Swag Tuesday: Win A Copy Of First Comes Love

We haven’t done a Swag Tuesday in some time, but is a great one. Via press release:

FirstComesLoveFirst Comes Love is a new book of photographs and love stories that celebrates the lives and enduring relationships of LGBTQ couples from across the U.S. This is the story of our times! The coffee table book, with a foreword by icon Edie Windsor, is just one element of the First Comes Love Project, a traveling exhibition of photographs, stories and video interviews documenting LGBTQ couples that have been together for many years. Among the couples included in the book are Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer, both of the Proposition 8 couples, Mayor Annise Parker of Houston and her wife, Bishop Gene Robinson, the first couple married in Washington, DC and gay pioneers Barbara Gittings and Kay Lahusen.

First Comes Love has it right,” says supporter Evan Wolfson, President of Freedom to Marry. “It’s the faces and stories of real people that open hearts and minds and pave the way to legal and social change.” “First Comes Love is more than a book of beautiful photography, it’s an essential document,” says fellow endorser, HRC President, Chad Griffin. “It testifies to a moment in history that all of us made possible and none of us will ever forget—when our community left the closet for good, and equality finally became a mainstream American value.”

You can preview the book and learn more about the project at this link. Copies are on sale here.  Enter to win a copy by commenting on this post. Only enter once, please. The randomly selected winner will be notified via Disqus. If you are not a registered Disqus user, please leave an email address you check frequently. Entries close at midnight on Thursday.

  • Doug105

    commenting on this post.

  • Joe in PA

    I want!

  • NancyP

    The stories are even more interesting than the photographs. Click over to read, people.

  • JW Swift

    Ooooh. Definitely want. Thanks!

  • J. Raye

    Have been auditioning talent for years, so happy to see these duos singing out their love…

  • Sam_Handwich

    Hi, Joe! what are you wearing?

  • bdsmjack


  • William

    This book might give my partner ideas….

  • David Milley

    Holy cow! Yes please, Joe!

  • Margie

    The book looks wonderful!

  • Paul_in_Dallas

    I’d love to be the randomly selected winner!

  • LonelyLiberal

    Count me in!

  • helen s

    Please, and thank you. ❤😊

  • NIFP

    Would love to win (just like we did in the case)!

  • 2amor

    If I don’t win one, I will surely buy one

  • vorpal

    Ayup. Sign me up, Joe.

  • Mow

    It’ll match the JMG shirt I won at the London meetup. 🙂

  • TuuxKabin

    May the most random entrant win!

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    Oooh Oooh Pick Me, Pick Me!

  • SFBruce

    What stunning photographs. I love it that the only “celebrities” are those who achieved it by sticking their necks out for the rest of us. Makes me proud and very happy to be queer, and to have been with the same man for the last 26 years.

  • agcons

    I’m always late to a thread, and this is the first time I’ve seen all comments left-justified. Cool.

  • Alpha 50327

    Me me me me me me!

  • halfwaythere

    Can’t wait! Fingers crossed…..

  • Octavio

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Or pick someone else. 🙂

  • abbafan65

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • DisT

    Hang on tight Oprah.

  • WNY

    yes, please..

  • BateWorld/BateShop

    Cool Book!

  • Richard, another Canuck

    Just dropping by to comment on this post.

  • MattM

    When will they make a “Gay, Forever Alone and Eating Ice Cream On The Couch?”

    • Traxley Launderette

      I already did the shoot for the cover.

      • see above 😀

      • Deborah Frank

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    • Didn’t that come out a LONG time ago?
      My sincerely held religious belief : this was the cover art.

  • It’s a gorgeous book and a wonderful project. And I’d say that even if my husband and I weren’t one of the couples photographed for it.☺

    • Bj Lincoln

      That is awesome. Thanks for your contribution. It’s cool.

    • omg you totally deserve a copy

  • Chucker999

    I need a big book for my living room, please!
    Thank you, Joe!

  • Lumpy Gaga

    O/T? The AP sez:

    Kentucky clerk Kim Davis asked a federal appeals court to scrap a series
    of unfavorable rulings issued by the district judge who sent her to

    You don’t say!

    • David Walker

      “Oh c’mon, yer honor. We can work something out. I’m sure I could make it worth your while. Yer honor. Why are you barfing?”

    • Jimmie Z

      This is about as far-off-topic as I’ve seen on JMG.
      It may even be off-tapioca.
      Well done, Lumpy Gaga!

      • Nic Peterson

        Why, is the silly trailer trash worried about the judgments of men? Her story has been written, so let it be told.

