Chipotle Closes 43 Stores Over E. Coli Breakout

CNN reports:

Chipotle has temporarily closed dozens of its restaurants in Washington and Oregon out of an abundance of caution after an E. coli scare. No one has died in the reported cases of infection, the Washington State Department of Health said. Seven of the Washington patients and one Oregon patient were hospitalized. The source of contamination has yet to be exactly determined, the department said, but 19 cases in Washington and three cases in Oregon have been linked to a handful of locations of the Mexican-themed restaurant chain. Although cases are being investigated in connection with six locations in the Seattle and Portland areas, Chipotle has temporarily closed 43 stores.


  • clay

    who got their boo-rito a day earlier?

    • Alex in Idaho

      Sounds more like a poo-rito.

      • clay

        Yeah, but the did a massive sale on Halloween.

  • Suzy

    Fast food is fast food.

    (But at least it’s not Food Lion.)

    • BearEyes

      or Food Kitty as my friends in MD say.

  • BudClark

    There’s going to be a LOT more of this if Republicans gain power. They want to do away with ALL regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration.

    • Ted.OR

      But Bud, dont’cha see, that’s the great part of free-market capitalism! Word will get around that you’ll get food poisoning if you eat at certain places, people will stop going to them, then those places will go out of business. And for those people who do get sick from the food, well, they’ll be able to go on-line and choose health insurance coverage from a multitude of plans (also unregulated, by the way). Or, they dip into their “health savings plan”. The system takes care of itself!. [/snark]

      • Alex in Idaho

        But, Ted, how will word get out if corporate-owned media squelch the story, and state legislators pass laws against “defaming” businesses by reporting such things? [no snark here, alas]

        • Veylon

          It just does. To question the universal availability of information is to question the viability of Capitalism itself. Stop that!

        • Carol Cox


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    • ElenorRigby

      I’m sure the conservatives will respond with “but I thought all you lib turds were vegans and didn’t eat at chipotle so why do you care?”

    • StraightGrandmother

      They do hate the Environmental Protection agency as well.
      Clean rivers, lake & streams, what’s not to like?
      Clean air for us all to breath, that is a bad thing?
      I’ll never forget read Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. One of the first things he did as Governor was RAISE the amount of pollution that manufacturers could dump n the waterways. I forget the exact pollutant, I think it might be phosphates. His reasoning excuse was, Minnesota (or it might have been Illinois) allows MORE pollution into their waterways so in order for us to compete & attract business we need to increase pollution, make it easier for business.

      Did you read about the Import/Export Bank? The House Teapartiers shut it down by rufusing funding. I think it was in the New York Times I read an article that GE is closing an engine plant in Milwaukee because in order for them to export the engines the buyers require guarantees that an Import/Export Bank provides. So they are closing the Milwaukee Plant and going to relocate in Canada.

      Particularly the Tea Partiers but Republicans in General simply look for things to shut down. And the Import/Export Bank made a profit & returned the profit back to the US Treasury. Last week they did some kind of a maneuver in the House of Representatives to override the Committee Chair who blocked the funding and put the bank back in business. These ppl are crazy, truly.

    • Cattleya1

      That is fine as long as all sitting members of the House and Senate have to act as food tasters at all public eateries 24/7. They’ll be too busy with diarrhea to legislate, but they don’t do much of that anyway. But, if their constituents are at risk, so should they be. This libertarian Shangri La they have dreamed up is all hog wash.

    • ✓ AnotherPoster ✓

      Hey wait a minute. I thought all those new health regulations emanating from the FDA and whatnot was supposed to prevent all these unfortunate E. Coli outbreaks and food poisonings.

      I guess nobody told all those immigrant laborers not to shit in the fields they were harvesting. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

  • Necessitas

    Remember Chi-Chi’s?

  • Octavio

    O/T: Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog, has died. He was 10. But he didn’t die from eating a burrito at Chiplote. 🙁

    • zhera

      LOVE BULLDOGS! This one was awesome. 😀

      • Octavio

        He was an accomplished surfer, too. 🙂

      • Joe knows who I am.

        Love the breed but, I hate the breeders.

        • Ted.OR

          Appearing soon on right-wing web sites:

          “Commenters on homosexual web sites admit they hate heterosexuals, resort to using defamatory term breeders to refer to normal people.”

          [/snark again]

  • There are no Chipotle’s where I live, and I for some reason thought they were a step above the disadvantages of factory farming. Disadvantages noted in this memorable commercial:

    Pity. Mass produced food (especially meat) will always have its risks. So will blind trust in corporate plutocrats and their marketing gimmicks.

    • hiker_sf

      The are 5 steps up.

  • well, at least they did the right thing. i can’t say i love their food. but once, when i lived in a really small town with no good food options at all, this was a place i could at least do, when i couldn’t cook. i know they are corporate and evil, and not “mexican” in any way. still, it’s at least two rungs up the ladder from fried fast food.

