MISSISSIPPI: Jackson Newspaper Endorses Marriage Equality Plaintiff Joce Pritchett For State Auditor

The editorial board for the newspaper in Mississippi’s state capital has endorsed marriage equality plaintiff Joce Pritchett [above left] in her bid for state auditor. If elected she would become the first openly gay person to hold office in Mississippi. From the Jackson Clarion-Ledger:

Jocelyn “Joce” Pritchett is a civil engineer and business owner with 25 years experience working with federal, state and local contracts on civil projects. She has a vast knowledge of the way state government and contracting works, and she’s intimately familiar with the government auditing process. Pritchett is clearly intelligent and driven. Her career reflects the kind of success that leads us to believe she would grow into the office just like others who came to the auditor’s office with little experience before her. Finally, Pritchett brings an outsider’s viewpoint to this important position. She is not a politician but a businesswoman. Given the controversy that has surrounded the incumbent and this office for some time now, having a fresh perspective with the mind of a small business owner would be a welcome change. We endorse Jocelyn “Joce” Pritchett for state auditor.

Previously married in Maine and represented by famed attorney Roberta Kaplan, Pritchett and her wife, as well as another lesbian couple, won their case in federal district court in November 2014. The state appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court, who stayed the lower court’s decision. The appeal was heard in January 2015, but no further action took place until Obergefell made the case moot. (Tipped by JMG reader Helen)

RELATED: According to Wikipedia, eight states have never elected an openly gay state legislator: Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Tennessee. In 2013, Marco McMillian announced his candidacy for mayor of Clarksdale, Mississippi, but he was murdered shortly afterwards.

  • pickypecker

    Good luck to you, Joce. Such a great-looking couple. AND look at the children….they look so happy! Nice family!

  • Octavio

    Good for Pritchett. The woman has major balls considering what happened to Marco McMillian. Be safe out there!

    • knolaust

      To be clear, Marco was murdered by a former lover. It had nothing to do with politics.

      • Octavio

        Thanks. That part of the news never makes it to Nevada.

  • Tammy Rainey

    The Daily Journal disagrees!
    (for those unfamiliar, the DJ is based in Tupelo and owned by a minion of the AFA crew also from Tupelo – they caused a stir a while back when that owner decreed they would reject same sex wedding announcements)

    So I’ve actually got someone to vote FOR next week? Nice. I’m skeptical a Dem can win a statewide office anymore in this state (longtime AG Jim Hood notwithstanding) but at least it’s better than a symbolic vote.

    • HoneyBoySmith

      I’m skeptical a Dem can win a statewide office anymore in this state

      If I lived in Mississippi, she’d have my vote.

      But, to the Southern electorate (I’m in Georgia), she’s a Democrat and gay and a woman and, therefore, someone to be triply against.

      If the people in this region could vote for their interests instead of against their fears, we’d all be much better off.

      • Joyce Langley


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  • helen s

    So excited for our friend!!! 😊❤

  • Best of luck, Joce!

  • in case anyone wasn’t sure what it’s like in mississippi, this is a public park and these are displays (3 of 15 in this park) maintained and paid for by the city for 15 years running.


    • bkmn

      But remember WE are the ones who supposedly indoctrinate the kids.

  • billbear1961
  • JCF

    Go, Joce, Go!!!