French Ambassador To USA Slams Jeb Bush Over Work Week Comment Made To Rubio During Debate

As you can see by the above tweets by French Ambassador Gerard Araud, the French are not very happy about the snide comment Jeb Bush directed at Marco Rubio last night when he said, “I mean, literally, the Senate — what is it, like a French work week? You get, like, three days where you have to show up?” Those Bushes, masters of foreign relations.

  • Gustav2


  • Paula

    Don’t confusticate poor Jeb with fact. It skeers im

  • Prion

    Would you like freedom fries with that?

    • b

      French Intelligence said American Intelligence was off the mark, and they were correct.

      • excy

        Not only French, Canadians as well…our Liberal government wanted nothing to do with Bush’s “Coalition of the Willing”.

        • Octavio

          Je suis Canadien. (au moins dans l’esprit)

          • Robincho

            Do you remember the reporter back then who had the temerity to speak French when asking a question of a French person? At the hands of W’s people, he was treated approximately like Frothy would treat a college-going snob… I felt so bad for the guy, ridi-
            culed by illiterate swine who’ve not mastered even one language.

          • Dorothy Bonnell


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        • The-Noodle-Almighty

          If only the American government could follow the recent fooststeps of the Canadian government.

        • Stev84

          Germany warned them too. Curveball was a German asset and they told the the Americans that he wasn’t credible and even crazy, but they just ate it up.

      • Gayskeptic

        Even Iraqui intelligence was correct about that one!

    • DN

      When Americans start shitting on the French, I ask them how they feel about France funding, arming, and sending troops to fight the Revolutionary War.

      Also, I don’t know if it’s just legend or what, but when Patton set foot in France, he’s supposed to have said, “LaFayette, nous voila” (LaFayette, we’re here). It’s fun to tell a conservative that Patton appreciated the French.

  • RossPDX

    Jeb’s campaign strategy hasn’t worked a day in its life.

    • Judas Peckerwood


    • Henri205

      Neither has Jeb!

    • b

      He is dumber than his brother. Just roaming around mindlessly in the Asylum Bush.

      • Jamie Brewer

        Wasn’t Jeb referred to as “The smart brother” in the past?

        • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

          Jeb is still the smart Bush. Not that that is a high hurdle jump over.

        • lymis

          People close to Jeb have always said that he’s the geeky nerdy one, and that he’s amazing with fine detail and complex ideas.

          He’s just socially duller than a box of marshmallows and has the charisma of a speed bump, so nobody who doesn’t know him well ever gets past the boring to find out that he’s smart.

          He’d probably be great on someone’s intelligence staff.

  • Prion

    • Pattycakes


    • lol–thank you for that one–

    • Piet

      No, darlin’, there’s no pill for that.

  • Prion


  • Prion


  • justmeeeee

    What’s the French word for “your goose is cooked?” Oh, yeah…it’s JEB!

    • Henri205

      Mange le merde may be close enough. Pardon for spelling etc as ma Francais est rusty.

      • cheakamus

        I believe it’s “mange de la merde” (though my French is rusty too), and I remember our prime minister, Trudeau (père, not fils), using it publicly in response to a question he didn’t like.

    • Hue-Man

      Les carottes sont cuites gives the same idea.

  • clay

    and let’s compare their worker productivity per hour to US workers’,
    or even US workers’ productivity per hour with the Senate’s.

  • Lakeview Bob

    I was wondering when someone was going to pick up on that. I thought it was just another typically stupid thing coming out of the mouth of any shrub.

  • Henri205

    Jeb! is just ignorant. Western Europe is years ahead of the United States in worker rights. I had to work for an American company for 15 years to achieve 20 vacation days annually (but try and schedule them lol). My colleagues in the UK got 25 days when they started at the UK subsidiary.

    • Stev84

      Most American companies just don’t understand that happier and healthier workers increase productivity and loyalty.

      • most CEOs and execs at us companies these days don’t give a fuck about that. short term profit, sell of what’s profitable, take a golden parachute, and move on to the next victim. that’s the new standard of corporate “leadership” success. who cares if the workers are miserable?

  • Larry Ft Pierce

    How embarrassing to have other countries see our WORST.

    • NZArtist

      You have no idea.
      I strongly recommend every American should travel to Europe to get an understanding of how the rest of the world sees America. You really cant understand your own country until you’ve looked at it from the outside.
      (Unfortunately the usual response from Americans I’ve suggested this to is: Why? American has everything I need – who cares about the rest of the world?)