    • hiker_sf

      I don’t find their food all that great, but given their longstanding commitments to foods that are organic, responsibly raised meats, pasture raised diary, and non-GMO, they are to be commended. If my choice is only fast food, I look to them first.

  • at least they’re tackling this. i got e. coli poisoning from tainted spinach dumplings in late 2007. it resulted in me being utterly bedridden for more than 5 months, i dropped to below 110lbs and my hair fell out in clumps. its effects on the body, if it doesn’t freakin’ kill you, are horrific.

    • William

      Standard grade food poisoning is awful enough. I don’t want to imagine how bad this must be.

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      E. coli poisoning is most often associated with hamburger, but E. coli infected water can cause contamination in edible plants as well. E. coli is a normal part of our bacterial flora, but a small number of strains produce a strong toxin.

      Sorry you were so ill as a result, and happy you are better, albeit after a long recovery.

      • the upside to losing my hair – getting to enter Sexy Young Daddyhood early! LOL

        • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

          Sexy Young Daddyhood really suits you.

        • LonelyLiberal

          “No, I’m not old enough to be your father. But I’m way old enough to be your daddy.”

          • GeoffreyPS

            Unfortuately, I am old enough to be people’s father now, but it is still an excellent quote.

        • GeoffreyPS
    • LonelyLiberal

      I got simple, good old-fashioned food poisoning from some off tuna fish. Even that took a friggin’ week until I had…er…removed…everything from my system.

      I’m glad you got better even if it took ages!

    • GeoffreyPS

      Wow, that’s horrible. My friend was hospitalized for a week due to E. Coli and had another month of recovery back in 1986. It was from a beef burrito from Taco Time. The irony (if that is the right word in this case) was that she’s vegetarian and ordered a BEAN burrito. When she got home, she took one bite, spit and out and threw it away. The one bite was what did it.

      • yup. mine was spinach dumplings 🙁
        it was terrifying. i couldn’t even keep water down, or “in” (to overshare, big time). everything went right through me. for weeks.

  • Tor

    Ooops!! I was just thinking about going there for lunch today.

  • Alex in Idaho

    I almost never eat out. I got tired of getting sick every third or fourth time. Now I read the restaurant inspection reports in the newspaper for grins and giggles and see why I was always getting sick.

  • justmeeeee

    how much caution is an abundance?

  • bkmn

    Never was a big fan of this spawn of McD’s. I prefer my Mexican food to be made by people who care about what they are serving.

  • Gyeo

    I’m not a big fan of Chipotle specifically because they’re pandering to the very anti-scientific Organic Food movement.

  • Sam_Handwich

    ate there once. all i remember is a burrito full of rice that didn’t taste like anything.

    • bkmn

      I agree. Rice is a side, not a major component of a burrito. For Chipotle it is a cheap way to fill someone up.

    • Cuberly

      Yeah what is with their rice. It’s like that loose grained Uncle Ben’s crap with a handful of cilantro thrown in. It’s awful. Not a fan.

      There’s a lot of them here but I’ve only gone to them out of desperation. Besides, I live in taqueria heaven here in the bay area. There’s a mom & pop place in my neighborhood that makes a red mole’ w/ chicken that is to die for. Makes the for the best burrito evah

  • sflmac

    Karma! Chiipotle refused to hire me for summer job / 2nd job because I am deaf so I stick with my present job. Good Karma.

    • Larry Ft Pierce

      Home Depot refused to hire me, a long time florist/botanist, when my business tanked, because my credit was tanked as well! Of course they never divulge something like that. In those years, I WAS YOUNG enough to be the slave they require.

      • BearEyes

        every prospective employer checks your credit report amongst other sources.

      • Christopher Smith

        Yeah. Trump has perfect credit. Does that say it all?

  • JVB

    I’m not surprised actually. Anytime I’ve eaten at a Chipotle I get the Montezuma trots.

    • coram nobis

      The chipotle hit the fan. I saw it in the film “Night of the Chihuahua.”

  • pablo

    It’s to their credit that they are taking those precautions and being transparent about it. On the other hand; I find their food so salty I’m surprised any microbe can survive it.

  • Cuberly

    Crab season was cancelled in WA, there’s a chance the same will happen further south. Safety concerns after an algal bloom.

    “Dungeness crab season is supposed to start on Nov. 7, but fishermen are waiting in limbo while the California Department of Public Health runs tests in the ocean and on crab beds. Test results are due midweek and encompass Dungeness crabs living in eight California ports: Crescent City, Trinidad, Eureka, Fort Bragg, Bodega Bay, San Francisco/Half Moon Bay, Monterey and Morro Bay.”

    Remember folks, when eating food. Some gov agencies are well equipped and others, not so much.

    Oh, and all gov is bad according to the GOP, very very stab a needle in your eye bad.

  • coram nobis

    The waitress served me breakfast there, with cantaloupe. I shall always remember her as my melon e. coli baby.

  • SilasMarner

    I ate at Chipotle ONCE. Not one of my more favorable experiences.