religion and compare.

        I have news for you; it isn’t easy being an atheist anywhere yet and I live in NYC. With any luck the plastic ones will blow away and the nicer ones will stay put. (I also dislike the blowup decorations b/c when they aren’t blown up, it looks like discarded trash bags on the lawn)

  • Mark

    OH yeah cuz there were snowflakes, elves, tinsel and holly in the middle east – stupid fuckers.

    • Tor

      All that Pagan stuff that was adopted by the Christians.

      • nocadrummer

        “Stolen”. The correct word is “stolen”. Because even back then, they had to lie to get people to believe in them.

  • Cousin Bleh

    Wait wait wait, the phrase “honey badger” made famous by the gayest gay who ever gayed, is a Breitbart community mantra?

    Are we in Bizarro World?

    • Cousin Bleh

      For the record, this is Randall…

      • nocadrummer

        That’s pretty gay, alright.

        • clay

          and we haven’t even seen him walk

      • vorpal

        That’s definitely platinum achievement, bonus level unlocked gay.

        • pj


        • motordog

          Gayer than an Easter bonnet made of three dollar bills…

          • Bob Conti

            Gayer than Macy’s at Christmas.

      • RoFaWh

        Remind me of the photo of Fran Leibowitz standing in front of an inscription reading author(ity).

    • Rebecca Gardner

      I had the exact same thought when I read that.

  • Breitbart: making money off idiots for over a decade.

  • Blake Mason

    Isn’t that a Satan hat…. I mean a Santa hat. That is very un-Christian… mixed messages?

  • ScottinPhilly

    Plus $3 for shipping. The cost can’t be more than $2 including custom printing.

  • Sam_Handwich

    there are simply too many snarky directions to take this to even know where to begin

  • poose

    I’m going to donate $10 to a media outlet and all I get to show for it is a stupid bit of blow-molded plastic?
    Nope. nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope…

    Want to be altruistic and not get ripped off? Find a local Vets shelter and give THEM $10. They’ll luv U for it!

  • Breitbart: Excoriating Extinguished Equines.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Does the “B” stand for bullshit?

    • Larry in Oklahoma

      Isn’t a “B” cup a medium bra? lol

      • Reality.Bites

        You’ll have to ask Grace. Anastasia wouldn’t know.

  • And because it’s from Breitbart, it can also be worn as a Dunce Cap.

  • David Milley

    Yeah, because pushing the Breitbart brand is really in keeping with the spirit of the season. /s

  • Map

    I was just in Seattle this past weekend and the Original Starbucks had a line out the door allay long as well and the other Starbicks near by..Starbucks has nothing to worry about.

    • RoFaWh

      People stand in line for Starbucks coffee?

      I don’t mind their coffee, but I certainly wouldn’t stand in a long line waiting for it. It’s not that good.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Wait. So you bring your own cup into Starbucks and still pay for their coffee?

    That’ll show ’em.

    • vorpal

      But… won’t this in a very small way prevent that myth of climate change?
      =right wing head explosions=

  • Lakeview Bob

    Nothing celebrates Christmas better than Breitbart printed on a red cup. In the 21st Century Santa Claus is a symbol of greed. If they were serious about Christmas the cup would have a manger scene on it.

  • It’s Giving Tuesday tomorrow, I hope people don’t waste their money on this bullshit and make a donation direct to a charity, there are plenty of organisations that need help.

  • Friday

    It should say “Season’s Bleatings” on it, for those poor- persecuted-by-decor bastiges. . 🙂

  • Bryan

    Yes, from the look of some of the comments, the Breibarters are revolting.

    • Necessitas

      You said it! They stink on ice!

  • This web site site is loaded with racist and anti-semitic right wing crackpot comments (yes, there are quite a few anti semitic comments on it) — similar to Pat Buchanan’s neo fascist readers. These morons don’t even realize Breitbart was Jewish – someone pointed it out in a comment and people were incredulous.

    • zhera

      I like pointing out that Jeeziz was Jewish.

      • Necessitas

        Only on his Mother’s side. 🙂

  • Jack_Carter_USA

    Wow, even the Breitbots are wary of such a blatant scam. There’s hope for the human race after all.

    • Sk3ptic

      It must be a liberal scheme!

  • Ted

    “Caution: This beverage contains common sense”

    OMG…that’s just…oh, jee-roo-salem…[shakes head]

  • Right, with Santa’s hat and snowflakes — all those Christmas symbols you find in the Bible.

    hmm. . . .

    I guess the red, green and white color scheme on the Starbucks cup was too subtle for Breitbart.