      • Henri205

        What is it like 30% of Americans have passports? It might be higher now since we need them to go to Canada, etc. The Americans who ‘get’ the rest of the world are the ones who travel abroad, the ones who don’t travel overseas are the ones who should. A little funny, the first time I went to London my local friends said NEVER wear sneakers as that’s the universal signal you’re an American. So I invested in a pair of Doc Maarten’s, best 75 quid I ever spent. I still have the original pair 20 years later.

        • Octavio

          Very good advice. Clunky Sketchers work well, too. And they cost half the price (or less) of Doc Maartens.

        • hudson11

          LOL, I got laughed at the first time I went to London and wore sneakers. Not because of any association with a particular nation, it was just not cool. That was 1 month after 9/11 and Europe was a bit crazy security-wise.

        • Ginger Snap

          I was told the same thing while visiting London don’t wear sneakers.

          • Steve Teeter

            I think they call them trainers. I got that from a Harry Potter book.

        • cheakamus

          Love Doc Martin’s. They last forever!

          • Kara Connor

            Too right – I have only recently worn out a pair I’ve had for 33 years. Not saying how old I was when I bought them 🙂

          • Meepestos

            Do they still make them? I had a Navy Blue pair in the early 90’s.

          • Kara Connor
          • Meepestos


      • Steven Leahy

        Every country has dolts who say and do stupid things. Europe is not “the rest of the world”. Keep in mind this is one moron who said this and keep it in perspective please.

        • Octavio

          But if you want to be treated better when traveling abroad, never admit you’re from the USA. Claim that you’re Canadian and see the change in the attitude of others toward you. I’m serious.

          • I was in Belgium in 2003 as we were invading Iraq. I spoke only French for the three days I was there which led people to assume I was Canadian. (My pronunciation is good but it’s not native speaker good.)

          • Octavio

            I’m actually ashamed to admit it, but I’ve done the exact same thing. But I always insist I’m from BC, which completely confounds most folks. Seems only Asians know about BC. That’s my excuse for speaking French so poorly. 🙂

          • Well, since more than once (but thankfully not often) I was confronted by people showing me the front page of their newspaper with pictures of bloody civilians injured by American bombs. Americans seemed to think that during that time our strikes were “surgical” as if such a thing were possible. Granted their press was looking to show the horror of the war as much as the American press was bending over backwards to sell it to the public, but still. You can imagine that I might not want to have the same conversation about something I was against too.

            The one bright side: I was in a cafe and someone ordered a sandwich “avec freedom friends” and everyone laughed. At least they thought it was funny rather than offensive. I thought it was pathetic. *sigh*

          • cheakamus

            I’m currently in Europe with a group of American undergraduates. A couple of days ago we toured a local market run primarily by and for extra-communitarians (people from outside the EU, i.e., Asia, Africa, the Middle East). At one point one of the students went to buy an orange and was told she would have to pay more because she was an American. “We hate Americans,” the vendor told her directly to her face. That really put a damper on the day, but on the other hand, the kids are getting an education, just not the one they expected.

          • Porkie

            You can meet arseholes everywhere. If it was France report them to the Police Municipale, anti-racism laws also protect those of a different nationality, and the stall holder should be refused a future place in the market) Enjoy your stay!

          • Ouch. I didn’t have many situations that bad, just a few. I did have to explain quite often how Gore got more votes but Bush was president anyway. My Teavangelical relatives have a meme that implies that before Obama was president we were universally loved around the world. People have been tired of our crap for a long time now. The goodwill we created by being the cavalry that saved the day in two world wars has long been used up, and hardly anyone is still around old enough to have been there when those things happened anyway. Viet Nam, Iraq, Korea? Didn’t go over that well. and moreover their media being more anti-war, and especially those wars, went out of their way to find the stories and pictures that show the worst parts of that. There’s plenty of horror from drone strikes that Americans are hardly aware of if we don’t read foreign press. If you can only read English that limits those options considerably.

          • hudson11

            Well, if you’re ever actually here in BC, pop in and say hi. Hubby mixes a great G&T

          • Octavio

            We’re heading to Kelowna in December for a week to visit friends. But we’re driving from Vegas straight up to cross the border just below Osoyoos on Highway 97/Route 34. 🙂

          • hudson11

            i swear you’re the most travelled person i’ve heard of. Vancouver, here. i hope you and “El Squeeze” have a great time. If you have time ,check out some of the wineries around Osoyoos and on the Naramata Bench. yum.