  • Alex Pava

    Love this website! Greetings from I-D- HOE.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      how’s livin’ in your own private I-D-HO’?

  • 2guysnamedjoe

    what fun. please accept me and el husbian’s wanton entry.

  • abraxas_bear

    Looks like a terrific read/browse!

  • David in Tucson

    I just previewed the book; what wonderful stories each couple has! And I marvel that my husband and I have been together for 30 years, through good and bad, and I still want to grow old with him….

  • David

    Visibility speaks loudly.

  • Jimmie Z

    As for me, I’ll support the author with a purchase. It’ll make a ƒabou present for Wintertide for special friends.

    Related: I’ll request a husband, instead. It takes a village, y’all!

    • barracks9

      Anyone’s husband in particular? 🙂

      I can joke – I too am without husband, mine or anyone else’.

      • Jimmie Z

        Word on the street is, you are pre-eminently prequalified, sir.
        Houston is just a puddle-jump from N’awlins, I hear.

        • William

          Baton Rouge to Baytown is a bitch of a drive. The rest is easy.

    • Talk about SWAG! You listening, gentlemen?

      • Jimmie Z

        You are a darling woman, Jay.
        I’m proud to be one of your Village People!

  • barracks9

    Randomly winning this drawing would certainly brighten my week. OK, universe – it’s all up to you now!

  • Phil2u

    What a great book! It would be a perfect gift for a loved one.

  • dgerous

    I know a few couples featured in the book…

  • chrisl

    First Comes Love, hope prop1 wins in houston.

  • Bluto

    Looks stunning. oh hell yeah!

  • Dagoril

    Ooh, pick me, pick me 🙂

  • Maggie 4NoH8
  • Bj Lincoln

    I love and follow our history. This book would be a great visual.

  • slvgfx

    My husband and I are not one of the couples, but we got married (after 22 years together) in New York in 2012. Our son was the ring bearer, so now we call him Frodo….

    • JCF


  • Traxley Launderette

    Years ago, when I finally began to believe in myself and wade into the dating pool, I was intrigued by a book called “Men Together,” which shared portraits and stories about guys who fell in love and stayed together. It was amazing for me to see that actual relationships came about, that there wasn’t just casual sex and a new lover every weekend (though there’s a fond place for all that in my heart). I bought a copy and pulled it off the shelf whenever I felt like I’d be stuck in my small place, by myself not necessarily by my choice, but buy the rules imposed upon me by disapproving others who didn’t know or give a shit about me.

    So, after all this time, after several relationships that worked (and then didn’t), and after seeing some of my friends put their love and lives together in what seemed at the time to be a quaint but

  • MarkOH

    I have the PERFECT table to put that book on. it’s next to sling

  • Looks like a wonderful book.

  • davewolfusa

    Here’s wishing that by some miracle we win in Houston!!!

  • Lakeview Bob

    I think Joe is an UBER blogger. He provides excellent and relevant information. His readers and contributors to the comments section are the best. It is like one big family!

  • Jim Gallagher-Barker

    If I declaim our 27 1/2 years together, 1/2 of them in a domestic partnership when we got married 7 years ago, do I get more than a cookie? How about a book?

  • BigGuy

    This is my entry for Swag Tuesday. Whoa.

  • LaurenW

    What a lovely piece of art…

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    It’s great to see that the Bear and I, together for 28 years and legally married for the last 10, are in beautiful company.

    • William

      You two seem like newlyweds. Must be doing something right.

    • Jimmie Z

      Off-topic ~ The International Quilt Festival opens today in Houston’s convention center. One of the featured quilts reminded me of Billbear. (He is kinda somewhat li’l bit gay.)

      You decide!

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        Nice… I told Billbear to have a look. 😍

        Given what happened yesterday, too bad it’s in Houston. But they couldn’t predict the outcome when they booked the event.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Hiya! I’m commenting on this post!



  • DAemon

    I want to get a copy of this and leave it on the table for my fiance’s mother to find.

  • Jacob

    I’d love a copy. I need something to read while I eat ice cream and drink wine in my loneliness.

  • That sure looks like a beautiful book!
    If I win I’ll adore the book, then mail it to one of YOU guys!
    Friend me on Facebook: just comment on my public profile and mention jmg

  • JCF

    With the craptastic election news above, I REALLY want to win this now [Almost want to submit my email addy for old time’s sake! Not like I ever won Swag Tuesday on the old format though… ]

  • FancyThat

    Grey skies are gonna clear up…….

  • Deborah Frank

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  • marachne

    Looks lovely.Much better than yesterday’s outcomes