    • bkmn

      It does look like the B is on a wreath, an ancient symbol for pagans. The elf is a symbol for hoovering money out of rubes’ pockets.

    • zhera

      They sure put Christ back in Christmas!!!1!

  • Marides48

    Yea, we all know that baby Jebus was born at the North Pole & was raised by busy little toy making elves.

    • Necessitas

      And you’ll find plenty of pine trees at the North pole.

      • Reality.Bites

        They import them from Bethlehem.

  • Gustav2

    Bennett Cerf, Try And Stop Me (1944), from Bennett Cerf’s Bumper Crop (Garden City, NY: Garden City Books, n.d.), vol. 1, pp. 511-12.

    Astute publicity men have extricated million-dollar enterprises from many a jam. One of the funniest of them involved a magnate who “got in on the ground floor” of a new salmon-canning project. The price of his stock was right, and the salmon was delicious. Unfortunately, the color of the salmon was pure white, instead of the customary pink. It tasted just as good as the best, but the public was used to pink salmon, and would have no truck with any other kind. The inventory reached alarming proportions, and bankruptcy loomed. Then the high-powered “public relations counsel” was called in. By printing just one line in big type on every can of salmon in stock, he cleaned out the inventory in exactly four months, and, if rival canneries had not secured an ultimate injunction, would undoubtedly have put most of them out of business. The line that he suggested was simple. It read: “This salmon is guaranteed not to turn pink in the can.”

  • Gregory B

    Isn’t it great that all the world’s problems are solved and the only thing left to fix is the colour of a take-out coffee cup?!

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    My question IS: WILL Starbucks honor this cup? I mean, can you take it in and use it there? Will they allow that? Or will they insist that you get your beverage in their cup. I’m sure they won’t be THAT strict but I wonder. Also, IS this B cup the same size as a Starbucks cup? Since it appears to be a throwaway cup, why pay $10 when you can get a Styrofoam cup for just a few cents.

    • lymis

      Or insulated overtly Christmas cups at any party store.

    • McSwagg

      Starbucks does allow you to bring in your own mug and they will give you a small discount (5 to 10 cents) to do so. There is no rule that says they must fill the cup to the rim. You could ask for a ‘small’ even though it only fills your personal cup half full.

  • Clive Johnson

    Earlier this morning I was reading about a primate species on the edge of extinction. They have 28 members left in the world and are highly vulnerable to deforestation, big storms, etc. They’re beautiful creatures and human stupidity might doom them to permanent non-existence in the universe.

    Meanwhile, on the political right in America, alleged adults are soiling their britches over Jesus cups at a coffee house chain.

    • Christopher Smith

      If only your comment could be upvoted a trillion times. 🙂

  • Clive Johnson

    Happy holidays, Breitbart!

    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Ezekiel 23:20 holiday season!

    • Sam_Handwich

      Equine Jizzuccino?

    • MDB

      That would be one helluva non-fat semen latte.

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        Have one delivered to “Pastor” Manning, in Harlem.

    • McSwagg

      And here we thought they only beat dead horses …

  • Necessitas

    Breitbart is promoting an un-Biblical oblate spheroid earth with the illustration of the North pole. The Bible plainly proclaims the earth to be flat with four corners.

  • SoCalVet

    They made the holiday about Brietbarf instead of about the Baby Jesus. congratulations.

  • Jeff Breeze

    10 bucks? Really? Are you fucking kidding me with this? Just when you think these guys cant get any dumber, along comes something to surprise you. For God’s sake, how much lower can we set the stupidity bar? It’s practically on the floor now. I dont think anyone can limbo under it even if they try.

    • RoFaWh

      If their order was large enough, they paid no more than a few pennies per cup.

  • LDinMN

    Interersting how most conservative Christians forget the the Christian calendar says it’s Advent right now, not Christmas. It’s not Christmas until December 24th. Happy Holidays is actually more correct than Merry Christmas, according to the Christian litergical calendar.

  • Snarkaholic

    To any Starbucks baristas who read JMG: When one of these holier-than-thou jerkwads smugly tells you that their name is ‘Merry Christmas’, write it on the cup as ‘Mary Kris Mosque’.

  • ColdCountry

    ‘Cause nothing says lets celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace like a bit of in-your-face intolerance.

  • Baby Dave

    Melted plastic in your coffee…. mmmmmmm…… so this is what conservatism tastes like!

  • shellback

    With one bullshit holiday behind me, I can now focus more attention on my war on xmas – another bullshit holiday. And I don’t need anyone’s cups to do it.