          • Octavio

            Thanks for the recommendation. I try to make time for that. I’ve been a few places, but I don’t know anyone, except the friends we’ll be staying with, who have any idea of what or where Osoyoos is. Even folks I know in Vancouver go blank when I mention it to them. LOL!

          • hudson11

            keep your eyes peeled- there are lots of hot Portuguese men in that area. For some reason many migrated to that region.

          • Now Anon

            French Canadians (particularly those from places like Trois RIvieres and Rimouski) sound to me like Texans speaking French. I have no problem understanding them at all, even though my French is not bad.

          • Mikey

            you know that people from trois rivieres sound exactly like people from montreal, right?

            and if you’re gong to choose rimouski, at least don’t go talk to a fisherman who didn’t finish high school.

            i’m pretty certain you could find a new yorker whose accent is thicker than molasses.

            if your french is “not bad” then I suspect your ability to recognize and evaluate the degree of an accent or dialect is probably “not bad” either.

            on the other hand, my french is perfect. I can assure you that french-canadians in no way sound “like texans speaking french”.

          • Steven Leahy

            My experience is that if you act like a boorish ass you get treated like a boorish ass. If you’re polite and respectful you get the same in kind.

          • Beagle

            That’s my experience, too. “Yes, I’m one of those crazy Americans,” said with an embarrassed half-smile, works wonders. Especially if said in the other person’s native language.

        • NZArtist

          I know Europe isn’t ‘the rest of the world’. I’m from New Zealand.
          You’re welcome to come down here and look at your country from the outside as well.

          • Steven Leahy

            Yeah I got that from the “NZ” 🙂

            For what it’s worth, I’ve been to Europe and in fact lived there, and have been to several countries in Asia…so I have seen it from the “outside” on several occasions. I have seen people from many countries become obnoxious and argumentative with the locals, be loud and boorish, spit on the sidewalk, let their kids run wild, etc.

            I believe good people are good people, and douches are douches, regardless of where they hail from, and not really sure what the point of your post is, since it’s wrong to paint nationalities with a broad brush based on one idiot. Governments and policy? Go for it. The people? Not right.

            PS I would love to visit NZ though, can’t say I have ever been there. 🙂

          • NZArtist

            I’m not saying Americans are boorish when they travel – any more than anyone else. I’m saying that it is good for anyone to take a look at their country from the outside. See how news networks from other countries report on your own. See how people refer to your country (especially if they’re unaware you’re from there).
            And it’s always good to get an understanding that there are other cultures and other systems which work too. People do things differently, and it works for them.

          • Meepestos

            “I’m saying that it is good for anyone to take a look at their country from the outside” I concur. Some of the best decisions I have made in my life were from abroad looking at my country from the outside. I also credit this in my not being a flag-waver anymore and ridding myself of the bigotry I use to have towards certain people.

          • DaveWv

            But having travelled all my life I disagree with the “Americans need to get out” line of thought. Everyone I interact with (mostly) travels. Many people don’t but that is true all over Europe and Asia all cultures have people who are worldly and people who choose not to get out, or cannot or were raised in an isolated bubble.

          • DaveW

            You have a great point. I have seen some horrible behavior by British tourists (once on a London to Miami flight-the kids going to Disney, parents drunk. Stewardess had to step in) and merely mention German tourists when in limburg, you will get quite a rant.

            I’ve always thought it was more socio economic. Tacky families going to Disney or Vaulkenberg behave as expected. Just go to Walmart

            And all the sneaker comments, I have never worn them but at the gym. why are they so popular? I only pack them overseas to jog. My mother would never let us out of the house looking like that. Those rules stuck with me.

            I would like to bring etiquette and home ec back to public school since parents are not doing their jobs. We are now at least two generations of poor taste and ethics raising kids and the results are disastrous.

          • Meepestos

            I sure would like to.
            That is where The Almighty Johnsons are from. : )

      • MichaelJ

        As an American whose traveled abroad in a almost a dozen different countries (most of them in Europe), I would only add that traveling in other countries if you are an American can make you much more aware of just how American you are in certain ways, likeable or not.

        • Octavio

          Also very true. And not very pretty.

        • Agreed. It also makes you appreciate things you like about America (which can vary) and also see things that you wish we would adopt.

      • Especially stay for awhile and get out of the tourist traps.

      • JohnnyToro

        You’re right. I did. I stayed. LOL

        • William

          I still haven’t found anyone willing to marry me when I’ve been in Europe.

