COLOMBIA: High Court Approves Gay Adoption

The local Catholic Church is very unhappy. The Associated Press reports:

In a historic decision, Colombia’s constitutional court opened the door Wednesday for same-sex couples to legally adopt children in the conservative South American nation. In the 6-2 ruling, the court said adoption agencies can’t discriminate against gay, lesbian and transsexual couples during an adoption process. Colombia’s Roman Catholic Church immediately denounced the decision as violating the rights of children and going against the wishes of the majority of Colombians who polls say overwhelmingly reject giving gays the same rights to marriage and adoption as heterosexual couples. “Our protest is emphatic,” Monsignor Juan Vicente Cordoba, a church spokesman, told RCN TV, reiterating the church’s demand that the issue be decided by a plebiscite. “We have the right so that the voice of the majority of Colombians is heard. The court is there to take care of the laws, not change them,” he said.

Due soon is a same-sex marriage ruling from the same court, which held a hearing in late July. (Tipped by JMG reader Luis)

  • Luis De California

    Austria’s court also ruled in favor of couples and gave Parliament until the end of the year to change the laws. In the end, last week they just decided to let the Court ruling take over and come into effect on January 1st. Colombia will do the same, the government is in favor but Congress as a whole never got any bills passed.

    Fingers crossed the marriage ruling is soon and favorable 😉

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      Yeah. This is why Latin America more than anywhere else in the world shows how the “Conservative/Liberal” labels have become almost meaningless in the 21st century. The three countries with the supposedly most leftist governments are the ones with the most anti-gay laws. Is Colombia really “conservative” in the sense that word is used in the USA today? Or even in the sense it was used in the 20th century?

      • Beto

        We are vey conservative. Very. But that conservatism is built on a) church influence and b) ignorance. Times are changing and therefore we colombian will be faced on new realities. The impending peace treaty between government and guerrilla group FARC will be the highest test of all our history and will set a path of how we will evolve in the coming years from there. Oh, and btw, court is kinda leaning to right, so that’s another remarkable thing.

    • canoebum

      “Fingers crossed the marriage ruling is soon and favorable ;)” Me, too.

    • Gene

      Luis, I remember the loathsome bigot and felon, Chuck Colson bragging after we had lost the 11 marriage amendments in one day that “some liberals say they will move to Europe or Latin America to avoid the new social conservatism. Well, Europe will hopefully see the light in time, but Latin America is a place where the conservative, correct understanding of traditional marriage and family is set in stone, and always will be”.
      not sad he is dead (he was that loathsome)
      wish he had lived to see all of this and blather on in shock like Dobson and Robertson 🙂

      • Luis De California

        They’re falling like stones. The Inter-American Court might even set a precedent regarding marriage/adoption before the European Court of Human Rights because the biggest/most powerful countries are having a domino effect 🙂

    • clay
  • Gustav2

    The devils from Rome have spoken! We mere Christians and non-Christians must obey.

  • Mark

    Yes…I like the way the RCC is all out-spoken about the rights of children…. and how many pedophile lawsuits from former children were there????

    • Gustav2

      There have not been enough lawsuits.

  • Blake Jordan

    Any time a member of the catholic church mentions the wellbeing of children, they should be laughed out of the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luis De California

    Full adoption: Bill pending in Chile whose government has said they are committed to a gay marriage law in 2017. Guernsey took the first step.

    Stepchild adoption: Italy, if it ever gets a Parliamentary vote on civil unions and a future referendum in Switzerland.

  • zhera

    I see the haters in Colombia are as ignorant as all the other haters when it comes to law, constitutions, and democracy.

    • Luis De California

      Ja. Hvordan gaar det? I read gay weddings in the Church of Norway passed the first step 🙂

      • zhera

        It will definitively happen! It’s just a matter of how much the anti crowd will bother to fight it. What infuriates me is how they are now, after the church election showed a clear majority FOR gays church weddings, are so super-concerned with having ‘all sides respected’ and ‘room for those who oppose’. Strangely, they never cared much about that when THEY were in the majority…

        • Luis De California

          Expose them.

          A Norwegian studying in Texas will visit me during Thanksgiving week. Tall, blond, blue eyes and very sweet. We’ll hang out as friends and see what happens.

          Han fortelle meg: Hvis du vil du kan bor i leilighet mitt, det er stor eller vi kan besoke hverandre noen ganger. I asked him a hypothetical what would happen if the chemistry was there and we still lived in two different states and that’s what he said. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

          • zhera

            Excellent! Have fun!

          • Luis De California

            The first thing he asked me was if I had a spicy traditional Mexican dish he could try when we talked about seeing California. I said yes my family eats a lot of spicy food and he said he can’t wait, but I wonder if his definition of spice is different from a Latino’s haha I hope the boy doesn’t get hurt.

            He’s from Oslo. What city are you from again?

          • zhera


            We aren’t used to spicy food here in Norway, but it’s possible that he’s an exception.

          • Luis De California

            I’m the odd one out because I don’t like spicy food myself haha. My family and Latin friends adore it.

  • Ninja0980

    Congrats Columbia!
    P.S. Who gives a $#! what the Church thinks?

  • Reality.Bites

    It kind of looks like the plant in the middle is arguing a case.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    The Church…….is that still a thing? 🙂

  • clay
    • James

      Sort of.

      It’s a positive step, yes, but let’s not overstate it.

      • clay

        it’s civil union, not marriage. it’s Tokyo, not Japan.

  • ExGayTherapyKills

    Thank God, every child needs a mother and a father or a mother and a mother and a father and a father, somebody to hold and love the child.

  • Luis De California

    Here is the verdict being read with English dubbing

  • GanymedeRenard

    Anybody else noticed the crucifix next to the Colombian flag? That a conservative high court is taking this tremendous step is very, very telling. Times are changing (for good, and at least in this part of the world)!