Ted Cruz: When Media Attacks, I Fight Back [VIDEO]

The Cruz campaign capitalized on the GOP debate flap today by rushing out a clip touting their candidate as the only one who stands up to them there evil gotcha journalists who insist on asking policy questions.

  • Gustav2

    meh. He will bet a boost in the polls for a week.

    • Doug105

      But will he crack 10% even.

      • Gustav2

        If/when Trump implodes.

  • pickypecker

    WHAT? You again? (looks around) don’t tell billbear I’m giving out treats like this to you JMG’ers going door to door. And NO MORE for you in the back. You’re mom says you do NOT have a sick brother at home. Cleanse your palate of that nasty Cruz flavor with this.

  • lymis

    If you’d actually answer the questions and tell the truth, the media wouldn’t have to be mean to you, Ted.

    • anne marie in philly


    • Henri205

      That goes for all of them. They’re just too accustomed to Fox News.

    • Blake Jordan

      They cannot do that though…
      How do they expect to get the votes of the people ( they plan to screw over the most?

  • popebuck1

    Ted Cruz is an Al Capp caricature of a politician, magically brought to life. I can’t wait for him to demand that America deport all Shmoos, or declare war on Lower Slobbovia.

    • grada3784

      But how would America survive without the Shmoos?

      • Paula

        We hav always Ben at war with Lower Slobbovia.

  • Prion

    An oldie, but a goodie!

    • vorpal

      At least his mouth was finally serving some useful purpose.

      • Joyce Langley


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    • delk

      <—– Looks so much like my dog Gav!

      • delk

        He can’t wait for snow to start!

        • David Walker

          Can he write his name in the snow?

          • Octavio

            You’re bad.

          • David Walker

            Thank you. I try.

          • delk

            Not nearly as good as he can burrow through it.

          • David Walker

            Good. I was afraid you were going to say, “Yes. His name is Spot.”

    • Queequeg

      Thanks for that one. I forwarded it to a few people.

    • koolaidyarn

      That one never gets old!

  • Steven B

    I’m noticing that no matter the GOP candidate, I’m noticing that every time there’s a question asked that the candidate doesn’t want to answer or if the answer they give is called to task, then the candidate(s) simply lables it as a ‘gotcha” question and they think that makes the issue disappear.

    • Gustav2

      Because their campaign managers only watch Fox News.

      • Steven B

        And so do their constituencies.

        • JCF

          Um, Primary (i.e. Rethuglican) constituencies, in this case.

          • Steven B

            Um. Yeah!

    • BobxT

      Gotcha questions are ones which try to find out if the candidate knows anything, or ones which try to resolve conflicts in past statements. In the GOP world, requiring a candidate to actually know something, or to tell the truth, is an outrage.

      Do Democrats ever complain about gotcha questions? – I don’t think so.

      • Steven B

        Labeling a question as “gotcha” doesn’t make it a gotcha question. And, even if it was really a gotcha question doesn’t mean that the it’s not a valid question.

        • Helen Damnation

          Right. A valid question can become a gotcha question, in the eyes of the candidate:
          1. who doesn’t know the answer, or
          2. doesn’t like the honest answer he/she would be required to give. If they were to be honest. Many don’t care anymore.
          (See US Senator David “Diaper Man” Vitter, Republican candidate for governor of Louisiana.)

          • Steven B

            Exactly my point. But worded much better. 🙂

      • Oh sure they do, but not as often. And a few seem to be learning to be ready for such questions and have an answer that will go viral.

    • Gerry Fisher

      A phrase wildly popularized in recent years by Sarah Palin, no?

      • Octavio

        A woman whose down syndrome child has a higher IQ than she does. And Trigg’s nicer, too.

    • Queequeg

      Yep, when you’re incompetent, the best thing to do is blame the media. It’s been working for Sarah Palin for years, you betcha!

    • Among their base it does. That and “He (She) already answered that.” Even (especially) when they most certainly did not.

  • anne marie in philly

    STFU, you little pissant! and your father too! you will NEVER be POTUS and you KNOW it!