      • Drew2u

        Make it so Americans can actually afford to fly to Europe and more people will go.
        I had the fortune to go twice when I was in college and I’d love to go back, but it won’t be any time this decade at the earliest.

        • William

          Ten years ago I could buy a springtime round trip from Austin or Houston to Berlin for under $600. These days it’s closer to $1200. I’m sure the high airfares have nothing to do with the mergers that eliminated three major airlines and much competition.

          • DaveW

            It really has gone up recently. We go every year no
            Matter what. It is worth sacrificing other trips

            I just wish I could afford Business so I could sleep. Those flat bed seats are the best innovation in air travel. I get to for work long haul but Europe is coach no matter if work or pleasure. Therefore I rent a cabin at the airport and nap for two hours. Come out refreshed/showered and it is time for lunch!

      • When I was doing business in Europe during the Bush era I put Canadian baggage tags on my luggage. Didn’t want to be judged because of Bush. lol–I always loved being in Germany where airport folks would look at you and decide to address you in German or another language. I felt I had “made it” when I would be spoken to in German, until a Nordic looking official came up to me in line and asked in German, “Can you help us?” She then explained they had a traveler and they didn’t know how to communicate with him. They walked me over and the guy was Japanese. I explained I could order him dinner in Japanese, but that was my extent of the language. I’m American Indian and have a long history of being mistaken for being Asian.

      • Larry Ft Pierce

        “There’s so much to see HERE!”

  • SunsetGay

    Dear France,

    We promise you will never have to deal with President Jeb Bush.

    Donald Trump? That’s another story.

    The U.S.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Jeb then went on to say that Rubio drank his water like the French drink their wine and he smelled just about as good as the French.

  • thevofl

    This made me smile.

  • greenmanTN

    I’ll bet that Jeb! jibe was a big hit with the crowd, but here’s the translation of what it really meant: “You’re like one of them golldurn French people who think workers outta get paid vacation time instead of slaving so the CEO of the company can git his bonus and a golden parachute after he makes the company lose half its value!”

    • Steven Leahy

      I myself would LOVE some European-style benefits. I don’t feel workers should be drone slaves working 60 hour weeks with little time off to enable the wealthy to reap more profits. Fortunately my current employer is pretty good compared to many.

      • Octavio

        I’ve been self-employed ever since I woke up and realized doing anything else would never make me happy. The one exceptional job I did have working for “the Man” offered four weeks of accrued vacation after five years. But when I tried to take even one week of it (seven consecutive days), the CEO balked and told me, “No.” Ass holes.

      • JustSayin’

        Well Steven that is nifty. Now here is a question for you. In France a gross salary for an employee of about 26600 euros ($30,000 or so usd) kicks in a tax rate of 41% on income, not including other taxes. If you are married or in a domestic partnership there is a split tier system where a combined income of 50k euros split 26600 and 13400 would apply a 41% and 10% rate respectively.

        They don’t have parallel tax deductions to ours so just using the base percentages do you really think Americans making 30k would be happy paying 41%? BTW the French next rate up rate is 45% and kicks in around 70,000 euros.

        Or do you just want the benefits without paying for them?

        • Probably not. But then are we really comparing the right things? Does that include health care which can cost Americans up to 1/4 of their salary?

          If we’re going to compare, we need to include everything. Yes, European taxes are higher than ours. (Which has nothing to do with hours per week worked, btw.)

          Here’s an example in the states. I don’t pay state income tax. People here don’t want that. Fine. But I pay a higher sales tax AND the fees for everything (car tags, etc) are 3-4x what I paid in other states. I’m paying it. They just call it something else.

          • Steven Leahy

            Great point on the healthcare.

          • Chris Baker

            Yea, it’s very complicated to compare.

            Looking at the chart referenced below, a family with 2 children making 56K in the US nets $37.7K, but the same family in France, making an average salary of $38.4K nets $34.8. So the French family actually nets a higher percentage. Not even considering the costs of health insurance the US person needs to pay. Anyway, I am wading in the deep end of the pool here, but just looked this up out of curiosity.


            Maybe someone can enlighten me, but it seems as if America is the “me” mentality, but Europeans, having so many distinct, smaller countries and cultures, and centuries of state rivalries, seem more of an “us” mentality.