    • RoFaWh

      Try celebrating Kwanzaa instead. After all, many “white” murricans have a black ancestor or two, and Kwanzaa, as a holiday arisen in recent times, should be a lot of fuun.

      • Bradford Kelly

        Festivus thanks. The festival for the rest of us

  • Sam_Handwich

    When asked to comment, Candidate Jalapeño directed us to this new addition to his campaign store…

    • BlueberriesForMe

      “Enough about the cups!” said hybrid candidate JalapeñoSanders.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        ha !

  • 2patricius2

    So the symbols of Christ are snowflakes and a Santa hat and a money beg for a cheap cup?

  • Christopher

    I hope they spelled it “Expresso” just to show us liberal fancified Eastern elites that they don’t need our “dictionaries” or “spell checkers”.

  • CaliforniaDude

    greedy filthy pigs these evangelicals. Never missing a chance to scream “Persecution!” while cleverly inserting the address to send donations. PIGS!

    • RoFaWh

      Also the most money-hungry and the most sexually-obsessed.

  • Bert_Bauer

    You know, for a bunch of smack-talking, gun-toting war mongers, conservative crybabies certainly are fragile little flowers who have cultures of political correctness and professional victimhood. In other words, they’ve become everything they’ve railed against..

    • secretlab

      Pathological ‘projection’. Nobody does it more, or to greater effect.

  • DaveMiller135

    That’s a very defensive posture. They should have made a big green cup, with big snowflakes all over it, instead of having a tiny green area with snowflakes and Christmas hat, neither bigger than the Breitbart “B.” As Goddard said, “If you want to criticize a Christmas cup, make a Christmas cup of your own.”

  • Cackalaquiano

    Good, it’ll make it easy to spot the crazy anytime we see someone sipping from one. We can avoid them or, if we’re in the mood for some fun, get them started by wishing a hearty “happy holidays,” or worse, a Kwanzaa reference.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    OT/ Some details of Robert Dear’s online life are beginning to emerge. From the second link below.
    “He seemed to have a separate life online. An online personals ad seeking women in North Carolina interested in bondage and sadomasochistic sex showed a picture that appeared to be Dear and used an online pseudonym associated with him. The same user also appeared to have turned to online message boards to seek companions in the Asheville area with whom he could smoke marijuana. On the site, the writer in December 2005 said: “AIDS, hurricanes, we are in the end times. Accept the LORD JESUS while you can.”



  • Queequeg

    Nothing says Jesus like a big B wearing a Santa hat, surrounded by a snowflake.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Perfect gift for that annoying, conservative “B” in your life.

  • RoFaWh

    Breitbart: just another grift operation.

  • danolgb

    It’s soooo Jesusy.

  • Blake Mason

    Didn’t they listen to Pastor Manning warning that gay semen is used in the coffee? Make mines extra frothy please.

  • HZ81

    Ah, our conservatives: bravely fighting the good fight absolutely nobody in their right mind gives a fuck about.

  • dcurlee

    What about the red solo cup they didn’t get in an uproar over that lol. They are a bunch of fools

  • romanhans

    Plastic, because nothing says Christmas like bloodstreams coursing with polychlorinated biphenyls.

    • Tor

      You’ll never make it in the Bagger circles using big words like that. God make those poly-thingies, so you’d better like ’em.

  • teeveedub

    I’ll betcha ten bucks it’s made in China. For about 12 cents. And it’s full of toxic chemicals.

    • MDB

      ZOIKS ! …not by those lazy ungodly pagan communist foreigners ??????

    • Reality.Bites

      We can only hope

    • Tor

      Just like Ted’s sweater.

  • Queequeg

    In other Breitbart news, Mockingjay Part 2, the movie they called a failure due to Jennifer Lawrence’s political views was the #1 film at the box office over Thanksgiving weekend.

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      Little things that make you smile. 😊

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    If they weren’t quite dense and opaque, they would be very transparent.

    Shall we agree on translucent? Translucent wingnuts galore…

  • It should have Andrew Breitbart hanging off the “B” shouldn’t it?

  • Dramphooey

    Breitbart has nothing but contempt for its readers. Some of the commenters are questioning the latest garbage? Is there a possibility they’re waking up?

  • SilasMarner

    Yeah, that’ll show those Starbuck commie pinko fags. snark LOL

  • Mike C

    Are they BPA-free? If not, how many can I buy for their readers? I’m feeling gifty.

  • John Masters

    Uh, so I thought the uproar was all about taking “Christ” out of Christmas. So, other than having the word Christmas on the cup, you kind of did the same thing. The Santa Cap and snow flakes are NOT Christian symbols (just in case the folks at Brietbart don’t know that…which apparently they don’t). So, they didn’t accomplish much here, but of course, there wasn’t much to accomplish given the lack of an actual war on Christmas.