    • RoFaWh

      Let us all most sincerely hope so!

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    Attacking the media is really all he’s got, right?

    • Cuberly

      Pretty much it’s what they all have once they step outside their bubble of fawning nut-cases.

    • popebuck1

      It’s all ANY of them have got.

  • Versailles

    Heaven forbid they meet a Jeremy Paxman or John Humphries, they’d have a seizure!

  • Treg Brown

    Thanks for your brilliant insights Rafael.

    • David L. Caster

      He is setting himself up for the full intensity of scrutiny the “media” is capable of, including fact-checking everything he utters on the campaign trail. And I hope they do.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    What an asshole!

  • Stev84

    Count Dracula fears the light

    • Cuberly

      Can’t think of a more appropriate metaphor.

  • james_from_cambridge

    I hope to God Obama deports him before the end of his term. I was all for open borders until Ted Cruz.


    • pickypecker

      he must be related to Terrance & Phillip somehow. Or from the same province originally?

    • KnownDonorDad
    • Gerry Fisher

      Should have drop kicked *that* baby!

    • rabbit_ears

      He’s not Canada’s fault. Nope. If you had let us know ahead of time we could have arranged a “still birth”.

      • james_from_cambridge

        Still, he’s yours and you should have him back. We’ve suffered enough. We’ll pay for his one way flight and we’ll also pay to put all of you under Obamacare to pay for oxycontin for all thirty million of you so you can deal.

        • rabbit_ears

          Very kind of you but we’ll have to refuse. Have you asked Greenland if they would like a nice gift?

          • james_from_cambridge

            Maybe Mars will take him…

          • JCF

            Matt Damon: “Not if he was the last man on….!”

    • Cuberly

      The Canadian alphabet bit from this past season was pretty cute, buddy. 😉


  • oikos
    • lattebud

      He has one friend…

      • bkmn


        • BobSF_94117

          It looks like they’re both so happy to meet the other that they’re both playing pocket pool.

          • Cattleya1

            No they have their fingers where they don’t belong.

          • JCF

            …or at least Dunlop Derby!

            [Careful, JCF, you resemble that yuk-yuk }-X True story: my gym effing closed (lovely little letter, “Thank you, valued customer, we’ve decided to close your location”. [email protected], it was the only one convenient). It’s taken me a month to find another, and my gut shows it, Le Sigh. Time to work it off!]

    • He’s a lying, manipulative sociopath. Look at his record of victories in the courtroom. Think he can’t win? I’m afraid he could.

      • oikos

        I don’t think he can win. What plays with the base usually doesn’t with the broader electorate. That being said he is still dangerous and not to be wholly discounted.

        • A lot can happen in an election. I thought W was unelectable too. I think about this whenever someone is cheering on a horrible candidate in the other part. The nominee could win and having someone that deeply mean-spirited anywhere near the white house is horrifying. It’s bad enough he’s in the senate.

          • Beagle

            I also remember when people said Reagan was unelectable. Which is why I also worry when horrible candidates do well in primaries. Too often, unelectable candidates end up in office.

  • bryan

    Whining, deflecting and running away is not ‘fighting back’. What a wimp.

  • HZ81

    Ted is so right. When will the media stop viciously quoting conservatives?

  • clay

    Ted Cruz is running to become king of the know-nothings.

    • rabbit_ears

      He’s got a PhD in Nothing.

    • Cuberly

      Confederacy of dunces?

  • Puckfair52

    Evil piece of shit!

  • Gerry Fisher

    “I scapegoat better than any of my opponents!”

  • Cuberly

    How many Sci-fi and B movie plots entail a group of primitives in isolation. Of course there’s the one villager that ventures out from the camp etc…and encounters the real world the village elders warned them about. And of course all hell breaks loose in the isolated village when the venturing villager returns to tell the tale. The elders where lying!

    I get the same feeling from this. Venture outside the village borders and you’ll be attacked or worse killed by the evil dark forces out THERE! Only the village ways are pure and relevant.