          • Also, the French, and most Europeans, go to college for free. There are still some expenses but nothing like the outrageous debt necessary to get a degree in the US these days. Also, one of the most impressive things in Europe these days is the infrastructure. As I said when visiting Sweden, “I certainly wouldn’t want to pay their tax rates but at least, unlike back home, I can see where they spend the money.”

          • grumpyoldman

            I had a Danish friend who was working on her 3rd career – all the schooling paid for (we were both vacationing in Australia, me fo 3 weeks while she was vacationing from a job she had in New Zealand while she was on an 18 month vacation from her job in Denmark.,)

          • ultragreen

            The net income figures of the Wikipedia tables that you have cited are somewhat misleading because they do not take the cost of living into account. The cost of living in Western Europe is higher overall than the United States, therefore gross net income doesn’t cover as many expenses, other things being equal. Instead, you have to use Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita to determine the relative standard of living across different nations. See the following Wikipedia link:


            Using the World Bank table, the United States has the 9th highest standard of living out of 185 nations, while France is ranked 25th.

            Unfortunately, this table is somewhat misleading as well because it doesn’t separate income from work versus income from investment (I believe), and it also says nothing about how income is distributed. Once you take income inequality into account and subtract investment income, I suspect the United States ranks lower than most nations in Western Europe. The 1% in the United States have become very greedy during the past several decades, lowering the standard of living of the average American worker.

          • grumpyoldman

            Do not forget that many of the countries base tickets and fines on your income – a couple years ago someone driving a high end sports car at 100 kph over speed limit was fined $180,000.00

          • Your feeling is correct. Much lower. See my post above reflecting median wealth (half have more, half have less). By that mesusure US is 27th. French are 4th.

          • DaveW

            Or live in mass where we pay income taxes, a high sales tax and crazy fees. Selling a modest house costs me $2600 to the registry to record the sale! Car registration is 60, plus a huge excise tax.

            Europe has very high taxes but a different lifestyle. Villages with free things to do, cheap restaurants, walk to everything.

            Hard to compare but taxes vs emoyment policy are not dependent variables so “just sayin” was off point.

            More relevant is how hard it is to get a job because you can’t be fired and all the rules cost so much. We are about to lay off workers on Europe. 1 year pay for most, two for some with more service!

        • Oscarlating Wildely

          I lose 36% every pay check. Taxing the comfortable– in high tax locations. Amount of benefits that I see compared to Europe? Not even comparable. Well, I pay for a big ass rocket that kills people. Or a bunch of rockets– and a bunch of people. I’d take Europe in a heartbeat (one day, one day).

        • Porkie

          Very happy to pay for my health care, holidays, railway system, roads, education, training and social security benefits….and for the security of my neighbours …Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

          • Porkie

            I pay only 120 Euro a year for my gym membership – a state- funded co-operative association, because it’s in everyone’s interest to stay healthy, Oh how we struggle under the yoke of socialism.

        • Steven Leahy

          I lived in the the Netherlands and Belgium for a few years so I am pretty familiar with how it works. I think it’s worth the tradeoff.

        • Stev84

          What’s the point of low taxes when you either have shitty public services or need to spend a lot of money for things you get for free or cheap in other countries? I’ll gladly pay more taxes for knowing that an unexpected illness doesn’t bankrupt me.

          Or take a look at all the municipalities that have exorbitant fines and fees for even the most minor infractions and then exhort the police and courts to make more and more money. Generally from people who already don’t have any.

      • @Octavio @JustSayin’ @Houndentenor @Chris Baker @grumpyoldman @ultragreen @DaveW
        If you think so, help to nominate Bernie Sanders as the Democratic presidential candidate, because all of the Issues raised here are in his platform (, and because, if nominated, he will be elected.

        Here are the top 27 countries by median wealth per adult.

        Country Median Wealth
        Per Adult

        1. Australia $219,505
        2. Luxembourg $182,768
        3. Belgium $148,141
        4. France $141,850
        5. Italy $138,653
        6. United Kingdom $111,524
        7. Japan $110,294
        8. Iceland $104,733
        9. Switzerland $ 95,916
        10. Finland $ 95,095
        11. Norway $ 92,859
        12. Singapore $ 90,466
        13. Canada $ 90,252
        14. Netherlands $ 83,631
        15. New Zealand $ 76,607
        16. Ireland $ 75,573
        17. Spain $ 63,306
        18. Qatar $ 58,237
        19. Denmark $ 57,675
        20. Austria $ 57,450
        21. Greece $ 53,937
        22. Taiwan $ 53,336
        23. Sweden $ 52,677
        24. United Arab Emirates $ 51,882
        25. Germany $ 49,370
        26. Slovenia $ 44,932
        27. United States $ 44,911

        Source: Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook, Table 3-1

    • Octavio


    • emjayay

      You talkin’ about Carly, maybe?