    And by the way, unless it comes filled with my favorite caffeine-based concoction prepared by a barista, then why do I want this?

    • Reality.Bites

      I’m assuming it’s a reusable cup

      • Tor

        That is sooo anti-conservative.

    • Randy503

      Well, they can’t put an image of Christ on the cross, and that is rather catholic and would offend the fundies. Plus the whole ingrained image thing.

  • TheManicMechanic

    This says, “I’m an idiot that listens to liars, votes against my own best interests as well as my family’s, and I fell for yet another scheme that makes my manipulators rich by purchasing patently foolish junk from them like this cup.”

  • kirtanloorii

    Never let an invented crisis go to waste.

  • Reality.Bites

    Celebrate Christmas – buy a coffee mug emblazoned with the logo of a dead Jewish guy who’s NOT Jesus.

  • bambinoitaliano

    That’s one semen latte that should not be franchise.

  • TampaDink

    Is the Nativity scene on the bottom of the inside? I sure as hell don’t see any of those xtian symbols on the outside.

    • GanymedeRenard

      That’d be odd to see, considering B. Shapiro is not exactly Christian. But then again, none of his colleagues are exactly Christian. In fact, what is a Christian?

      • TampaDink

        None of the folks that allegedly arrived on foot or by camel or donkey were xtians either. A xtian is whatever the person claiming to be one thinks…at any given moment. ;-p

        • GanymedeRenard

          Well, in a way, you’re right. But the people who (allegedly) congregated to see the “newborn king” did believe that that little baby (so the story goes) was indeed the Christ, the son of gawd. So that makes them Xtians, I suppose. But hey, who cares! Their contemporary fellow believers are as clueless as they were back then! XD

  • Porkie

    The Shitebart Merry Christmas tumblers cost $9.95 PLUS shipping/handling……..

    Damn, you think that they could throw in shipping and handling.


    These Breibart people should not be drinking coffee. They should be served a restraining order.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      at least neutered

  • pleasebereasonable

    I hope they didn’t order too many….I have a feeling Breitbard employees will be taking them home by the case…..

  • Mawm

    Yeah, I saw this at a local Starbucks. I mean, can you get anymore Christian or Catholic than an advent calendar?

  • TexasBoy

    So, how much is your religion truly worth, if it must be constantly reinforced for you by baristas and WalMart cashiers?

  • Bob Conti

    Christmas doesn’t hit ’til the 25th and then continues for 11 more days. We’re in the Advent Season. But tell this to the people who are bleating War on Christmas, and they’ll look at you with vacant eyes and mouths agape.

  • RandyKnows

    There’s a lot of calling BS and eye-rolling in the comment section at Breitbart, too.

  • Tempus Fuggit

    I’m sure this’ll totally pwn Starbucks and some stuff.

  • Acronym Jim

    Breitbart cronies; paying $10-a-pop to lower overhead costs of companies they’re protesting since 2015.

  • Orly

    Grifters gotta grift.

  • Smithbc

    In the wake of the red cup with a green logo controversy, they’ve released a red cup with a green logo. Way to go guys. I’m sure Jesus would be so proud of your wreath and snow flake.

  • anne marie in philly


  • GanymedeRenard

    What do you, as a practicing Jew, think of these pagan symbols, dear Benny Shapiro? Is the mention of Christ OK? I’m interested.

  • Let’s see….snowflake, well thats a from nature, so I’m putting that in the pagan coloumn. Santa hat? Hmm, well Santa used to be a saint, but those days have flown by a dozen decades or so ago, so again pagan. Merry is also a hold over from pagan days. So except for the christmas part of the cup, its no more xtian that starbucks cups.

  • glass

    I am outraged, OUTRAGED I tell you! Where is the picture of the dead guy nailed to a crucifix? It’s not a christmas cup without a dead jesus on it. I mean c’mon, it’s red, the color of the blood of jesus.


  • gothambear

    I”m sure enjoying my Starbucks CHRISTMAS blend whole bean coffee morons at Breitbart…guess you didn’t notice that while choking on the vomit of your own nasty rhetoric…

  • dwieboldt

    Ho Hum…

  • Janice Owens

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  • NMNative

    Couldn’t agree more. Bring back all those symbols of christian christmas: reindeer, santa, snowflakes, and even Frosty. It was snowing when Jesus was born and Santa and his reindeer were right there in the manger, singing carols and making snowmen, decorating with lights and tinsel, handing out hot chocolate and christmas cookies. History, ladies and gentlemen, history!