    • rabbit_ears

      M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village” all the way!

      • Cuberly

        Yep, that’s a more recent entry.

      • Cuberly

        OMG, just realized Battlefield Earth uses the same plot device. ARGH! Talk about a bad bad bad movie.

      • I . . . can’t . . . . . . stand . . the . . . . lead . . . . . actor . . . . in . . . . . . . . . . . .that . . . . . . movie . . . . . . .

        • Cuberly

          Hahahaha……um. Ok. do you need to be talked down?….lol…

          • Just imitating the way he delivers his lines.

          • Cuberly


  • Happy Dance


  • bkmn

    He left out two words – “He fights back WITH LIES”.

  • delk
  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Why does he think voting citizens aren’t entitled to know what their policies are before they are elected? Not a lover of democracy, is he?

    • rabbit_ears

      You know the whole faith in god thing? Yeah Teddy wants that too.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        LOL, I’d be more inclined to think he was god’s opposition. If I believed in either that is.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Why were there audience members clapping and encouraging Cruz?
    They seem to be bigger assholes than he is, egging him on like that.
    Perhaps it was just the audience being clever and wanting to watch Cruz hang himself.

    Well, maybe not. It would be nice though.

    • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

      Republican audiences are notorious assholes.

      • olandp

        Remember that they actually booed a service member on duty in Afghanistan because he said he was gay.

        • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

          That’s one of the things they are notorious for. Also the “let ’em die” shouts about people with no insurance. I remember a debate in South Carolina, and the audience was shouting at and booing the moderator after every question.

  • Jan Wesselius

    Sounds like Cruz is having a hard time just answering questions the media presents to him.

  • geoffalnutt

    He really is kind of an enemy of the U.S., its President, government and policies. Gee, why ever would he live here…because it’s not going to change. He needs to go away.

  • Octavio

    At the next debate.
    Senator Ted. If I vote for you will Jesus buy me a new car?

    Wait for it . It’ll happen.

  • bob

    Cruz, ” how dare they ask me about my policies ! ” lol

  • rabbit_ears

    Trust Ted Cruz? No the word for him starts with F.

  • billbear1961

    There’s a yellow streak a mile wide down your back, Cruz.

    A candidate for a job answers the questions put to him if he wants the job, especially when those questions have a DIRECT bearing on the job he wants.

    Why are you so AFRAID to explain your policy positions to the American people, you goddamned fascist COWARD?!

    • Cattleya1

      Because he can’t run in Cuba.

  • TuuxKabin

    I finally figured out who he reminds me of.looks like. Grandpa from The Munsters, Al Lewis. Sorry Al, no offensive.

    • Snarkaholic

      He reminds me of Twisty the Clown (only not as cute(!)

    • Guess?

      He sounds more like Mr. Haney from Green Acres: “To the unappraisable eye, yes. I had each and every one of these objects de art evaluated by an in-unpeachable source: the county tax assessor, or as we sometimes call him, Cousin Joe.”

  • Landscapegoat

    Carnival Cruz is truly…creepy.

  • DaveMiller135

    He doesn’t seem to know much about running for President, and even less about Freedom of the Press.

  • CottonBlimp

    Oh yeah, that horrible media giving you a platform on which to spread your ideas.

    Part of me wishes there was some horrible media cabal secret conspiracy so they could get together and agree not to televise this asswipe.

  • Joyce Langley


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  • Scott Wyant

    He must have watched a different Democratic debate then the rest of the nation.

  • Queequeg

    Definition of a “gotcha” question: Any question that makes the candidate have to attempt to think.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    Put up yer dukes, and I’ll just punch you with my little flabby wussy fists, says the almighty Cruz.

    • J Ascher

      Somehow, your comment reminded me of the Cowardly Lion who said something similar.

  • J Ascher

    No, Ted, when the media attacks, you cower and say it’s not your fault for how you were treated.

  • rayy

    Well, the most obvious lie in here is that Kasich wasn’t asked to insult anyone–he did that all on his own.