  • Poor Jeb. He has become an international joke. But unlike his brother, he didn’t have to become president first.

  • Nic Peterson

    Jeb? Not ready for prime time.

  • Octavio

    El Squeeze: “Does this shirt smell clean enough to wear again?”
    Me: (sniffing) “Sure, if you’re French.”


    • Now Anon

      There’s a David Sedaris bit (Me Talk Pretty One Day, I think) where he talks about being on the Paris Metro and some American tourists think he’s French and are saying all sorts of rude things about him, like: “Yes sir, that’s one ripe little froggy there.”

      That’s the same book where talks about going back to NYC and telling friends about his encounter with the French healthcare system and everyone says to him, “Now tell us about this magical place where you can smoke in a hospital?!?”

      • GreatLakeSailor
        • Now Anon


        • sherman

          Another hilarious Sedaris is “Front Row Center With Thaddeus Bristol” where he is a theater critic brutally reviewing an elementary school Christmas play. “In the role of Mary, 6 year old Shannon Burke just barely manages to pass herself off as a virgin.”

      • hudson11

        you have to love DS. Nearly all of his essays start out amusing and end on a poignant note. No topic is off bounds either- even unflushable things in the toilet ( my favourite story, I laugh even thinking about it)!

  • TrollopeReader

    If W’s nickname was “Shrub”, I think JEB!s must be “Twig” ….

    • Octavio

      Many in South America who also speak English freely refer to JW as el Arbusto. And they aren’t trying to be nice when they do. 🙂

    • Ore Carmi

      Or “Twit.”

    • Taleisin

      Or Shrug. He does a lot of that.

  • anne marie in philly


  • BobSF_94117

    The French chickened out of their 35-hour workweek. It’s a pity.

  • Merv99

    Uh oh, he’s set off a chain reaction. Now the Germans are going be pissed off at the French.

    • TrollopeReader

      ’twas ever thus….

  • People in the mainstream media love to mock social media, but here is another example of someone having to take to twitter to do the media’s job for it. A presidential candidate said something that is demonstrably untrue. He didn’t misspeak or say something that is a matter of interpretation or point of view. He made something up. He LIED. And the correction from that has to come from someone taking it upon himself to do the fact checking that our news media is too goddamn lazy to bother doing.

    • I think about this everytime I see a post on Pat Robertson, wondering at what point someone who habitually lies in an attempt to hurt others manages to sail through with no consequences.

  • dcurlee

    Just like Trump. He really knows how to deal with foreign nations. Just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling

  • marshlc

    Very presidential

  • The-Noodle-Almighty

    The Republican debate wsa a rousing success. They managed to get a few digs in at the “mainstream media,” and they got to make fun of the French. All while never actually answering the questions asked of them.

  • JT

    It runs in the family.,550×550,12×16,1,transparent,t.png

    If only their father had used a French letter.

    • Prion

      Although it is clear GWBush is a complete moron, Snopes thinks the above quote is false:

      • Xuuths

        Meaning it is as accurate as the statements coming from the republican presidential candidates.

    • Dites plutôt, un chapeau anglais (une capote anglaise), s’il vous plaît 😉

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Freedom Fries

  • KaBoomBOX

    I think they meant Denmark, but then geography is hard you guys!

  • William

    It would be so embarrassing to have our asses soundly kicked by France.

  • Versailles

    If he was talking about the work week in the French senate, he probably wasn’t far off the truth. It’s referred to here as a retirement home with good food.

    Everywhere else we work and play much like the rest of Europe. If we hurt ourselves doing either, we get good healthcare and social coverage. This household is in the upper tax bracket and my only gripe is that they should spend it better as sometimes waste occurs.

    Sinon, your GOP line-up is the most dysfunctional cluster-fuck of all time.

  • Dorothy Bonnell


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  • Derrick Johns

    I knew the French would respond.
    Is 3 days a week a French work week, or is it a US Congress work week? And don’t forget the vacation time that Congress gets off every year. And God forbid it’s an election year–they forget where Washington DC is.

  • 2karmanot

    Poor lil’ Jebbya—-got about as much personality and gravitas as a marshmallow.

  • J Ascher

    For a Bush to show up to work three days a month would be surprising!